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    WWE Battleground has ended no more than a few hours ago. Here, you can see the results from the PPV;

    • Randy Orton bt Sheamus
    • Primetime Players bt New Day (Tag Title Match)
    • Bray Wyatt bt Roman Reigns
    • Charlotte bt Brie Bella & Sasha Banks
    • John Cena bt Kevin Owens (US Title Match)
    • Brock Lesnar bt Seth Rollins via DQ (WWEWHC Title)

    On a show where no titles changed hands and nothing came out of the event looking different, the WWE brought in new writers. A group of people that declared they would change the WWE from that precise moment. We begin at Monday Night Raw, following through every episode of both Raw & Smackdown, making stops for every Pay-Per-View.

    This is how they changed the WWE.
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    The following is a list of the WWE Roster, post-Battleground. The new writers, along with the help of Vince McMahon & Triple H, decided on the future of these superstars and came to terms on some releases and also...a few surprises. This list will show you the roster, their alignments as well as the Champions at current.

    Roster - Red denotes a Heel, Blue denotes a Face.

    Singles Stars:
    Big Show
    Bo Dallas
    Bray Wyatt

    Brock Lesnar
    Daniel Bryan
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler

    Erick Rowan

    Jack Swagger
    John Cena

    Kevin Owens
    King Barrett
    Luke Harper
    The Miz

    Randy Orton
    Roman Reigns

    Seth Rollins
    Triple H

    Tag Teams:
    The New Day
    The Ascension

    Primetime Players
    Lucha Dragons
    The Uso's
    Los Matadores

    Alicia Fox
    Becky Lynch
    Brie Bella

    Nikki Bella
    Sasha Banks

    Summer Rae

    List Of Champions:
    WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Seth Rollins
    WWE United States Champion - John Cena
    WWE Intercontinental Champion - Ryback
    WWE Tag Team Champions - Primetime Players
    WWE Diva's Champion - Nikki Bella

    The writers had big plans for these wrestlers. Little did they know that so much was yet to come.

    Unfortunately, the WWE had come to the terms of release on the contracts of Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow, Heath Slater & Zack Ryder. They wish the wrestlers their best in their future endeavours.

    (First show to be up within a day or so!)
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    Finally! A nice Book It! From a nice person. JK
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    Cole: "Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are less than 24 hours removed from the Battleground Pay-Per-View and we are making our way to Summerslam, tonight!

    Jerry Lawler: That's right Cole, last night we saw some absolutely epic matches with some even more epic results! The WWE World Heavyweight Champ, Seth Rollins went home with his title after The Undertaker returned, shocking the WWE Universe to it's core! Not only that, but the United States Champ, John Cena took his title belt home for another day when he made Kevin Owens tap out!

    JBL: You got it, last night was a war if I ever saw one. Luke Harper being the force behind Bray Wyatt pinning Roman Reigns was just another twist in the long and winding tale between these two superstars. Not to mention our Diva's revolution starting it's next chapter as Charlotte beat Sasha Banks and Brie Bella in a great triple threat!

    Cole: We shouldn't forget the Primetime Players, who retained their Tag Titles against New Day last night and of course Mr. Money In The Bank Sheamus falling short to Randy Orton after a vicious RKO outta nowhere!

    Lawler: Tonight, we make our first step towards the biggest event of the summer...Summerslam!

    ***NEXT BIG THING***

    The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar's music hits through the speakers as he walks out, looking visibly angered at the events that took place last night. Next to him, his mouthpiece, Paul Heyman follows him down to the ring while he shouts at the audience. The two men reach the ring as Lesnar hops up onto the apron and wastes no time getting between the ropes. Up the steps Heyman walks before he also gets into the ring, picking up a microphone as he does.

    Heyman: Ladies and Gentleman...my name, is Paul Heyman. Last night, at Battleground, my client Brock Lesnar was SCREWED out of the chance to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar had Seth Rollins down, he had him finished! But then, the unthinkable. Over a year ago, my client ended The Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar became the one in twenty-one and one.

    The crowd start to stir at the statement.

