Women's Tag Division

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    First, I know this idea isn't for everyone. But if this is something you're interested in and ignoring the brand split.

    In the WWE who would you team up? Figure people from the main roster and NXT. Given that there's not a huge roster of women feel free to add indie workers into the mix.

    Given WWE booking it would be realistic to think you could get away with having about 6 teams and maybe they'd have some jobber teams show up every once in a while.

    Who could benefit from a tag division?

    What major feud would you run?

    I'd pair Tamina and Nia Jax and have them run rampant in the division. That would definitely enhance Tamina's career and protect Nia should they want to push her as a singles star later on.

    Should Paige keep her job I'd team her with Emma. That could revitalize Paige's career and help Emma showcase her ability without being a jobber.

    I'd team Natalya up with someone like Dana Brooke. Dana could learn from Natalya. Although they probably wouldn't do a whole lot in the division they would make a babyface team chasing the titles picking up some wins along the way.

    I'm not sure how I would fill out the rest of the roster. I know there's supposed to be some decent talent in NXT but I haven't watched NXT in a long time.

    I'd have Brie Bella and Nikki join up and be a surprise at Wrestlemania taking the titles off of Nia and Tamina and give the Bellas a run with the titles before having one or both of them retire.

    They'd have the titles for a good three or four months and then drop them to someone who could use a push or they would return the favor to Nia and Tamina.

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