What is up with all the neck injuries as of late?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by dsotm5150, Jan 26, 2016.

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    Granted I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the televised product anymore, but I do like to keep up with wrestling as a whole and it just seems to me like the neck injuries are becoming a more and more occurring thing. Tyson Kidd is out indefinitely, Sting is most likely done, I've heard rumors Orton may have to have neck surgery done and now one of the Bellas. I know certain moves that were mainstays in a wrestling match over the years have been banned or extremely limited in an attempt to make it safer but it just seems like there are more neck injuries in wrestling today than I can remember ever hearing about. I mean yeah back when I watched regularly(and yes I'm dating myself here) there was a few that came to mind Arn Anderson, Droz, and Austin even though he wrestled for another few years afterwards. Have the moves gotten more dangerous in an attempt to make the product more interest? Are the performers just sloppier these days? Is it just all a coincidence?
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    You take several jarring moves to your head/neck/shoulder area a week for several years and see how it treats you. And people wonder why the top echelon wrestlers moves get limited so much. It's called a shelf life, and every wrestler has it. Even Cena broke his neck once (though that was more of a freak accident). Honestly, that guy who writes for Forbes had a good point about WWE being dumb to invest too much in indy guys with a lot of miles on them. Now it's naive to take that as a strict rule and hire none of them, but too much investment might not lead to enough of a return because of injuries.

    The heavy schedule, the toll the business physically takes on your body, and also (and this could be it's own thread) the increasing demands from fans wanting newer and more innovating stuff all lead to this kind of stuff. I'd even venture as far out to say that this isn't new at all. Even back into the Golden Era. I would guess back then that A) more wrestlers worked through injuries and safety wasn't practiced by them or the wrestling companies as much and, B) the internet wasn't around here to hear about such things so easily.
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    I think this part of the post is pretty spot on. Back in the day, in pretty much all sports, it was considered the right thing to do when playing through an injury. Now we know more about how certain injuries affect the body long term, so more precautions are being taken. It is just like concussions. I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about how in older sports video games, especially NFL games, a concussion would only result in the player taking a few plays off. Now when the player suffers an in game concussion he is out for extended periods of time. It mirrors the real life treatment of concussions, well except for the NFL but that is an entirely different topic.

    Plus, with the rise of the internet, we have an almost infinite amount of access to news that even twenty years ago we didn't have. We hear about every little injury that occurs to major names today, where as back in the day you wouldn't have access to the expansive news sources we now have at our fingertips.
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    They didn't take nearly as many high risk moves during that era. A dive off the turnbuckle watching Mid-Atlantic Wrestling growing up was considered a big highlight. Even if it was just an elbow drop. How often did you hear of Ric Flair getting injured? They worked a lengthy schedule then, just the travel wasn't from NY to FL but from city to city. Recent years even a serviceable big man like Kane hasn't had a lot of injuries.
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    Neck injuries are not uncommon in pro wrestling. In the early 2000's there were a lot of guys who had serious neck injuries - Edge, Test, Rhino, Kurt Angle, Lita (yes, I know she broke her neck while on the set of Dark Angel, but she was doing a hurricanrana at the time, so I count it) and probably others I'm forgetting.
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    The biggest change has been that the guys and girls can't use the pain meds they once used (and other drugs) to get through... The injuries were always there, but guys self-medicated until something like Rude or Steamboats neck injury came along, which was too bad to do anything with... They can't use those old methods, roids are much more controlled, so there are fewer guys with strong neck muscles like in the pass...
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    Can we put the neck injuries down to them having to many matches or the move set they use, of course we can, but neck injuries in wrestling are as common as hamstring or metatarsal injuries in soccer.

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