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    Roadblock is the last ppv of the year, a Raw exclusive show, and we know that Owens vs. Reigns for the Universal Championship is official. As for the rest of the card I think some matches we're all but certain to see:

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Rich Swann vs. The Brian Kendrick
    WWE Raw Tag Team Championship - The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus
    Singles Match - Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

    I think they'll save the rematch between Swann & Kendrick for the ppv and use 205 Live to build it and, in the process, devote time to the other cruiserweights. By the time Roadblock comes around, New Day will have broken Demolition's record for having the longest tag title run in company history and I can see Sheamus and Cesaro having earned one more opportunity.

    As for the Raw Women's Championship, I dunno. They had Sasha go over Charlotte, for the third time this year, on Raw to win the title yet they billed it as the "final chapter" for their program. That would suggest that Charlotte won't get a rematch, it's not unheard of after all as, for example, Triple H never received a rematch for the title when he dropped it to Reigns at WrestleMania.

    I also see Zayn vs. Strowman having a proper match at Roadblock. I could see Strowman picking up the win, though I don't think it'll be a hugely lopsided affair.
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    RoadBlock: End Of The Line 2016 Predictions

    Singles Match for the WWE Universal Championship.
    Kevin Owens (C) def. WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns

    No Disqualification No Count Out Match
    Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho

    Singles Match for the WWE Raw Womens Championship
    Sasha Banks (C) def. Nia Jax via a Disqualification.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
    The New Day (C) def. The Club and Sheamus & Cesaro.

    Singles Match
    Charlotte def. Bayley

    Singles Match
    Rusev def. Big Cass (w\Enzo Amore)

    Singles Match where Mick Foley cannot stop the match
    Braun Strowman def. Sami Zayn
    (I would really like stephanie to make this stipulation :lmao:)

    Singles Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Rich Swann (C) def. The Brian Kendrick.

    Kickoff Match: Fatal 4 Way Match to determinate the No.1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
    Noam Dar def. Cedric Alexander, T.J. Perkins and Jack Gallagher.
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    The card looks like:

    Universal Championship: Kevin Owens © VS Roman Reigns

    Women’s Championship IronWoman match: Sasha Banks © Vs. Charlotte Flair

    Seth Rollins Vs. Chris Jericho

    Braun Strowman Vs. Sami Zayn

    New Day Vs. Cesaro/Sheamus Vs. Gallows-Anderson for tag titles.

    Rich Swann Vs. Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship.

    Have a multi-man match to determine next No. 1 contender for Cruiserweight Championship.

    Owens shouldn't lose the title thus soon. New Day should lose the titles now since the record will be broken. Swann should retain again. Sasha should retain too. And Rollins should win or get screwed by Triple H. Zayn could lose too.
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    So tonight WWE held its Raw brand's event "Roadblock: End Of The Line". It did end up exceeding expectations. Going into the show the only matches I even remotely cared about were Sasha VS Charlotte and Seth VS Jericho. It had a few headscratchers, though virtually every major WWE event does. Let's take a look at this show.

    Pre-Show: Big Cass VS Rusev
    Glad this got pre-show'ed. I like Big Cass but this feud has been idiotic. It needs to end real fast so Enzo and Cass can challenge for the Tag Team Championship instead of being stuck with this nonsense. Even Rusev deserves a better angle.

    Cesaro & Sheamus VS New Day [Raw Tag Team Championship]
    Good choice for an opener. New Day promo to fire up the crowd? Sure! The match was fairly fun though I did not like the ending. I've got no interest in Cesaro and Sheamus as Tag Team Champions. Why doesn't WWE get it that this is dumb? It was dumb BEFORE the best of 7 series! I'm sick of Sheamus and Cesaro working together whether it be as enemies OR as allies. Could be worse. At least New Day got to break the record before this. Just have Enzo and Cass win the titles to start the inevitable splitting up feud between Cesaro/Sheamus that no one wants to see yet we all know is coming. I'd rather get it over with as quickly as possible.

    Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn [Singles match with a 10 minute time limit]
    Stupid. Really, really stupid. Strowman still sucks and Zayn deserves better. Foley's part in this storyline made it worse and the worst part of all is Sami's comments on the Raw Talk afterwards give the impression that this is continuing. WHY!? Sami should be going after the US Championship, not wasting his time with Strowman!

    Chris Jericho VS Seth Rollins
    Oddly enough, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. However it was good to see Seth get the win. Still a good match, just nothing was truly missed if you hadn't watched this show.

    Rich Swann VS TJ Perkins VS The Brian Kendrick [Triple Threat for the Cruiserweight Championship]
    This was more fun than it should have been. Swann retaining was the right call. The true Cruiserweight star of the night was Neville! This heel turn might be the best thing that could have possibly happened to that division. He needs to enter a feud with Swann immediately.

    Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks [30-minute Iron Man match for the Raw Women's Championship]
    Why didn't this main event the show? Seriously. Best match of the night and the ending to the match would have been a great way to end the show. Charlotte winning yet again was a bit of a headscratcher and my only complaint about the match. The quick title changes between Charlotte and Sasha have been highly unnecessary. The feud has got to end here. I like both competitors as much as the next fan, although there's literally nothing left. Let Bayley get a shot at the belt next. Emma's return has to be soon, if not tomorrow, so have her go into a feud with Sasha. Card placement and annoying title switches aside, match of the night. Possibly even match of the month.

    Kevin Owens VS Roman Reigns [Universal Championship]
    The match I wanted nothing to do with going into the show. I'm sick to death of Roman Reigns getting forced World Championship pushes. All the near-falls helped improve the match and keep me interested, hoping to see Owens retain. Sure enough there were Jericho antics yet again.... Rant all you want about Owens retaining via interference again, I'll take that over Roman Reigns as Universal Champion any day of the year. Go back to the midcard and defend your US Championship, Roman. The stuff with Seth and Roman at the end was cool. Would have preferred the girls closing the show instead, as I mentioned previously.

    Other Thoughts
    I would have changed a few things. New Day retains. Why? That opens Cesaro & Sheamus up for the inevitable splitting up feud no one wants to see. Let's get it over with faster. Enzo & Cass would then become the #1 Contenders for New Day. That would be a much better Raw Tag Team Championship feud. The next thing I would change is the card placement. Roman VS Owens still happens the way it does including Seth coming in to help Roman after the disqualification. Instead of last it goes 4th. Cruisers would then go on 5th, so that the fans are ready for the Iron Man match to main event the show at the end. Having the Universal Championship go on last was bad enough, why would it be right after the Iron Man match? Surprised the crowd wasn't silent from being tired. The last thing I'd change is the name. Why in the world would they use the Roadblock name again here when it was already used for a Network special back in the spring? Watch the Raw Women's Championship Iron Man match. If you missed this show, that's literally all you need to see. The rest was nothing special, it exceeded expectations so I give it that much. Overall, the show was a step down from the last Raw event which was Hell In A Cell. Smackdown had the better show this month. So that brings us to my final WWE main roster PPV Ranking for 2016. Looking forward to a good start to 2017 with the Rumble next month!

    Dagger's 2016 PPV Rankings
    1. Money In The Bank 2016
    2. Summerslam 2016
    3. TLC 2016
    4. Backlash 2016
    5. Hell In A Cell 2016
    6. Clash Of Champions 2016
    7. Wrestlemania 32
    8. Survivor Series
    9. Roadblock: End Of The Line
    10. Battleground 2016
    11. Extreme Rules 2016
    12. Payback 2016
    13. Royal Rumble 2016
    14. No Mercy 2016
    15. Fastlane 2016
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    Well last night we had Roadblock:End of the line. Kind of silly using the same name twice in one year for a PPV, but that's the WWE for you. I was looking forward to the tag match and the women's match. I'm afraid we've seen the others far to often on RAW in the last month or so, so wasn't very excited for any of them.

