WWE Fastlane - Roman Reigns VS Dean Ambrose VS Brock Lesnar

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 25, 2016.

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    I am. More than I'm interested in seeing Triple H vs Reigns or Lesnar, at least.

    I think Dean has been killing it the last few weeks. Getting in Lesnar's face in a way that even Reigns won't, cutting some of his best promos, fighting his heart out in the Fatal Fiveway, only to lose it because Owens is a sneaky bastard. I think the audience is empathising and getting behind Ambrose in a way they haven't done with anyone since Daniel Bryan. Ambrose is not to that level, obviously, but he's the only thing the crowd has to latch on to, since AJ is nowhere near the main event.

    I don't want to see Roman Reigns versus Triple H. I really liked Reigns last year. I was super excited to see Reigns vs Lesnar, and I loved the match. I was one of his biggest defenders around here. But after a whole year of watching the Roman Reigns show, I'm apathetic. He hasn't improved as much as he should, in my opinion. I don't want to watch him as WWE champion.

    Dean Ambrose as champion might make you feel skeptical, or weird, or curious. But at least that's something. Roman Reigns as champion makes me feel nothing.
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    That is just the alcohol poisoning you drunk.

    I must say as much as I criticize Ambrose for the stupid way he runs the ropes and his overuse of the rebound clothesline, he is growing on me in the last couple of weeks. Maybe it is just WWE setting us up to believe he has a chance in the triple threat, but his promos are the best since his Shield days, and he is actually engaging Lesnar, something as B-lad mentioned, Roman isn't really doing.

    Regardless of the outcome, if Dean can keep up this level of entertainment then I think he will be a main stay in the main event scene for a while. Something I honestly didn't see when he first got to the WWE.
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    It was far to predictable before with the Wyatt's going after Brock, and Ambrose holding the IC title, now he's free to go after the big one.

    I love it, and think Ambrose is fantastic. Just wish they would take the leash off him and let him go. When you talk about moveset's you've never seen Ambrose as Jon Moxley. He could wrestle rings around Reigns and most others on the roster. I love the crazy persona, you never know what he's going to do next.

    Last night when Stephanie came out, he did what most people where thinking, collapsed in a way that said "Oh shit here comes the bitch again". Most others just watch her walk to the ring, he didn't and the crowd loves it.

    Like someone else said fans are looking to latch onto someone other than Daniel Bryan. With Ambrose's popularity the WWE would be stupid not to take advantage of it. Unfortunately Reigns doesn't connect with the fans in a way that Ambrose does, and I have no idea how to can get around it. He's not working as a babyface, Ambrose is. He takes on the Authority, Lesnar and anyone else in his path. His fake on Reigns with the Dirty Deeds was priceless. I don't think Reigns even knew he was going to do that.

    The fans are firmly behind Ambrose and have been since his Shield days. He's nuts, and they love it, if he wins on Sunday the roof will blow off the place. And if he wins at Mania, you'll have close to 100k going nuts. It will be totally different if Reigns is in that match. I can't wait to see Ambrose walk out with the WHC title.

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    Not so much the actual HHH vs Ambrose match. Then again, I'm not interested in HHH in a Mania 1-on-1 whatsoever regardless of opponent. However, if we could get HHH vs Reigns vs Ambrose somehow, then I'd be sold on it.

    That said; assuming an HHH 1-on-1 we are going to get, then I'd much rather Ambrose vs the Authority coming out of Fast Lane, than Reigns vs the Authority which I think has been squandered big time since TLC and the night after it. Reigns vs the Authority just doesn't do it for me anymore even though I am a huge fan of Roman.
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    I think that they'll either do a double pin on Lesnar after the Wyatts interfere. Wyatts look strong for beating down Brock, but Brock still looks strong because it took 4 guys(plus dean and Roman) one of them being huge as fuck to beat him.

    With Ambrose dropping the IC title, my thoughts are that they're going to do a triple threat at Mania with Ambrose, Roman and HHH. The Roman vs HHH just seems way too obvious, plus they're really building Dean as the "little brother" which I would assume end up with Ambrose beating the hell out of Roman and getting put into the title match at 'Mania.

    The match should be pretty good, just 3 guys beating each other up and I'm sure Dean will bump like crazy for Brock which will be pretty awesome.
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    Should be a pretty good match, standard triple threat. Brock will throw both guys around, Reigns will get his shots in, and Dean will bump like crazy. Should be entertaining. I'm expecting and hoping for a Reigns victory. I know there's skepticism with a Triple H vs Reigns match going forward, but it really is the story with the most potential. There's already emotion there. The ground work was laid months in advance.

    I'm actually not expecting a Wyatt family intervention. I think there's a finish that would work to take Lesnar out of the match without damaging him or making him lose. I'm interested to see how this plays out.
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