Where did half the women's division go?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Navi, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Now we all know that women's wrestling has never been a huge fan favourite, but with the women's revolution and now two women's championship belts in play, it would seem the WWE is taking it more seriously. Now am I the only person who is wondering where most of them went off too.

    Paige we know was suspended for a second wellness violation and also apparently injured. Now she's getting out and about quite a bit for someone trying to recover from said injury and she has said she will be back around May. I'm skeptical about that since it appears the WWE has forgotten about her completely.

    Eva Marie also hasn't been seen in some months since her wellness violation was over. It was reported that she was filming a movie but that has since wrapped and nothing has even been mentioned about her.

    Same with Tamina. She got injured, was cleared to wrestle a while back and again nothing. Ditto with Dana Brooke's. She was on TV each week with Charlotte having matches and getting involved in storylines, now she's gone.

    Emma has been promised for months now and is working Live events. I know they said she is due back this week, again we were told that before and she never showed up.

    Oh and I totally forgot about Summer Rae. Is she injured or what?

    The reason I bring it up is because if the WWE wants us to take the women seriously, keeping half of them off the shows aren't helping. There are about 6 women on each show and there should be at least 8. They had to bring back Mickie James so Asuka would have a match at Survivor Series, now she is struggling to find decent opponents in NXT.

    If they aren't planning on using half the women they have then why have this big Women's Revolution to begin with. I don't know about anyone else, but I was growing tired of Sasha and Charlotte. Not that I didn't like them, just tired of the same matches. Now it's going to be Bayley and Charlotte till Mania with Nia Jax throwing her weight around here and there.

    The WWE has the women to make a division good but only if they use them, not keep them in the back or in vignettes. They have Alicia Fox who isn't horrible in the ring, but she's on 205 Live playing the crazy girlfriend. Which she happens to be quite good at.
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    If I had to guess as to what's going on with Dana Brooke, I'm thinking she's been told that she needs more work inside the ring and is working on those shortcomings at the WWE Performance Center. They may still have her working house shows sometimes or even popping up on Superstars in between, but I'm basing that she's at the PC as she just never struck me as being all that effective in the ring.

    As far as Eva Marie goes, the last I heard, which was maybe a month ago, was that she was making a movie with Nicholas Cage. I think Eva Marie ultimately just wants to be famous and is perfectly happy making significant money in the role WWE has for her right now. Truth be told, unless she's genuinely improved light years beyond where she once was, I don't really care if she ever comes back. At age 32 and having nothing to show for her career aside from the Total Divas and flunking a WWE drug test, the shelf life of her career is probably ticking by fast.

    When it comes to Tamina, my guess is that she was given additional time off to be with her father as it became increasingly obvious that he wasn't going to be around much longer. There may also be various legal proceedings going on if he had some sort of will or what have you. If it wasn't for her family connections, I think Tamina would've long been gone from WWE as she's probably the heaviest dead weight in the women's division. She has no charisma, her in-ring ability isn't much to speak of and she turned 39 a month ago.

    Summer Rae is out with some sort of issue that might be career ending. I'm not sure as to the specifics, but I remember reading about it 2 or 3 months ago. She posted a lengthy message stating that she was dealing with an injury, that she hasn't said all that much about it before because it made it seem so much more real. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember that she'd been out about 10 weeks by the time she'd written this and she something she said to the degree of hoping this would be a quick fix and she'd be back soon but that wasn't the case. I don't know if it's a knee issue, neck, back or what have you, but it's probably quite serious.

    I have no idea what's been going on with Emma, or Emmalina as she's called now. Emma was always pretty good inside the ring and, in all honesty, this Emmalina character automatically puts me in mind of Eva Marie. She looks amazing in all those various pictures, no doubt, so the feeling I get is that she'll come off as this pampered girlie girl who looks down her nose at everyone because of her looks which, again, just seems a lot like what they were originally going for with Eva Marie.
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    Cheers for the reply as I read the sheets and really nothing's been said. Dana was the one that surprised me the most, she was on TV every week as Charlotte's lackey and then poof, gone.

    I agree with Eva Marie, she's a good looking woman and it seems they want more than that nowadays. Will be glad to see Emma back, she will be a breath of fresh air. Bummer about Summer Rae though. She wasn't bad in the ring and made a great heel.

