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    Post in here until Monday, January 8 for a chance to make the main page.

    Today’s Topic: Do you want to see Undertaker wrestle again?

    We’re almost to Wrestlemania season and no matter what else is going on, that means we’re going to be hearing about the possibility of Undertaker returning to the ring. Last year’s show saw him seemingly retire as he took off his gear and left it in the ring but you can never escape the questions about him.

    There have been rumors of Undertaker returning to the ring, possibly for a match against John Cena or some to be named opponent. While nothing has been confirmed yet, there’s always the chance that it might happen. Do you want to see it happen? Should it happen? Let us know what you think and see if your answer is added to the Streak of answers on the main page.

    One more thing: the best post of the bunch will receive a special prize. You can get more information about it here:

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    I love Taker, he's been one of my favorites since I was all of 10 years old; I liked him even during the times he's been in such awful programs with the likes of Kamala, King Kong Bundy and Giant Gonzales.

    However, Taker will be 53 years old by the time WrestleMania comes around and it's gotten to the point where they're just flogging a dead horse. The streak is gone, he looked like he was retiring after losing to Roman Reigns last year and it's obvious that he's not remotely what he once was inside the ring, thus making for some pretty sub par performances. We always had fun talking/debating whether or not Taker would/should return over the course of the last 7 or 8 years in particular as that seems to be the time when all the wear & tear has caught up with him but beginning with his match against Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX, he's gone beyond downhill from an in-ring standpoint. He's still got the charismatic presence and people still love and respect the hell out of him, but it's gotten to the point where Taker is like we saw with Ric Flair during his few times wrestling in TNA: he's lost so much that you almost feel embarrassed to be watching.

    As I mentioned, the streak has ended and that's probably when Taker should've hung it up. If it was going to end, I'd have much preferred it be someone who actually gained something from doing it, but that's neither here nor there. Taker can't really get it done in the ring anymore and the only reason he'd really have to return would be for the sake of nostalgia and while I can't speak for everyone else, I'm pretty damn tired of seeing WrestleMania turned into a convention of part timers and special attractions. I've said this in other threads regarding the landscape of WrestleMania for this year and the way it looking right now is that we're all but guaranteed to have have matches for Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Kurt Angle, John Cena and Shane McMahon. Taker's match, if he returns, maybe against Cena and it may not and if it's not, there's a 6th match for the card featuring a part timer. I've also read reports/rumors that Batista is interested in a return and if that was to happen sometime over the next few months, there'd be match #7. Finally, we've all read the reports that Ronda Rousey looks like she might be heading to WWE and whether it's just her or her with the other Four Horsewomen of MMA in a match against wrestling's Four Horsewomen, there'd be match #8 headlined by a part timer/special attraction.

    At any rate, I think there's a better than average shot that half of this year's WrestleMania card, at the very least, will contain matches featuring part timers. So that should be 5, maybe 6 matches, that will probably garner most of the TV time and attention as Vince has relied far more on nostalgia for years than he has on sustained build for new or fresher talent to headline the biggest show of the year.

    I just think it's time for Taker to hang it up. He's got nothing left to prove and he just can't deliver competitive, entertaining matches anymore.
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    I want a lot of things out of this world, one of the biggest things that I want is to see an eventual Undertaker vs Sting encounter at WrestleMania.

    Seeing Undertaker vs Sting at WrestleMania is literally on my bucket list. It's something that, if I saw it happen, I would feel like I've seen the one thing in this world that I was meant to see in my lifetime. This is something that's been talked about since 1997 (maybe earlier), and I've been anxiously anticipating the occurrence ever since then.

    Hell, Terry Funk was wrecking his opponents with his impossible level of resilience long past all of his many "retirement" matches. Whether or not Undertaker can give the crowd their money's worth in a match against Cena, or whoever, seems like a matter of how passionate he is about the encounter. I wish that there was more build, rather than a potential surprise appearance. Like have Undertaker's eventual opponent show pictures and video that attempt to dispel the mystique and display Undertaker as a shell of his former self, only to have freaky things like lights dimming and mist to rattle the nerves his opponent.

    There was similar talk regarding the significance of the Undertaker character after he was buried alive by Kane. By that point, the crowd seemed tired of his American Badass gimmick, and I personally was "meh" about what would happen if he returned in either incarnation. Then at the Royal Rumble, Kane was awaiting the next entrant, and.... the lights went out, and the gong hit. The crowd erupted, and they were echoing my sentiment.

