WWE TLC: WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Kalisto (c) VS Enzo Amore

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Oct 11, 2017.

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    It's been officially announced that Enzo Amore gets his rematch for the CW Championship at TLC after dropping the title to Kalisto this past Monday on Raw in a Lumberjack Match.

    The writing's on the wall that Enzo regains the Cruiserweight Championship as WWE has really been playing hot potato with several of its titles this year and I simply don't see them keeping the title on Kalisto very long at this juncture. Due in part to that, it's just really hard to be excited about this match, especially if it's to remain a standard 1 on 1 match as I think making this a Ladder Match could liven things up.
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    I think this match does need to add a gimmick. Kalisto had that amazing spot where he hit his finisher off the ladder in that TLC match a couple years ago, even if they repeat that 100% it would still be cool. Plus Enzo has never been afraid to take a bump and his wrestling just isn't interesting enough to carry this past the pre-show without a gimmick.

    I think Kalisto may retain because I don't think the hot potato routine with the titles will continue for long, but it was Eddie's birthday on Monday so they may have just given the title to a Hispanic superstar just as a nod, so they may have Enzo get it back. Still, throw a ladder in here please.
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    Ugh just the thought of Enzo in a one on one any kind of match for a title seems so far fetched, although stranger things have happened in the WWE.

    Now don't get me wrong, Enzo is probably one of the best around on the mic. That guy could sell refrigerators to Eskimos's, but we've heard all his best stuff and it does get a little tiring after a while. See Bray Wyatt for a perfect example.

    When Enzo was with Cass at least you had a believable monster type in Big Cass, but even there Enzo was used more of a projectile than anything else. I fully expect Kalisto to retain the title here, if he doesn't and Enzo wins it back, well what a shame. Say what you want about the cruiserweight division, it sucks, it's one step below everyone else, but these guys can go in the ring and on occasion provide some decent matches.

    Losing Neville will be a blow to the division as he was the best heel there. Enzo just comes off looking like a pompous ass with all his bravado, his only problem is he can't back it up in the ring like Neville could.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I disagree with the Neville stuff here. That man was a wrestler, he was great, I am not going to disagree with that but with him as champion, the 205 live stuff still kind of died. (and his promos were kind of lack luster). The man with the Mic skills and get people hyped (especially when he has a catch phrase that everyone in the arena shouts.) Enzo started something I think that they could really cash in on and that's the lack of story that this particular show has. He called out every Cruiserweight on the roster. He basically called out what we all have been saying since 205 Live started and if the man with the belt says what we say, maybe it will show that the WWE are starting to listen.

    If they do choose to give him the belt, they need to show that he can be a wrestler too, I didn't see a lot of his wrestling skills on NXT but they need to show that Enzo can be as good of a wrestler as his mic skills.
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    Well, all they have shown so far is that Enzo can take a boot to the fact and lay motionless for what feels like hours.

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