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    Impact Wrestling
    Date: September 29, 2016
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: D'Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

    It's an interesting show this week for very different reasons. Above all else (at least in theory) this is the go home show for Bound For Glory. However, if the rumors are true, there's also a strong chance that this is one of the, if not the very, last episodes of the show in general. Let's get to it.

    Jeremy Borash is in the ring to introduce Ethan Carter III and Lashley as the captains for tonight's Lethal Lockdown. We're going to get something like a live draft with the following teams announced:

    Lashley, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis

    Carter, Aron Rex, Moose, Gail Kim

    The captains talk a lot of trash and say this is all that matters to them at the pay per view. Lashley isn't like the people Carter has beaten because he can end Ethan's career. Carter has a challenge: the two of them starting Lethal Lockdown one on one. Lashley agrees.

    X-Division Title: Eddie Edwards vs. DJZ

    DJZ is defending after accepting Edwards' challenge last week. They chop it out to start until DJZ gets in a hurricanrana to send Eddie outside. DJZ's flip dive doesn't work though and it's Eddie sending the champ into the barricade for a suicide dive. A sitout powerbomb gets two for Eddie but he takes too long going for the Boston Knee Party, allowing DJZ to hit a ZDT to retain at 5:34.

    Post match the Helms Dynasty comes out and beats up both guys.

    Maria yells at Allie some more when Laura comes in. Allie looks like she's about to cry as Maria says this is what a woman should look like.

    Mike Bennett and Moose had a sitdown interview earlier with Moose talking about how he's dealt with people like Bennett for his entire football career. Bennett says this isn't football and promises to teach Moose a lesson on Sunday. Moose says after he beats Bennett all around the ring, the fans will be chanting one name.

    Madison Rayne vs. Laurel Van Ness

    Laurel offers Madison a chance to kiss her hand before the match but Madison forearms her in the face. That means it's time for a trip to the floor so Allie can check Laurel's makeup. Back in and Laurel gets in a few slaps as even Josh is sounding bored with this match. Laurel hits a curb stomp for the pin at 3:56.

    Allie announces Laurel as the winner, as per Maria's orders.

    Lashley offers a title shot to anyone who takes Ethan out.

    Drew Galloway is in the ring and calls out Aron Rex for a chat. Galloway talks about how he made this the place to be (for unemployment checks) so you're welcome. Rex: “First of all, get your own catchphrase.” Aron promises to beat Drew up like a greasy haired loser so Drew brings up the stuntman. This Sunday there can only be one and that's going to be Drew Galloway. Security comes out to break up the brawl but both guys get in cheap shots.

    Decay promises to destroy the Hardys.

    Long recap of Decay vs. House Hardy.

    Reby Hardy vs. Rosemary

    Reby throws her around to start but gets choked down. Some forearms to the back have Reby in trouble but she grabs a Twist of Fate, only to have Steve get on the apron for a distraction. Reby goes after Steve and it's the mist to Reby's eyes for the DQ at 3:10.

    Post match the big brawl breaks out and Rosemary gives Reby a Side Effect through a table.

    Lashley wins the coin toss for his team.

    Back from a break, Decay beats on Matt and Jeff even more. They fight to the back where Matt is electrocuted by a cable and we go to three camera shots at once with Steve shouting DECAY.

    Cody Rhodes vignette.

    Maria and Gail have another sitdown interview with Maria insisting on being introduced properly. They insult each other a few times and argue over whether the title or the Hall of Fame is more important.

    Tyrus is talking about the Bound For Gold match when Eli Drake interrupts. A business partnership is offered but Tyrus isn't interested. Then what's the point of his character?

    We run down the Bound For Glory card. The X-Division Title isn't mentioned.

    Ethan gives his team a pep talk.

    Team Carter vs. Team Lashley

    This is Lethal Lockdown, meaning there's a cage with weapons around the ring. Two men will start for five minutes and then Lashley's team sends in a man for a 2-1 advantage for two minutes. After those two minutes are up, Team Carter sends in a second man to even things up. The teams alternate every two minutes until all eight are in. At that point the cage roof lowers and it's one fall to a finish.

