WWE Tag Team Tournament Finals - Enzo & Big Cass VS The Vaudevillains

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Jack-Hammer

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    Both the NXT teams won their semi-final matches last night, so they'll square off at Payback to determine the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

    Enzo & Big Cass have really been clicking since arriving on the main roster and a bout between them and New Day could be a lot of fun. The Vaudevillains need some mic time, in my opinion, to help establish who they are and what they're all about. I could see either team winning, though I'm leaning more towards the Vaudevillains coming out with the win as I'm expecting the Dudley Boyz to make their presence felt; I don't see their program with the Dudley Boyz ending after a single bout and costing them the #1 contender's spot could be a nice means of the Dudley Boyz earning a little "payback."
  2. OYDK

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    Pleasantly surprised to see The Vaudevillians get the win over The Uso's last night. That's a pretty huge win for a team like them and they definitely needed it in order to prove themselves as legitimate competitors on the main roster. I was very worried as to how English and Gotch were going to be used but WWE has allowed them to get off to a great start... I can actually see them going on to beat Enzo and Cass at Payback considering The New Day are now mega-faces and all.

    Enzo and Cass are going to get over no matter what. Their personalities are too strong to be denied in any setting, but a team like The Vaudevillians are going to need big wins to cement themselves in the current tag division. A win over Enzo and Cass at a PPV would go a long way in getting them to where they need to be. New Day are still insanely over so it might be a little bit early to feed them Enzo and Cass or have them take the straps. The Vaudevillians would be a good, fresh feud for the New Day and I think both teams would be able to play extremely well off of each other.

    That being said, it's very possible Enzo and Cass get the mega push here and go all the way to take the titles from The New Day. Either way I'm happy and that's something I haven't said about a WWE feud in a while.
  3. Y 2 Jake

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    Enzo and Cass should fall in this one. They'll be important members of the division and they shouldn't reach the summit so soon. The Vaudvillains are a niche act and their time is now or never. I mean the assumption is that the winner goes on and wins the titles, because otherwise what's the point in the tournament.
  4. Harthan

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    Interesting match. It's always tough to have to pit two new teams against each other in the meat grinder of the main roster. Ideally, I think they should avoid outside interference - while it makes sense for the Dudleyz to get involved, potentially, it wouldn't do anything to advance either team if the veterans get involved. I think this is a good chance to give the Vaudevillains a big PPV win in relatively clean fashion (at least keep the cheating to their own cheating, not outside interference). They need to establish themselves whereas Enzo and Cass will do better to be set up as underdogs fighting for a big break in the future.
  5. enviousdominous

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    I like that the WWE is showing a lot of faith in these two teams, they're both made up of very solid workers who can entertain a crowd better than most.

    I think the WWE is going to make the predictable move and push a heel tag team like the Vaudevillains to compliment the face team of New Day. Having Enzo cut a promo on New Day would be counter-productive, where having Enzo continue to cut promos on The Dudley Boyz would make The Dudley Boyz watchable.

    I like that they're making the final match of the tournament occur at a PPV, it'll be a big final and I'm sure that both teams will make a strong impression on fans who don't quite know who they are.
  6. kadroan

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    Yeah I can see that happening. We'd get The Vaudevillains vs. New Day and Dudley Boyz vs. Enzo and Cass at Extreme Rules.

    Great to see multiple legit tag team division storylines going on.
  7. Heartbreak_Kid_707

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    They havnt said I don't think, but will th titles be on the line?? I mean will the winner of Vaudevillians/Enzo and Cass go on to fight nw day for the titles later in the show??

    I mean they weren't on the line at Wrestlemania
    I love he day on the mic but the ring is iffy at bet. NwDay is starting to run old.
  8. ShinChan

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    I am happy to see two new tag teams in the finals of No.1 Contender Tournament. We all have seen the fighting triangle of Usos, Dudleyz & Booty-Os to death. So its kinda refreshing to see New Day get new title feuders.

    I would love an Enzo/Cass (How about giving this team a name?) victory here but I would prefer a Vaudevillains victory here. The latter is an unique gimmick team that would need wins to make them credible.

    Plus, New Day are super faces now so Vaudevillains as heels would suit them better. And We can save the most entertaining battle for future.

    We can get two tag matches at Extreme Rules:
    1. New Day Vs. Vaudevillains for the tag titles.
    2. Enzo/Cass Vs. Dudleyz in a tables match.

    No Idea for Usos.
  9. Mitch Henessey

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    Yeah, The Vaudevillians need this, badly. Enzo & Cass will be fine, if they lose. They have the support from the fans, but The Vaudevillians are leaning too close to fading into obscurity, if they lose one of their first big matches on the main roster.

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