    Heyman: Over a year later, he comes back. The Undertaker, for no reason whatsoever decides that he'll return to get his revenge on Brock Lesnar! Just because Brock Lesnar killed your career Undertaker does not mean that you have to use him to try and revive it. Just because my client made you the true description of the "Deadman", doesn't mean that you need to try to use Brock Lesnar to once again be living. Because you see Undertaker, when my client...BROOCK LESNAAAAR(!) gets his hands on you, you will not even be a dead man walking. You will simply be a, Dead. Man.

    The crowd boo slightly as Lesnar & Heyman are startled by the music of another WWE Superstar.


    Seth Rollins struts out onto the stage, his WWE World Heavyweight title over his shoulder. He swings the belt around his head, ala his Wrestlemania 31 winning celebration, before heading halfway down the ramp and picking a microphone out of his pocket.

    Rollins: I did it! All you idiots out there in the WWE Universe doubted me from the moment they told you that Brock Lesnar would be facing me for the title, but last night I walked out holding that belt in my hands and here it is!

    Rollins raises the title above his head, grinning from ear to ear at his "victory" from the previous night.

    Heyman: Seth, you know as well as I, Brock Lesnar and the entire of the WWE Universe know that the belt should be the beast, Brock Lesnar's!

    The two men are interrupted by Stephanie McMahon, who appears on the titantron.

    Steph: Hey! Stop it right now, both of you! First of all Seth, congratulations on retaining your title last night at Battleground. However, I would like to also extend a congratulations to Brock Lesnar.

    The crowd cheers as Stephanie acknowledges the beating that Lesnar put on Rollins last night.

    Steph: You had Seth Rollins down, you could have become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion last night, but other circumstances led to you laying in the middle of the ring, beaten.

    Heyman: Don't you dare humiliate my client in front of all these people!

    Steph: Paul, calm down, you haven't heard me out yet. You see, we've decided that Seth Rollins will defend his title at Summerslam...against Brock Lesnar. As he did not get his fair shot last night, Brock will have another opportunity in four weeks time.

    The crowd cheer, as Lesnar has a smirk on his face and Heyman claps at Stephanie on the screen. Rollins however, begins to shout his disapproval at the woman who should be on his side.

    Steph: Seth, bite your tongue and suck it up. Myself and Triple H have decided that this decision is best for business. Brock, seeing as you're here tonight on Raw we have decided that it would also be best to put you into a match tonight, as part of one of two main events. You will step into this ring again later on, as you face...The Miz! As for you Seth, you will be participating in our other main event, as you face...Neville!

    The titantron cuts off, as Seth Rollins looks visibly annoyed at having to take part in a match tonight, whilst Lesnar is looking slightly happier, knowing he's got someone he can try and pull apart later on in the night.

    Cole: Oh my goodness, what an announcement!! Seth Rollins will take on Neville and Brock Lesnar will take on The Miz in what will be two absolutely brilliant main-event calibre matches!

    ***Commercial Break***

    We're back from our first commercial break this evening, with the tag team of the Lucha Dragons already in the ring. Tag Team action, up next!

    ***NEW DAY, NEW WAY***

    Out onto the stage come The New Day, booed loudly. Big E starts to gyrate his hips on the stage as Kofi skips around him in a circle. Xavier Woods taunts the crowd as the three men gradually make their way into the ring. Xavier Woods is sitting this one out, as the bell rings for the match.

    Cole: These two Lucha Dragons really know how to put on a show! This is insane!

    Post-match, Woods grabs the mic and heads into the ring.

    Woods: You see, the New Day are the greatest tag team in the history of the WWE! So what if Darren Young & Titus O'Neil hold the titles? Today, it's all about a New Day...because;


    The crowd dub over New Day with "New, Day Sucks." but the team don't seem to care as they head out of the ring and to the back.

    JBL: A win for the New Day here tonight have put them back into possible contention for the Tag Titles!

    Lawler: That's right John! Is there any other tag teams out there that could possibly be on the same level as the Primetime Players and the New Day? I don't think there could!

    Cole: Join us for more action, when we come back from this break!