    Carter is in the ring to start but Lashley sends Bennett out to start instead. They slug it out to start with Carter getting the better of it, only to walk into a spinebuster. A clothesline gets Carter out of trouble and both guys are down until it's Galloway giving Lashley's team their advantage. The beating is on and we take a break.

    Back with Rex coming in to even things up and the good guys take over, as is always the case in these things. Lashley gives his team another advantage as the clock is all over the place here. There's nothing to talk about here as they're just hitting each other over and over during these periods. Moose even things up and hits a spinning crossbody but everything evens out until it's Maria coming down the ramp.

    Bennett tells her not to get in though so the brawling continue until Gail Kim comes out and throws Maria inside. That lasts all of ten seconds as Maria runs out with Gail chasing her up the ramp. I'm SO glad they were added here and not, say, whoever is in the X-Division Title match. Ah right, WE DON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE FOR THE PAY PER VIEW.

    Back from another break with Lashley's team in full control until Lashley has them stop for a meeting, allowing Rex to come back with a chair shot. Moose and Rex take turns beating Lashley down with various weapons. Bennett gets in a pipe shot on Rex and superkicks a chair into Moose's face.

    Moose does the same thing with a dropkick but walks into the Futureshock. It's down to Carter vs. Lashley with Ethan winning a slugout and sending him head first into the cage. The TK3 is no sold so Lashley spears him down and grabs the head and arms choke. Carter goes for the ropes but it doesn't matter inside the cage. Ethan passes out at 29:03.

    Lashley's choice for the main event: no holds barred.

    DJZ b. Eddie Edwards – ZDT
    Laurel Van Ness b. Madison Rayne – Curb Stomp
    Reby Hardy b. Rosemary via DQ when Rosemary used mist
    Team Lashley b. Team Carter when Carter passed out






    Bound For Glory 2016
    Date: October 2, 2016
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: D'Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

    It's the big night for TNA and the question looming is more about the future than anything else going on tonight. As for this show though, we have Ethan Carter III challenging Lashley for the TNA World Title, the crowning of the first TNA Grand Champion and the Great War between Decay and the Hardys for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Let's get to it.

    We open with Matt Hardy and his son Maxell playing the piano. Matt stops to read a story, which serves as our opening recap for all of the matches.

    The announcers welcome us to the show.

    X-Division Title: Trevor Lee vs. DJZ

    DJZ is defending and this is a bonus match because the TOTALLY IMPORTANT X-DIVISION didn't have time to get a match announced on TV. Lee gets taken down with a wristlock and we get a breather on the floor. Back in and a dropkick makes things even worse for Lee but he gets in an uppercut to take over. A running kick to the face has DJZ in even more trouble but it leaves him on the floor to frustrate Lee a bit more.

    The champ is thrown back in and grabs a flapjack, followed by a top rope hurricanrana to make it even worse. They trade dives with Lee getting the better of it but DJZ reverses a German suplex into a reverse hurricanrana. The ZDT is countered with the double stomp but DJZ reverses a suplex into a Canadian Destroyer of all things. Now the ZDT connects to retain the title at 11:08.

    Drew Galloway says he's out for a long time and he's very mad at TNA for making decisions for him. He goes into a rant about Billy Corgan not being allowed to tell him not to go on because Corgan would perform if he was told not to. Drew also slips in that Corgan is trying to buy the company.

    Bound For Gold

    This is a gauntlet match with the winner getting a future World Title shot, albeit with a one week warning. It's a Royal Rumble to start until we get down to two people when it becomes a regular match. Jesse Godderz is in at #1 and Rockstar Spud is in at #2. Godderz dominates to start and after a minute and a half, Braxton Sutter is in at #3.

    Spud's double clothesline has no effect but he fights off an elimination until Eli Drake is in at #4. Drake throws Sutter out and the fans do his YEAH catchphrase to mess with Eli's head. Robbie E. is in at #5 and the BroMans start cleaning house, only to have Robbie try to throw Jesse out. Jesse doesn't take kindly to this and it's Baron Dax in at #6.

