WWE TLC: TLC Match - The Shield VS Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro & Strowman

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Last night's episode of Raw saw the official rebirth of the Shield as they took out the Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro in the opening segment. This ultimately led to Kurt Angle making a TLC match, the main event of the show, between the Shield and Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. Later on in the night, Braun Strowman beat Matt Hardy and looked as though he was going to powerslam him through the LED board on stage when the Shield appeared and took Strowman out reminiscent of their old ways, including a triple powerbomb through the announce table. This prompted Miz to convince Angle through some chicanery, due to some off handed comments made by Dean Ambrose earlier in the night, to allow him to add another partner to his group, which he then revealed to be a pissed off Braun Strowman.

    While the Miz's justification for adding this has logic that can only apply in pro wrestling, this is a good use of Strowman as his presence can only serve to make a TLC match all the more chaotic. It's fitting considering that the Shield made their in-ring debut in a TLC match, this one against Ryback, Kane & Daniel Bryan, so this should be a fun brawl. I've little doubt that the Shield comes out on top here and I expect this feud to also include some sort of outing with all of them involved at the Survivor Series.
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    It's kind of underwhelming. I like Cesaro and Sheamus but two thirds of The Shield have already shown they're not only their level, and we on just got out of a decades worth of Ambrose and Miz matches.

    I'm looking forward to next month when we get a proper Shielf reunion against a team involving Joe and Strowman.
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    Yeah Jake nailed it. Roman vs. Miz on its own could have been a decent filler until a proper Shield reunion. I could see Braun getting fed up with his team not meeting his level of destruction and walking out to recruit a proper team of ass kickers like Joe.

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    The problem is this match feels like a filler. We all know nothing crazy is going to happen because we all know WWE plan is make Roman Over.

    I can't think of any possible reason why I should go out of my way to watch this paperview especially live.
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    I have a feeling that they are trying to recapture the magic between the Shield, Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane, of a couple of years ago. That match was fantastic and with it being the Shield's debut, we didn't know what to expect, what we did get was one hell of a match. I remember Rollins nearly killing himself when he bashed his head on the side of the table.

    I'm not expecting or have the same feeling regarding this match. This time around they don't really even seem to be the Shield, even though they are. So I'll watch the PPV like i do all of them, and hopefully will be pleasantly surprised.
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    There are a lot of complaints regarding the Shield reunion and while I get most of them like it was rushed and should have been built up better, we should be thankful for what we are getting. This time of year is usually dreadful for WWE and we are getting one of the greatest stables of all time back together for some great tag matches again. They might not have a choice since Brock is gone until probably the Royal Rumble, but seeing the Shield wreak havoc is far more interesting than a World Champion facing the same opponent for consecutive pay per views throughout the fall (see Styles vs Ambrose/Owens vs Rollins/Reigns).

    It will be a damn good match and hopefully lead into a Survivor Series match kind of like what Jake suggested where Strowman is pissed his lackluster team didn't get anything done and recruits some heavy hitters to combat the Shield like Samoa Joe. There's also some interesting options that could be done in regards to how the Shield will go their separate ways this time. Will it just be mutual and they stay on good terms, will Ambrose or Reigns turn this time, etc. Just give it a chance despite the circumstances surrounding the reunion.
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    Match should be solid leading to a Survivor Series rematch most likely.

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