WWE Hell In A Cell: WWE SD Tag Team Championship - The New Day (c) VS The Usos

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Sep 20, 2017.

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    So New Day vs. the Usos is happening again, this time at HIAC.

    This has been a mixed bag when you get right down to it. On one hand, they've put on an incredibly entertaining series of show stealing matches over the past few months. On the other, they've also spent that entire time playing hop scotch with the blue brand's tag titles. There are reports that Vince wants to have New Day especially go down as one of the all time great tag teams alongside the Dudley Boys, Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz by having them win a lot of titles. I've always been more of a quality over quantity kind of guy myself as what all these hot potato runs lower the value of the titles in my eyes. They've been 4 time champions overall and their last run with the Raw Tag Team Championship was the longest of any tag title run in the history of the company. I'm not all that wild about seeing the days of having 6, 8 or 10 title runs return seeing New Day drop the titles back to the Usos won't exactly be a shock.
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    I know the New Day are still overy but they should be making plans for a splt rather than more title reigns. They peaked last year months before their long title run ended, there's nothing else for them to do in that division.
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    Ok.....firstly this match will likely be one of the best on the card. these two teams work so very well together in the ring with great moves and kicks by the Usos with high flying moves and of course nice tag team work.

    the ending of the match is where the question mark is because if the rumor is true and WWE wants New Day to win the tag team titles the most, then they'll have to lose them a few times....my hope is that they dont lose to The Usos anymore. my hope is that The Hype Bros get involved and cost the fans the ending to the match to set up a triple threat Tag Team Title match at a later PPV where The Hype Bros (as now heels) win the Tag Team Titles to help New Day win the titles again.
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    I think it was Bryan Alvarez who said something like this match inside HIAC is a thrown match. He is so wrong. It makes absolutely sense since they've been feuding for a couple of months and having an intense rivalry. Granted, not as heated as an HBK/HHH HIAC but for today's standards, it is intense. Secondly, these two teams have great chemistry and all of their matches have been absolutely show stealers and stand outs. I expect no difference this time inside HIAC. In fact, I hope it's their best one, and the last one to close this feud.

    I can see either tag team winning but to me, it really doesn't matter since both teams are really great champions. The question regards the loser team, against who can they feud next?
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    Loved this match although not a supporter of constant tag titles changes. The matches continue to be one of the best things of that particular PPV because New Day and Usos have a damn good chemistry. Plus, this match had some moments which were totally new in this gimmick match as supposed to the other Hell In A Cell matches.

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