WWE SummerSlam: Tag Team Championship - Sheamus & Cesaro (c) VS Ambrose & Rollins

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Aug 15, 2017.

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    We've all known this match was coming, or at least we strongly sensed it, the moment Sheamus & Cesaro started poking fun at Seth Rollins and it's been a lot of fun watching the drama with Ambrose and Rollins play out.

    While I wouldn't mind if Sheamus & Cesaro regained, as I personally feel that the story would be better in the long run if it took a little longer for Ambrose & Rollins to get back into the groove of being a cohesive unit, I can also understand that a lot of fans, me included, want to see them win the titles. As I mentioned in the Alexa vs. Sasha thread, shows like SummerSlam make title reigns come off a little more in jeopardy than usual so a change could definitely happen here.
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    The pop when Ambrose and Rollins finally did the hand gesture is enough for WWE to understand that they would be making a very good decision putting the Raw Tag Team Championship on them. In one respect, I'd like for WWE to hold out a little longer because when the time comes that they do win the titles, it'll be a special moment. But perhaps the time is now and that's alright with me. This could also be the move that really rejuvenates Ambrose's career, because let's face it, it's gotten stale. But I like what Ambrose can bring, and I'm a fan of Rollins.

    What I find interesting is how many people I've seen on social media and whatnot complaining that WWE has put together yet another set of singles stars to win the titles because they can't figure out how to keep running a solid group of actual tag teams. It's almost ironic considering that this is a Shield reunion of sorts that people clearly want, and Cesaro and Sheamus have been an excellent addition to the division, and yep, they were two random singles stars too. I'm happy with this decision though.
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    Pretty much while I am not a Shield Mark (never was) you can't deny the face pop the crowd gave when they did do the fist bump (of sorts).

    WWE has recently cared more about giving heels heat than putting over their faces. If there's a time to do the latter Summer Slam would be it for Rollins and Ambrose.
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