WWE Money In The Bank: WWE SD Women's Championship - Carmella (c) VS Asuka

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    As with the Raw Women's Championship match, the SmackDown Women's Championship match, WWE may have backed itself into a corner with no satisfactory solution.

    Carmella, both in terms of her in-ring ability and because of the nature of her character, isn't on Asuka's level. Even though Carmella is champion and is a fun heel, you know that there are a lot of fans who simply don't think Asuka should lose to her at this time. At the same time, Carmella cashed in her MITB contract on the first SmackDown Live after WrestleMania to become champion and she successfully defended the title against Charlotte, with a clean win no less, so it would also seem like a waste to have such a brief run. Plus, you've also got the IIconics running around, so they could always be a factor as a means to protect Asuka.

    One possibility that came to mind is that this is all potentially leading up to a Charlotte vs. Asuka rematch for the title a bit down the road. Charlotte beat Asuka at WrestleMania, Carmella beat Charlotte a few days later, albeit under the anytime & anywhere format of MITB, and beat her again at Backlash so maybe Asuka beats Carmella to win the title and this puts things in a circular pattern in which Asuka has to defeat Charlotte to put things back on an even kilter between them and Carmella could still be sort of waiting in the wings.

    Another possibility could depend upon this match's spot on the card. Does it come before or after the women's MITB ladder match? If it's before, then that means either Carmella or Asuka walks out with the title. Otherwise, it leaves the door open for a cash in that could see the match turned into a triple threat or the SOP of cashing in on the champion after said champ is weakened from the match.

    At any rate, there are directions in which this leads that can result in the match being intriguing.
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    All I've been wondering is.. ok so Asuka lost to Charlotte, no big deal. It's just a streak. Here's what I don't understand about streaks ending. WHY MUST THEY LOSE AGAIN?

    Imagine this: Charlotte breaks the streak and Asuka still continues the victories after that, thus making Charlotte the ONE and ONLY woman to ever pin Asuka and also it still keeps Asuka at the same level she was before that, but not as good as Charlotte, which would make the rematch between Asuka and Charlotte a far bigger deal!!!!

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