What to do with Night Of Champions now?

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What should they do with Night Of Champions?

  1. One dual-branded event

  2. Two events, one for Raw and another for Smackdown

  3. Remove it completely

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  1. Dagger Dias

    Dagger Dias Natural 20
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    Sep 22, 2008
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    Simple question. Night Of Champions was the PPV where every single championship on the main WWE roster was supposed to be defended. The first few years it was around this was an extremely cool concept. You knew you would be getting nothing but title matches. Until 2010, when a pointless non-title filler match snuck onto the card. Then they began merging titles and more non-title filler showed up in later years. The show went downhill from that point, yet still coming off as one of the bigger brands outside of the Big 4 with only Money In The Bank appearing to be a bigger deal out of the "newer" shows.

    Now we have the brand extension back and new titles are getting added to the title structure. It seems as if WWE will only have The Big 4 as their dual-branded events moving forward. Night Of Champions was usually held in September, which will now have a Raw exclusive event and a Smackdown exclusive event instead. Removing Night Of Champions from the PPV calendar is a mistake in my opinion. It has the potential to become as special as it once was. There should be a Big 6. The original 4, along with Money In The Bank (which is a whole other topic) and Night Of Champions. As a dual-branded show in the current brand split structure Night Of Champions would feature 7 title matches (8 or 9 if they make new womens and tag team titles for Smackdown) with NO unneccessary non-title filler. Now is the time to improve this brand rather than remove it.

    WWE Universal Championship
    WWE Womens Championship
    WWE Tag Team Championship
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    WWE United States Championship

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    ****New Smackdown women title? (hopefully)
    ****New Smackdown tag team title? (hopefully)

    Or should it be dual-branded? Would you rather have a separate Raw exclusive (such as the upcoming Clash Of Champions) serve as a Night Of Champions event for Raw while another event could be Smackdown's? Raw would have the Universal, Womens, Tag Team, United States, and Cruiserweight Championships as of how things look right now, so the remaining matches on a Raw exclusive Night Of Champions type of event should be #1 contenderships to the Universal and Womens Championship at this point. Smackdown would need more titles if it was to have its own Night Of Champions event. Or should they move on without any type of "all titles on the line" shows?

    Should Night Of Champions be brought back as a dual-branded show? Why or why not?

    How would you feel about a Night Of Champions style show for Raw and then another for Smackdown during different parts of the year, where ONLY title matches and #1 contendership matches can take place at said shows?

    I want to see it back, and as a dual-branded event. How about you, share with us what YOU would want to do with this event concept.

    Please keep our forum rules in mind and do NOT spam.

    Discuss! :)
  2. Y 2 Jake

    Y 2 Jake Slightly Autistic

    Dec 31, 1969
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    Don't have it. But if they insist it has to be dual show. I don't think there's much more to say than that, you can have this event and exclude championships because it's a Smackdown event and they don't currently have tag belts, for example.
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  3. Aquaman6686

    Aquaman6686 Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Mar 17, 2010
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    WWE should 100% NOT be creating new titles for SmackDown, they should keep with the "World = SmackDown", "Universal = RAW" they have going on, and bring back the older titles, so it would look like this:


    Primary: WWE Universal Championship
    Secondary: United States Championship
    Tag: WWE Tag Team Championship (2002)
    Female: WWE Women's Championship (2016)
    Other: WWE Cruiserweight Championship


    Primary: WWE World Championship
    Secondary: Intercontinental Championship
    Tag: World Tag Team Championship (original)
    Female: Women's World Championship (original)

    As for Night of Champions, getting rid of it is a mistake. Like Dias said, WWE finally has enough championships again to make the event truly special, like it was before. Every match should be for a title, or MAYBE a #1 Contendership, but that's it. Night of Champions was killed in 2011 when they had a non-title match headline the event.

    I agree that there should be a "Big 6" now, with Money in the Bank and Night of Champions being added to that elite group. But going with the original championships, instead of creating new ones, reinforces SmackDown's position as "must-see TV", which is what they're supposedly trying to make it.
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  4. rbv13

    rbv13 Championship Contender

    Nov 9, 2013
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    Night of Champions and Clash of Champions are essentially the same concept. It seems as if they made the name change for nostalgic purposes in the hopes of reviving a nearly obsolete event. With that I do see opportunities to breath some life back into the event.

