WWE needs to do a spring cleaning

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    Something that i never realize before but when was the last time WWE actually did a real spring cleaning of the Roster? I don't mean releasing one or two guy or releasing somebody because he's doesn't want to be there anymore but a true spring cleaning where they release all the guys they don't use anymore?

    It's been a while since they did one but they truly need to do one soon because right now if they continue keeping everybody on board the next set of call up will probably have the same faith on the main roster as the one last year.

    While i don't like seeing guys and girls losing their job, it needs to be done at some point.

    So here my list of wrestlers i would release if i was WWE.

    From Raw

    Alicia Fox: she's been in WWE for what seem like forever and really doesn't serve a purpose anymore

    Apollo: Love the guy but he's been wasted in WWE, he would have a great career on the indy's

    Curt hawkins: love his gimmick but the joke is starting to run his course

    Goldust: Offer him a agent position

    Neville: he's already got one foot out the door anyway so why not give him what he wants already

    r-truth: same as goldust

    Rhyno: same as goldust

    Titus o'neil: take him off the road and offer him a new role as ambassador for the company.

    From smackdown

    Dolph Ziggler: really hard choice putting him there but he's a lost cause at this point. Take him off the roster and offer him a part time office job like maybe having scout for talent at indy shows or something.

    The colons: why are they still on the roster? really. Love those guys but they no longer relevant in WWE. They would be superstars in their dad company.

    Breezeango: Nothing against them. Love their act but same as the colon's, they're not really relevant in the tag division anymore.

    The ascension: Again another hard pick for me because i'm a fan of these guys but their just taking a spot that would be better serve for another team.

    Tamina: She always injured and as been with the company for a long time without really doing anything

    tye dillinger: He's nothing special right now and he's a failed experiment. It's hard for me to put him there but why waste his time if you're not going to do anything with him.

    Mojo rawley: as all the potential in the world as a heel but they don't really see it so either do something with him or release him

    Zack Ryder: Nothing against Zack, i'm a big fan of his but his time is done. He could be a good trainer down at NXT.

    From NXT

    Aliyah: At this point what are you going to do with her if you call her up.

    Kassius Ohno: The guy is in the R-truth/goldust role in NXT, he's never going to be called up so just release him as a performer and resign him as a trainer.

    Lacey Evans: She really nothing special in NXT and i don't see much for her in the future

    Lio Rush: the kid is talented but need to learn a little bit of humility, i feel if you release him, let him make some money in the indy's for a while and resign him in let's say 5 years, he's going to be a more well rounded guy and also a bigger star.

    Oney lorcan: just release him from his contract and pay him on a per appearance bases if all he's going to do is job to eveybody.

    Riddick Moss and tony sabbatelli: Both guys have been in the system for a while now and really produce nothing good. Time to give somebody else a spot on the NXT roster.

    Wesley Blake: I didn't even know he was still on the roster. Why keep him if they don't know what to do with him

    Velveteen Dream: i'm a big fan of the guy, personally, i wouldn't really release him because he's a awesome talent. The only reason he's in that list is because of the gimmick. If that's the gimmick he's going to be saddle with when they call him up, he's better off being release before that happens because they are setting him up to fail on the main roster.
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    Some of these releases make no sense.

    The Ascension, Dolph Ziggler, The Velveteen Dream, and Apollo Crews all should be cut?

    There is a lot of fat that needs to be shed on the WWE roster, but the names listed above aren't part of that group. Especially with the brand split. Especially Zigler and Velveteen.
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    You are right about Velveteen, the guy is very talented and shouldn't be release, my point was that if you are setting him up to fail when he finally get called up, you might as well release him now and let him have a great career in the Indies.

    Ziggler it's more about the fact that he doesn't really serve any purpose anymore as a wrestler but he could transition very well as a agent or a talent scout.

    Crews, same as Velveteen, the guy is too talented to be wasted on the main roster. He still young enough to make money on the Indy scene.

    The ascension, really, you don't think that they should be release. What purpose do they serve on the main roster? They have been wasted since they got called up and now with teams like the bludgeon brothers and the authors of pain, they don't really serve a purpose anymore.
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    So, forget about all the time, money, effort and energy that's been put into him to develop his skills and just let him work the indies? There's nothing remotely logical about that. The kid's flat out loaded with talent, though I do admit that his character has me a bit worried as it's something that Vince might love or hate. If he loves it and doesn't ruin it by trying to control every little aspect of it, then it could thrive, otherwise it's basically the next Adam Rose. However, rather than release him, it'd be more sensible to try to repackage him as it's a shame to just wash your hands of the guy after so much work's been put into him.