    The character has so much power over our imaginations that a return in any capacity would be epic. I want to see The Undertaker compete again at WrestleMania, but I need to see The Undertaker compete against Sting at WrestleMania.
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  4. Pika

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    It's a much different discussion now than it ever has been and as each year and another Wrestlemania passes by it becomes both a darker and deeper conversation. Time really does stop for no one and because of that a man who has transcended pro-wrestling and to a degree pop culture is becoming increasingly humanized in people's eyes. This definitely doesn't hinder his ability to draw their sight wherever he pops up, but for the first time in arguably the most storied career of any pro-wrestler, the vision of him has changed. We are all aware of the power he has to increase business and at this point in pro-wrestling nostalgia can outsell new blood. We have just long surpassed the point where fan service, business, or even being entertained is all we worry about in regards to the living legend.

    With Undertaker's status being held in such a high regard even mentioning this leads to instantaneous controversy and bipolar fan reactions. On one hand, it's both reasonable and logical to assume the closing moments of WrestleMania 33 to be the burial of the character and surfacing of the man behind it. The only issue is that in comparison to a majority of his career and body of work this may not have been the send-off people thought he wanted or deserved. It's not too hard to see why if we look at the lackluster run Undertaker has had on what may already be the final chapter in a beyond legendary legacy. After Lesnar had conquered the streak in one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history the very existence of Undertakers current representation in wrestling was put into immediate question.

    The once in forever accomplishment of The Streak was now not only taken away but the enigmatic presence and iconic feeling that made him a legend, to begin with, were as well. So does he retire or do they get innovative and find an incredible way do we bring him back to prominence? We never got either one. He was the victim of speculation and the many cryptic promos of Bray Wyatt for just a few weeks. Then him accepting the match at Wrestlemania without even being there was the literal climax of the build. This, of course, leads to an okay to good match feeling a bit uninspired and providing nothing but negative attention to both men in the ring. After this goes nowhere afterward we get a beyond convoluted revenge feud with Lesnar, Teaming with Kane once and burying the entire Wyatt family, and a Royal Rumble appearance time that was shorter than a lot of jobbers. Bad thing after bad thing eventually culminating in Roman Reigns of all people rather than an Edge, CM Punk, Michaels, or even HHH "retiring" him has caused a large portion of the WWE fanbase disappointment.

    In my eyes, the damage has been done and I do acknowledge that there were attempts to fix it. Just with so much on the plate in WWE right now it's hard to picture them willing to invest in what may well be another mistake in the career one of their most iconic stars. People will always remember him fondly and in reality, Undertaker even wrestling beyond what could have been a reasonable retirement 2 decades at this point has always been fan service. He didn't only give us his talent and time, but a majority of his life and career to entertain us and while nostalgia sales some things just don't have a price. No one knows what is really going on with his personal health outside of him and his close loved ones, but there is absolutely no way he performed at the high level he did for over 2 decades and walked away without some important issues. I'd love to see an Aj Styles versus Undertaker or John Cena versus Undertaker match if it's announced, but the more you think about the current reality of those two matches the desire dies.

    In the case of Undertaker, it is definitely better for his goodbye to mean goodbye. We will think of him positively whether he does or does not wrestle again and that will not change unless hell freezes over. The fanservice and nostalgia both have overstayed their welcome and we've hit a point where age prevents a resurface of a revolutionized character. He did all he ever needed to do and has been putting smiles on pro-wrestling fan's faces since before a lot of the newer WWE and wrestling audience was born. When there is nothing left to do and after decades you are still the guy that main events the biggest show in the entire pro-wrestling world it's time to hang up the boots. It is admirable for him to continue to work well past his prime and never give up on the company that made him who he is. Due to his attitude and dedication, he has been immortalized in not only memory and mind, but in all of our hearts. Now it's time for him to take some time off and attempt to have all of this in the back of his rather than in the front.
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    Nope. How's that song go? "Let It Go"? Just like the new Star Wars, it's a new era. With new faces. While it's nice to have the old one's around, it's time to let go of the past and instead of depending of it, learning from it to create something new. In other words, focus on new stars. Give them a spectacular build. Give them the chance to shine. Instead of constantly going to the well for a man who gets injured the one time he wrestles every year. He's done more than enough for us.
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  6. Alex

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    The irony is the ending to Undertaker's match with Roman Reigns was perfect. He put over someone WWE want to build up so badly. Reigns used the 'I beat Undertaker' card to good effect whether you like it or not and Undertaker probably did the most Undertaker thing he could do for a retirement, he left his gear in the ring. To bring him back would take away so much. It would be reminiscent of Ric Flair's Wrestlemania match with Shawn Michaels and subsequent retirement only for him to wrestle in TNA.

    Undertaker isn't what he was. Time and injuries have caught up with him and he just can't put on the spectacles that he once could no matter how much time off he has.