    Pre-Show: Big Cass VS Rusev

    Poor Rusev went from entering Mania in a tank to being on the preshow of PPV's. I have to believe deep down inside that there is more to his character than defending his wife's honour. That is getting rather tiresome. If anyone on the RAW roster needs a quick gimmick change it's him. Have him go back to being the unstoppable monster that he was, maybe even a feud with Strowman because what he's doing now is doing nothing for him. Hopefully Enzo and Cass will get out of this and start wrestling for the tag team titles. Overall this feud has done nothing for the people involved.

    Cesaro & Sheamus VS New Day [Raw Tag Team Championship]

    Surprisingly I'm coming around to like Sheamus. He and Cesaro make a good if not unusual tag team. Very strange dynamic between the two but it works for me. I wouldn't have been upset if New Day had retained, but over 400 days holding the titles and breaking the record is something they can claim. Wishing to God that we've seen the end of these title record breaking attempts.

    Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn [Singles match with a 10 minute time limit]

    Not understanding this feud at all. Why anyone would want to willingly get in the ring with Strowman is beyond me, but there you have it. He said on the aftershow it's not over. I hope it is because I can't even remember it having a beginning. Let Strowman go on to squash people, Zayn needs to go for the US title. This is nothing but a time waster.

    Chris Jericho VS Seth Rollins

    Legit was expecting HHH to show up to perk this match up, didn't happen. Good match, not a great one and we've seen it on RAW over and over again. Also have no idea why Rollins feuding with Jericho is going to bring HHH into it. HHH handed Owens the title not Jericho, so you'd think Rollins would be taking his anger out on Owens. This was a match that should have stayed on RAW.

    Rich Swann VS TJ Perkins VS The Brian Kendrick [Triple Threat for the Cruiserweight Championship]

    Until the Neville heel turn the best thing about the cruiserweights was Perkins entrance. Neville should be able to bring about a change in the division and give it some credibility. I still think he is over the weight limit, but now I have one more excuse to watch 205 Live.

    Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks [30-minute Iron Man match for the Raw Women's Championship]

    Clearly the match of the night and should have been the main event. As usual the girls put the boys to shame by delivering one hell of a fight. Thought Banks broke something when she landed face first on the stairs, but she kept going. Not sure how I feel about Charlotte winning, but sort of glad this feud has come to an end. Both women can go onto other people, but I have a feeling we'll see them butt heads later on down the road.

    Kevin Owens VS Roman Reigns [Universal Championship]

    Why is Roman Reigns in the title match again? He is already holding the US title and why was there no match on the card for that? Giving him the title was the dumbest thing they ever did, he should be defending it and is doing a Dean Ambrose with it. What I mean is walking around holding it. Was so happy to see Jericho come out and end this and even though I'm a mark for the Shield, these powerbomb teasers that are beginning to end every show are getting tiresome as well. Put Reigns into a proper feud for the US title and same with Owens for the Universal title.

    Other Thoughts

    Well I was pleasantly surprised by some of the matches, other's I felt like it was an episode of RAW on a Sunday night.

    The Neville heel turn will do a lot for the Cruiserweights, and glad to see that Jericho and Owens are still BFF's.

    The match of the night was the Ironman match between Banks and Charlotte and should have closed out the show. I guess though with Charlotte winning they didn't want the audience to go home unhappy. There was very little reaction either way when she was announced the winner. Maybe the crowd is getting burned out with the way this title is changing hands every few weeks.

    Looking forward to the Rumble in January.
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    I'm not going to go throught my thought on every matches on the card, I'm just going to say that I loved the undercard, especially the tag title match and the zayn vs strowman match. But the double main event we're really boring and predictable. The ending was awesome with the shield reunion and the pre show match showed that big cass should stay in a tag team,

    All and all it was better then I expected especially the undercard.
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    I was completely bored by the whole show, the only match I enjoyed was the tag title match. The only thing I popped for was Neville FINALLY joining the cruiserweights and turning heel, this guy needed to be on tv. I don't know what it is, but I am completely bored of all the Shield guys, Rollins needs HHH to move forward with his career. I understand why people enjoyed Reigns and Rollins working together, but it's not a Shield reunion without Ambrose, so please don't call it that.
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