Which champ is most likley to retain at Wrestlemania?

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Who has the best shot at retaining at WM?

  1. Brock Lesnar

  2. AJ Styles

  3. Alexa Bliss

  4. Charlotte Flair

  5. Randy Orton

  6. Miz

  7. The Usos

  8. The Bar

  9. No one it will be a clean Sweep

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  1. Rulk25

    Rulk25 Getting Noticed By Management

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Brock Lesnar: Short of Vince having a brain aneurysm this seems the most set in stone

    AJ Styles: He could win if Vince is just over the Nakamura experiment but between AJ needing some rest time and the shift I am pretty sure he will pull the trigger on this

    Charlotte Flair: Honestly I cant see her getting teh clean win over Asuka. Either she falls to the Empress or we see a Long Island Screw Job and Carmeall steals the day...either way I cant see her escaping the night

    Alexa Bliss: This is all logical scenarios should be a slam dunk. The person who was manipulated and degraded and shamed gets her revenge. And it would look pretty bad from a PR standpoint for her to not get what is coming to her....but this is the WWE

    Randy Orton: Now the oddsmakers have Orton as a favorite to retain but quite frankly that is the most pointless of all outcomes. Orton at this stage in his career does not need the win. He had the title win last year at Mania and has a number of WM moments while teh rest have not.....
    Roode has never even been at WM, Rusev has a few ATGMBR, the squash by Cena and that crapfest that was LON vs New Day and Jinder basically has beating beat by Gronk at WM
    All 3 of them need the win more.....so who knows

    Miz: I actually think Miz COULD retain.....It would be that shock moment since everyone KNOWS he is taking time off. Everyone expects it and he would be worthy of a Mania moment....He could easily lose it on Monday to a returning Joe or Hardy or (re) debuting Drew

    The Bar: This is probably the next closest to a lock.....after all this buildup for Braun to lose would be stupid....He is over and no need to destroy that right now

    The Usos: Outside the Miz I think they have the best chance to retain. Smart money would be on the Bludgeon Brothers since they dominated both teams in recent weeks ...but if history tells us anything that means they WONT win. In this match an argument could be made for all 3 as none have that big WM victory iunder their boots
    New Day lost in a Fatal 4 way, the Andre, and to the LON...and had to sit out last year
    Usos have a little better having 2 pre show wins (one in a fatal 4 way and the other over the Dudleys Boys) but have never even cracked the main show before
    And the Bludgeons well WM season has not been kind to people associated with Wyatt Name
  2. roipdh123

    roipdh123 Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 22, 2012
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    Brock Lesnar: You know the answer to that..

    AJ Styles: Personally I hope he retains, as Shinsuke should not be champ in my opinion. But the story calls for a Shinsuke title win, especially as he won the rumble match to get to this point. Also Styles is out of opponents for the title on SD, as he beat everybody already, and even if they have the shake-up, I don't think it will change a whole lot.

    Charlotte Flair: The streak won't end now, Asuka will win the title cleanly. Charlotte will probably be off the title picture for a while after this. Asuka will feud with Becky Lynch after the PPV, as I think Lynch is the one to win the Women's battle royal.

    Alexa Bliss: No chance in hell, they must have Nia win, as they cannot do a WM19 again. Personally I would like to see Nia win, and have Carmella cash in on her, to win the title. Also, this absolutley needs to be a squash match.

    The Usos: It's time for the Bludgeon Brothers, even though they have the story of finally making the WrestleMania card, and the fact that the match is a triple threat, allows them to have both Usos and New Day take out the Bludgeon Brothers, and then Usos pin New Day. But I think they will just go there with the Bludgeon Brothers.

    The Bar: Will be absolutley stupid to have them win. Bray Wyatt needs to be Braun's partner. And they should win the title and be champs for a while.

    Which leads me to the 2 champions that I think will retain their titles at Mania:

    The Miz: Been a great IC Champ, and they need to give him a continue his reign to cement that. He deserves this Mania win for all the years he gave to the company, and actually when you look on it, Miz hadn't won on WM since 2012. Miz needs to pin Rollins after distraction from Miztourage. Also I believe that Rollins is going to SmackDown after Mania, so that won't hurt him. In terms of Balor, I am not a fan of his, but I also see him having a future in the blue brand (taking the places of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn who will return to Raw).

    Randy Orton: It's Randy Orton. It's WrestleMania. You don't bet against Orton at Mania. I think that Roode winning the title back (unless he does a heel turn) at Mania is stupid. Mahal will probably go to Raw to feud with Roman eventually for the Universal Title (to get Roman over as a babyface). And as much as I want Rusev to win, and think he deserves it, I don't think it will happen.

