Who will be Roman's Co-Headliners for this Era?

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    Ever since the rise of Hulkamania, there has always been one undeniable face of the company. For 80s, it was Hulk Hogan. For the early 90s, it was Bret Hart. For the late 90s, it was Stone Cold. For the Ruthless Aggression and PG Era it was Cena. And now for the Network Era, it will be Roman Reigns leading the charge. And rightfully so, because following the mold of previous main eventers, Roman Reigns has everything needed to be that guy.

    But just as there has always been one captain, there has been 2 people to play the alternatives for said captain. Hulk Hogan had Macho Man and The Ultimate Warrior. Bret Hart had HBK and The Undertaker. Stone Cold had Triple H and the Rock. John Cena had Edge and Orton in the Ruthless Aggression Era and Orton and Punk in the PG Era (he never really feuded with Edge after that). So now, with Roman looking to steer the ship, who will be his two helpers?

    As it's looking right now, Kevin Owens is positioned to be the role of the Network Era's dominant heel... a Roddy Piper or a WWF Circa Ric Flair... in the sense that he'll be important no doubt, but he won't be the face or one of the two alternate faces. And yes, Flair in the early WWF run was used in that very same vane. So while I'm sure Owens WILL have success, I don't think he'll be one of the top guys.

    So who is it that will help Reigns solidify this era? Could it be the first ever WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion at the same damn time, THE MAN Seth Rollins? Could this generation actually be headed by all three shield members? Could it be the ever growing popular Finn Balor currently utilizing his talents in NXT? Could Sami Zayn hop into the spot? Or could it be someone else? Baron Corbin? Apollo Crews? Neville? AJ Styles? Samoa Joe? A potentially signed Austin Aries (he IS currently a free agent)? An already seasoned vet, but highly underrated Alberto Del Rio? Or could it be an underdog from the previous era finally breaking into the Main Event, ala Edge in the Ruthless Aggression Era?

    I know a lot of people will brush this aside as a weird topic or a non-important topic but it's justifiably as important as finding out who's actually going to lead this generation. Why? Because when the WWE started to face their hardest times, and Hogan started to lose his freshness, they needed someone they could go to. So the first time, they went to Macho Man... very well deserved and highly entertaining. Formed one of the greatest teams of all time, the Mega Powers. And then at WrestleMania 6, they added the Ultimate Warrior to that mix, finally rounding off the top 3 stars to always go to... while teasing the waters with Bret and HBK to set them up for the future.

    In 2002, when only Triple H was there to hold down the fort as the final Attitude Era's top 3; they began to bring up John Cena but they also made sure to push Edge from a mid-card single's workhorse to a main event marquee name. And not only that, but they managed to have Randy Orton get groomed and mentored by HHH and Ric Flair, as well as giving him a program with the original Mr. WrestleMania in Hulk Hogan. They put him with the Undertaker, they put him with Kurt Angle. They did everything they could to make Orton ready to be the number 2 and Edge the number 3. And it worked. Because in the event of when something does go stale, you need an out... and WWE's had 2 outs for every generation. So now, with Reigns ready to lead the charge we need to see if we can find WWE's out.

    Personally, I believe that while Rollins will be a solid Number 3 option, I don't think he'll be the secondary option like Orton was to Cena. Instead, I see that spot going to Baron Corbin. Let's be honest, HHH has been protecting him since day one in NXT and it's been an amazing ride. He's put Corbin with the right people to get him ready. Samoa Joe? Coincidence? I think not. Sooner or later, the Lone Wolf will enter the main roster, and when he does you can bet that HHH will protect him the same way he's protected Charlotte thus far. He's going to give him a heater, a mouthpiece, and someone that can bring out the best in him. To be honest, I wouldn't be too shocked if they some how managed to convince Heyman to be that guy... or even JBL.

    Seth Rollins has proven he can be a solid go to guy... in essence the HHH from the Attitude Era. He'll draw money when he has to.. yes, HHH drew money; there was a time when Rock and Austin were BOTH gone and HHH had to lead the charge. He'll bring in views when he has to, and when people start to slouch on the product he'll bring in more interest when he has to... like the 3rd option in basketball, when the other two men are locked down then Rollins be wide open and take the shot... and just like in basketball when a SF launches that 3 pointer, it'll mostly go off without a single flaw.

    But those are who I see as the eventual 2nd and 3rd options. I may be off, who knows... but like I said, I don't see Baron being just an afterthought and I also don't see Rollins fading any time soon.
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    Interesting read.

