WWE 2014: The Wrestlemania Revival.

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    (Welcome everyone, to my BT. I'm not promising weekly, daily or bi-weekly posts due to the fact I work different shifts each week, however, I'm promising that this will be both regular & it will finish either when I think it's run it's course, or write in an end. This BT just won't die out. It's called "The Wrestlemania Revival" as I believe I can make this 2014 WM something exciting & fun. Then, we will continue Raw/Smackdown from there on, but in a new life. Enjoy)

    WWE 2014: The Wrestlemania Revival

    WWE Roster
    AJ Lee
    Alberto Del Rio
    Alicia Fox
    Bad News Barrett
    Big E
    Big Show
    Billy Gunn
    Bray Wyatt
    Brie Bella
    Brock Lesnar
    Brodus Clay
    Cody Rhodes
    Curtis Axel
    Damien Sandow
    Daniel Bryan
    Darren Young
    David Otunga
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    El Torito
    Erick Rowan
    Eva Marie
    Evan Bourne
    Heath Slater
    Hunico/Sin Cara
    Jack Swagger
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    John Cena
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston
    Luke Harper
    Mark Henry
    Nikki Bella
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Road Dogg
    Roman Reigns
    Rosa Mendes
    Santino Marella
    Seth Rollins
    Sin Cara
    Summer Rae
    Tamina Snuka
    The Miz
    The Undertaker
    Titus O'Neil
    Tyson Kidd
    Xavier Woods
    Zack Ryder

    Authority Figures
    Owner of WWE - Vince McMahon
    COO - Triple H
    Head of Diva's Division - Stephanie McMahon
    Head of Talent Relations - John Laurinatis (Off of TV)
    General Manager of Raw - Brad Maddox
    General Manager of Smackdown - Booker T
    Assistant GM of Raw - Vickie Guerrero
    Assistant GM of SD - Teddy Long

    Other On-Air Personalities
    Commentary on Raw - JBL, Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
    Commentary on Smackdown - William Regal & Renee Young (To debut post-Smackdown)
    Spanish Commentator/Ring Announcer - Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ring Announcers - Lilian Garcia & Tony Chimel
    Backstage Interviews - Josh Mathews, Justin Roberts & Renee Young Raw only)
    Manager of Brock Lesnar - Paul Heyman
    Manager of Alexander Rusev - Lana
    Manager of Cesaro - Zeb Coulter

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Daniel Bryan (Won at Elimination Chamber)
    WWE Tag Team Champions - The New Age Outlaws (Defended successfully against The Uso's at EC)
    WWE United States Champion - Cesaro (Beat Dean Ambrose on Raw, turned face after Jack Swagger attack)
    WWE Intercontinental Champion - Jack Swagger (Beat Big E at Elimination Chamber)
    WWE Diva's Champion - AJ Lee

    NXT Roster
    Adrian Neville
    Aiden English
    Angelo Dawkins
    Baron Corbin
    Bo Dallas
    CJ Parker
    Colin Cassady
    Corey Graves
    Danny Burch
    Devin Taylor
    Enzo Amore
    Jason Jordan
    Judas Devlin
    Leo Kruger (Soon to be Adam Rose)
    Mason Ryan
    Mickey Keegan
    Mojo Rawley
    Oliver Grey
    Sami Zayn
    Sasha Banks
    Sawyer Fulton
    Scott Dawson
    Summer Rae
    Sylvester LeFort
    Travis Tyler
    Troy McClain
    Tyler Breeze

    NXT Champions
    NXT Champion - Bo Dallas (Defended successfully against Adrian Neville at NXT Arrival)
    NXT Woman's Champion - Bayley (Defeated Paige the week after Emma failed to, turned heel)
    NXT Tag Champions - Mason Ryan & Mojo Rawley (Defeated The Ascension on NXT Arrival)
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    Hello Husky Wyatt,

    No need to worry about rushing. I also work around the clock and find it hard to complete my Book This! in time.

