WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff Show - Anderson & Gallows VS The Revival

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 26, 2018.

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    After losing a 2 minute bout to Anderson & Gallows on Raw 25 this past Monday, and eating finishers left & right from DX, the Revival have a shot at redemption, to some degree, this during the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show.

    I don't expect this bout to go any better for the Revival, unfortunately, as I think Vince simply has them marked for fodder for anyone at any given time. It's a shame really because the Revival in NXT are head, shoulders, knees and toes above anything I've seen out of Anderson & Gallows.
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    I could see Revival winning this as WWE's way of making Revival back on equal footing with Gallows and Anderson. You know how they are, you get beat in a five (or two in this case) minute squash on TV but then win a fifteen minute match on a PPV pre-show and you are back on equal footing.
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    Their bout at Raw 25 lasted two minutes and I'd definitely like to see The Revival get more time to display their in ring talents. I'd like it even more if the better team can overcome the less interesting team here but it won't happen. Gallows and Anderson at least have something going for them with the Bálor Club thing happening right now and I fully expect them to keep that momentum up, no matter how little it is.

    Hamler's Prediction: Anderson & Gallows will defeat The Revival.
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    At less they will get more time for this one compared to the match on monday. Sadly i don't see anything different happening. The Balor club is getting push probably for some sort of title program after the rumble and going into mania season and the Revival are pretty much their to make them look good because they don't want to take a chance on them anymore in case something happens again. So they're getting the role of the guys that have good matches and can help others shine.

    So i don't see anything different happening, gallows and anderson wins and go on into a title program after the rumble and the revival go back to main event after this match until they need them again to help another tag team shine.

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