    If WWE had consistently built up some good new stars over the past few years (they lucked out with Daniel Bryan, but he got injured) then they wouldn't be in the position where they're scrambling to build up new stars and doing so incompetently that they have to ask a middle aged man who's done more than enough for the business to give more (as well as his co workers from 15 years ago)
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  7. Барбоса

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    Quite simply: no.

    For all I love the Undertaker as a gimmick and for many, many of his matches, his body is clearly not up to it any more, particularly for the kind of matches that his reputation and stature came to demand at his annual outing at Wrestlemania. The main event at Wrestlemania 33 descending into levels of almost farce was certainly not the fault of Roman Reigns.

    Mark Calaway then shedding the skin of the Deadman, acknowledging his wife in the crowd and then walking off into the sunset just ended it all perfectly, although I would have no problem with the Undertaker doing a few Hulk Hogan 'save the day' appearances from time to time, but my head tells me that that is not necessarily something that Mark Calaway wants to do.

    That said, that does not mean that I think that the Undertaker is definitely done. He should be, but 'never say never' was a phrase almost purpose-made for the wrestling business and in particular for the business mind of Vince McMahon.
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  8. hatehabsforever

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    During his illustrious WWE career, no one was a bigger mark for the Undertaker than I was. While many people began to find his gimmick old and tired after a while, I continued to love the Deadman (and to a far lesser degree, the American Badass schtick as well). Personally, as much as I feel all records are meant to be broken, I never believed that the Streak should have ended. I especially didn’t think it should have fallen to a part timer who didn’t need the push or the rub that it would provide him. And I didn’t think he should have then lost a second time on the grandest stage of them all, albeit it this time to a newer generation guy who could benefit from the prestige of defeating the legend and laying claiming to ownership of his yard.

    Having said all of this, Father Time catches up with all of us. Everyone reaches the end of the road at some point in their career. No one is a bigger Boston Bruins fan than I am, but I don’t want to see Cam Neely or Bobby Orr lace up their skates again. Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, all legends who reached the point in their careers when it was time to call it a day and a career. And I think the Deadman’s time has come as well.

    As I said above, I don’t think he should have lost to either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. But I do think his final match should have been a loss to someone who WWE has pegged to be their next superstar. Whether or not that will be or should be Reigns is another discussion for another day. But it did happen (even if it was in the wrong place and time). And he received the type of send off with the appropriate symbolism to show that the end had finally arrived. Don’t ruin it by trying to continue something which has been wrapped up so nicely.

    What’s left for Calloway to accomplish? The streak is over. He shouldn’t be seen as a plausible opponent for the newer generation of superstars. He’s a shadow of himself physically, and his allure has begun to fade. At this point, too much risk to his legacy with too little potential reward.

    Make the man, the myth, the legend a WWE Hall of Fame headliner, hopefully this year’s Wrestlemania. Give him the send off that he deserves, not in the ring, but the night before. Heck, why not induct his real life wife and in ring “brother”while you are at it. Bring him into the Hall of Fame ceremony, in character, and then have him come out of character for the actual ceremony himself. And give him one last in ring segment the next night at Wrestlemania, not in a match, but in a farewell segment for the character.

    So no, as much as it saddens me to say it, I do not want to see the Undertaker wrestle again.
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  9. Spidercanrana

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    I realize many here feel the ending to Undertaker's last match was picturesque and perfect, but I disagree. From a narrative standpoint, it was like getting to the end of a Stephen King novel to find out you were reading John Green the whole time. Fans expect spectacle with Taker, because Taker is a spectacle. This is a character that, for almost their entire career, was synonymous with hearses, druids, the whole Dark Western thing. For him to take a few articles of clothing off and kiss his wife...it felt too pedestrian. Like this is something I'd expect John Cena to do, or AJ Styles. Characters grounded in reality. Not an exit from the same guy who tried to sacrifice Stephanie McMahon. For Undertaker to do it, it was like watching Dracula remove his fangs and drop his cape. Not exactly Christmas.

    I get that for several this was the best ending they could do, because something something Undertaker never broke character ever. That of course is a lie, he's done so a lot of times. Whether he was called Mark Callaway repeatedly in the late 90s, or as the biker who's then-wife got involved in storylines, or even the time he played dress-up as Dirty Harry for a Wrestlemania 21 vignette...Taker's had several instances where he wasn't the posterboy of kayfabe. There is really nothing holding him back from a return, as the ending of the last Wrestlemania was as close to a questionable ending as one could get.