    Or, Ziggler could be used to primarily put over younger guys who make their way to the roster. In the ring, Ziggler delivers quality matches and he's someone who could be put to good use elevating fresh talent for a while before putting him out to pasture as an agent or scout. In spite of the various complaints he's given in various interviews or hinted at in dirt sheet stories, I don't think Ziggler has been remotely as unhappy as he seems, if at all, otherwise he could've simply left rather than sign a new deal where he's working a reduced schedule with a downside guarantee of $1.5 million a year.

    Here's the thing: there's not really a whole helluva lot of money to be made on the indie scene. Before Apollo came to WWE, he spent 5 years on the indie scene and, like the vast majority of wrestlers, had little to show for it. Unless you're a top guy for Ring of Honor, you're not gonna make all that much as ROH is basically kind of the indie scene. Impact, based on what I've read, is pretty much going back to a paid by appearance deal with most of the wrestlers they sign. When you consider that Impact will sometimes do a few months worth of tapings over the course of a few weeks, during which time many won't be used for each show, and other companies have to jump through hoops in order for wrestlers signed with Impact to do shows for them, there's not a lot of money there. Crews could always try Japan but that's still no guarantee of anything. Guys like the Young Bucks or Cody are the exceptions to the rule, which Cody hasn't had anything to worry about in the first place seeing as how he made a lot of money during the decade he was in WWE and you know he probably received a significant windfall left to him by his dad.

    Every promotion needs jobbers and/or guys to work house shows. I know that there's this mentality among fans that if you're not out there headlining shows or wrestling for championships that you're something of a waste but the simple truth is that not everyone can be or is going to be big stars. Not everyone is going to wind up having HOF worthy careers but they can still make a good living.

    I do agree that WWE could let some talent go. When you factor in the main and NXT rosters, which I'm including wrestlers who are signed by haven't made their TV debuts yet, you're looking at somewhere around 150 wrestlers and that's too much even for WWE.
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    To be honest, I don't think they need to be released. I do think NXT needs to be apart of the next superstar shakeup. I think a few people on the main roster could rejuvenate their careers by heading back down to NXT.
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    Any of the following could be cut to save money/open up a spot for "new" talent:

    Aiden English, Alicia Fox, Big Cass, Big Show, Bo Dallas, Carmella, Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel, Dana Brooke, Epico Colon, Goldust, Heath Slater, Konnor, Lince Dorado, Maria/Mike Kanellis, Rob Gronkowski's friend (his "stage name" is irrelevant - he's employed b/c of his connection w/Gronk), Natalya, Noam Dar, Paige, Primo Colon, R-Truth, Rhyno, Rowan, Tamina, Titus O' Neil (make him an "ambassador"), Tye Dillinger (maybe keep him as a jobber for a while longer), Viktor, and Zack Ryder.

    There is definitely money to be saved, while still maintaining enough "star power" on the roster to run house shows, do appearances, etc. A house cleaning is long overdue.
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    Aiden English is part of one of the biggest things going on Smackdown right now with Rusev Day. He doesn't need to be cut.

    Big Cass is just coming back from a lengthy injury. Let him see what he's got before you make any decisions with him.

    You really want to cut Ms. Money In The Bank right now? Please.

    Big Show and Goldust will end up in backstage roles sooner rather than later. Let them finish off their careers without the humiliation of being released. They've earned the right to retire on their terms.

    Natalya is probably going to have a job as long as she wants it as part of the Hart family. She isn't going anywhere. And she's got enough star power that she can be used to put over the younger women coming up.

    Paige is in the perfect role now due to her neck injury. Let her stay on-screen as the leader of Absolution (even though I think Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville still need a lot of work). She'll be perfect as a mentor to those girls (and anyone else who needs the help).

    Rowan doesn't need to be cut either, the Bludgeon Brothers are part of the one of the freshest things going on Smackdown with the Tag Team division. Do you really want to see The Usos and The New Day wrestle every single pay per view for the next year? I sure don't.

    Everyone else I think I can agree with you on can be cut.
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    After the Superstar Shakeup I would release the following

    1) The Ascension - just never quite took on the main roster
    2) Zach Ryder & Mojo Rawley - Hype Brothers lack hype as a team or as rivals
    3) Curt Hawkins - NXT should be called up before this guy gets on TV again.