    - The 2016 event has already been designated a RAW event. At this years event I roll out a card highlighted by the WWE Universal, United States, Tag Team and Women's Championships. In addition to the existing titles I introduce the NEW Cruiserweight Championship in a four way showdown. The opportunity to unveil the division works perfectly with the conclusion of the CWC. I then round out the card with one of the NXT titles and a former champions showcase match or, as much as I hate talk segments at these events, a former champions round table. .

    - Beyond 2016 I relocate this event on the schedule (I'd actually rework the entire schedule but that is another conversation) and have it feature both Brands. I move the event from September to December. In fact I make it the FINAL event of the year. NOC/COC gets hyped as the yearly blowout and elevated where it is knocking on the door of the big four. The event features nine to ten bouts all featuring a company championship.

    - I am currently on the fence about the idea but suppose their could be a discussion about the WWE World Champion squaring off against the WWE Universal Champion.

    Potential Titles -
    WWE World
    WWE Universal
    WWE Women's
    World Women's
    WWE Tag
    World Tag
    United States
    Rotation NXT (optional)
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  5. Azane

    Azane Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Mar 3, 2011
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    If they kept the gimmick for all matches being title matches and potentially completely shaking up the entire title picture, NOC could have surpassed Survivor Series for the big 4.

    I think they can still get that prestige if this stick to that. They can even have Non-title matches on the pre-show, so they can still feature a feud or 2 that isn't about a title while the event itself sticks to titular focus.
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  6. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

    Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. Kamehamehaaaaa!!

    Jul 8, 2011
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    I mentioned before, my groups of championships that I would like to see in the new WWE

    WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship
    WWE United States Championship
    WWE Women's Championship
    WWE World Tag Team Championship
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    WWE World Heavyweight Chmapionship
    WWE Intercontinental Chmapionship
    WWE 24/7 Championship
    WWE Universal Tag Team Championship

    I also said that the Women's Championship should be also be competible for women of Smackdown on dual-branded events (since SD currently lacks for me the depth for a women's division).

    That being said, I agree with the notion of the Big 4, becoming the Big 6, so that the women of the brand that does not have the Women's Championship should get more opportunities. Have Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, MITB, Summerslam, Night of Champions and Survivor Series as the dual branded events. In my reality, the Women's Championship would also be something like a prop for the brand that has it, since it's a dual-branded championship but it will be defended more on the PPVs of the brand that has it. This would also increase the competition between the women and the on-air competition between the brands and will give the women a bigger role in the company, an important role that is.

    As far as Night of Champions go, since in my reality there are 9 championships and a future WWE Universal Women's Championship could also become a reality if the depth increases, I'd have NoC be a championship-matches only WWE Network Special.

    No other kind of matches, just championship matches. It's 9 matches already there's no room for anything else either way.

    (That also got me thinking, many champions will be left of the main cards of events like Summerslam and Wrestlemania).

    When it would air? I'd put it before Survivor Series, simpy because I always found September to December to be very weak periods for WWE. So by having both the Night of Champions and Survivor Series PPVs there, could increase interest.
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  7. kadroan

    kadroan King Of The Ring

    Apr 7, 2013
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    Night of Champions has been a solid PPV in recent years. I think with Summerslam being the WM of the summer, I guess they want the brands to focus on shaking up their own brands going into the fall which is a period of time WWE seems to go on cruise control until WM season. If that's the reason, I don't fault them. However, if they aren't going to do Survivor Series the traditional way, they should get rid of it.
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  8. Spencesc11

    Spencesc11 Getting Noticed By Management

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Royal Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, Night of Champions, and Survior Series should be dual-branded.

    9 Title Matches if that's the whole card is more than achievable for Night of Champions

    Survior Series needs to go back to the traditional 5 on 5 matches.
    1 Big Raw one
    1 Big Smackdown one
    1 Raw vs. Smackdown one
    1 Raw Ladies one
    1 Smackdown ladies one

    2 or 3 filler matches (Cruiserweight Title match???)
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  9. timothy26

    timothy26 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Aug 19, 2014
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    I'd say get rid of it, every championship should be defended at Wrestlemania anyway, which will obviously be a dual branded show. Otherwise it would make NOC seem like too important an event, when it isn't. I do agree with having maybe a "big 5" or "big 6" dual branded PPV though, otherwise the number of PPV and network specials will be overkill. Have Rumble, 'Mania, Money In The Bank, Summerslam, Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series as co branded events. That means each brand has six events each per year, which is a grand total of 18. It's all going to be a bit much when you throw in NXT too. I think it will be hard to make the lesser events seem "special" especially now when they aren't PPVs but just network specials. I think many people will choose one brand to watch on a weekly basis or drop watching NXT in favour of watching Smackdown now, alot of fans won't have time to watch 6 hours of programming per week, 20 plus PPV's and 4 or 5 NXT events per year.

