WWE Royal Rumble: Tag Team Championship - Rollins & Jordan (c) VS Sheamus & Cesaro

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 8, 2018.

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    The Bar will officially get their rematch against Rollins and Jordan for the Raw Tag Team Championship at the Royal Rumble.

    Rollins, in some ways, almost looks like he's doing sort of a big brother thing with Jordan only for the "little brother" being to headstrong, mouthy and cocky for his own good. The tension between them is going to come to a boil and I won't be at all surprised if they wind up dropping the tag titles back to Sheamus & Cesaro at the Rumble.
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    Sadly, i'm kinda thinking that this might get bump to the pre show with the u.s titles finals and probably the cruiserweight title rematch which is sad because you got 3 of the top stars on Raw and Jordan that they are trying to push as a top guy right now.

    Anyway, this feel like the match were somehow the feud between Jordan and Rollins will start with Jordan somehow costing them the tag titles and then blaming Rollins for the lost. You had some hint of that happening on raw last night with Jordan costing them the six man tag match match and then acting like he did nothing.

    So my bet is that the Bar is regaining the Title yet again and probably will hold them until mania we're they probably lose them to Gallows and Anderson.
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    Yeah, they probably will. This was meant to be one of those awkward, mix-matched, transitional tag team title pairings to get just one character over. Jordan will have a 1999 Kurt Angle sissy fit and probably leave Rollins lying, or something. They might have a match at WrestleMania too. WrestleMania 30, Rollins cashed in on Lesnar and Reigns and won the title. Last year Rollins was against Triple H in a marquee match and now it's looking like Jason Jordan this year. How the mighty have fallen. Let's hope that's not the case though and they settle this at FastLane or something.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I don't really know where this story goes, but I suppose even if Rollins/Jordan win or lose, they can still continue to build this up regardless of the result. However, Rollins defeated HHH last year and was in the cover of WWE 2k18. I don't think we're getting Rollins vs Jordan at Wrestlemania. The Elimination Chamber sounds more plausible, which means that maybe they lose the titles.

    Although I'd really like to see a long-term build-up here. Make Jordan really hated, you know.

    Also, it's the 4th year Rollins isn't competing in the Royal Rumble isn't it? In 2015 he was in a WWE title match, in 2016 he was injured, in 2017 he wasn't part of the PPV because of the HHH angle and now he's part of a tag titles match.
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    Unfortunately I think this will start the show and the Smackdown Tag match will be on the pre-show. I say unfortunately not because these guys won't put on a quality match but it's just that I'm over it already with Rollins in particular fighting against Sheamus and Cesaro. It's just been overkill for me. I personally think the Usos are the best tag team in WWE right now and will put on a better match but because Rollins is in it, Raw tag match will be main card. My only hope is that we get a surprise at the end. I'm hoping that Rollins and Jordan retain and then as they're celebrating, the Revival comes out and blindsides them starting that feud. Like I said, I'm just over the feud with The Bar...
  6. Spencesc11

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    This is just to setup Rollins vs. Jordan at Mania. Neither has anything else going on so it makes sense. What I would like to see for The Bar's next feud though.... A Bray Wyatt & Woken Matt Hardy Tag Team. 2 crazies on the same team? Imagine the promos....
  7. #hamler

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    Jordan and Rollins have been quite the surprise as of late. Jordan has soaked up the heel role quite well and as much as I'm not looking forward to his eventual feud with Rollins, he's been pretty pleasant in the ring against the likes of Roman Reigns and a few others. Jordan is going to eventually turn on Rollins and for that, I really can't wait as Rollins is light years ahead of Jordan is every category there is.

    Most of all, with the Curb Stomp back in the equation, Seth Rollins needs as far away from the tag division as possible. But I'm sure there's just a tad bit more mileage left in the Rollins & Jordan team. Perhaps Jordan dumps Rollins out in the Royal Rumble match to set up their inevitable match at Wrestlemania. Whatever the case, I think Rollins and Jordan lose the titles a bit closer to Wrestlemania to someone like a debuting Authors of Pain.

    Hamler's Prediction: Rollins & Jordan will retain the Raw Tag Team Championship.

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