    I dread the thought of Seth Rollins being number 3 and Roman Reigns being no 1. Though it makes sense, if you compare him with HHH from the AE. But, I see him more like Shawn Michaels pre-AE, as a naughty yet inexplicably adorable heel. I just love Seth Rollins and so do many others.

    So shouldn't the question be, who's going to be the Bret Hart of this Era, to complement the Shawn Michaels(Seth Rollins)?

    And Roman Reigns, albeit intense and having "the look", is just not good enough, as I now believe, to carry the company. The problem with your bestowal of Reigns as the no1 Rock/Austin and Rollins as the HHH is that Reigns is nowhere close to being as intriguing, charming, charismatic, or talented as The Rock, or even Austin. He doesn't even have a damn character. Like, we knew Austin was a beer-drinking, profanity-spewing, Texan son-of-a-bitch. We knew The Rock was a charismatic leader-type who just kicked ass, not to mention his insults on the microphone. Roman Reigns isn't even as good as Batista(face).

    I just thought about this yesterday and I thought of Batista's stint as the WHC on Smackdown as a face, and how it had bored me to death. And Batista in 2005 was already better than Reigns both in the ring and on the mic. It was only after The Undertaker and Edge showed up did Batista's title defenses or matches begin to intrigue/captivate me.

    So the point is, is Roman Reigns really going to be the one to "carry the company" as the no 1 guy for the next 3-4 years, while Seth Rollins is the HHH at #3 ? The WWE's going to have to deal with endless boos, and fan disinterest and disgruntlement, especially from the IWC, I foresee.

    And incidentally, I have no problem with KO, Cesaro(I doubt about Cesaro though) and Seth Rollins being the top 3, and Reigns being a merchandise-seller as a face.
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    To be honest it's tough to say because the professional wrestling world is a revolving door. Barring one's depature and one's injuries - it's a safe bet to say either CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would've been in those roles because they had the momentum that could carry them atop of the card for quite a while.

    Times change because this could've been said about Brock during his first run had he not left, same can be applied to Jeff Hardy. I think a lot of these unfortunate circumstances can contribute to why we have seen a decade and counting of John Cena atop the company. Nobody has proven that they can maintain being over or consistently healthy as Cena(yes I acknowledge his injuries).

    The way Dolph Ziggler was being booked a few years ago, it could've been him, they tried it with The Miz and they tried it with Batista. Dolph's de-pushing could maybe speculate to public comments about Orton, The Miz lost steam and Batista managed to become stale. It's honestly a tough call to make.

    But right now on paper I would say Seth Rollins. Nobody has quite seen success like his but Roman Reigns over the last 3 years. I know people anticipate him to return as a face, even though naturally coming back from being gone that long he probably will get cheered. I just prefer him as a heel.
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    Good points, yet there's also the possibility Rollins and Reigns can spend the years leading to the next decade battling each other for supremacy, thereby elevating the status' of both.

    With their original connection (The Shield) and the fact both chose different paths upon break-up of the group (Roman to face, Rollins to heel) there are natural factors to fight about. Over the coming years, they can:

    -have Rollins change from heel to face.....and back again
    -have Reigns change from face to heel....and back again
    -fight against each other
    -fight each other on the same side

    In doing this, perhaps Roman can firm up his rep and both men can become stronger in their rivalry. It will take years to play out.....which is the point of this thread.
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    True. But I have seriously begun to doubt Roman's ability as a performer/wrestler, and his ability to begin Monday Night Raw with 10-12 minute promos/segments, which is expected of any world champion/face of the WWE.

    Let's think of the three greatest champions/faces between 2005-2015 who were expected to do that, and delivered consistently:-

    1)John Cena.
    2)Randy Orton.
    3)CM Punk.

    Now that Punk's gone, one can easily transpose the third slot with Seth freakin' Rollins.

    Throughout these years, there have also been other champions, but they more or less either 1)Lacked the ability to captivate/enchant crowds through 10-12 minute promos as a face or heel(Sheamus, Del Rio,), or 2)Lacked the charisma and mic skills of a CM Punk or Shawn Michaels and yet got through..like Jeff Hardy.

