WWE WrestleMania XXXIV - Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Mar 29, 2018.

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    So, it's official in that we'll see Daniel Bryan make his return to a WWE at the same event, city and venue that saw him achieve his greatest triumph in becoming WWE Champion 4 years ago.

    The stipulation of this match is that Owens & Zayn stay fired if they lose but are back on the blue brand if they win, so this has all the potential of having some sort of screwy ending. Even though it'd make no sense at all, I could see them having Bryan turn on Shane, leave him laying and just walk out of the ring allowing Owens & Zayn to finish him off. Is it likely? No but it's WrestleMania and Vince does love some "I bet you didn't see that coming" moments sometimes whether they make sense or not.

    If they have Bryan & Shane outright lose, no bullshit screwjob ending, so that Owens & Zayn can be "officially" back on the blue brand for Bryan to feud with. If that's the case, then Shane needs to be the one to take the fall in my eyes because, frankly, nobody wants to see Daniel Bryan pinned in his first match back considering many of us never thought we'd see him wrestle again. I think Bryan needs to be kept looking strong, win or lose, or it'll just suck the energy right out of the show. Truth be told, having Bryan & Shane win is the simplest and easiest way to end this match without having to worry about dousing the energy of the crowd.
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    I Know the old saying that Card subject to change and everything but they've been hyping Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to be part of the WWE championship match in either a four way or five way for the Canadian part of the live event schedule in april. So i'm not trying to read to much into this but it feel like somehow Owens and Zayn will win the match.

    As to how they win, my idea would be to have Bryan in complete control and has he'S about to finish them off, Shane tag himself in and in all the confusion Zayn it him with the helluva kick for the win.
  3. JoeMallard

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    Give me a ROH stable with Bryan, Owens and Zayn.
  4. The Perfect Max

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    In fairness, we've seen WrestleMania stipulations before not come to be. Hell, Shane got the Raw general manager job the night after he lost the match in which he needed to win to get the Raw general manager job. So it's not necessarily out of the question that Owens and Zayn will lose and still appear on SmackDown for whatever reason they can come up with. Plus, they could just show up on Raw and those post-WrestleMania advertisements are just outdated or, of course, subject to change.

    In a way, I feel like the stipulation, as much as it does make sense to the overall storyline, has been added to make the match more unpredictable. Without it, I think we would all assume that Bryan goes over in the match. And while WWE should not shy away from a possible screwy finish or twist at the end of the match, like if Bryan turns heel on Shane or something happens to make sure they lose, it is entirely possible the crowd turns on the event AGAIN if it doesn't go the way they want for Daniel Bryan. That does have me worried, but the card is so stacked that I hope, even if a screwy finish does happen, the crowd keeps its cool.

    I don't know how it's going to go down and that has me a bit more excited for this match than I already was. It's all going to be about Daniel Bryan and that's great. But the heat it would get Owens and Zayn if they go over is likely to be immense and in a way, I hope that they do win. Bryan does NOT need to win the match, though as you suggest, I don't think we need to see Bryan actually take the fall, though the heat would be greater. In all likelihood, Bryan wins the match for his team. But I wouldn't be surprised if Owens and Zayn manage to get the win, pinning Shane.

    And if a heel turn does happen for Daniel Bryan... Man, oh man, people are going to be pissed.
  5. AndrewC316

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    ROH stable would be awesome
  6. Spencesc11

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    If Shane can't compete I would do everything I could to get Chris Jericho. Even if you have to put this match on first due to his concert that night. The place would pop beyond belief for Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho for sure!!!
  7. thebarber

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    Bryan is going over, be serious please. He doesn't get beat first up from two years on the shelf, nearly three years. Zayn and Owens can go to Raw or be reinstated on Smackdown
  8. Rulk25

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    I see that and raise you a Caesaro and Benjamin maybe even a Joe.....pull an NWO and take over SD
  9. enviousdominous

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    WrestleMania is supposed to have something for everyone, and booking Daniel Bryan in any kind of match was what they needed to have something for me.

    Vince has a lot of storytelling options with this match, and I would say that having Daniel wrestle at all is good enough for me to look the other way if he does something silly like make Daniel go heel.

    We all know why a Daniel Bryan heel turn wouldn't work, but I'm an egomaniac so I'll explain why it wouldn't work. Daniel cannot be booed. You can have Shane bare his soul for the audience in a promo and cry genuine tears of anguish while Daniel mercilessly tortures him psychologically and physically. The crowd will still cheer like thunder for anything that Daniel does in the process.

    What about a Shane heel turn? Hmm. Let's say that Shane finally snaps after all this time that he was being undermined by Daniel's popularity and alternative method of management. It would be odd to have Shane ally himself with a pair of guys that have been nearly killing him on a weekly basis, so maybe Shane doesn't ally with them but he still turns on Daniel. Or, it turns out that Daniel's and Shane's tense administrative rivalry finally boils over and Sami and Kevin take advantage. Daniel might be getting into a feud with the McMahon family.
  10. Logisticalbooker86

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    If WWE tries to turn Daniel Bryan heel ever again, I will lose all faith in WWE creative. Especially if Shane McMahon is the babyface. As enviousdominous stated above, Daniel Bryan is so organically over, attempting to turn him would backfire immediately. As long as Bryan can continue to be medically cleared, this should be the beginning of Daniel Bryan's quest to regain the WWE championship he never lost.

    We have had to be subjected to a part time Bill Goldberg reign as champion for goodness sakes. Push Bryan as the top babyface because that's what he is. The WWE may never have another story like this where a beloved hero loses the one thing he loves most but beats the system to get it back.
  11. Elchicano15

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    Somebody is definitely going to turn heel tonight. After reading all your posts for Shane to turn heel over Bryan would make sense slightly more. I would have figured that now that Bryan is cleared , to give him that heel run since his career is at a rebirth, and is back to a lengthy run. I didn't want to believe a heel turn for him but it's not quite impossible. Shane on the other hand has a better chance of turning heel now that Bryan is now an in ring performer and start feuds with KO and Sami Zayn through out the year. Either way Zayn and KO are here to stay. Unless they go to RAW after Mania and Hijack the post mania RAW. That would be pretty rad, but a Shane heel turn with KO and Zayn winning is realistic.

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