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    I've been a wrestling fan for most of my life and I am usually a creative person, so I will try to channel it into this sort of booking. This is not going to be a week-by-week or show-by-show type of thread. Instead I will be writing an entire feud and maybe divide it into two/three parts for a storyline. I'm going to give a proper story background, usually really what happened and then, book the feud from there in order to achieve a different outcome creatively speaking. I am not going to give a transcript of a fantasy promo, but mainly summarize all of what happened and maybe throw a line or two that gets the feud going. The matches will also be really simple as far as psychology goes, and none of that play-by-play crap.

    So, in a minute you can see me using 2011's The Miz and in the next, I will be writing about 2009's Ted Dibiase. Really, what I am going to try is to create an arc for each character and if I am pleased about my idea and about my storyline, then I will continue my alternative universe with the same character, but I will let you know about that of course.

    Starting Point
    12th August 2011 - WWE SmackDown


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