    John Cena could carry him to a decent bout. Undertaker has name recognition and will still sell tickets. He has nothing left to prove, and it probably won't be a barn burner, but if a 50 year old Kane can still go at it in the ring, then I don't see why a 52 year old Taker couldn't if he took care of himself prior to his match. I still recall how everybody thought Taker was done when his matches with Mark Henry, Batista, and Edge weren't memorable. Then he turned around and had two classics with Shawn Michaels, so I'm not ready to give up on him just yet.

    Call me too optimistic but I feel comfortable with one more Taker fight if it meant having a good worker in John Cena and a more Undertaker-y ending.
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  10. George Steele's Barber

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    You ever see that actress that has had too much plastic surgery and you feel bad? You don't immediately feel bad for her, you feel bad for yourself. Something or someone you once appreciated is no longer themselves and you are now presented with something or someone lesser. It's a selfish and material feeling but it is real and normal. That feeling can sometime turn in to sympathy or shame for the actress. Your mind goes to either a place where you think "damn the societal pressures of the entertainment industry" or "what the hell were her and her doctor thinking?"

    There's nothing shameful about aging. We spend a big portion of our youth wanting to be older. Right now I am at a point with the Undertaker where I want him to embrace his age and become something else. The same went for Hogan when he came back to be the "$9.99" guy. The character has to grow up because the men who play them are mortal. Hogan has just been sad to watch age yet keep the tan, the hair, and clothes. I get it, it is what he is known for and theoretically what pays the bills but to me it is sad.

    That is where I am with the Undertaker. He's tarnishing something that was supposed to be otherworldly. It has just become sad for me. I don't mind that he still wrestler but he's not the guy he was 20 years ago or 5 years ago. If he is going to wrestle, he should just be the man, not the character. Mark Callaway can be slower and weaker but it doesn't feel right for the Undertaker.

    And maybe that's where we are for this character. Maybe he really did hang up the character by leaving his gear in the ring and maybe he will show up as a 53 year old man at Raw 25. I think I'd prefer that over the Undertaker squeezing in to his tights, throwing on an oversized hat and jackets and pretending to be something his isn't any longer.
  11. SmarkApologist

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    My heart says yes , Taker was one of my idols growing up. I was so fascinated by his character, he was truly larger than life . However every year he seems to look weaker and weaker which is sad to see. Taker owes us and the company nothing. A HOF induction will do.
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  12. Dagger Dias

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    Honestly, no. At this point it serves no purpose for The Undertaker to wrestle again. Ever since his Wrestlemania Undefeated Streak ended, his matches have taken a huge decline in quality. When comparing Wrestlemania 29 to Wrestlemania 30 there was a very noticeable difference in what Undertaker was able to do in the ring. The Lesnar feud in its entirety was awful, including the terrible match Lesnar had against Undertaker at Summerslam in 2015. Only their final match at Hell In A Cell 2015 was worth watching. The entire thing was a humongous waste of time. I said it when Lesnar ended The Streak and I still stand by my same statement. Lesnar was the absolute worst option to end The Streak. He didn't need it. He would be believable in a heel monster role no matter what he does. This is the only reason Undertaker wrestling again after the end of The Streak is justified. The WWE made a mistake. Had someone who benefited from ending The Streak been the one to end it, then that would have been the perfect time to end Undertaker's career. Unfortunately as we all know, that did not happen.

    That brings us to the other three matches that The Undertaker has had at the biggest show of the year after his Streak ended. Could Bray have been better off ending it? Maybe 3 years ago at Wrestlemania 31, but Bray hasn't exactly had the best run on the main roster though. That's a whole other topic. The Shane match had a cool spot with Shane diving off the cell, but otherwise sucked. Then we have Roman Reigns last year. As much as many fans including myself have shown their dislike for Reigns' push, at least he benefits from being the only one other than Lesnar to defeat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. After the match The Undertaker took off his gear and walked away. I agree with those who have stated that this was a good ending. Why should he wrestle again when he has nothing to prove? We have to keep in mind that Mark Calaway is a human being. The very obvious lack of being able to go in the ring anymore is there. No matter how much fans want to ignore it. For the sake of his real life health, I do not think he should wrestle again. If he thinks he can go and is cleared, that is fine. There are fans who would cheer for it. Why go through with that when he had such a good ending last year? It's a no for me.
  13. Navi

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    I would love to see Undertaker again, but not in a wrestling ring. There is no doubt about it but that first gong combined with the smoke is enough to send the crowd into a frenzy. Heel or face fans have loved Undertaker for what seems like ever, but everything good thing has to come to an end.

