WWE WrestleMania XXXIV Kickoff - The 4th Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Jack-Hammer

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    This is a match that, in my estimation, should most definitely be on the kickoff show. The primary purpose of this match is to make sure that just about every male on the main roster has a share in the WrestleMania payday, which is fine with me.

    As to who wins, it's pretty wide open at this point but it's not really as though it matters. I suppose you could make a case for Cesaro and Baron Corbin, if you really try to stretch it, as Corbin did become Mr. MITB and United States Champion while Cesaro is a multi-time Tag Team Champion with Sheamus.

    To be honest, I'd sorta like to see one of the Cruiserweights win it. Maybe it's something that could be incorporated into 205 Live, which works since, as of right now, 205 Live is its own separate entity.
  2. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Rusev should absolutely win or be in the final two! No questions about it. He's the most over act on Smackdown and the only wrestler who's over but doesn't have a proper storyline for Wrestlemania.
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    It is difficult to care about this "match" as WWE has not given us any reason to be invested in its outcome at all. It's merely a gimmick vehicle to get more names on the card (which is fine for what it is - I agree with OP here).

    If, however, they want us to care about this match in the slightest, then the winner needs to have a real, actual push as a result of winning it. Cesaro's push did not come as a result of winning this match, it came much later. Perhaps Corbin did receive some elevation related to his win. I'm not saying the winner here should become a 7-time WWE champ, but to create some meaningful role for a person who wins a match of this name would be nice. Or maybe make it like a US Title shot or some such. Some real, tangible result since I just don't think WWE is capable or willing anymore to take a winner and build him naturally into a decent push. Or am I wrong? I'd like to be
  4. enviousdominous

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    The only thing that really excites me about this match is the probability of a surprise entrant or a ring-side celebrity being involved.

    Rusev seems like a pretty obvious pick to win. I was out of the loop for a while, so it was pretty odd for me when I was watching The Royal Rumble and the crowd was going ape-shit with "RUSEV DAY" chants. Rusev is big enough to where creative wouldn't have to imagine some unlikely scenario where he wins.

    If a Cruiserweight is going to win, I'd say that they should give it to Roderick Strong. He's got some underdog appeal and has established himself as a workhorse. I also just plain like the dude.

    If an NXT alumnus is going to win, I'd say that they should give it to The Velveteen Dream. His entrances are epic, his matches are great and he honestly seems held down in NXT.
  5. Psykohurricane55

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    I've read that WWe wanted to make a big deal out of this year battle royal because of the documentary that's been release a couple of days before. So if that's the case, then this will be the battle royal on the main card because you're not putting 2 battle royal on the main card and the women's battle royal feel less important now then the man's. So don't be surprise if we see some big surprise entrants in this match. Maybe even a Bobby Lashley debuting at mania in that battle royal and wins the whole thing.

    In the end, i feel they will use this more to market the movie then anything else but i see them putting way more effort in this one then in the women's
  6. gh88us

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    I would have Braun Strowman with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and then go on and win the Tag Titles by himself. He then can be the monster of the Raw Brand and go after Roman or Brock.
  7. d_henderson1810

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    isn't it the FIFTH annual Andre Battle Royal though, since it debuted at Wrestlemania XXX.


    WMXXX Cesaro
    WM31 The Big Show
    WM32 Baron Corbin
    WM33 Mojo Rawley.

    So, this will be the fifth attempt at the Andre Battle Royal or "The Match added to the card to give all the talent we have nothing else for a Wrestlemania paycheck, to supplement them for no longer getting paid as much for PPV buyrates".
  8. urbanlegend71

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    I agree this match should be on the kick off show but like previous post says with the documentary coming out they may move it to the main card. As to who I think will win it, I would not mind seeing Baron Corbin as a 2x winner or possibly a returning Rey Mysterio? That is probably a reach but could be a interesting way to bring him back.
  9. thebarber

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    Isn't it the 5th annual ATGMBR????? I see Broken Matt Hardy taking this out

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