WWE Backlash - Naomi, Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair VS Natalya, Carmella & Tamina

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, May 10, 2017.

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    A six women tag team bout has been announced for Backlash featuring pretty much the entire, current, SmackDown Live female roster.

    I kind of like this because it does put more emphasis on the division as a whole than we're used to seeing. It's also easier to suffer losses in this sort of setting without anyone really losing face of any kind and the heels in particular need a win here I think. Naomi's the current & 2 time WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, Charlotte has been the overall biggest female star on the main roster for the better part of 2 years with a total of 5 title runs and Becky was the first SmackDown Women's Champion. When you look at the heels, there's not a whole lot to be impressed about; Natalya is sort of seen as the den mother of the women's division and her biggest success was a 70 day run with the Divas Championship during the Dark Ages of women's wrestling in WWE back in 2010, Carmella just isn't as talented as the other female call ups from NXT and Tamina a 39 year old never-was that's been riding the coat tails of her family name the entire 8 years of her career.
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    I think that it's more of a way to delay Naomi Vs. Charlotte for the title. And I don't think that there's anything wrong with it.

    However, I agree that the face side is way more credible than the heels. Carmella is still new, Natalya is just "there" and Tamina has just returned. The heels do need a victory here. But I amn't sure if it actually happens.
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    I really like this to be honest. We get to see all the women in action, and hopefully, they are given the sufficient time to really do something. These matches in the "dark ages" would have been 5 minutes at most. I'm hoping for something more like 15 minutes. Let them do something worthwhile and tell a story in the ring.

    I see it playing out with the Welcoming Committee (I really hope that's not a genuine name) getting the best of the faces throughout much of the match. Keep them cornered and contained. We already know how good the faces are, but the heels need some work. Natalya not so, but as you recognise, she hasn't ACTUALLY done much worthy of note (then again, she has been one of my favourites on the women's roster since the brand split). But allowing us to see what Carmella and, really, Tamina (I mean, what do we actually know of her at this point?) can do would be beneficial to building up stronger adversaries for the faces in the future.

    Ideally, I'd like to see the heels control much of the match. Have some flurries of the faces sprinkled in, and have them make the comeback at the end, only for the heels to get the last laugh and the win. They need it and I don't think it diminishes any one of the faces' credibility. Naomi probably shouldn't take the fall as champion though. If the faces do lose, perhaps pinning Becky is most logical. After all, she declined an invitation to the committee.
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    Pointless match except to set few things. Natalya, Carmella and Tamina will go nowhere except if they are planing "Jinder" push for somebody like Carmella because New Jersey t- shirt sales needs a boost. Carmella is not that good, Tamina is just somebody who is there and Natalya was always a joke who is more worth as in-ring trainer for others then the wrestler. Only thing I can see is face pulling the win. Or setting up Becky heel turn because as it is Charlotte as face has almost nobody serious to feud. Or maybe they finally let Asuka on the loose and she goes and kills all women there. Setting up her taking the title from Naomi and Charlotte and Becky overcoming "Welcoming Committee" and down the line Charlotte vs Asuka. Which would be the only money match they have for women on Smackdown now.
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    When I see matches like this get made, it just further drives home the point of how dumb having two divisions for the women was. Same with the tag team division. This is the whole division we are seeing in one match. Minus Eva Marie if she even counts? I'm not even sure if she is still employed at this point.

    I don't have much of a desire to watch this. Every woman in the match will be a former women's champion by the end of the year I'm sure because despite WWE running the same matches into the ground during the fall last year (Lynch/Bliss, Styles/Ambrose, etc.) there is a point where it can get tiring and just throwing them all against each other in either a battle royal or tag match doesn't make it any more interesting.

    I know I seem sour on this, but it's not because I don't find any of them talented or that it flat out doesn't have any chance of being a great match, i just can't get over the fact that there are 6 people in a division fighting over a title. There's only two ways you can even go about it. For example have Charlotte vs Lynch 20 times and call it an epic rivalry like Banks vs Charlotte was, or just give the title to everyone in the division to try and make it interesting. Either way it makes for rather boring television.

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