    Assuming someone watches Raw, Smackdown and NXT every week
    Assume they watch 20 PPV's per year (let's say each is 3 hours, many people watch it after it's aired and skip through the panel discussions etc)
    Assume they watch 4 NXT events (2 hours)

    Just at a guess that's an average of 7.3 hours per week of just WWE programming, which is over an hour every day, so I can see NXT or other network programming suffering as a result. Also keep in mind some of these fans also watch New Japan, ROH, TNA and indies
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  10. Xemmy

    Xemmy of the Le'beau family

    Apr 12, 2010
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    A PPV where the premise is "Looky here, we've got titles" is just a bit sad in my opinion. If you keep the concept around, I think it would be far more interesting to make it a Smackdown vs Raw event. Make it a pay per view about Champion vs Champion matches, with the respective brand getting an interesting prize, like being able to steal a couple top talents, Dibs at next year's draft, or favorable spots at large events like the Royal Rumble. Let the show brag how they're the better brand until the next big cross brand pay per view. Kind of like what Bragging Rights should have been.

    Of course with a concept like that, it would fit much better calling it Clash of the Champions. And unfortunately, given they're already doing that and it will be a Raw exclusive, this suggestion will be ignored.
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  11. laodaron

    laodaron Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Tag belts, Women's belt, IC and US should all be dual branded, and up for grabs to any show. The WWE title, the Universal title, and the Cruiserweight should be used on the show, but as single branded belts. Also, now that I think about it, you could theoretically have the Universal belt go to SDL, and you could have the WWE title go to Raw. So, those could be dual branded, also.

    In fact, you could have two EC matches, each one containing 3 guys from Raw, 3 from Smackdown, and the move being to take the belts from one show to the other, in kayfabe. The belts don't actually have to leave their shows often, if at all. But this can also switch the belts on the shows, too. Really, the storyline is always "We need to be the better show." So, you could always have the titles loaded on one show for a short time, and do things like the Orton appearance, and have invasions, etc.
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  12. King Patrick Star

    King Patrick Star K. O. T. R. 2007 -€“ Team Undisputed

    Apr 27, 2009
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    A thread about my favorite Pay Per View series of all time started by my favorite WrestleZone Hall Of Fame Mod!? How did I not come across this sooner!?

    I can finally say that I found a thread where I agree with everyone’s opinions on both sides of the argument.

    On the left hand, I wouldn’t mind if the WWE eliminated Night Of Champions. I am a firm believer that every WWE Pay Per View should featuring every active Championship in a Title match. Also, since I’m a Championship Title Belt collector, and I just have to have every Night Of Champions DVD, I wouldn’t mind the small savings with not having to buy it every year…although the last one I bought was 2013, because of the WWE Network.

    On the right hand, of course I want to see Night Of Champions every year!! It’s all about the number one reason why I’m a part of the WWE Universe and why I’m a Professional Sports Wrestling Entertainment fan. It’s not about the SuperStars, it’s about the Championship Title Belts. There’s just something about Gold on leather…sigh…anyway, here’s how I would set it up.

    WWE Universal Championship Title match
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title match
    WWE Women’s Championship Title match
    WWE World Tag Team Championship Title match
    WWE Intercontinental Championship Title match
    WWE United States Championship Title match
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title match

    That’s 7 Championship Title matches. If Smackdown were to activate their own Women’s and Tag Team Championship Titles, then I would add those to the card as well. If Smackdown does not, I would have all 3 NXT Championship Titles defended at Night Of Champions. It doesn’t matter to me if the 3 NXT Championship Title matches take place on the pre-show or on the Main card.

    Point is, I’m happy either way. I’m just dying to see what the WWE Universal Championship Title Belt is going to look like. Last night, my Son said, “it doesn’t matter what it’s going to look like, because you’re going to get it anyway.” He’s not wrong.

    By the way, I’m the one who voted “Two events, one for Raw and another for Smackdown” I was thinking more along the lines of Raw’s Night Of Champions on a Saturday and Smackdown’s Night Of Champions on the following Sunday. It could be a 2 Nights / Weekend of Champions event!! If you think that’s too much, take a look at my Championship Title Belt collection.
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