    Thought Tamina was part of the Samoan group and that's why she still had her job. Not saying her father should have gone against her or anything, but on a Ride Along with her, Naomi and the Uso's, they gave me the impression she was one of the family.
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    Eva is making some movie. She finished one but think started with other. Saw her promoting her clothing line, so maybe that too. Would love to see her back because at least she can be valet to some heel character to garner heat. She cant wrestle but she has charisma around her that makes people boo her.

    Emmalina is debuting next week. Not sure in witch storyline because its all about Charlotte and Bayley and Nia and Sasha. But lets see.

    Dana Brooke was maybe put aside with reports that she sleeps her way to the top. She wasnt that special anyway so maybe better off completely.

    Tamina is probably just in grieving process. Not that she was active anyway because her 2 most prominent storys were being AJ Lee and then Sashas lackey.

    Dunno about Summer Rae. She had knee injury but dunno where is she at all.
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    It does seem that in light of the women getting more and more chances to be recognized as equals, more and more women are falling behind.

    As far as Paige goes, that girl is a dumpster fire on top of a hot mess. I know she is currently rehabbing from a rather serious neck injury, but two wellness violations in such a short time isn't a good look. On top of her wild relationship with Del Rio, she may be seen as expendable. I know he is trying to get her into MMA and she hasn't recovered from her neck injury. Smart move that appears. I'm not going to say she wasn't talented, because she was, but I think she peaked too soon.

    Eva Marie is an interesting case. She was called up and pushed WAY too soon. The crowd responded in kind. To her credit she was training with TBK and trying to get better, but I honestly don't think she was ever truly committed to the WWE or wrestling. I think she was just looking for the exposure. I've heard she recently removed all traces of WWE from most of her social media accounts, so she may well be done after she finishes this movie.

    Tamina, you aren't missing much. She had a decent look, standing taller than most female talent, but her look was really all she had. She was pretty below average in the ring. I know she was cleared back in December to resume in ring activity, but with what has happening with her dad coupled with her lack of skill and advanced age, she was likely seen as expendable.

    Dana Brooke was likely a case of getting called up too soon. She had a bodybuilding background, so you know WWE is likely high on her, but her in ring skills weren't that great. She was doing solid work with Evil Emma in NXT and they continued that on the main roster before Emma went down with injury. She was shoehorned in with Charlotte, but some of that booking was weird. I suspect she is working at the PC to polish her skills a bit.

    Speaking of Emma, shame she got hurt. She had talent, and I loved loved loved her goofy persona. Not sure what they are going with the Emmalina repackage, but someone on reddit a few days back looked into it, and she had been "debuting soon/next week" for just as long as she has been injured. According to Meltzer, WWE has no clue what to do with her but keep the vignettes going as a joke.

    Summer Rae was another who had some talent. She was never going to stand out in the world of Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha, be she could hold her own. According to Summer herself, she suffered a knee and neck injury, so she likely hasn't been cleared to return.

    Alicia Fox is interesting. Like you said, she isn't bad in the ring. For a long time I remember every other week she would switch between face or heel to suit whichever 8 woman tag they were doing. She has shown personality, so I'm not exactly sure why she is regulated to 205 valet duties. Probably a racial thing.
  6. OYDK

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    Eventually they'll all likely be back. I think right now WWE's in the process of building up some new names and investing in the girls that they think will be around for a while. Alexa and Carmella are getting some good TV time on Smackdown and to be honest, I'd much rather see them than Tamina (who is really, really dull) or Summer Rae (who's better off as a manger/escort). On Raw, they're focusing on Jax and Bailey but Emma will be back soon (or will she?) and Dana will eventually come back probably after some more time in developmental. Paige will end up being a really good hand as well whenever she comes back from her injury as long as she keeps her head on straight.

    As for Alicia, people around here seem to like her, but she's been around forever and has never really been anything more than average. Than again, she hasn't really been given too much of a shot but even if she were at this point, I doubt she could make people care after years of being treated as a second fiddle.

    Eva's the only one that I find odd. She could be a much-needed big name on Smackdown if they actually used her as a wrestler instead of the resident model.
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    I think Smackdown is in a really good place right now.
    They have 7 active women on the roster, and they are all with pretty defined characters (or getting there). And although they are not having those huge matches full of spots that the Raw women had, they have a much better development in all other aspects.