    Also, I have been trying to scrutinize Reigns' ability to capitvate us through his in-ring expertise..like I watched Bray Wyatt-Reigns match from Battleground, and his match with Rusev from Raw this monday..but what I realized is that he just doesn't do it for me. Clotheslines, flying clotheslines, superman punch, more clotheslines, and then a spear. Interestingly, my opinion of Sheamus has changed from a "boring guy" to an "excellent wrestler" on account of his in-ring skills, the most exemplary of which in recent memory is his match with Randy Orton from Battleground. The guy has so many moves...Irish curse backbreaker, something like a Samon drop or whatever it's called, Boston Crab submission..among others.

    This is something which many IWC members have been stating for quite some time..Roman Reigns to them doesn't work because of the aforementioned factors, whereas Seth Rollins excels in them.

    Simultaneously, an argument could be made that Roman doesn't have to talk for 10-12 minutes and that he's OKAY in the ring and that it's enough for him to be deserving of a No 1 or 2 spot alongside Rollins and thus be the bearer of world championships and eminence as the premier representative of the WWE.
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    Yeah, just short-sighted hyperbole from another poster. Look at how much Reigns's popularity changed in a matter of 2 nights of booking. That's just WWE proving that if they want to, they can get you over.

    But this is all hypothetical anyway, because none of us can see the future. Anyone of the guys a poster names could get a life altering injury or something that causes them to get out of the business. Look at DB right now. What if Seth Rollins gets too many knee injuries? It's 100% speculation at this point.

    Oh and I love the "number of moves" arguments people on here post. Because those aren't the most flawed arguments in the business :rolleyes:
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    I actually want this era to have more than just one or two top guys and the rest just follow along. Golden Era we had Hogan and Savage mostly. New Gen was Bret and Shawn. AE was Austin and Rocky, but Foley, HHH and Angle also got plenty of spotlight. Then we had Lesnar and HHH and then Cena and Batista, with Orton and Edge as the heels.

    What I want for this coming era is an AE scenario, or something like RAW was during 2008, when they had Cena, Batista, JBL, Orton, Y2J, HBK and CM Punk all compete for the World Championship.

    I want Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Owens, Wyatt, Balor to be the main guys for the coming era, but without some clean top guy. Just have them exchange spots up there. Have multiple protagonists instead of just one.

    I believe that the era of one over the top babyface that beats the hell out of everyone is over. Hollywood shows that and we've seen in WWE as well. Heroes are no longer smiling and kicking ass all the time. The new heros, the one who sell, are more dark-ish and more sympathetic to the audience. More realistic if you may. Not realistic in a way that exposes the wrestling bussiness, but realistic in a way they react to things and stuff. Why do you think Bryan and Punk got so over? Because the fans could sympathize with them and because they were cool. You can't really sympathize with Roman Reigns or view him as an underdog when he's like 6'5".

    Times change and I believe it's about time for the WWE to change. There's nothing wrong with having multiple guys at the top, multiple faces. I actually believe there should be 3 top guys as the faces with one more as a rotation player.

    #1 guy: The clean cut face, but kinda dark-ish. Roman Reigns fits that scenario.
    #2 guy: The anti-hero. Anti-heroes sell. Dean Ambrose is perfect for that role. Also Bray Wyatt if he ever turns.
    #3 guy: The sympathetic face. Seth Rollins fits that. Maybe even Finn Balor in the future.

    Then add in there the heels that will be facing those top faces. Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins if he remains a heel.

    That makes six top guys that can easily carry the company for the next 5 years, along with the help of Lesnar, Orton and Cena.

    Why am I choosing this scenario? Because I believe that clean cut top guy baby faces don't work anymore. Not if the fan cannot sympathize with them. The ways of entertainment change. WWE haven't really changed their main game of like 30 years. It took some elements from ECW some from WCW, but the main core has not changed. This core has changed in Hollywood like 20 years ago but still WWE stays behind.
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    Who is going to be the Bret Hart to compliment Shawn Michaels? I wish people were able to post their age and how long they have been watching wrestling. There have been so many posts where I can tell that they haven't started watching until the attitude era. Everbody is entitled to their opinion but, my God, know a little bit about the history of the business before posting please!

    Clearly this posted started watching around or after the attitude era. At no point did Bret Hart play second fiddle to Shawn Michaels. "What about 1996?" This would be the ony possible time, but Bret was doing other things at the time and wasn't around to play second fiddle.

    I have to assume that this opinion is based on the fact that Shawn was around longer which allowed fans to enjoy HBK matches longer. "Shawn was better in the ring" If the opinion is based on this, that's not the question being asked. The topic is about being the face of the company. Shawn was a big star, but was he ever really the face of the company? He was in '96 for sure. 1997 was a crazy year where their was no real face. if it was anybody, it was either Bret or Stonecold. By 1998, it was all about Austin

    So to ask the question "Who is going to be Bret Hart to Roman's Shawn Michaels is is beyond ridiculious. It's completely ass backwards. Anyone who was really watching from 1992 to 1998 knows that Bret was #1 and Shawn was #2.