    First of all this is nicely laid out. You've made it clear on what will be going down in your Book This! I like the Champions. Elimination Chamber is over and your Champions are pretty strong especially with Daniel Bryan winning the Championship. I look forward to seeing how he won the belt in your Elimination Chamber recap. I also noticed you have an NXT Roster. This is great. NXT is a class A show at the moment with incredible talent. Hopefully you can make Wrestlemania better than what its shaping up to be.

    Good luck with this
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    Wrestlemania 30. News & Show Preview!

    As of today, we have come to terms with the release of the following superstars;

    - Alex Riley, Camacho, Curt Hawkins, Los Matadores & El Torito, Ezekiel Jackson, Hornswoggle, JTG & Yoshi Tatsu.

    We wish all of them the best in their future endeavours. Now, let's get down to business! Very soon, we will be going into the greatest show of all time, Wrestlemania 30! This is going to be the biggest and greatest show that you have ever seen and that, is guaranteed!"

    First of all, let's take a look at the matches that we have already in existence. After defeating five other men in the Elimination Chamber, Daniel Bryan managed to win the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, much to the surprise of everyone! He will move into Wrestlemania to take on the winner of the Royal Rumble, Batista! But not only that, joining them to make a triple threat, the man who decided to use his rematch at Wrestlemania... Randy Orton!

    Next, after returning to Raw the night after Elimination Chamber, The Undertaker made it clear that he wanted a Wrestlemania match. Following a John Cena promo where he stated that he needed "competition", The Undertaker made his way to the ring and challenged John Cena to the biggest match of his life, a Streak match. Cena accepted and the two men showed respect to each other as Undertaker held out a hand to Cena and the two men shook. Taker has hinted that no matter of the outcome from this match, that "The Deadman may bow out for good.

    After a shocking win against The Shield, The Wyatt family are looking stronger...and a lot more evil than usual. They've been attempting to take over the WWE now, taking out superstars. A brutal attack on Triple H the night after Elimination Chamber led to him being forced to rest up for a few weeks, but now the man himself has put together a team, including himself and the New Age Outlaws. After The Outlaws lost the WWE Tag Titles, they woke up & saw the trouble HHH was in, offering their assistance. This match could mean the gradual take down of the WWE, or the good guys finally overpowering the evil that wants to rule.

    The team that lost to The Wyatt's at the Chamber, The Shield, have never been the same since the PPV. Cracks were showing and growing ever wider from the night after their loss and now...it's combustion time. After Dean Ambrose pushed his weight around too much, Reigns and Rollins were his distraction to Cesaro winning the US Title. Ambrose was furious, but used his cunning to start the hate flowing between Reigns & Rollins. Now, all three men want to prove that they are the reason that The Shield have been so successful in what they've done. Which one will finally come out on top though?

    Cesaro may have become the United States Champion thanks to a distraction, but he has by no means taken that to his advantage. Jack Swagger, the Intercontinental Champion suddenly switched and turned on Cesaro, announcing that he was the "better & bigger" Champion. Cesaro dealt with the beatdown calmly, eventually challenging Swagger to a match at Wrestlemania, for both Championships. The winner will become Unified Champion, but there's one more man in this match. The man who is the "Real American"...Hulk Hogan. Hogan returned to Raw the night after Elimination Chamber & announced himself as the WM Guest Host. However, once the "Real Americans" themselves split, Hogan couldn't help but request that he was the Special Guest Referee for this one. So, with Hogan in the middle and a title on each side, who will become the Unified Champ?

    AJ Lee ran through the competition month after month, then on the Raw's after Elimination Chamber, week after week. She had seemingly beaten all competition, more than once until a new arrival appeared...The former NXT Women's Champion, Paige debuted on Raw. Paige, the "Anti-Diva", told AJ how she may have finally met her match and that this nonsense of skipping around, acting all pretty would be over. Stephanie McMahon told Paige that at Wrestlemania, she could attempt to prove it to AJ, if she could beat her for the Diva's Championship! On Monday Night Raw, Paige said that if she was to defeat AJ at Wrestlemania, the Diva's Division would be no more and we would return to the Women's Division, because pretty isn't popular.