    Now others just need some re-packaging
    1) Would love to see Miz go to Smackdown and Bo Dallas become (Bo Wyatt). Could start a Wyatt's vs. Hardy's feud.
    2) Reform the Lucha Dragons (Tag Division lacks quantity and these 2 definitely bring some more quality to the division).
    3) Form a 4 person group on Smackdown (Orton, Roode, Ziggler, & Dillinger) and call them Elite Incorporated. This would really help Ziggler & Dillinger for sure. Really feel Dillinger needs a heel turn to help get over.
    4) I would also like to see a team of Big Cass & Baron Corbin. With both having the initials B.C. you could call them the Bone Crushers and put Paul Heyman with them. They need all the help they can get.
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    Lol they just re signed dolph to one of the larger wwe contracts, like literally a momth ago..... hes not getting released.

    How are they setting dream up to fail? Hes getting more and more over every week and hes a HHH guy..... very similar to elias, he got a gimmick over no one thought would be possible. Worst case, they repackage him for main roster , which he already shown he can make anything work. Again, hhh guy so hes going nowhere.
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    Aiden English is part of "Rusev Day", which is working so don't get rid of what's working.

    Alicia Fox has been in WWE for almost her entire adult life. She's loyal and is a quality jobber when needed.

    Big Cass has been out with an injury and I'd like to see what he can do truly on his own with nothing whatsoever to do with Enzo.

    Big Show will be gone before too long from working inside the ring and will probably transition to some sort of backstage role if he wants to.

    I've got no real problem letting Bo Dallas go.

    Carmella is Ms. Money in the Bank and in some way, shape or form will probably wind up being a top heel on either the red or blue brand in the near future.

    Hawkins is good jobber material, as is Axel and he has a little bit of lineage in his favor.

    Dana Brooke is dead weight, always has been in my eyes, and the same goes with Epico and Primo. They have the potential to be a quality tag team but Vince just isn't interested in doing anything with them and never really has been.

    Goldust will transition backstage before too long and Heath Slater will probably be kept around for as long as he's willing to do whatever Vince wants him to do. In another 4 or 5 years, he'll probably transition to some sort of backstage role as well.

    I'd be tempted to repackage Konnor and Viktor before releasing them. They have the makings of a solid tag team and the main roster can always use solid tag teams, especially since the brand extension isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

    Maria is currently out on maternity leave, as is Maryse at the moment, so you definitely don't cut women who're out on maternity leave. If she doesn't return, no biggie. As for Mike, I'd like to see what he can do now that he's back in shape and off drugs before getting rid of him.

    Can't really argue about Mojo Rawley in that there's just nothing special about him. Plenty of guys on the roster are as big, or bigger, and can do anything he can do far better than he can.

    Natalya is sort of the "mom" to a lot of the women backstage. She's been in WWE since she was in her early 20s, she's a strong in-ring worker and can be counted on when needed so she's around for as long as she wants to be.

    Noam Dar...yeah, I've got no problem letting him go. He's someone that the Cruiserweight Division can stand to lose. Of course, he's also out with a knee injury right now, so he won't be let go just yet.

    Having Paige as a manager/mouthpiece works for now. Also, cutting her so soon after being told that she'll never wrestle in a WWE ring again would be bad press and WWE HAS to be image conscious. That's just how it is when you're a company worth $3 billion.

    I'm surprised R-Truth isn't already working some sort of backstage role. I think the last time I saw him in TV was at least 6 months back being destroyed by Braun Strowman, may have been even longer.

    Rhyno with his little T-Rex arms is a nostalgia act who's glory days are a good 20 years behind him so yeah, I'm all for losing him.

    Rowan needs to stay doing exactly what he's doing. He's strong when he teams with Harper, and they're both doing their best work in a few years right now, so he's sticking around.

    Tamina is out injured, yet again, but yeah, she's the epitome of dead weight whether male or female. No charisma, no personality and not all that good in the ring. Family connections is why she's been around as long as she has.

    I've never been overly into Titus. The guy just never clicked with me and I'm sure that he'll wind up working with Stephanie as a "brand officer" at some point, which is really half of what he does right now anyway in that he represents WWE at charity events, hypes the company and it's partnerships, etc..

    Tye Dillinger is basically cut from the same cloth as Zack Ryder in that he's a guy with decent abilities, solid charisma and is destined to be a low card guy in WWE. He's 37 years old and he's probably already gone as far in WWE as he will.