    Before people have a fit about who was better, they need to remember the question that was posted. At no point ever was Shawn Michaels the face of the WWF over Bret Hart
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    The roster is goinf to be bigger than ever tbh. With all the young guys already on the main roster + NXT + Free Agents, the future looks bright...real bright.

    Lets look at who the top guys could be (realistically):

    I just listed a dozen guys who could constitute the top three for the future of the company.

    I think that all of these guys are world championship material. Do I think they all hold the belt for a good run? Sadly, no. Guys like Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn, Hideo, Corbin, Joe, Ambrose may all have a couple of world championships on their résumé but so do guys like Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and even Jack Swagger. The fans will love each of these guys but I think they will become the Ziggler/Miz/Swagger/Mysterio/Del Rio/Christian/Kane of the future generations.

    That leaves us with my top 6:

    These will be the future six with AJ becoming the Batista of the group, in other words, the first one to leave. AJ is 40..up there with Cena so you can't expect him to lead the decade when he's 50. Sure a match here and there like Taker would be nice.

    Bray and Ambrose fall onto the same boat, creative will never get them to superstardom. It's complex to build up unique characters and to give them something fresh and keep continuity up with them. They'll hold the belt on quite a few occasions but don't expect them to be headlining any WMs.

    That leaves my top 4:

    I find it fascinating that two of my top 4 are already WWE champions and the other two are two of HHHs biggest projects.

    Roman will fall off at #4. He is the next Cena, it's true. But the days of Cena are gone. The people don't want a Cena, do they? People want Bryan/Punk/Jeff Hardy etc etc. Roman is managements lap dog. They will push him but the fans will never fully accept him. He helped bring in the new generation and will hang on with them for sure but he was only the face because no one else was next to him yet.

    That leaves my top 3: Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. So I'll get to the original topic which was who will be the top three. I'll go ahead and rank them:

    #3 - Finn Balor. I love this dude. Unique is definitely a definition of him. The demon is awesome and I hope we see more art on him soon. That will be his ticket to the top tier. He is an awesome wrestler, good speaker, has a fan following and has a demon to unleash. He may headline couple of Wrestlemanias.

    #2 - Kevin Owens. You could say I'm a bit biased because Kevins my favorite out of the current roster. The dude plays the arrogant heel so well. He's classical. He can wrestle like none other, control the crowd as he wants and does not look like a star. That should work against him but he makes that work for him. The family guy, the prize hunter...the ultimate heel. He can also be a great babyface.

    #1 - Seth Rollins. We've already seen Seth on the top of the mountain. But that wasn't the real Seth. That was the diluted corporate sell out heel Seth Rollins. Thats not his real character. He's the complete babyface. The day he turns face against someone like HHH and the day he wins the title as a face will be the day he cement's himself as the leader of a generation. With his in ring skills, mic work, look, presence, history, Seth has all the tools to be THE MAN.
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    Its to early to tell. 5 years ago you had a rise od Ziggler and Del Rio, The Miz was Champion and person who won NXT was Barrett and people thought that he would be huge. And look at where all those people are now. Nobody could even predicted rise of CM Punk, not to mention Bryan later and The Shield who were not even in WWEs plans then.

    But if anything major doesnt happen Reigns and Rollins should be a lock. Interesting is that their rivalry cant last even a PPV match because Roman had injury in 2014 just before the match and Rollins took an injury in 2015 again just before their PPV match. Owens could rise to the top, Finn Balor probably will once he is established on main roster and probably someone who we dont even see like Neville. Divas Division could also be one of the focal points with Four Horsewomen in there. So lots of talents who could potentialy be huge stars who would lead WWE in the future.
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    I think it's simple. Yes, give it a Leader - I'm not a fan of it, but give it Roman Reigns... However have a solid core of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt & Finn Balor - yeah we may get sick of seeing the same main events after a while - but create that team like dynasty like we used to have. So in 15 years time we can say god remember those Seth and Dean matches (they are already in somewhat legendary)
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    It's hard to say right now but Rollins & Owens, barring any injury, are certainly going to be there. These 3 guys will be consistent while guys like Ambrose, Ceraso, Ziggler and bray will shuffle from upper midcard to Roman's co-main eventers.

