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    So I'm sure as a child everyone was asked what superpower they'd like to have or what superhero they would like to become, right? Well, I'm going to help take you back to those days today!

    So basically my question is what would you or who would you become if you were given the chance to step into the WWE ring. You make your own gimmick, be a crazy brawler, drunk, zombie or hell become the general manager if you want that. Just think about a character who you'd really want to be and say you had the creative control to make sure that the character went just the way you dreamed it would.

    I'd be the leader of a Shield like group. It would be obvious that I was the leader of the group so none of that we are all equal stuff. My two partners in crime would be Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode.

    The point of the group would not be that we help a certain person out. The aim we'd have in mind is what many before us did: Titles and Money.

    The group would neither be a heel group nor a face group. We'd pick our spots and prey upon those who would get us more attention, more fame and more money. I would hold the WWE Championship while Baron got the US and Roode got the IC or the World Heavyweight Championship.

    The reason I picked Roode and Corbin as my two partners is really simple. Every group needs the talker/leader (me) the muscle (Corbin) and the guy who people think might be better off without the group (Roode).

    After one group would break apart (I'd run with a group for two or three years at most) and then let them go and recruit new people to keep my self fresh for new matches and new money opportunities.

    I know the idea is a little weird but its just something that I just thought would be cool. Theres probably a lot of flaws in my idea but thats just because I thought of everything as I was typing it up. So now its your turn. Who or What would you like to become?
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    I'd want to be an on-screen authority figure. I'd be a total heel. No one, of course, can ever top Vince.

    But I'd want to get involved in everything just so fans could have the fun of seeing me get my ass whipped when the time came. I'd want to get completely destroyed (unlike HHH and others like Laurinitis) and just keep sticking my nose in every storyline for awhile until someone put me on the shelf for good.
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    I would want to be the Jesse Ventura of the show. Commentate and be a true heel commentator. Then occasionally host my own segment similar to the one he would do back then. I wouldn't be opposed to putting over anyone if it came down to getting attacked.
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    I'd want to be a Tweener that just takes shots at Kayfabe left and right, comes out to have segments where I just make fun of any big segments that ignore laws or logic. Makes fun of referee's when they do the obvious "oh no I got hit!" spot.

    I'd be a total jobber, pretty much never winning a match, but the fans would love how "Internet troll" persona basically.

    All of my moves would be stolen, and used more as an attempt to humiliate my opponent, but intentionally botched in hilarious (but safe) ways, to generate comedy.

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