Wrestlemania 32 - Brock Lesnar VS Dean Ambrose (Street Fight)

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Dave, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I was honestly surprised at the amount of offense Ambrose got in on Lesnar by the end of it. For a decent period there, Ambrose was actually kicking Brock's ass pretty good, which I think really showcased him as a dangerous no-holds barred competitor. Still, I wasn't fooling myself into thinking that Ambrose had a real shot here and low and behold, Lesnar ended up handling him in pretty quick fashion. It would have been nice to see Ambrose at least kick out of one F-5 considering Reigns kicked out of like, 4 last year, but I can't complain about what we were given considering the brevity of the match.

    I'll reserve judgment until I see where Ambrose goes from here. A win would have catapulted him to the main event but a hard-fought loss can still do a lot for him if WWE chooses to keep booking him strong. I've come to not expect 30 minutes from Brock anymore. Most of his matches are pretty short nowadays.

    The worst thing that can happen for Ambrose is being Wyatt-booked. WWE can't just launch Dean into his next feud without some sort of transition from his loss. In other words, don't just act like the match never happened because you're too lazy to think about character depth.
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    This match wasn't bad but it was definitely too short and I thought Ambrose lost a little too easy here. Yeah he took a beating, yeah he hung in there "for a little bit at least" but at no point was Lesnar in danger in this match, everything Ambrose did to him he just kind of shrugged off and kept the beating going. I think it would've been more effective with another 5-10 minutes, having Ambrose survive a bit longer and also having him put Lesnar in jeopardy.

    I'm never going to bitch about Lesnar destroying guys but I felt this match didn't do much for Ambrose or at least not nearly as much as it should've.

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    Most disappointing match on the card. Went exactly as expected but didn't seem overly violent. These 2 could have done better. It also ran too short and ended with a big blah instead of an OMG moment, which is a shame.
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    This is the most forgettable match on the card. Weeks hearing about Ambrose' resilience. Loses in like 15 minutes after a less than brutal beating. Come on WWE, if you're going to cut time, the 30 minute HIAC or 27 minute main event is where you do that! Doesn't help that Lesnar's style of matches are among the most boring to watch anyway.

    Ambrose just didn't get enough offense in there - at any point, did anyone believe Lesnar was going to lose here? They need start building someone to go against him soon.

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