WWE Backlash - Shinsuke Nakamura VS Dolph Ziggler

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, May 3, 2017.

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    WWE.com put up an article stating that, as if we couldn't guess ourselves, Shinsuke Nakamura will make his in-ring debut, televised in-ring debut that is, on the main roster at Backlash in which he'll face an opponent yet to be determined.

    Maybe it's just 'cuz it's late and I can't get to sleep, but I've got little patience for WWE's goofy shenanigans in this situation. We all know it's gonna be Dolph Ziggler, so why not just go ahead and announce it already instead of trying to make it some sort of mystery? Ziggler is the only person Nakamura has had any contact with on WWE television, so of course it's gonna be him who faces him. When something is this transparent, I honestly can't figure out if Vince genuinely thinks he's being clever or if he simply isn't paying attention to his own program. In all honesty, I could believe either one of them because the man is that clueless sometimes.

    At any rate, since it'll almost certainly be Ziggler, it should be a great match. Ziggler can be counted on to deliver high quality matches, he's sort of like Chris Jericho only without the prestige that goes along with it, and it'll be no different here. I'm actually a little concerned for Ziggler as he has a history of concussions and Nakamura is too damn stiff for his own good. If Ziggler were to sustain injury in the match, it wouldn't look good for Ziggler and it wouldn't look good for Nakamura in Vince's eyes; in all honesty, I couldn't really blame Vince as Nakamura has injured several guys in NXT during his time there, most recently to one member of the Revival as he broke the guy's jaw and put him on the shelf for 2 months.
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    It's pretty obvious that Shinsuke Nakamura will face Dolph Ziggler in his in-ring debut at this PPV.

    I'm expecting this match to be a good one. Ziggler can have a match once in a while when the stakes are high. Like the career vs. title match against The Miz.

    I just hope that WWE doesn’t give Ziggler the win in a fluke manner. I would rather prefer a clean win for Nakamura. I won't be surprised if it doesn't happen though.
  3. The Perfect Max

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    I like the idea of Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler. But like you say, there is the potential for injuries here and hopefully that isn't the case. Then again, there always is in a wrestling ring so it's best to just roll with it.

    Anyway, if they give this a solid 15-20 minutes, it could be very good. Backlash is shaping up to be an interesting card with this and the Styles/Owens match likely being two very good in-ring matches.

    Nakamura surely gets the win. You can't have him lose. But I'm most interested to see where he goes after. This feud with Ziggler only has a certain mileage really. Then again, it could be beneficial for Ziggler to get some good air time with a really engaging and popular star.

    As far as them teasing who his opponent will be, obviously we know it's Ziggler. Unless they pull a massive swerve and it's Aiden English. But at least they teased us with this instead of the impeding July pay-per-view name. Imagine being teased for ages to find out it's gonna be called something stupid like Great Balls of Fire? Oh wait.
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    Well... I like that WWE is making a big deal about Nakamura's debut, by taking this long to have his in-ring debut and by announcing Backlash as his in-ring debut regardless of the opponent, even putting him on the poster. Good on 'em. Ziggler vs. Nakamura has got to be great. They've been getting familiar with each other in dark matches for awhile now. Mix that with the effort and hype WWE seems to be putting behind Nakamura and I believe we got a great match on our hands. Nakamura should obviously go over clean and look strong. I believe there is great potential for Nakamura to become the top babyface on SD! in relatively easy fashion.
  5. Navi

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    If it's not Dolph Ziggler I'll be the most surprised person on the planet. It should be one hell of a match though. I can't wait for it.

    So we have Nakamura/Ziggler and Styles/Owens. Shaping up to be a good PPV.
  6. Messiah

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    I wouldn't expect it to be a great match. Maybe 5-8 minutes so Shinsuke can get his shit in and finish off Ziggler.. This Ziggler feud is only a way to introduce Shinsuke to the audience instead of throwing him in a major angle right now.. I honestly don't see Shinsuke maintaining his popularity if he can't cut a promo though.. He can come out and dance like Michael Jackson all he wants, he'll need to talk to sell is character.
  7. Psykohurricane55

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    This is a make or break moment for Shinsuke in my opinion. We all know he's a great entertainer and will put on a show but the thing is that he need to get a huge crowd respond at backlash. Not just for his entrance but for the entire match as well, because this will makeup the mind of Vince if he wants to push him as a main event talent or keep him in the midcard.

    As far as the match is concern, they have the right guy to make Nakamura look like a superstar. Ziggler will sell his ass off to make him look like a superstar, they will have a 10 minutes match with nakamura winning.

    So this is all about the fans reactions for nakumura, if he gets a huge reaction from his entrance to the end of the match then nakamura is set as a main event guy on smackdown, if he doesn't get a great reaction, then he stuck with in the midcard for a while.
  8. Aeon Mathix

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    They must know they have something special with Nakamura otherwise what was the point in making us wait almost 2 months to see him wrestle?

    Should be a good match. Ziggler is easily my least favorite wrestler in WWE and I change the channel every time he is on, but it should be a pretty good contest designed to make Shinsuke look like a killer. Unless...Ziggler wins? Nah I won't believe it.

    The bigger question is where does Shinsuke go after this? Does WWE just have Ziggler and Nakamura wrestle about 10 more matches because of the brand split and lack of creative ideas or do they hot shot him vs AJ for the U.S. title?
  9. MINISTRYrising

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    This is the match I'm most looking forward too at backlash. I'm a big Nakamura fan and with this being Shinsuke's in ring debut WWE are going to want him to look good, so I think having him face Ziggler in his first match is a great idea as Dolph can sell better then anyone else on the roster and will make Shinsuke look awesome. I would say this will be match of the night but I think this will come in a close second behind Styles VS Owens.

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