    Undertaker has entertained us for years, now is the time for others to rise up and take over the reigns and let the guy retire in peace. Once the streak ended I honestly thought that was it, we would never see him again, well until his Hall of Fame speech. The match with Bray Wyatt wasn't one of his best, and last year with Reigns, I was kind of feeling sorry for him that he had to go through it again. Reigns didn't need the rub, Wyatt needed it more but that was not to be.

    No, it's time for fans to as I said earlier let him go. He's done enough for the sport and put together a streak that should never be broken.
  14. Khalifa

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    Spidey hit the nail on the head for me. Last year may have been the perfect ending for some but for me it wasn’t. I still don’t even believe he has retired, I’m expecting this match to happen and I think there was always some hope by WWE that Taker could wrestle one more time, otherwise I don’t know why they left the door open so much. Just come out and say his career is over. That was always my problem with how Taker went out. Kayfabe wise it didn’t make sense for him to get a retirement speech or whatever but like every other legend who has gone before him, his last match should’ve not just indicated it could be his last match. Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Edge, Daniel Bryan and Lita are just some examples of their last match being acknowledged either before or after to let the fans know. I bet WWE is going to say when it’s Big Shows last match is. Sure none of them have gimmicks like the Deadman, but I think the WWE universe would at least like some closure. Plus I would like to see him have one more match because I want to see him go against John Cena one more time.

    Last years match wasn’t pretty, you don’t want to see someone move the way Taker was in the ring. He could barely bend in a chokeslam, but if I’m mistaken he was really banged up and needed a hip replacement among other surgeries. Doctors typically say you won’t be able to run again after a hip replacement, but I think that’s more for the older people. Taker isn’t young but at least he isn’t 60 odd. A lot of people still do physical exercise after a hip replacement and Taker could certainly just do his normal moves which doesn’t require to much fluidity anyways. Takers match doesn’t have to be a 5 star match for me, all he needs to do is hit his punches, maybe a sidewalk slam and a tombstone to end it, I’ll be happy with that. John Cena can carry the rest of the match. Cena has a wide move pool and I think he could make it work with Taker and still make the match enjoyable.

    So a combination of wanting a bit of closure, for him to go up against John Cena even if it is 10 years too late and just being a fan of Taker makes me want to see one more Undertaker match.
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  15. NxtBigThing

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    I definitely want to see Undertaker back only if he is healthy enough to do it. I see the majority of those who disagree say that he shouldn't either because the streak is over and/or he's 53. I don't see why either one of that matters.

    First, just because one story line ends doesn't mean you can't start another. First, when Undertaker lost at last years Wrestle Mania it was his 2nd in 25 Wrestle Manias. Those two loses were against two of the toughest guys, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Who hasn't lost to those two? Also, I saw that Undertaker has 99 PPV victories and why not have him come back to get his 100th PPV victory.

    Second, who cares he is 53. He is an old school wrestler and even though he isn't as good as he once was, he is still a Wrestle Mania attraction and tough as they come. Ric Flair wrestled until 59 and Terry Funk, at age 73, is still wrestling. Undertaker reminds me of a Clint Eastwood or John Wayne character. Both those guys were tough characters no matter what their age was. You can even have an angle where wrestlers and others pleading for him to stop but saying he is going out on his own terms.

    To me last years Wrestle Mania may have been the last we saw of the Dead Man, but would still love to see Undertaker wrestle until he decides to call it quits. We might get more of an American Badass Undertaker, but for his age I think it fits him better. Wrestle Mania was Hulk Hogan's for the first nine and still holds the record for most main events at 7 (technically 8 if you count WM 9 ending), but Undertaker holds the most WM wins and in my opinion will be remembered more when looking back at history.

    I'd rather see the Undertaker wrestle than retire before he is ready. Even though he can't compete like he used to and he is close to twice the age of most current guys he is still a draw. It'll be a sad day when Undertaker is gone and not at Wrestle Mania, but I don't think we've seen the last of him.
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  16. Bernkastel

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    Would I personally like to see Undertaker fight again? Yes. And I'd be willing to bet that the majority of his fans feel the same way. It has been mentioned already, but the match with Reigns at Mania 33 left a bad taste in the mouths of many. Whether it's the feeling that Reigns was undeserving of a win on such a grand stage, or the feeling that Undertaker shouldn't be type of performer to retire on his back, that match just felt so hollow. Perhaps it's also the feeling that there's still so much more that the Undertaker could have given us that we haven't gotten to see: a showdown with Sting, a match with John Cena, a duel with Braun Strowman. All possible. Unless forced due to health reasons, retirements in wrestling are rarely permanent. How many times have Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair "retired?" No one is going to think anything less of Undertaker if he chooses to wrestle one more match.
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