    Final Prediction: Only The Miz and Randy Orton will retain their titles at WM34.
  3. LoveReignsO'erMe

    LoveReignsO'erMe Dark Match Winner

    Jan 22, 2014
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    It definitely does seem like many titles are changing hands tonight. I would say the men's mid-card titles are the most likely to not change hands.

    The other title that has a chance at staying where it is is the Smackdown Women's Title. I'm not predicting Asuka will take a pin or tap out, but rather we'll see Carmella cash in mid-match, and she'll eat the pinfall/submission. It's the easiest way to keep the title on Charlotte without ruining Asuka. I would assume they want to build to Asuka (unpinned/unsubmitted streak) vs. Rousey at WM 35. I would.
  4. wwe fan2009

    wwe fan2009 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 8, 2009
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    Miz retains to become longest IC champ
  5. Elchicano15

    Elchicano15 Always posts around Mania Season.

    Jan 14, 2012
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    I think the only champs that will retain the titles will be The Miz and Alexa Bliss.

    The Miz will retain to push this "long run" - which itself is confusing - I thought he was IC champ since January unless they're talking about total number of days of his career.

    Alexa Bliss may lose, but still keep her championship in a cheap way by DQ or count out, and thus far continuing the rivalry into Extreme Rules. Frankly I would like to see Carmella cash in on Bliss/Nia. I don't want to see Auska's undefeated streak tarnished in a triple threat even if she doesn't get pinned it's still a loss in my eyes. Save her streak until she goes against Rousey.

    I would have guessed for AJ to retain but last I heard he was working through pain so I could see him dropping the strap tonight. New Day will become Tag Champs once again tonight. This will give them a Mania moment for them to win the championship at the big dance.

    I would like to think that Randy Orton is only holding on to the U.S strap to put over the guys in the 4 way with him. Maybe for Rusev Day ;)
  6. The Life Of Pablo Ren

    The Life Of Pablo Ren I know my name/avi/sig don't match.

    Jan 16, 2013
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    The Bar because there's an immediate story for Braun if he doesn't win. He even alluded to it a few days ago in an interview. He likes to control the situation and having a partner takes the control out of his hands. The partner can take the loss and then Braun heads into a feud with him.
  7. Ceen

    Ceen Occasional Pre-Show

    Feb 18, 2018
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    For me, Miz, Orton, AJ and the Uso's, are the most likely.

    WWE Universal: Brock doesn't fight in RAW, so if they are not retiring the belt (improbable as they try to make it relevant, just f* change the design), Roman is gonna win, most after knowing that Lesnar is leaving. And Roman is 0-1 on Brock
    WWE World: I say it's the most 50/50 match. Probably a show-stealer.
    IC: Miz can win that, but if we have Demon Balor, Balor is gonna win 100%. Maybe Joe or Ambrose can appear, as both are sidelined now. And Seth vs Miz is a feud with no big history and I hope Balor goes to SD for a while.
    US: Orton ha just won it, so maybe it's probable. Rusev and Roode are over, I don't expect Jinder to win, probably to take the RKO fall, as they try to 50/50 book them.
    RAW Tag: Sheamus is said to need some rest, and Braun is superover and superpush. I hope it's Neville...
    SD Tag: With some Ladder, TLC, they would be really 33/33/33. New Day are most likely to take the fall, but Uso's deserve a WM moment and BB can look good without winning.
    RAW Women's: I expect Carmella to cash in DB/Big Show style, so Nia is gonna destroy Alexa and in a PPV or 2, she is cashing in.
    SD Women's: As Ronda vs Asuka is the "most" marketable match in WWE's Women's division, they are keeping the streak. Charlotte can stay a time without a bout, so she has been given to many championships (as Sasha)
  8. Bruno's Sanctimony

    Bruno's Sanctimony Dark Match Winner

    Jul 21, 2014
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    I'm going out on a limb here, against conventional wisdom.
    I think Brock will retain.
    Too much open talk, on WWE programming, about UFC and contract expirations...and now, Dana White is going to be AT Wrestlemania?

    I smell a swerve.

    And the surprise of Brock retaining at the expense of Roman Reigns, in the last match of the night, will send a majority of that crowd home happy.

    Obviously, I could be wrong. But I'll be thrilled to be right.

    The only other prediction I'll make is that Carmella cashes in...on Alexa Bliss. Another swerve and some fun booking.
    Nia pulverizes Bliss....but gets herself disqualified....and Carmella surprises everyone by cashing in and going to RAW.

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