    The only one gone from Smackdown right now is Eva Marie. I do think she would be a good asset to the division, but I also think she is not needed.

    On the Raw side we have more problems.
    We only see the same 4 women all weeks, and the booking is pretty bad.

    From what I see, Dana and Alicia are on the road doing the house shows, but not being used on TV.
    Alicia was at 205, but now seems to be gone.

    Paige had all those issues and I honestly don't think she will be back; Tamina might be, but not for long; Summer had serious problems and I'm afraid she won't be back as well.

    That leaves us with Emma.
    I'm just hoping that her possible re-debut next Monday, she will come out as the "Evil Emma" we last saw her, cut a promo calling everybody out and tell us the whole Emallina thing was BS.

    That will probably not happen, and she will appear as a hot girl and zzzz.

    So I think we are in need for some new blood in the division.
    Asuka will probably debut after Wrestlemania.. and maybe will bring one or two more with her from NXT..
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    They are trying to make Emma an Eve Marie clone. Problem is that Emma has talent. But, I think the only thing saving her right now is the fact she is with Zack Ryder, and Ryder has a good rapport with WWE brass. Emma would be better off with Wave, Marvelous or Stardom. Her talent is just totally wasted in WWE.

    Paige just needs to get her life together. If she is well enough to train for MMA, why is she not in a WWE ring? Basically, Stamford should just cut her loose. Let her go back to the UK. She will be a hero in Progress. ICW and WCPW. Mom and Dad Knight will bring her back up to speed. If she goes abroad. she'll make appearances in AAA or any promotion ADR has connections with.

    Tamina they should just send to the Performance Center to work as a Trainer. There is really nothing left for her in the ring.

    Summer Rae and Alicia Fox are probably near lifers. They will be spread out amongst storylines. Summer Rae's knee injury will put a damper on things where she is concerned. Eva Marie will never be the star Kevin Dunn had hoped for. She is probably done as far as the Main Roster is concerned.

    This leaves us with Dana Brooke. Let's face it: she is very weak in the ring. She needs a truckload of work. The question is will it all click for her as it did for Braun Strowman? That is the question. If she was taller, it would not matter.
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    My thoughts.....Emma is very talented and she had really hit her stride with her heel NXT run. She came back up to WWE as that same character, and then got hurt. That sucked. I hope her Emmalina character is very similar. She really had a good thing going. She could be the right up there with Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Nikki, and Alexa as one of the clear top women.

    Eva Marie was phenomenal in her heel NXT gimmick. I truly hope she comes up and gets a run. She is incredible at getting heat. And only part of that is due to the fans not liking her. She has a great knack for knowing which buttons to push and when. I would love to see her get a title run with somebody cheating for her(either a bodyguard or authority figure or both). Imagine her getting a short term title run with Stephanie favoring her and pulling strings for her and Dana Brooke doing a lot of the physical work for her? The heat could be off the charts. I say a short term run because that could only go so long without getting monotonous and old.

    Dana Brooke....she just has a long way to go. She is physically impressive, but in ring and character wise.....everything that Eva Marie has timing and character wise, Dana is missing. Hopefully she can develop it with experience. If not, she is perfectly fine in an enforcer type role as long as that's all they expect out of her. Just keep her off the mic and only have her in short matches if that's the case.

    Tamina....she's never drawn me in at all. Enforcer role only.

    Summer Rae.....she's just so hot. And that's valuable. Put her as a valet with somebody who matters(I know it's real life, but look at Maryse with Miz), and let her talk and be obnoxious. How can this be messed up? The hot, obnoxious girl that's a manager for a successful wrestler is a tried and true, can't miss method.