    (This show will be posted in parts, as per my decision. This way, I can get people talking about what they think is coming on the show, rather than throwing it all at them in one go. I find things are easier to read if they're posted gradually rather than all at once.)

    Announced Matches For The Rest Of Raw;

    Brock Lesnar vs The Miz
    Seth Rollins vs Neville (Non-Title)​
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    Back from commercials and Renee Young is backstage, joined by Charlotte, one of the members of Team P.C.B. She was also victorious last night at Battleground against Brie Bella & Sasha Banks in a triple threat.

    Renee: I'm here with Charlotte, who last night came out on top after a great triple threat match. Charlotte, tonight you'll be in singles action against Tamina, one of the members of Team B.A.D. What are your thoughts going into this one?

    Charlotte: You know Renee, after last night I'm feeling on top of the world! Beating not one, but two divas in the same match gave me such incredible confidence to go on and eventually become Diva's champion, that I'm in fighting spirit tonight too! Now, I know that Tamina is not an opponent to laugh at, she can be one of the hardest hitters in the WWE and that's including the guys too!

    The two girls laugh for a second, as Renee moves the microphone back to her own mouth.

    Renee: Now, I've got it on good authority that next week, we're going to see a 6-Diva Tag Team Match. It will be Team P.C.B vs Team B.A.D.

    Charlotte: Oh really?

    Renee: Not just that though! The following week, the winning team, either P.C.B, or B.A.D will face off against each other, in a Triple Threat! The winner of that Triple Threat will then move onto the following weeks Raw, where they'll face Nikki Bella for the Diva's Championship!

    Charlotte: Wow. That's a lot to take in. Now Renee, you see...I've always fought for what I want. Ever since Stephanie McMahon called out my name as a part of the Diva's revolution, I've been keeping my eyes on that title. I will do absolutely anything to make sure that I'm the person that wins the belt. If it means I have to lead my team to victory against Team B.A.D, then also beat Becky Lynch and Paige the following week just to get my hands on that title, then so be it. Girls, you should all watch out.

    Renee: Charlotte, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I wish you the best of luck!

    Charlotte: WOOOOOO!

    We cut back to the arena, where the fans are all "Woo-ing" in canon, trying to be louder than the person next to them.

    JBL: What an announcement! I mean, this is bigger than Manchester City rising up to take the Premier League by storm!

    Cole: What is it with you and English references we don't get?!

    JBL: I'll say whatever the hell I like Maggle!

    Lawler: Woah now ladies! Up next, we've got the Intercontinental Champion Ryback in action!



    The Intercontinental Champion makes his way out onto the stage as his entrance music plays. As the music calls "Feed. Me.", Ryback throws his fists down as it says "More" while the pyro bangs around him. He marches down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and jumping up quickly. The fans chant "Feed Me More!" as Ryback stands there, awaiting his opponent.


    Out comes Bo Dallas, who runs down the ramp quickly with his thumbs up, trying to make everyone see the good side of everything. He's booed continuously as he gets into the ring, holding his arm outstretched and giving the thumbs up to his opponent.

    Cole: Who does Bo Dallas think Ryback is? He can see through all of this positivity stuff straight away!

    Both men are stood in their corners, waiting for the bell to ring.

    Lawler: Ryback is a force to be reckoned with and when you're the champion, you're going to be even stronger than usual!

    JBL: You see this? Bo is taking the advantage that he's given himself to wear Ryback down. What a genius!

    Lawler: What on earth?! That was ridiculous!

    JBL: It looks like Dallas had an evil plan all along! What a genius move, he knocked out that referee on purpose, he didn't care about his first pinfall, he was just setting it up!!

    Cole: I'm sure we'll find out what that was all about soon enough. We've gotta take a break now, but when we come back the United States Champion, John Cena will be out here to hold an Open Challenge for the title, but who will he be facing?? Find out in just a few minutes!!



    Announced Matches For The Rest Of Raw;

    United States Open Challenge - John Cena vs ???

    Charlotte vs Tamina

    Seth Rollins vs Neville

    Brock Lesnar vs The Miz

    (Who do you think will face Cena? Why did Barrett join with Dallas to attack Ryback? Let us know your thoughts before Part 3 arrives!!​

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