Why were the Wyatt's a part of the One VS All Match Last Week?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by kwig2121, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Everyone else was used by Vince Mcmahon last week vs Roman Reigns. Scrubs like Cody, Ascension, Breeze, and main roster guys like Sheamus, Del Rio, and the New Day, with Owens.

    But the Wyatts were there, Brock hits the ring and we see nothing else of them.

    Could we be heading for the Wyatt Family vs Brock Lesnar? I could see tonight on the highlight reel, the Wyatt's making a move on Brock.

    This could set up Brock being eliminated by the Wyatts or one of them at the Rumble and take him into a two month feud to by his time leading up to Wrestlemania.

    Though I would prefer Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar II, I'm sure Triple H will win the rumble and that will be the Wrestlemania match Reigns vs Triple H.

    I think Brock gets a match with Sheamus as Vince likes big guys, and maybe Undertaker vs Fight Owens Fight.

    Main point though, what do you think of Wyatts vs Lesnar? Let's hear from you
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  2. AegonTargaryen

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    I'm not a fan of Bray Wyatt or the Wyatt family overall.

    Some of Brock Lesnar's least exciting matches/opponents have been against Mark Henry and The Big Show. I'm certain Bray Wyatt would be no exception, as I don't really see much chemistry between the two, and Bray being any credible against Brock. And Lesnar himself can't do much but suplex his fat carcass around like he did with the Big Show, and then an F5, and then..your winner..Brock Lesnar.

    Even adding the other 3 overgrown Wyatt family members wouldn't make it compelling, IMO.

    The best/most exciting feuds/matches we are liable to get from Brock would be against KO (Fight Owens Fight!), Randy Orton, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns either. But Bray Wyatt..just no.
  3. J.J.

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    Brock is a special attraction. I only see him going against main eventers or legitimate legends. Unless Bray is about to get a big push I do not see him going against Brock Lesnar and feel it was just scripted for New Day to mainly take the Beast's beating - which I am sure they'll address tonight.
  4. gravedigger

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    I felt there was a real missed opportunity during this segment. I had no issue with the Wyatt Family deciding not to participate in the beat down or to up and leave rather than getting involved - it demonstrated that Bray Wyatt has his issues with Roman but isn't controlled by Vince McMahon and him and his family do what Bray wants to do. However, did they have to leave so quietly off camera?

    Whether Bray Wyatt is in line to feud with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania or not, the Wyatt family are a real force heading into the upcoming pay per view, the Royal Rumble, and Brock Lesnar too has to be considered a strong favourite. Therefore, a clash between Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt Family at the Royal Rumble is an exciting prospect.

    So why didn't Brock come down and do his thing, exactly as he did, but instead of Bray and his family leaving, just stay where they were and watch. Have Bray observe this strong threat to him succeeding at the Rumble and then have a camera shot of Brock staring down the Wyatt Family after F5ing Reigns, who then stare back while Bray laughs before he signals to his family to leave through the on edge crowd.

    There might not be any pay off other than a confrontation at the Rumble where the Wyatts have cleaned house and are awaiting the next entrant, who turns out to be Brock Lesnar. But I feel it's the multiple mini stories and prospective clashes that always create the best Rumbles.
  5. JoeMallard

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    Jun 22, 2012
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    I believe it was more an act of defiance against the McMahon's. All the other men went into the ring to attack Reigns on Vince and Stephanie's command, except the Wyatts.
  6. BenChillin

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    After Raw this week I feel it's a lock.

    I also feel Triple H coming out at number 30 is a lock. Final four are H, Jericho, Brock and Roman.

    I don't know how I feel about this Brock vs Bray thing though. Easy build to mania having Brock suplex all of them. Maybe Take on Strowman at Fast Lane. But man, another loss for Bray on the big stage. Damn.
  7. Vanilla Midget

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    I'm fine with it, but I'm not certain it's the best way to go, unless it's time to put Wyatt over. The real question shouldn't be, will Brock vs Wyatt work? The real question, is how far do they plan on pushing Wyatt, and when do they plan to start?

    Totally defeated at WrestleMania is the kind of anti-Streak that places doubt in the minds of fans. Is this Bray Wyatt going to be a draw? And if he is, is continued mounting losses the way to get there? He's got the Family, but would we rather want to see him be a legit threat?

    Brock has to face someone this year at WrestleMania. The point that Brock is a special attraction, therefore he must face other special attractions, is valid. There's only one problem, they're running out of special attractions. Cena, Undertaker, and Triple H have been done, lots. Sheamus has no momentum, and Orton is hurt. Short of anyone coming out of retirement, who else is left.

    WWE needs to make new stars. That was the point of Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 and ending The Streak. It wasn't to put Brock over, it wasn't a feather in the cap. It was a move to transfer the lustre of The Streak onto Brock, set Brock on a path to run roughshod over WWE, so that one day Brock Lesnar will lose.

    The person that beats Brock will not be booed out of the building, like any up and coming star would have been while beating Taker. They will be become a made man.

    This Lesnar can't be beat thing has to stop, and we seem to be at a point where that makes the most sense. They're out of other special attraction level opponents for him to face, and they need to make new stars. Had Brock not signed a new contract last year, he would have been done, and I have no doubt in my mind that Rollins or Reigns would have pinned Lesnar clean at Mania 31.

    But Brock didn't leave, so the need to have him pinned continues, and whoever pins him needs to be somebody. Is it Wyatt? I'm not sure. A big part of me would rather see Owens or even Reigns be the one, but that seems uncertain. Wyatt should win, and Brock is overdue for a loss. Whatever happens, it's scripted and it's entertainment, so legit and believable are far from a willful suspension of disbelief.
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  8. Mustang Sally

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    It presents the same problem as indicated in another thread launched yesterday; if a program is started featuring Brock Lesnar against four huge guys, Brock presumably has to wind up knocking off all four....and winning. That's fine for Brock, but what does it do to his competition?

    WWE has made a total commitment to selling us Brock Lesnar as an indestructible warrior......yet, at the same time working hard to present the Wyatt family as a deadly force. The country cousins have looked fearsome lately, having decimated the Dudley Boys in sanctioned matches....and knocking off everyone else they target with sneak attacks.

    If the four of 'em are taken down by Brock all by his lonesome, the Wyatts lose the rep that has been carefully built for them...........and, what for? We already know Brock is Godzilla.......does every-damn-one have to take second place to him?

    Presumably, if they're going to start this war, the Wyatts' leave Brock lying a few times, followed by the glorious night when Brock single-handedly knocks the shit out of all of 'em at once.

    Big whoop.
  9. ShinChan

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    I was too shocked at them appearing in "One VS All" match against Roman Reigns. Even they entered the arena with a normal entrance just like others.

    I was happy to see no interaction between Wyatts & Lesnar which culminated into Wyatts destroying Brock today. Lesnar shouldnot handle Wyatts like he did with Legacy Of Nations. Numbers game and that too 4 monsters should work against him. :blush:

  10. Heartbreak_Kid_707

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    Brocks WM opponent? Got 7 Words for ya..

  11. J.J.

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    Jun 20, 2011
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    You crack me up, that's actually 8 words. lol

    I wouldn't be opposed to a 2002 rematch and that match sells itself and would be much bigger than Cena/Rock or Rock/Triple H. But unfortunately I do not see The Rock in a match at WM this year - and if he is I just don't think it would be against Brock. It would be a hell of a way to attempt to sellout a 100,000 seat stadium. But a match like that would have to start it's buildup no later than RR. Given both of them being part-time performers, one with limited dates and one with a busy schedule itself I see the kayfabe buildup stale.

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