Who should be the new Smackdown GM? Should Raw get new GM as well?

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by TheMainEvent, Mar 21, 2018.

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    With Daniel Bryan now back on the active roster I expect a new Smackdown GM to be announced following WrestleMania, so who should take that role?

    My pick would be to move Kurt Angle over to Smackdown as GM. Him still being GM on RAW seems unlikely following the match with HHH/Stephanie and he has history with Shane that could work a fun dynamic. He was a big part of Smackdown and could have some fun interactions with a lot of the roster as well.

    That leads to RAW needing a new GM and that’s harder to fill. They could get someone like Bischoff to return or freeze hell over and give it to Jeff Jarrett. Maybe a RAW legend like Jerry Lawler or JR could take on a more serious corporate role, or bring in someone like Taz or Edge. I’m honestly stuck on finding a perfect candidate for the Raw position though... everyone else’s thoughts.
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    For now, i feel like they might actually play a wait and see game with Bryan. Everybody is expecting bryan to be a full time wrestler after mania which i don't think will happen right away.

    But let's just say that it does, who should WWE pick to replace him, i know it's a long shot and it would be something completely out of left field but how about Mark Henry for GM or even Better, Booker T. I think either one of those guys would do a awesome job at this plus you get a black authority figure back on TV which is plus as far as marketing and good publicity is concern.

    But for now, i don't think that Bryan is leaving the GM role after mania especially since they're a good chance that Angle will get fired after mania so i doubt they would do the same angle twice in the same month.
  3. Papa Pillman

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    I doubt Bryan will be wrestling a full time schedule, and I see no need for the promotion to take him out of his GM role, but...

    If they were to replace Bryan, Nigel would be an interesting choice. He's there every Tuesday as it is to call 205 Live, he has experience in the role from his days as the in front of camera matchmaker in ROH, and there is no shortage of options to replace him on the commentary team down at NXT between Borash, Corino, or even a currently active roster member not getting as much regular ring time, like Ohno who would be spectacular in the role.

    Nigel might not be the big splash addition they'd look for to replace Bryan, but no doubt in my mind that he'd be a homerun from a performance standpoint. And for long time hardcore fans of wrestling like myself, it would also be an incredibly interesting next chapter to the history of Bryan and Nigel(not that there is much of a chance that the company would ever really allude to that past).
  4. George Steele's Barber

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    Angle as Raw GM has been terrific. Much better than Foley. I am anxious for Jason Jordan to return so that we can possibly get some more development with that story. The only reason that I would want Kurt to switch to SD would be if Jordan was switched.

    Bryan's role as GM on SD has been good as well. His ability to hype the crowd makes him more valuable than most GMs of the past. It doesn't make sense for him to continue in that role if he is a competitor. It may make for an interesting storyline but overall seems like nonsense for the McMahons to let him keep his role.

    Otherwise it is hard to know who would make a good GM. My initial thought is to give Lana the job. She's competent on the mic, looks good, hasn't excelled as a wrestler, consistently gets a reaction, and as Rusev's wife has a chance to create interesting storylines. I think Heyman would make a nice choice as well. But with all superstars of past and present, would he even want the job?

    Most everyone else feels kind of blah. Like they would all just be copies of people we've seen before.
  5. thebarber

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    As Vince is notorious for being a sick twisted asshole, imagine if after Jordans interfetence backfires and Rousey turns on Angle at Mania and becomes the hired gun for the Authority, on Raw Angle is fired, and replaced by Jeff Jarrett and Angles EX wife Karen Jarrett Angle. Now there's a fresh storyline arc to kick off post Mania
  6. Ceen

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    There are two storylines in both brands with both GM’s, as we have the feud Angle vs Jordan and Bryan vs Shane, probably build both for Summerslam or Wrestlemania.
    For me, we can have Shane and Steph being off-tv...

    Kurt is giving opportunities to everyone in RAW, just for Jason to confront him as he doesn’t get his own.

    Daniel continues to make shine outsiders, just for Shane to confront him, as he is turning SD in the Indydarling Show.

    For me, it would we better to have a Shake-Up/Draft, but seeing a Trade between both GMs, but they are saving that awsome moment (Autority or Miz vs Bryan is gold) for at least, 6-9 months
  7. FromGlasgow

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    This would be my top 3 choices depending on who they could get,
    This one is doubtful but would be my top choice for the role, Jesse Ventura who better as a GM authority figure than a former governer who happened to be a huge name in wrestling history.
    My second choice would be Steve Austin I'm surprised we see him so rarely in non wrestling roles considering how big of a name he was.
    My third choice is I think Paul Heyman would be a good fit in this role as the new GM, Perfect timing seeing as he wont have anything to do soon if Brock does leave after Wrestlemania.

    HORRORHOLIC Pre-Show Stalwart

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    Jesse Ventura would indeed be awesome, but that's something that's never gonna happen.
  9. LibSuperstar

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    Lana might work. Doubt Heyman would take it.
  10. THTRobtaylor

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    The idea of GM's in general needs resting. Personally I would prefer a return to the WWF President role of the 90s... where one man is used for ALL decisions of that type and rather than the Mr. Rogers-esque Jack Tunney there are a few interesting candidates that could make the role work.

    Mark Callaway/The Undertaker - If as expected, we see the American Badass version for his last match, then it is likely to begin the transition back to being Mark Callaway rather than The Undertaker. Callaway is the ONE man who could take a WWE president role and NO ONE would want to mess with him. He'd show up once in a while when a ruling was needed and the heat generated when he did would help raise ratings and build feuds.

    Sting/Steve Borden - To a lesser extent Sting would have the same gravitas as Taker in this role... He's a respected legend that no one would want to mess with. Sadly his neck injury perhaps would be an issue, and some would hate that a WCW guy has the role... but it would work for sure.

    Ric Flair - The logical choice... if Naitch can be relied upon that is... Few are more respected than Flair and it would be interesting to see him in the role of the WWF President, making rulings etc... if you MUST have storylines about a "corrupt" authority figure, then Flair allows those with Charlotte and him perhaps keeping Cena from breaking his record.

    Mark Henry or Bill Goldberg - Leftfield picks for sure, but either man could be effective in the role as a WWE president. Again, come out occasionally, make a ruling but both are intimidating enough that few are going to argue. Henry getting the role might play nicely in terms of equality from WWE's perspective too. It COULD work as a way to get Hogan back too, if Henry was the one to "rehire" him.

    Jim Ross - Another easy pick and one the fans would get behind. Ross being "the guy", free finally from the McMahon's with him calling the shots onscreen would be fun to see. Give him the storyline power to eject McMahon's from the building etc. Ross could build a platform along the lines of "Best for The Fans" and similar to People Power...

    Jonathan Coachman - Least likely but if they really want to use Coach to his full potential, this role could be fun for him. Personally I see him in the assistant role.

    Eric Bischoff/Paul Heyman - People would go NUCLEAR heat wise for either guy in the role...play up the "outranks" Hunter and Steph angle and have them make some big calls that fans go nuts over... Bischoff being in and being "behind" Hogan coming back for example or Heyman telling the roster they are ALL now Heyman guys etc.

    William Regal - My personal choice... the man is absolutely wasted on NXT - why not have a process where all previous GM's can apply for the role and people "forgot" Regal... he is then in charge of the WHOLE of WWE, including NXT. They can even have him refer back to when he was last GM and took RAW off the air etc, as evidence that no one will mess with him.

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