WWE Wrestlemania XXXIV: Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey VS Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

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    Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
    An Olympic Dream Team Defies Authority at WrestleMania

    Back at WrestleMania 31, Ronda Rousey made her first WrestleMania appearance as a celebrity guest. She was involved in a scene with The Rock, where she kicked Stephanie's ass on Rock's behalf. The Rock couldn't make WrestleMania this year (there's a shocker,) so WWE picked Kurt Angle instead. I know most will complain, but it makes sense due to Triple H pedigreeing Angle months ago.

    I just don't like the fact that they're using this to get Stephanie direct clout because of Mike Tyson and Steve Austin in the 90's giving Vince clout. Wouldn't it make more sense to have Ronda feud with someone like Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair in a non-title bout. Have them get the clout, and then work with Stephanie? Vince played it smart and made a mega star out of Austin, before having Austin pass that clout to him.

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    No. Stephanie is there to make Ronda the star. Ronda vs Stephanie McMahon is the money match-up and I also think it's a great first time ever match for Rousey. She's definately not ready to face someone like Charlotte or Sasha and her facing Stephanie brings eyes to the WWE. Ronda vs Charlotte would have done nothing for either woman yet. It's not the right time.

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    Am I the only one that thinks Stephanie and triple h will win at mania via triple h pinning Angle, while Ronda is busy attacking Stephanie somewhere else. Just so Vince can have Stephanie say for the rest of our lives that “she” beat Ronda Rousey
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    Clout is apparently the word of the week.

    I'm pretty sure that the reasoning behind this match is that Ronda was rushed to the ring way before she was ready. Ronda has a lot of options when it comes to establishing what type of wrestler she will be, and all of them involve risking injury to herself and her opponents.

    Say what you want about Stephanie, she's a pretty damn good wrestler. Stephanie and HHH have nothing to lose and everything to gain by losing this match, thus I believe that they'll be willing to work with whatever style Ronda wants to use and have all the spots glorify Ronda in some way. I don't think that Stephanie wants or needs any positive appeal to her in-ring work, and I don't think that this match was made to make Stephanie more popular. I think that this match is a very safe and careful way of debuting Ronda to the world.

    If Ronda has an accident in the ring, Kurt, HHH, Stephanie, the ref, and the color commentators can work together to cover for her. If Ronda was debuting one-on-one in the ring against a mainstay like Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky, or Asuka, she would likely be at the mercy of their patience which could go south in a heartbeat. HHH and Stephanie are "bad guys", they know that and they're willing to make a "good guy" look better especially when it comes to Ronda Rousey. Any of the big name female talent of the WWE would likely expect to be paid handsomely, have to deal with missed spots, and risk their reputation by laying down for someone who only started their training a year ago.

    This was the safest option for debuting Ronda, and I applaud the WWE for being brave enough in this era of smarks and dirtsheets to make this match happen.
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    I think it's pretty obvious HHH and Steph are going over here. Rousey is a heel, she is awkward as all fuck and needs to wrestle and not speak. After jason jordan interferes and costs them the match, Rousey will turn on Angle, and the night after on Raw, Rousey is paired with Paul Heyman. Makes crystal clear sense. Line Heyman up in the same role he has with Lesnar.
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    The thing is, rousey is too much of a promotional asset for WWE right now to turn her heel right away, so I don't see them turning her heel right away. In fact, it would be really bad business for them to make her lose her first match, so it's pretty much a given she's getting her revenge on Stephanie and winning the match.

    Later on, when they called up shayna to the main roster, then have her turn heel maybe around summerslam time when you have her face nia Jax for the raw women's title.
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    This match is meant to be a spectacle, which is perfectly fine and is really the best option for Rousey because it's obvious that she's not really ready for anything else.

    While it's possible they could go with Triple H & Stephanie winning due to Trips pinning Angle, it's an ending that'll suck the energy right out of the crowd and I don't think it's something WWE wants to risk at the biggest show of the year. Expectations are always unreasonably high when it comes to WrestleMania but for this match, WWE has a very simple and easy task: let the babyfaces win and let Rousey beat up Stephanie. Rousey beating up Stephanie is the primary draw for this match as Stephanie's character is such a greedy, narcissistic, materialistic, condescending bitch and it's always a pleasure to see such people get their comeuppance.

    After WrestleMania, or at least the post WrestleMania Raw, let Rousey disappear for a good long while to resume all her focus on training and improving where she needs it.

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