WWE Payback - Sami Zayn VS Kevin Owens

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Jack-Hammer

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    After almost a year since their bout in NXT, due to Zayn being out injured, Zayn vs. Owens is finally booked.

    Given that both of them have lost matches as of late, it's difficult to say right now who comes out on top. Both have looked strong in defeat in these matches, so it's not like they've been hurt but I see Owens come out on top against Zayn here and setting up some sort of rematch at the Extreme Rules ppv.
  2. OYDK

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    This will be a great match just like every match these two have ever had. I think Owens goes over in this one as they've put a lot more time into KO than Sami at this point, but this feud will likely continue past Payback. I think the best scenario would be to have Owens keep beating Zayn in big matches until the "ultimate showdown" where Sami finally proves he can beat Owens on the big stage.

    In my opinion, Owens needs the win here a lot more than Sami does. He's been racking up the L's for a while now and needs to re-assert himself as a dominant player. A loss for Zayn probably does more for him than a win would in this situation.
  3. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I hope this is the start of a great long rivlary between those two in the main roster. I expect this to go in the same route as Ambrose vs Rollins, so don't be surprised if the match ends at a double DQ or No-contest, with Owens trying to take out Zayn once more.

    Even if Zayn wins this, there's no way he's walking out of the ring alive. Owens will beat the crap out of him. I see money in this personal rivalry and it has the potential to be a feud that will really elevate both guys.

    Owens of course will win the feud in the end and move on to be a main eventer will Zayn will move on to be a strong midcarder, for now, until his time comes to shine in the main event scene. I'd actually have this go all the way to Summerslam.

    Payback- match ends in a no contest. Both guys beat the shit out of each other.
    ER - stipulation match. Zayn wins. Owens beats him up afterwards.
    MITB - both men compete in the MITB ladder match. Possible Owens victory.
    BG - Owens beats Zayn in a 2/3 falls match.

    Feud ends but the bad vibes still continue in order for a future feud involving a championship.
  4. Y 2 Jake

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    A rare match where a no contest or double DQ is the best option. Zayn has already lost too many times in my opinion, and Owens is in need of the victory.

    They should tease a feud ending match for a few more months.
  5. Барбоса

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    The match at Payback shouldn't even start. As soon as Zayn enters the ring, there is a punch off and a refusal to listen to the ref.

    You could maybe work in a couple of failed attempts to actually start the match before it is thrown out.
  6. Prince Vee

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    Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are going to tear off the roofs. They've a chemistry and bond that their feud doesn't need a title involved. Their past and the future will overshadow the fact if any title is involved. They've done that in PWG and in ROH, in NXT and now in WWE. Still people are ready to invest money in this feud. That's what Sami vs KO is all about.
  7. kadroan

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    Yeah Owens needs the win more, especially with Summerslam coming up in a few months. WWE need to start giving him some more signature wins. I could see him possibly being in one of the main events, facing Brock, Rollins, Orton, etc if they can build him up right.

    Or better yet he could win the MITB Briefcase.
  8. Rhodes2TheFuture3313

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    I would say that KO wins the first bout in some sort of controversial fashion. Zayn challenges him to a re-match at Extreme Rules. Zayn wins that bout and bang. They both enter the MITB briefcase match along with Ambrose & Y2J.
  9. JoeMallard

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    Owens either gets DQ’d or loses and beats up Zayn after. I see the feud lasting through Summerslam.
  10. ShinChan

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    I don't see a Sami Zayn win here in any form.

    Either Kevin Owens wins or the match ends in some sort of disqualification after using a chair maybe. Considering that next PPV is Extreme Rules, this match can end due to use of any weapon.

    I think that Owens should win the first one and then can loose the next one but also beats the hell outta Zayn after that match. Then Owens can win the MITB briefcase.

    Sami's win over Owens should be at a bigger stage for the biggest accolade.
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  11. L@RISANO

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    KO needs the win here more than Sami Zayn, lMO, and also needs to move upwards and onwards thereafter.

    Sami Zayn can take the loss in a great battle 'to the death' and then build himself up DB-style in the midcard going after the IC/US title and probably down the line, he can meet KO again in an even bigger bout.

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