    I can see someone from NXT taking the entire roster by surprise. Finn Balor can be that guy or may be zayn who knows.
    Lesner who co-main events any ppv he's in should either stick with part timers or be used to put over the next championship contender.
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    I honestly think they were grooming Orton to be the No1 guy. He had the ability, time was on his side and they put him with HHH and Ric Flair. How much more endorsement do you need? But don't think he fully fulfilled his ability and Cena surpassed him.

    Back to the point, I reckon Reigns could do just fine. If he is the baby face no one likes, at some point he turns heel against anyone the fans cheer for and goes on the 'I don't give a sh!t what the fans think' rampage and just destroys everyone (similar to Lesnar) and I reckon he could get over as a decent heel.

    Keeping Reigns as a face, I think Wyatt makes a perfect top heel. Mystical like taker he could go on a long run and be a force who messes with peoples heads.

    Don't see why Tyler Breeze couldn't rise and become like Edge when he was with Lita.
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    I always looked at him as the co-headliner next to Cena. He has been Cena's biggest rival over the last decade and in terms of championships and quality matches, they aren't far apart.
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    If Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle, and he remains healthy, then Daniel Bryan. Definitely, Daniel Bryan. Even what is now appearing to be just the start of Roman's long reign as the top face, might get a little shaky if Bryan's fans go on a rampage again. Other than Bryan, Finn Balor is another strong candidate for the position of top face. The WWE has shown their commitment to him, and they probably won't let it go in vain when he appears on the main show. A returning Sami Zayn could also be huge; fans love him a lot like they love Daniel, and Sami will definitely have the fans keeping his back.

    Top heel- Seth Rollins. I don't know about Bret-Shawn, but with a little stronger booking, Rollins will be the Akuma to Roman's Ryu. The Magneto to Roman's Professor-X. The Tesla to Roman's Edison. Kevin Owens is a man that doesn't need The Authority or Paul Heyman to push his brand, or Ambrose and Ziggler to pull his match, and these qualities will be rewarded in the Reality era. Bad guy number 3- I don't know yet. But if the rumours are true, Austin Aries could be the man for the job. He is a natural villain and can play that role very believably. But all that is mere speculation for now. The Balor Club is a faction that I will keep my eyes on. Divided, they are some great faces and okay heels, but united... they are a very strong villainous force.

    So, two years from now, I think the state of affairs in WWE will be something like this:
    Faces- Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor, followed by Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn.
    Heels- Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin, followed by Bray Wyatt and a heel group (maybe the Wyatt Family, maybe some other group).
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    Had Seth Rollins' ACL remained intact in that match last month, this thread simply wouldn't exist.

    It is the above fact that makes me weary of the title this thread. Yes, Roman is the champ and it is very clear they've wanted him to be the guy since about Royal Rumble 2014 but who has had the best career thus far? Who completely dominated WWE Television since leaving one of the most successful groups of all-time and has gone on to have main event match after main event match in ppv after ppv? Seth Rollins is very much still the man IMO much like HBK was 96-98, putting out the best matches and being at the center of the hottest storylines.

    I imagine his return will be memorable and glorious, reminiscent of Triple H's triumph at MSG in 2002, and at that time he will return to his throne atop the wrestling business. But Roman will be right there, and they can have their battles as the top 2 guys in WWE much like Orton and Cena (but more like HBK and Bret as I think about it). #3? Look no further than Bray Wyatt. As the youngest member of the upper card I don't see him going anywhere for a long time and his gimmick is so easy to keep relevant and near top billing as long as he doesn't job to the stars. Kevin Owens is another good choice but I'm going with Bray over him solely due to age and lack of "tread on his tires". Outside of that 4 I don't see anyone reaching the status of 'Co-Headliner' on the main roster.
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    The forced Roman push is the most sickening thing I've ever seen the WWE do. Going out of their way night after night and week after week to bury their entire roster in HOPES people will get behind the Samoan Snoozefest.

    He's boring. Talks like he's reading cue cards. The Superman punch is by far the worst non-kayfabe move in WWE history. He's unlikable in every way imaginable.
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    Daniel Bryan should be on a lot more lists here...

    1. Cena - he's not going anywhere for a long time..he will eventually turn heel when he's older I'd imagine. Hogan wrestled successfully unitl he was 145 years old...Cena will be around at least another 7 years.