    As for Zack Ryder, it's hard to believe that he'll only be 33 in a few months. He's been in WWE for such a long time that I just naturally get the feeling that he's a lot older than he really is, which is due to him being in WWE since he was only in his very early 20s. I think Ryder will be around as long as he's willing to do whatever WWE asks of him. If he's been careful with his money and if he's interested in establishing himself as more than WWE's preeminent jobber, he's still young enough to where he could leave and POSSIBLY make a name for himself in ROH or even Japan.

    Still, with all that being said, with a handful of exceptions, I'd be okay with WWE letting most of these people go.
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    Chris Hero: Everyone can diss him because of his look and stature all they want but he continues to have good matches in NXT. He is up there in age They should give him a chance on the main roster just for the matches he could potentially have just like a Kevin Owens.

    Tye Dillinger: I still think this guy has potential they haven't tapped on and was starting to before he got called up. The 10 things was hugely over like the YES chant. They are losing momentum with him quickly every month he does nothing. He should have had more feature matches in NXT before being brought up permanently ala Apollo. He could be the NXT Apollo doing nothing of note for a bunch of years on the main roster.

    Konnor/Viktor: I think they should be repackaged. They have charisma and talent in the ring. Their gimmick was never taking seriously the way the are pushing some guys like Bludgeon Bros. They should transform to something else the way the Acolytes went on to become APA.

    Bo Dallas: He is young, still has potential. If Bray is gonna be repackaged maybe they can do something together with the Rotundo brothers.
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    I'm not going to go through the roster or others lists and nitpick them to death but I will say this...

    You cut jobbers and enhancement talent and WWE is going to need more jobbers and enhancement talent. That means either the main roster guys you want to keep are going to be taking more losses or the guys you move up are going to have to fill that role.

    But yeah, there are plenty of WWE Superstars that I wouldn't miss....

    Until they're gone and then at some point I'll start to miss them....

    But I also get distracted quickly and will forget about them again.
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    The only guys I agree with are Goldust, Rhyno and R-Truth. Mainly because they are old and they have run their course. The rest should stay IMO. They are still young and who knows what the future holds for them.

    Zack Ryder is also another guy that has ran his course. Mojo and Hawkins are jobbers. But you know. You need jobbers.

    Slater just had one of the most entertaining angles in the Royal Rumble. Why cut him?

    Epico and Primo could so well somewhere else. They have been missing for so long that nobody really remembers them. Either send them to NXT and let them give us spectacular matches or let them go.

    It's a same the 10 gimmick was never properly used with Dillinger. He could be one guy to be let go.

    From the women, Dana really adds nothing the division. Same as Tamina. They could leave, too.

    Mike Kanellis. Where the f is that guy? Why was he never part of NXT alongside Maria? I never understood that.

    About Ziggler.. I think he's wasted money, but kudos to him for getting this deal out of Vince.
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    Two names I would throw out there are the Big Show and Kane.

    Kane is close to retirement anyway. Maybe wait until after Undertaker is inducted into the HoF, and then put Kane in the next year. Until then, use him on house shows and putting talent over, then retire him and give him a Legends contract.

    Big Show hasn't been on our screens for about a year. They don't know what to do with him anymore. Besides, I think Braun Strowman has taken over the "giant" role, and there is nothing more that they can do with Big Show.

    Give him a Legends contract and maybe use him in the company somewhere. He should also be inducted into the HoF down the track.

    Also, to the OP, there have been some names released so far. In the last few months:-

    -Darren Young
    -Summer Rae
    -Rich Swann
    -Enzo Amore
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    I heard that with Mike and Maria Kanellis, Maria is pregnant, so off-screen, and Mike is using that time to go to rehab to overcome a painkiller addiction.

    The plan is to bring them back at some stage, after these things have been dealt with.
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    Big shows contract is done. It ended in feb, he went out the way he wanted, similar to henry. He passed the torch to braun like he wanted.
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    Exactly. Hoping for a gimmick repackage, close to his impact gimmick. That said, i have a feeling they will bring them back face after their interview from wwe.com
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    So Show is retired then?

    Do you think, like Henry, he will be inducted into the HoF this year, or will they wait until next year?
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    Vince McMahon should just pick himself and let HHH/Steph take over.
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    So let's release a ten year vet, that has worked her ass off for the company. This vet is still young, very talented, and usable.

    He wouldn't be making much money on the Indies. Again, he is very young and still fresh. They haven't ruined him too much like others, he could easily be pushed down the line. Apollo just needs sent back to NXT and repackaged. The kid was called up WAYYYY too soon, just for a nice pop.