    Alicia Fox....she has had so many start and stop pushes and changes in direction that it's almost impossible to take her seriously at this point. She's not a bad wrestler and has some charisma, a good look, and good athleticism. It would take some great booking at this point to make her someone that matters. Sucks for her, but she can still be a valuable roster member as a jobber with an occasional push that leads to her putting someone over.
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  10. Tripleb2k1

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    • Bayley vs Charlotte Flair Feud
    • Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax Feud
    • Alicia Fox vs Dana Brooke Feud on Main Event
    • Paige sidelined with an injury that she had surgery on in October
    • Summer Rae is sidelined with an undisclosed neck injury

    SmackDown Live:
    • Alexa Bliss vs Naomi Feud
    • Becky Lynch vs Mickie James Feud
    • Nikki Bella vs Natalya Feud
    • Carmella in an angle with James Ellsworth
    • Eva Marie Was suspended for 30 days in August, since has filmed 2 movies & removed all mention of WWE from her Twitter indicating she may be done

    Free Agents:
    • Emma is debuting on RAW as Emmalina hopefully on Feb. 13th
    • Tamina Snuka, based on MSG’s SD card, will join SD Live by mid March
    • Rosa Mendes seems to not have any plans for the immediate future
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    The women's division is doing well on both brands. We have title feuds going on as well as non-title feuds and most of those being pushed are talented wrestlers who deserve their pushes.

    On Raw you have Charlotte, Sasha, and Bayley for the title tier. There's also Nia who, while I'm not a fan of her's at all, she is improving as well. Smackdown's women's division is doing even better than Raw's. The addition of Mickie James was a big help to an already great top tier that includes Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. The non-title feuds like Mickie VS Becky and Natalya VS Nikki going on while Alexa is in her title feud is a great call. They all need something to do. Now then, despite the good standing of the division on both brands, I too noticed the absence of some of the girls lately.

    Emma's return is long overdue and hopefully she will still be showcased as a heel wrestler when she finally does come back onscreen. If they do go with something similar to what Eva Marie's persona was, she should still be working matches since Emma was one of the best in the ring. She would be a great addition to the title tier on Raw.

    Dana should immediately return to her role as Emma's enforcer once Emma does return. Until Emma returns I would be fine with seeing Dana in non-title feuds but her absence has not been as much of a problem due to Emma (for whatever reason) not being back yet.

    Summer Rae is very missed. She would do better on Smackdown at this point since she risks getting lost in the shuffle on Raw now, I hope she can return soon and it should be on the blue brand.

    Eva's not missed. There is nothing she would bring to the table that Emma cannot as "Emmalina" and she still needs a lot of improvement in the ring. If Eva does come back it should be as a manager for other heels. She gets great levels of heel heat for even speaking a single word, if only her in-ring skill could have matched her heel promo skills.

    Paige would fit in well on either brand in its title tier if she returns. I am concerned due to the Wellness Policy violations and the drama that her relationship with Del Rio caused. Fingers are crossed for a return. Especially if it is to Smackdown. She could have amazing matches with Mickie, Becky, and Alexa. Even a Raw return with feuds against Sasha or Bayley could be great too. Paige would be a valuable addition and I definitely hope to see her return.

    Tamina's not missed. There's others who can be a better enforcer (Dana) as well as others who can be a better monster heel (Nia) so I doubt she'll be back anytime soon. If she does return, great. If not, it's not that big of a loss if you ask me.
  12. Kodo Sawaki

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    According to main page and Meltzer, Tamina is back on Smackdown next month. Booked as a face as advertised on live events. Just to let you all know. :D
  13. Navi

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    While I agree it's going well with what they have, I'm kind of missing the other's as well, that was the whole point of this thread. Don't mind Tamina coming back as she will provide another body, but I was really hoping to see her against Nia. I know they are family in a way, it would have been entertaining to see two of the larger women throw each other around.

    The jury is out on Emmalina till I see what they bring her back as. And kind of bummed that Summer Rae might not come back at all. Paige with all her antics looks to me to be someone the WWE might want to cut their losses with. Personal life aside, watching her is like seeing a car crash in slow motion. Even if she does return have a feeling that one wrong move and she's out the door for good.
  14. ShinChan

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    Eva Marie is done with WWE as far as the recent speculations say. I'm happy with that if it's true.

    I don't know why but I don't see any interesting in Dana Brooke or Tamina Snuka. Tamina's role can be played better by Nia Jax.

    Emma, Summer and Paige are all talented wrestlers. But they have their own issues. I don't think that we'll see Paige again in WWE ring. I would love her to return but I don't think that it's viable. Emma has been hyped and hyped and hyped.. . Upto Infinity with no result as of now. Let's see what she does if she really returns tomorrow. Summer is actually talented enough to make a feud work if given chance although it isn't much popular opinion about her.

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