WWE Payback: WWE Intercontinental Championship - The Miz (c) VS Cesaro

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Jack-Hammer

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    After defeating Kevin Owens tonight on Raw, Cesaro became #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship and will face Miz at Payback.

    Now, this match doesn't necessarily fit into the theme of the ppv, namely wrestlers getting "payback" against their enemies, but I don't think many, if any, fans will care as this is an opportunity many of them have been waiting for. The title has been in a bit of turmoil since WrestleMania and some stability is needed; Cesaro is someone that can most definitely provide that and he's someone that fans have wanted to see have a strong mid-card title run before possibly moving into the main event scene.

    Off the top of my head, dropping the title to Cesaro is really one of the only reasons I can think of why WWE put the title on him for the 5th time in the first place. I'm just hoping that they don't decide to keep the title on Miz just because Maryse will be on the next season of Total Divas, for whatever reason.
  2. kadroan

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    With the IC title changing hands twice in less than a month, I wouldn't be surprised if Miz holds the title for a while.

    He's been great since he's been back and with Maryse as his manager, it adds another dimension to his character.

    I think Miz wins with the help of Maryse but I expect a rematch between the two at Extreme Rules.
  3. legendkiller1979

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    This is my worst wrestling nightmare. There isn't anybody I hate more than The Miz. He's a combination to Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber. I was so glad that he was completely irrelevant because we didn't have to see him on TV. This is a guy who hasn't done anything worth while in many months. And now that his wife is back, we have the "power couple" gimmick that's going to keep them both in the spotlight for the time being.

    Of course Miz is going to win. Of course Miz is going to win. Never mind the fact that the only way MIz could beat Cesaro is if he was sleeping. But the WWE isn't going to drop this storyline so soon. Even though it's been done time and time again and this is the worst "power couple" by far.
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  4. Harthan

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    Miz is one of the company's few classically great heels - he really draws heat from all sections of the audience, without making it so-called "go away" heat. He also rarely fails to deliver at least a solid match when paired up with someone who can go in the ring, and Cesaro is certainly that, so I think this is a really solid booking decision here as these two guys should work really well together. It seems like there are big plans for Miz, since they've brought Maryse in to be his on screen manager.

    I personally think this is a feud that could carry for a while, so I think perhaps Miz will go over here. Then again, a Cesaro win here can please everyone and help build a guy who could legitimately be the world champion in the near future without taking away their ability to continue the feud for a few months. Miz is pretty much beyond wins and losses mattering as long as he gets the occasional solid TV win. Long term, I wonder if they might use this feud as an angle to give Cesaro a female mouthpiece. They tried that with Aksana a while back, though she was probably the worst possible choice to try something like that with. Paige seems kind of rudderless at this point and could join up with Cesaro to counteract Maryse, or they could flip Summer Rae for the hundredth time and let her do what she does best. Perhaps that's a good argument for a Miz victory here, giving Cesaro a reason to want to look for a partner.

    I get the feeling Payback is ending with AJ Styles cleanly crushed by Roman Reigns, personally, and they may want to throw the Chicago crowd a bone. Much like Ryder going over at WrestleMania, Cesaro could very well get a win here for that reason.

    All in all I think this will be a very good match; my gut says Miz will get the win here, but as always I'm in the Cesaro section.
  5. ShinChan

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    Yupp, He is really a great classical heel. Kevin Owens is also a great classical heel despite his debut being less than 1 year. Kevin Owens is just more polished version of Miz with more in-ring talent. I can't think of any other such heel now.
    Well, I would prefer a Cesaro win. Since his return, He has been much charismatic and connecting way better and that too without a mouth piece.
    But If WWE really wants a mouthpiece to side with him, Paige is the only right choice. Summer Rae, although is underrated in ring, yet isn't much effective as a manager as her past record proves.
    I too would love a Cesaro win considering that I am a resident of Cesaro section since a long time. ;)
    But I am doubtful about Cesaro's win though.
    Still Fingers Crossed.

    And I hope that AJ Styles doesn't lose clean, although it seems the way WWE would go.
  6. Y 2 Jake

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    I dunno about this. I like that Cesaro kid enough to not want him battling for a meaningless mid-card belt and I don't see The Mize dropping it so soon. Put that Ryder fella in the mix and have this match a month later.
  7. Prince Vee

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    Hate him, but you've to agree, Miz is amazing on the mic. He's a heel magnet, people love to boo him mercilessly and we'll be seeing and hearing that more in the upcoming weeks. Cesaro hasn't got much exposure in the mic, which I wouldn't mind because, I don't want him to botch and acquire some bad impressions. Miz can take care of the mic work and carry Cesaro along with him. But Cesaro doesn't need to carry Miz in the ring, as he's compelling as well. I'm not greatly invested in this match, but will be quite a good contest. I'm fascinated for this PPV.
  8. bjarvis

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    This match is a mistake and not because they can't do a good job.

    1. The IC Title is playing hot potato
    2. Cesaro and the current form of The Miz both deserve to be champion.
    3. A Ryder who continues to get screwed over, in the ring and backstage by Miz and Maryse, would make for a hot PPV match.

    IC Title - Miz (c) vs. Ryder,
    US Title - Ryback vs. Kallisto (c) vs. Cesaro

    Keep it on Miz (unfortunately) and give the US to Cesaro.

    Personally I think we should be seeing Cesaro-Jericho, rather than Ambrose-Jericho. Can't force how tired I am of Ambrose, after that stinker of a Mania match.

    Slightly off topic - Maryse gives Miz so much more credibility. She needs to stay with him.
  9. stblink

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    It would be awesome for Cesaro to win, but I have a feeling that Maryse will interfere or distract the referee in order for the Miz to retain (even if he loses the match).
  10. Anubhab99

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    I hope miz wins and sometime latter i hope he moves to the main event...!! i really hope miz gets a title run in near future!
  11. Wrestlinggeek

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    Contrary to many people's opinion Miz is actually a great heel and is doing an amazing job as the IC champ. I think Miz retains here by DQ and than Cesaro takes the title off him in the next PPV. On a side note Cesaro should be much higher on the card. The guy is amazing in his new James bond esque persona
  12. Mitch Henessey

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    Miz is the more entertaining and charismatic character, and he's one of the best promo guys on the roster, but his matches? Eh, the vast majority of his matches are very underwhelming and dull. On the other hand, Cesaro is the better in-ring performer, easily, and he has a handful of five star worthy matches to his name over the years. Although, Cesaro's new James Bond style character (and the entrance) is not the right fit for him, and I have trouble believing he'll be able to pull it off with more time in the coming weeks and months.

    Cesaro needs this more than Miz. A loss in a title match will kill whatever momentum he has, but WWE constantly mishandles Cesaro's feuds and storylines, and pairing him with Heyman after Wrestlemania XXX was a colossal mistake, so I have no reason to believe things will change here. Miz retains, because you have to believe WWE really wants to push Miz and Maryse as another power couple.

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