    Speaking of vets who've worked their ass off for the company. You're suggesting we release a guy that loves putting people over, and helping legends such as The Rock prepare for return matches? He turned being a jobber into an entertaining gimmick, not many can do that. He deserves his job, and in the future he DESERVES a push.

    I agree with offering him an agent position, but Goldy deserves to RETIRE, and on his own time.

    Many reports have suggested that Neville is back in talks with WWE, he's a great star. Instead of releasing him, they should be doing everything in their power to keep him and give him a main event run on SmackDown.

    Same as Goldust, Ron Killings is a wrestling legend and deserves to go out on his on terms. Truth is injured at the current moment and while I'm not suggesting pushing him at this stage in the game, let him go out on his own. I do a agree an agent/producer role would be perfect for Truth.

    Same as Goldust and R-Truth. Difference is, Rhyno is still pushable for one last run.

    I completely agree, I've been saying this for awhile.

    You're joking right? Dolph just re-signed with the company and looks to be on course for a major push. Dolph is one of the top stars on SmackDown and a near 15 year vet with the WWE. Dolph isn't (nor should he) go anywhere within the next 10 years. Guaranteed, Dolph is about to be one of the biggest stars in the entire company.

    Completely agree. Primo is a 10 year vet, but LITERALLY hasn't really done anything since Carlito left. He has one little tag title run, but it was forced. I feel like this could be great for him.

    They're entertaining and are very relevant in the tag division. Every era needs it's comedy relief and this if them. Difference between most is that they're genuinely funny. They're kind of like the less serious Edge & Christian :lmao::lmao: OK, I joke, I joke :lmao:

    Two big dudes that can be pushed with a little repackaging and re-debuting. It worked for Bludgeon Brothers, and can for them. Take them off TV and re-debut them on RAW after several vignettes. No catchphrases, just two silent ass kicking bruisers. Hell, sign Truth Martini from Ring of Honor (if possible) and make him their manager. Bring back their original theme song, dark blue entrance lightning and smoke for their entrance.

    She just needs a real opportunity.

    He's putting stars over.

    His heel character is intriguing so why release him? Instead, they should play off his line when he botched and said "why should I care about being a wrestler?" Make him play off that and turn him into a character of a guy who feels he's above the business; but can't be shut up, because he can't be beat.

    Zack doesn't deserve that, like Alicia, he's worked hard for 10+ years. He's talented, very young, humbled, truly loves his job, and can bounce back, if WWE goes all in on him.
    From NXT

    You never know, look at Elias, a guy (from what I heard) was a bonafide jobber in NXT. Elias now happens to be a top mid-card act on the main roster. Bring him up to the main roster as CHRIS HERO instead of his NXT name. He can be a great hand if WWE explores it.

    Reaching. He made a joke that everyone took out of context with no true malicious intent. He was friends with Emma, and he made an attempt at a Kayfabe comment, but was timed wrong and stupid mistake. It was still a MISTAKE! He's learned his lesson, it's old now. Let it go.

    You're tripping. He's one of the biggest stars in NXT right now, and most over overall in WWE. I understand the character not working on the main roster, but just repackage him.
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    The concept of a spring clean is ridiculous, that WWE seemed to do it at that time of year in the past isn't based on that... it's just how their "season" goes with Mania being March/April.

    What people forget is that WWE currently produces:-
    - 5 Hours minimum of live TV a week.
    - NXT, 205, Mixed Tag Challenge for another 3 hours of regular weekly TV
    - WWE Network Specials and PPV, at least 8 hours worth per month
    - At least live events/house shows a week outside of regular TV tapings of 2-3 hours often in 2 markets at a time.
    - International Tours that often take place during the same times as other shows in the US.
    - Run a successful developmental programme/promotion with its own live events.
    - Reality based content such as Bellas/Diva's, The Miz/Maryse Show/Table for 3 etc

    That requires a massive amount of talent of all abilities and levels to keep the machine not only running but to cycle talent in an out.

    Someone like Ziggler on paper doesn't seem to be doing anything, but the reality is now his role is to be that reliable mid card guy who can heat a new talent. Releasing him just costs an upcoming talent the chance to get over with him. Someone like Apollo Crews has on paper "failed" but has he?

    When you saw Uhaa Nation back in the day did you ever truly say "WWE Champ One Day!" or a mid card talent who could probably do better on the indies for a short time... or could be a career guy in WWE and make more.

    Some ARE reaching their natural career ends, but again there is no real rush to end those careers on either side.

