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Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Two Elimination Chamber matches have been announced so keep speculation regarding the rest of the card, fantasy booking, etc. all in here.
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    My Review:

    Preshow: Squash match for the Club. I want to see some match from the undercard more.
    Women's FIRST EVAH Elimination Chamber Match: BOOORING. Only set maybe Bayley vs Sasha, but all the match was bad. The only thing watchable, is Alexa. She took a big bump from the top of the cell. But we didn't see Mickie & Alexa interaction, maybe for WM?
    Titus World Wide vs The Bar: After all the Seth vs The Bar feud, it was not as good as I thought. Crews needs more depth, and there are too many heels in RAW, we need a face team. The Revival and The Club are on preshow or not in the show, as they were better options to put a decent match.
    Nia Jax vs Asuka: I liked more their NXT match. It was decent, but Asuka needed a big win before WM. Maybe she is challenging Charlotte at WM, so get Nia as the top draw. And #SoreLoserNº1 goes to Nia.
    Woken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt: I'm still looking for this match to be the first piece of a really good story, but it was awful. Hope the feud is over, but all we know it's not (rlly Vince?)
    Ronda Contract Signing: I simply, see it really stupid. My 10's to Hunter for taking the table, but maybe more interaction?
    Men's FIRST EVAH 7-man Elimination Chamber: Braun should have been first to make his entrance, so we can gave a little of HHH-Braun interaction. Really good match, but a really bad story-telling. Braun beating everybody and get beaten by Roman is a bad choice. We can have Braun look strong, Reigns winning with some Balor vs Miz, or Cena vs Seth, or whatever feud you wanted. And maybe Braun taken out by Goldberg, or HHH, or Kane could make him look strong, a sort like HBK with Taker.

    Global: 2/5
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    I haven't read/seen much in the way of reviews for this show so I don't know how unpopular of an opinion this is but to me, the men's Elimination Chamber might just be the worst booked thing this decade, they did the ONE THING they shouldn't have done. It almost seems like WWE is going out of their way and making an effort to destroy Braun Strowman's career. How many more times can he be THAT close before people just stop caring? It doesn't matter how dominant and destructive he looks on RAW or in an attack after the match, he's not delivering results, ANY time there's stakes involved at all in a match, he just loses... eventually that's gonna run it's course (for me it already has) and people are just going to stop caring about him.

    He's not some Rey Mysterio-like underdog, nor is he constantly getting screwed over ala Daniel Bryan... he's a near 7 foot 400 pound monster who comes up JUST short when it matters, constantly.

    I'm not saying that Braun should've won (if I had it my way, he wouldn't have even been in the Chamber) but I don't see why he couldn't have been eliminated during the little finisher flurry thing that they gave him. There would've been absolutely no shame in being pinned after being hit with an AA, spear, curb stomp and coup de grâce. I know part of it probably/definitely had to do with Reigns and making him look great but if Braun had been eliminated then, Reigns would've been left with Cena, Rollins and Balor... Reigns pins them all and woo hoo he looks great AND you don't have Braun fall JUST short again.

    That's my little rant. Overall I thought it was pretty good. All of the women delivered, whether it was in the Chamber, Asuka/Nia or Ronda's contract signing, all great. On the men's side, the tag match was forgettable, Bray/Matt was... bleh and the Chamber although entertaining, was hampered by the booking.
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    To say that this felt like a filler ppv was a understatement. This show felt like they wanted to advance some mania storyline along while protecting others.

    The women's elimination chamber was fine for what it was and this was pretty to advance Alexa story line and Sasha heel turn which is coming soon.

    The asuka/nia match was decent and while i didn't like the 50/50 booking, I get why they did it since you have to keep nia strong if you want her to challenge Alexa at mania.

    The men's title match was the Braun strowman show which I didn't like because while you kept strowman strong during the whole match, he still lost at the end and having him destroyed the winner at the end didn't help anybody. Nice visual but having him losing big time matches on a regular bases only to beat them up after the match will probably hurt strowman in the long run.

    The contract signing was fun to watch and made me interested in seeing the match at mania.

    Also you had the 2 filler matches to make sure that the ppv will go over the runtime.
    First the bar vs Titus worldwide

    I this one was one of their better matches they had between the 2 and made me want to see more of Titus worldwide and maybe even have them get a run with the title at some point. Good little match but wasn't needed on the show.

    Bray Wyatt vs woken Matt. At this point I really hope this lead to some sort of alliance between these two because the match wasn't good and I love how Corey graves had to cover for the fact that nobody was reacting to Matt hardy. Also was it just me or at one point, Matt forgot his character and reverted to his old shelf for a minute. Anyway, I feel that the woken Matt experience is falling big time and unless they either paired Matt and bray together, I feel both characters are dead.

    In the end, if you take both filler matches out, this kinda advance mania storyline and was just a middle of the road ppv.
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