    2. Daniel Bryan- the most over face. If he doesn't sustain anymore concussions then he'll be here for the long haul.

    3. Seth Rollins- he's the top heel/ anti hero...dude just oozes talent. Great character and great on the mic and ring.

    4. Roman Reigns- I don't think he'll ever be what the company wants him to be unfortunately. Hopefully one day he turns heel and can shine with the freedom to turn on the crowd ala Nation/Corporate/Hollywood Rock.

    5. Finn Balor- love this guy. Very creative/unique and can perform in the ring. They need to bring him over asap imo... the demon is a great creation..can only imagine the things he comes up with next...not just body paint, but actual characters like the demon.

    6. Bray Wyatt- I pray they book him to be a force starting this year. It's now or never with him. If he continues to lose he will just look like a crazy person ranting and raving on the mic...if he's winning, well then he demands attention.

    7. Dean Ambrose- guy plays the crazy man very well. He needs to continue to add to his character in order to elevate his status to the upper echelon.

    8. Kevin Owens- he, like Ambrose, needs to bring himself to the next level. He needs to get better on the mic and stop with the slow pausing type of talking...it's the way you talk to people when you're insinuating that they're stupid...yet he does it all the time. Add some bass to his voice and let him words sound like his actions...which are really good.

    9. Randy Orton- he's dropped on my list because he's stayed the same for too long. Hell, bring him back to the playboy legend killer type he was back in Evolution or soon after. The guy was great. When he turned into the Viper hearing voices in his head, he became too dark and boring...monotone on the mic. Change his persona, and watch this dude shoot to the top 1-2 guys in the company.

    10. Aj Styles/Samoa Joe- these guys will be around longer too. They could be placed higher on this list, but lets see how the company handles them on the main roster first. They barely treat NXT guys right, let alone former TNA guys. Jury is out.

    Promising future just in the top 10-11, but things always change. Like someone else mentioned, there's guys out there we haven't heard of that will come out of nowhere and shoot to the top. Then there's guys on this list that could drop quickly for various reasons.

    It's also important for writing to be good. Creative and the wrestlers themselves need to put together good storylines so that we aren't seeing these wrestlers as the same ol' personas. That's why we got countless versions of HHH...Original DX, then the leader of it, then the heel Dx/McMahon-Helmsley era, then The Game, then with him n Flair...the rich guy almost like his first WWF persona, then Evolution, and so on. Same with Rock...all the different personas. They need to do that with these guys...too many stagnant characters.
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    You're right. It's the most sickening thing in quite a while, and it's just not working.

    I felt happy/enthusiastic at first (when the title change happened) but probably it had something to do with Sheamus being champion, whom I found utterly boring, and also the WWE did everything, by way of booking, bringing in Vince Mcmahon and stuff, to make it seem "organic" and "the hero surmounting the odds" in a Bryan-esque fashion.

    It's only been 3-4 weeks and I've realized Roman Reigns as a face champion just doesn't work for me, and then they're using the entire roster, as you pointed out.

    LOL I'm going to get a negative rep or two from oversensitive Roman Reigns lovers here just for candidly(as I always do) expressing my current feeling/sentiment. Did you get any?
  20. The Dark Warlords

    The Dark Warlords The Dark Warlords

    Jul 13, 2014
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    Here are my choices:

    1. Seth Rollins

    2. Kevin Owens

    3. Dean Ambrose

    4. The Wyatt Family

    5. Neville

    6. Sami Zayn

    7. Shinsuke Nakamura

    8. Hiteo Otami

    Now for veteran presence:

    9. Dolph Ziggler

    10. Finn Balor

    11. A.J. Styles

    12. Karl Anderson

    13. Doc Gallows

    Those are my choices that would provide a quality show if done properly
  21. LBGetBack

    LBGetBack Championship Contender

    Dec 21, 2013
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    Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Dean Ambrose in that order.

    Rollins is so talented, and already has the main eventer credibility.

    Owens is just undeniably. That guy just has "it". He's too good to not be up there. I hope they really make him important at Wrestlemania.

    Ambrose has the history with Reigns and Rollins and the fan reaction. I think he will be an amazing heel when they eventually let him turn too.

    Also the eventual Shield reunion when all of these guys are the top stars will be incredibly fun.
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  22. mkw1962

    mkw1962 Getting Noticed By Management

    Aug 10, 2014
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    Roman will and is becoming the man, but he does need a little help so I will say Seth one of the top faces and Kevin the top heel. The Wyatt's meaning Bray will also be a big star in the future he will be your heel/face.

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