    Goldust not only can still go, but still seems to actually be getting better. Even if had plateaued, he is still the most experienced active guy they have... who seems to be generating something that could work with Mandy Rose and help her get over AND could still show up and make a loss to Cena not only interesting but actually a platform. Do you really toss that aside and make him an agent now? or even worse risk him doing a Jericho and heading to work with Cody?

    Big Show will be Braun's partner... it's obvious... the match will be over at Mania in a minute or two and Show gets to win a title in his last Mania moment... Braun may then take him out but... in his case if he ends his career it'll be because he is ready to.

    The balance is always what can a talent offer compared to what can a newer talent offer... some guys like Ryder, Hawkins, Breezeango, Rhyno and Slater, Truth and their ilk don't particularly offer anything that a call-up or indy signing wouldn't do better... but they have familiarity, people are used to having them around in the same way Haku, Hillbilly Jlm, Brooklyn Brawler and Tito Santana were just always around, until they weren't.... but every time one was replaced it was with someone truly better...new isn't always better as people like Dana, Dillenger and Enzo proved.

    What's needed is a true evaluation of the talent and where some WISH to go elsewhere, them being allowed to.

    Why fire a guy like Goldust when someone like Neville WANTS to go? Why fire The Bludgeon's who at least have some potential just to bring up a team like Heavy Machinery to job in their place? Even Titus is finding his place, but it's not going to improve from where it is... if he's happy with that, let him do it as long as he wants... if guys want to hit the indies and make money that way, let them.

    I'd see the list of people wanting to go being smaller but more significant and having impact. Neville is a no-brainer, would Owens or Zayn go? Possibly? Would The Club go? probably... would Nia walk? Quite possibly... but if you must "clean house" start with the ones who really want to be at home, working elsewhere or who REALLY can't go anymore... before releasing some poor sod who only did what they were given.
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    Would love to see a few NXT callus after mania too
  23. d_henderson1810

    d_henderson1810 Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Oct 12, 2008
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    There are way too many wrestlers in WWE.

    This can create a problem down the track, as more and more talent come through the Performance Centre and onto NXT. More are being added than are retiring.

    There are some superstars and Divas who are doing little of significance at the moment. Maybe WWE has to get ruthless, get rid of this sham of a brand extension, and cut anyone who they have no long-term plans for.

    Some who should be told "Don't come Monday", include, in particular order:-

    -Goldust, who should retire, and become a full-time trainer, and maybe make guest appearances as Goldust in Royal Rumbles.

    -The Big Show- Haven't seen him for a while, and for a giant, not seeing him is a hard task.

    Show has had his day. Braun Strowman is around to take over the big man role, so Show isn't needed anymore. Retire him, and give him a Legends contract.

    -Kane-Has had his day. Retire him, and put him into the HoF.

    -Mark Henry has retired-About time. Henry has been pushed and de-pushed more times than I have had breakfast, and has done little memorable in his career.

    -Alicia Fox, Tamina- Nothing around for them at the moment, and I don't see them getting major storylines.

    - Also cut Breezango (who focus more on lame comedy than on matches), Ascension (who have been buried since joining WWE), Curt Hawkins (WWE never ran with his gimmick), Zack Ryder (has had his day, and he isn't going to go any higher), R-Truth (comedy jobber these days).

    Also too bad that Dolph Ziggler re-signed with WWE, as I feel that he has missed the boat too, and he was talking of leaving.

    Only keep talent who there is future plans for, and cut the rest. It might sound rough, but WWE's roster growth is unsustainable, especially when part-timers keep coming back.
  24. Spidercanrana

    Spidercanrana Should've Reinstated The Fox
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    Apr 1, 2010
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    I disagree with Breezango. Every time a list like these are made, there's always somebody there that is more entertaining than the majority of main event talent because they're jobbers. Breezango and the Fashion Files used to be the only reason to watch Smackdown. Lame comedy, sure, but it was a break from vanilladom. With another case, they'd be back doing what they do best.

    Until last night I forgot the Colons existed and so did the rest of ya.

    Ascension sure I agree there.

    Mike and Maria Kanellis aren't doing anything of note are they? Have they done anything of note?

    Sin Cara is still on their roster.

    There's probably plenty of cruiserweights that could disappear and nobody would notice.
  25. Messiah

    Messiah WWE Champion

    Sep 2, 2013
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    Sasha Banks
    Big Show, shame he signed a new deal
    Mike Kanellis, let him go back to the indy's.
    R-Truth, retire as well
    Dana Brooke

    All don't contribute anything to WWE

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