WWE Clash Of Champions: Corbin (c) VS Roode VS Ziggler (US Championship)

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Psykohurricane55, Dec 1, 2017.

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    This match was just announce on wwe.com. I don't get why ziggler got put in the match since the feud is between roode and Corbin but I like the idea of having another good worker in the match to work around corbin's shortcoming.

    Plus if the plan is for roode to win the title, you can use ziggler as a way to protect Corbin by having ziggler take the falls.
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    Ziggler is only in there to take the fall. My initial thought is who can they protect when they have two guys they want to protect going up against each other. I think with the addition of Ziggler it’s quite obvious Corbin is retaining. I couldn’t see Roode losing in the 1 on 1 so a bit of a screwy finish will probably set up why he didn’t win. It’s still too son for Roode or Corbin to face each other as while Corbin is still relatively young, either guy can’t afford a loss. Roode hasn’t even established himself really kayfabe wise on SD and Corbin can’t afford to go down the card more. I like triple threats, I like watching ziggler and I didn’t want either Roode or Corbin to lose clean but I also didn’t ant a stupid finish, so this is literally the best case outcome for me.
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    Like Khalifa mentioned, the primary reason Dolph Ziggler is in this match is so he can be the one who winds up pinned so that Roode and Corbin can be protected. As a result, I see Corbin retaining here so that they can continue to build up his singles feud with Bobby Roode; I don't think they should have a bout at the Royal Rumble, though it's possible they will, as they can use the additional time to have a real, 1 on 1 US Championship match between them at the Fastlane ppv in February. Yeah, I know that waiting a whole 2 months to have a title match between them sounds very unusual in WWE, so it probably won't go down that way. I mean, they could pull it off with proper planning and booking but I just don't see it happening.

    In any case, it should be a fun bout with Corbin retaining.
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    Like others have stated, Ziggler is here for the pinfall. While he will certainly add a bit of excitement to the match, Ziggler has virtually no chance of winning here. Corbin has been a solid United States Champion. He's been progressing his character fairly well and he's nailing that mid card heel role like very few can. With Roode it's an interesting case for me. His character is already one of the better ones in the company. This is just a pit stop for him onto better, more glorious things. I can see Roode winning the belt here.

    Personally, I liked Corbin a bit better when he had a vendetta out against Daniel, Shane and the entire Smackdown locker room. He needs to get back to that role. But let's just keep Bobby Roode occupied until he's ready to take the WWE Championship and run with it. A United States Championship win will do that. Besides, none of the other titles look like theyre changing hands. And this payperview needs something to make it stand out from all the other meaningless payperviews WWE has throughout the year.

    Hamler's Prediction — Bobby Roode will win the United States Championship

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