WWE Money In The Bank - Roman Reigns VS Jinder Mahal

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, May 22, 2018.

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    This might be yet the latest example of Vince not really caring about what the fans think or how they react. Not only are they sticking with the ADD inspired storyline of trying to make Roman Reigns seem like an underdog, like someone that the system is trying to screw over, but they put him in a match against someone like Jinder Mahal in a show in front of a Chicago crowd.

    The match itself is pretty much nothing as Jinder is just a snack for Reigns at this point. I will admit that I'm actually a little curious to see if the hate for Roman Reigns in Chicago is so high that the crowd supports Jinder or if they just dump all over the entire match from start to finish. After all, this crowd will be most definitely packed with fans who've booed the hell out of Roman for years and Jinder...well Jinder is basically, still the same lousy, untalented guy who was WWE Champion around this time last year and stayed champion for about 6 months.

    This match has piss break written all over it. I remember the days in which that applied almost exclusively to women's matches.
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    When crowd reaction is way more interesting than performers involved.

    Because Roman should be SILENT badass, and Jinder, well, other than his "origins" he have nothing to offer.
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    They need a few high profile singles matches to fill out the card. It’s a feud and match that hasn’t been done and Jinder at least looks the part of a credible opponent for Roman. It seems like they’re doing damage control trying to build Roman up after jobbing to Brock but at this point it seems like Romans dead in the water. Jinder’s gonna do the job and Roman will be boo’s out of the building once again.
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    This is just a warm-up match for reigns since lesnar Isn't coming back until summerslam and That's feel like the direction they are going for summerslam.

    The problem is that jinder is seem like He's coasting more and more and it showing how limited he truly is. Reigns is a really good worker but He's not going to be able to pull off a miracle with this match.

    This will probably be the match we're I will put the sound to mute since I'm guessing fans will shirt all over it and I'm hate it when fans think they more important then the wrestlers.
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    If ever there was a match where you head to the fridge/pantry for a snack or go check your email, this is it. For anyone going to the event live in person, during this match would be a great chance to go buy merchandise. Reigns sucks. Jinder sucks. Who in the heck thought putting this match on was a good idea? They are two of the most unpopular guys in the whole company. Unbelievable. The only thing remotely interesting about it would be to see how much the fans boo it. This would be one of the extremely rare instances where I am in support of neither competitor. I can't even pick because I dislike them both. The silver lining for me is that since I won't be able to watch the event until later on, this match will probably just get skipped.

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