WWE Wrestlemania XXXIV- Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) VS Roman Reigns

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Issa Genesis, Mar 15, 2018.

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    But that wouldn't solve anything because no one truly hates Reigns, right? By your contradictory logic, Strowman is over because Reigns is secretly loved by everyone but fans cheered Strowman because Reigns is really hated? I think I understand this.

    Look, Strowman wasn't turned face by booking. Reigns had little to do with his ascent. Strowman grew into the babyface role because he was consistently the best part of Raw for the better part of the last year or so which Reigns probably won't ever accomplish. Strowman got himself away from the boos because he improved immensely and started to show character.
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    It's actually pretty funny at this point how WWE is still trying to position Reigns as the sympathetic babyface ... but he's just getting more boos than cheers.

    I thought Vince knew the main thing about pro wrestling was listening to the crowd reaction and he should have heard for over a year now that Reigns is getting more boos than cheers.

    I guess he just thought Reigns could work like a Cena and play the face roll while getting half booed. Problem is, Reigns is probably not just getting half booed he's getting more than half booed and a smattering of cheers. So it doesn't work the same.

    Back in the AE these kind of one-sided beat downs would happen but it worked because, back the The Rock and Mankind were ACTUALLY accepted and cheered by the majority of fans so they then would naturally boo anyone who would place a heavy beat down on their favorites.

    WWE is trying SOOOOO very hard to get Reigns over as a top babyface like The Rock, Stone Cold and Mankind. But it's not working they way they had planned.

    Now, let's project this to Monday after WrestleMania. All signs point towards Reigns winning the Universal Title over Lesnar. To which many fans may boo the result of because they preferred Lesnar as Champion. So Reigns shows up on Raw with the Title to a shower of boos and can say something along the lines of "this is truly my yard and I am the undisputed big dog!" which will encourage more boos. But, wouldn't WWE want to have the fans be cheering loudly like when a true fan favorite overcomes the odds and wins the title?

    So, what does Vince think Reigns is after WM? A babyface that gets booed? WTF?

    To me, the only logical way to proceed is to have Reigns TURN FULL HEEL! Say to hell with the fans and start adding a team around him, a "Roman Empire" if you will and then the BOOS will be expected and encouraged and fans can then hopefully love to hate Roman and then a TRUE babyface can emerge.

    If there is no clear Reigns heel turn at WM or Raw after WM, I will be ... well I won't say surprised because I actually expect it not to happen... so I'll say disappointed.

    I'll be even more disappointed in fans if somehow they become sympathetic to Reigns and he magically becomes an adored babyface at WM or during the Raw after because he certainly has not been portrayed as a true babyface, even if Vince thinks he is.
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    I think that the mentality of the WWE as a whole as change over the past few years. They don't see their wrestlers as traditional babyfaces and heels anymore. the main goal is that they make money for the company. I've heard HHH say so many times about the fans that are asking for Reigns to turn heel that ''if you boo him then he's already a heel and if you cheer him then he a babyface''. So that's the mentality of the company as a whole right. The fans create they're own babyfaces and heel now and we will continue to push the characters the way we want. Cheer the guy or boo the guy they don't cares, the fact is he's getting a reaction anyway which means he's making money for the company so the character is working, that'S the thinking behind pretty much every major push in the company.

    They're not looking for the next austin or cena anymore, they're just looking for characters that can sell merchandise and Roman is one of those characters that makes them a lot of money especially with casual fans and children.

    So i easy for us fans to say, they should listen the the reaction of the fans and turn him heel but we don't see the whole picture in the end, we just see what happens on tv every week and that's not enough to judge what WWE should do with a character.

    In the end. I think WWE feel that the universal champion need to go on the guy that makes the most money for the company right now and that's reigns and don't cares about how fans will receive the title change because in the end, it's been over 2 years now and nothing as change in fact Reigns stock as risen in since this all started because he became one of the most valuable wrestler in the company plus fans that boo him continue to watch raw and go to raw tapings and PPV, so they're not losing anything.

    I will leave you with another quote from the same HHH interview: ''WWE served many different type of fans, so it's hard to please everybody, So the important thing is that the crowd react to what we're doing, good or bad it doesn't matter because the important thing is everybody as a good time''.
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    Why Reigns just can't be embracing the smug arrogant dick he was born to play/be...had me stumped. Heel him up, change the Shield look and music and go full blown heel. He will in time he the greatest baby face since The Rock, but he needs the heel run first. Forcing this garbage on us is terrible and I hope Lesnar shoots on him and man handles him. That Reigns is winning this is horrendous
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    Dana White has said that Lesnar is coming back to the UFC so, if true, that means WrestleMania is probably Lesnar's last appearance with WWE. While I doubt this will happen, I wonder if Lesnar might decide to go into business for himself and shoot on Reigns during their match. The reason I'm wondering that is that if Lesnar is indeed gone, I'm wondering how amicable and friendly the split with WWE; Brock Lesnar's something of an asshole if even half of the reports and rumors about him are true and he's proud of so such a disrespectful act isn't something that'd surprise me. After all, it's well known that Lesnar's only about the money no matter if it's wrestling or MMA, he doesn't care how unpopular that'd make him with the wrestlers or the fans so unless there's something that specifically states in his contract that he can't shoot without legal ramifications, I think it could happen. I don't think it's very likely at all, but I could see it happening.

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