WWE No Mercy: WWE Intercontinental Championship - The Miz (c) VS Jason Jordan

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Kurt Angle's "son", Jason Jordan, became #1 contender after winning a Six Pack Challenge match on last night's Raw and gets his opportunity this Sunday at No Mercy.

    On the surface, it looks to me as though a title change will happen though I hope that it doesn't. I think it's too soon to put the title on Jordan as I don't think they've really established who he is apart from being Angle's "son." To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they had him come up short and continued to come up short as a means to a heel turn with the build leading up to a match with Angle. IF Angle does get back into the ring to wrestle, I'd much rather it be up against a young talent who has something to gain from the match rather than the rehash of an Attitude Era program. If said match happened and if Jordan performed well in it and after becoming an asshole, then I think he'll be in a stronger position to become Intercontinental Champion. He's fun to watch inside the ring, he's got crazy athleticism, but let's see if he's someone who can capture your attention with who he is.
  2. Pika

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    Jordan is a great pro wrestler and one I haven't been overexposed to. Miz can do great work as not only a wrestler, but a champion as well. I think the IC title shines a bit while he has it and Jason has been built as a good face competitor. With the immediate matches Jason has had on RAW in recent weeks and The Miz's great track record of putting on awesome matches I got my hopes up a little for this one.
  3. Y 2 Jake

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    It's a shame they don't appear to have character planned out for Jordan. I don't understand why isn't being an obilious heel, the role his 'dad' played so well when he made his debut 18 years ago.

    Should be a good match, marred by a lack of reaction for the face.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Just make Jordan the classic golden boy that can do anything because he's dad is someone type of heel. Maybe that can come after he wins the IC Championship. Kurt can either turn heel and feed his son's ego or he can put up with him until Kurt's breaking point where he finally snaps at his own son and either suspends him or strips him from the title. Kurt can play the whole "he's the son I never had, I can't hurt his feelings" and such until he finally realizes that his son is one big douche that needs to learn how the world works.

    As for the match at Fast Lane, I think Jordan wins it. There's nothing left for the Miz to do on RAW as a champ, except than facing and getting his ass whooped by Strowman or Reigns, but Reigns doesn't really need the IC title and Strowman might even be in line for a run with the Universal Championship.
  5. The Perfect Max

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    The Miz is a fantastic entertainer, and Jason Jordan is a fantastic professional wrestler. There's no doubt in my mind that this will be entertaining. My problem lies with this angle with, well, Angle and Jordan. Absolutely nobody buys into it. Nobody. It makes me squirm in awkwardness. I was for it at first, but that quickly went away. Nobody actually cares about Jordan, and that's definitely not his fault. He mattered in a team when that's all it was, but now, even aligned with Kurt Angle, it just doesn't mean anything. There will be a lack of face reaction in Los Angeles, but what's worse, is that there could be a face reaction for The Miz. It's his adoptive hometown, it's a smarter crowd, and he's one of the best. That doesn't do Jason Jordan any favours.

    BUT, I'm anticipating this. I don't quite know how this will go down. There's got to be a bigger plan to the whole Jason Jordan thing, and I'm waiting for it to begin falling into place. And, with Maryse pregnant, I wouldn't at all be surprised if Miz was to disappear for short periods of time in the coming months. He's earned it. But he is so good with the Intercontinental Championship that they need to prepare somebody that's good enough and ready to take that title away and sustain its value. Perhaps Jason Jordan can be that guy, but my gut says Miz keeps the title for now, though I don't think this feud is over after Sunday regardless of the outcome.
  6. MWRedskins

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    i dont think this feud is over and it shouldnt be over....my guess is that this match ends with either a DQ finish or countout by Miz where he walks out. if Jordan wins, i wont hate it because it would put the championship on a young wrestler who's such a great in ring worker. Jason Jordan's problem isnt in the ring, he's great in the ring...the problem is 1) his promo work...2) his character and 3) the current storyline.

    he's not good with promos (Though he tries hard)...his character is much like The Rock before he became The Rock and finally the storyline...it's so stupid that the fans cant forget it. when they did the story, i groaned and thought it was stupid and while i was willing to give it a chance, i just hated them breaking up a great tag team to do this.

    but the match at No Mercy should be entertaining, Jordan can go in the ring and Miz (while he isnt a great wrestler) can go in the ring and is a great natural heel.
  7. ShinChan

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    I think that Jason Jordan should win the title now. Next PPV is Survivor Series and I don't think that WWE will get these two another title match there amidst both brand matches. Jason Jordan has impressed me a lot with his matches against John Cena and Roman Reigns so I'm all in for him becoming the new champion.

    Nonetheless, expecting a good match.
  8. Terry Gyimah

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    Jason Jordan in my opinion, is not ready to become WWE Intercontinental Champion even though I think he would benefit from having the title he is better at being the one chasing the title rather than holding it. The Miz not only has he proven that he is a fighting champion and that his in-ring performances night after night get better he is at the point in his career where he in my opinion is considered one of the greats. The Miz brings prestige to the title and Jordan well really hasn't paid his dues. I say Miz retains.
  9. Psykohurricane55

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    Again pretty standard match with this one. They got the fans excited which as the point of being the opening match but it pretty much was your standard heel vs babyface match we're the heel had to cheat to win.

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