Wrestlemania 33 Swerves, Surprises, and Screwy Finishes

Discussion in 'Wrestlemania XXXIII' started by ComeOnVince, Mar 27, 2017.

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    What shenanigans do you expect at Wrestlemania 33?

    What surprise appearances will there be?

    Are you predicting any screwy finishes or swerves?

    A little fun future fantasy booking ahead of WM33.

    Here's my first thought: The HHH/Rollins "match" will be an unsanctioned street-fight-like match, giving ample opportunity for shenanigans. I fully expect to see Joe get involved (no-brainer), BUT, to balance the scales, I predict Mick Foley will interfere heavily with the mandible claw, maybe some chair shots, etc. to HHH and Joe (no major bumps for Foley, just a run-in and a face pop). I would really prefer to just see HHH/Rollins go at it and Foley to intercept Joe from interfering, but I imagine an all-out circus in a "match" like that.

    Rollins goes over, unless they are extending to SummerSlam for a real wrestling match once Rollins properly heals.
  2. aaronmb

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    Mar 12, 2010
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    Lesnar wins, does an open challenge. Would be cool if Strowman came out, or even Angle.
  3. tomthebodz

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    Lesnar wins in 5-10 minutes. Whilst he's celebrating Angle's music plays, huge pop. He says that he's the Raw GM and that the fans deserve a proper main event. Out comes someone like Balor or Nakamura and they win the title.
  4. Dave

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    There are two that I am almost certain will happen...

    1. Mick Foley comes out to help Sami Zayn win the Battle Royal
    2. Finn Balor return to help out Seth Rollins beat Triple H

    For me, the Balor one is a stuck on certainty. Samoa Joe has nothing to do at Mania and I believe that is because he is going to interfere in the match between Triple H and Rollins. I firmly believe that, after a while, Finn Balor will make his way down the ramp to even the score and to set up a feud with Samoa Joe.

    In terms of Mick Foley, there needs to be something. He left Raw without so much as a whimper and that is all kinds of wrong. Mania needs to be the place where the good guys finally get one over on the bad guys. I reckon that Stephanie will come out to help Raw in the trophy and be helping Braun to win the match. Suddenly, out comes Mick who helps Sami win the whole thing and get right under Steph's skin.

    But in all truth, I am happy enough to see all of the matches on the show comes to a logical and final conclusion. These two scenarios, however, would be ideal for me.
  5. OYDK

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    I can see Naomi making her return to take the Women's strap in her hometown. It wouldn't be the worst thing to happen, but Naomi's nothing special and I'd rather not see her get an extended title run. It would be a relatively cool moment to liven up the crowd though so I wouldn't really complain if it happened. Also people have been predicting Asuka, but that seems highly unlikely.

    As has been mentioned, I think Balor's going to make an appearance but I wouldn't be surprised if they saved that for the next night. At this point, I think it's 50/50 in terms of whether we see him at Mania or not. There will likely be some shenanigans in the HHH/Rollins match with Joe, maybe Foley, maybe even somebody completely out of left field like Shawn Michaels. I think it's safe to say that match will be overbooked to all shit but hopefully it's done in a fun way.

    And for my way out of left field prediction. Hogan returns.
  6. Gallops77

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    If Rollins wasn't "properly healed" he wouldn't be having a match of any sorts at WRESTLEMANIA.

    I think he hobbles down the ramp with the crutch like he has been. Triple H laughs it off. Rollins drops the crutch and shows he's 100%. The unsanctioned/no holds barred atmosphere will help keep him from doing AS MUCH of the high flying stuff he would normally do, but the WWE's doctors wouldn't clear him if he wasn't ready to do everything required in a match.

    Watch the video of his return from his previous knee injury. They wouldn't clear him until he could do a pedigree without pain.

    I think Balor helps even the odds, if not at WM then on RAW the next night.

    Foley helps Zayn win the ATGMBR.

    Lesnar wins in dominating fashion to send Goldberg on his way. Maybe Goldberg hits the spear and jackhammer but Lesnar kicks out and it's off to suplex city.

    I think Taker beats Reigns, but Reigns gives Taker a hell of a fight and they shake hands at the end.

    Naomi wins the Smackdown Women's Championship in her hometown.

    I think Nia Jax wins the Raw Women's Championship after Sasha costs Bayley, by "accident".

    I don't think there will be THAT many swerves at Wrestlemania, unless there is a second Universal Championship match that Lesnar ends up losing.
  7. Jack-Hammer

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    Finn Balor will almost certainly pop up at some point. He's been medically cleared for somewhere around a month now, he's worked some live events, even teamed with Triple H for one of them if I remember correctly so it's all but guaranteed that he'll turn up and it's hard to imagine him simply being part of the ATGMBR when it's on the kickoff show. Balor's been out injured for a while and was the first WWE Universal Champion when he was forced to vacate the title, so it's hard to imagine that he won't have a significant impact on one of the top matches on the card.

    One thing I wouldn't mind seeing happen, though I know that it almost certainly won't, is if Brock Lesnar captures the Universal Championship, which it seems a certainty he will, Goldberg then and there decides that he wants his rematch, saying something that he won't have his son's biggest memory of WrestleMania being seeing his father lying flat on his back. He gets the match and Lesnar wins again, signifying that Goldberg's WWE run is well and truly over. If Lesnar wins, then you still have the automatic rematch bit hanging over everyone's head and I'd just rather see them get it over with so we can get Goldberg outta here. Now he doesn't exactly HAVE to have a rematch as WWE has let the rematch clause thing slide here and there, but this is a really high profile feud for a match, a lame as it's likely to be, for around 5.5 months so Goldberg getting and losing his championship rematch on the same night would be a strong indicator that his WWE run has come to an end. Of course, that's also just a little fantasy booking scenario as I just flat out can't stand Goldberg and I only tolerate Lesnar slightly more. Of course, if some sort of swerve took place in which neither man walked out as champion due to someone beating Lesnar after Lesnar beat Goldberg, it'd be kinda sweet even if it turned out to be Roman Reigns. Lesnar and Goldberg are the epitome of the shitty part timer because one can't wrestle, one guy could at one time but is now a lazy fuck doing the bare minimum and are only there for a big paycheck that, in my opinion, they're not worth based on what they bring to the table.

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