    Up next is the Tag Team Title bout. The Uso's defeated New Age Outlaws at Elimination Chamber, winning the Tag Titles for the first time. While The Uso's were celebrating, two men were constantly whining about how they weren't being used properly on TV. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, who had were getting limited TV time, as well as countless losses finally gave in, forming a tag team four weeks ago. They constantly interfered with The Uso's matches, demanding a title match. On Friday Night Smackdown, just two days before Mania, Booker T announced that The Miz and Ziggler would get their shot against The Uso's at Wrestlemania.

    Finally, the last announced match is a personal one. After losing their tag titles and then not even getting a match at Elimination Chamber, Goldust and Cody Rhodes split, after a mutual agreement. But Cody, talking about moving up to the main event now he's a singles star left some jealousy in his brother who decided to take matters into his own hands. When Rhodes had a match against John Cena on Raw and lost, Goldust came out post-match to point out to Cody that he had failed in his main event quest, then left him lying after picking him up & hitting the Final Cut. Goldust said that if Cody needed the main event, he'd have to go through him, so challenged him to a Mania match, which he accepted.

    This left us with a card looking like this;

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match - Daniel Bryan (c) vs Randy Orton vs Batista
    Streak Match - John Cena vs The Undertaker
    The Wyatt Family vs HHH & The New Age Outlaws
    Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
    IC/US Title Unification Match - Cesaro (c) vs Jack Swagger (c) - Guest Ref: Hulk Hogan
    Diva's Championship Match - AJ Lee (c) vs Paige
    Tag Team Championship Match - The Uso's (c) vs The Awesome Show-Offs
    Goldust vs Cody Rhodes

    However, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH! As it is Wrestlemania 30, we are going to make this HUGE! We're going to add two more huge matches, last minute to the card! First off all, we're bringing back an old WWE Championship. The Cruiserweight Championship is coming back to the WWE! This match will be a 6-Man elimination match, not only featuring WWE Superstars, but NXT Superstars too! 3 WWE Stars will get into the ring with 3 upcoming NXT Superstars to battle it out for the returning Cruiserweight Title. Here's the lineup for that match;

    Christian vs Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara vs Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze

    For the NXT guys, we're not going to just give those 3 a chance, as we're bringing back something else for Wrestlemania 30... THE MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH! 10 Men, a mixture of WWE & NXT Stars will all get the chance to win a Briefcase that will allow them to take a shot at the WWEWHC anytime they would like in the next year! Here are the name of the stars that will be competing for the briefcase;

    Titus O'Neil vs Ryback vs Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs Santino Marella vs Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio vs Big E vs Leo Kruger vs Mojo Rawley

    So, these two matches will be added onto the Wrestlemania card, giving us a huge 10 matches!
    Make sure to tune in on Sunday for what will be without a doubt, the biggest show in WWE history!
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    What ryder123 said, agree completely. Hope you can make this a successful show, interesting to see you post the NXT roster too. Understand the decisions to cut certain guys - would have kept El Turito and the Matadores a bit longer though - and some interesting WM matches, solid if not spectacular.


    Bryan to retain
    Cena to end Streak
    Wyatts to win
    Ambrose to pin Reigns
    Cesaro to unify
    AJ to retain
    Usos retain
    Cody Rhodes beats Goldy
    Sami Zayn Cruiserweight Champion
    Big E MITB

    Good luck man. Don't listen to the tools that post (i.e. Cho ... Nah, I'll not bother) and listen to any advice and feedback you get. GCB
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    WWE is bigger but if they kept 2 belts, they needed to keep the draft. The WWE has a chance for one of the most memorable WM's ever ! Even if Bryan is screwed out of the belt at the next couple of Pay-per-views, they have a chance to gain customers and a storyline worth following. If it was written in his contract, I see an angle of making Batista a Authority ran stooge, with Orton going against the Authority, possibly helping Bryan after he feels screwed by them at WM....they need to be building several guys during this same time such as Reigns, Ziggler, Cesaro, & others. Maybe they will see this, time will tell. I also i am so excited to watch Wrestlemania 30 live online on my WWE Network

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