    No one is thrown out and it's Grado in at #7, only to have Drake throw him out in two seconds. The BroMans double team Drake and Basile Baraka is in at #8. The eliminations start speeding up as Baraka, Dax and Robbie are eliminated in very short order. Tyrus is in at #9 and the monster starts cleaning house. Spud tries to hug him, earning himself a quick elimination. Spud: “WHY?????”

    Mahabali Shera completes the field at #10, giving us a final group of Shera, Tyrus, Godderz and Drake. Tyrus slams into Shera and throws him out to get us down to three. Drake is sent over the top but hangs on by his ankles, leaving Tyrus to give Godderz a World's Strongest Slam. A few dropkicks stagger Tyrus but Drake sneaks back in for the double elimination at 15:08.

    Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is here to watch Gail Kim be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Maria and Mike Bennett come in to say tonight is about them.

    We recap Mike Bennett vs. Moose, which is an old standard with Bennett bringing Moose in and then taking him for granted. Moose isn't going to take orders and is ready to fight for himself tonight.

    Mike Bennett vs. Moose

    For some reason Moose gets a full special entrance as a football team in full pads comes out to shout that it's game time. Bennett hammers away to no avail to start, allowing Moose to dropkick him off the top. Mike slides back in for a running flip dive but Moose throws him ribs first into the post. The monster's knee is sent into the steps though and Mike stomps away to take over.

    Moose fights up again and hits some running clotheslines, followed by a very hard clothesline. Mike comes back with a tornado DDT and a piledriver for two. Even more clotheslines have Bennett reeling but he catches a top rope clothesline in a cutter. That goes nowhere as Moose grabs the chokebomb and hits a discus lariat for the pin at 10:10.

    Aron Rex has had to change his game plan for Eddie Edwards. They were trained by the same man and Rex is here to prove he's a champion.

    Grand Championship: Aron Rex vs. Eddie Edwards

    For the inaugural title and the rounds are now five minutes long instead of three. Feeling out process to start with neither being able to go anywhere in the first two minutes. Eddie snaps off a hurricanrana but gets caught in the Russian legsweep. Rex is sent outside for a big flip dive and both guys are down. A few more shots have Eddie in control and round one ends.

    Eddie wins the first round so Rex is much more aggressive to start the second round. Some hard chops have Eddie in trouble and Rex starts in on the knee. Rex grabs an Indian Deathlock and THE LIGHTS GO OUT. Not as in an angle but as in the lights just stopped working. Fans: “PAY THE LIGHT BILL!” They come back on as Rex puts on a modified Sharpshooter for a few moments. Some knees to the back get two and the round ends.

    Rex wins the second round (which he dominated) but Eddie starts round three with a knee to the face for two. The fans want Davey as Eddie misses something off the top and tweaks his knee. We hit two minutes to go as Rex is sat on top but he throws Eddie back down. The Revelator misses and Eddie gets in a Shining Wizard but can't cover as the match ends at 16:28.

    They keep fighting as we go to a judges' decision with.....Rex winning via a split decision, which was spoiled by the scorecard before the announcement. They shake hands and Rex says Eddie can have a rematch anytime you want. Rex says they made history tonight and stay tuned for the second part.

    It's time for the Hall of Fame induction with special guests Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell (pregnant but in a dress that hides it very well) and Awesome Kong, who looks like she's lost about 50lbs. They all say some nice words for Gail until Dixie Carter comes out (getting booed out of the building in the process) for the long introduction.

    Gail comes to the ring and introduces a video tribute, with Al Snow, Billy Corgan and Jade doing most of the talking. Gail reads a quick speech and thanks everyone for helping her get here, including a lot of WWE women and everyone backstage. This was nice and it's hard to make fun of something rather classy.

    We recap Decay vs. the Hardys in the Great War. Decay took the titles earlier in the year and the Hardys invited them to North Carolina for Final Deletion II. This is a match with unclear rules with the titles on the line.

    Tag Team Titles: Hardys vs. Decay

    Decay is defending. Reby Hardy, in a very long red dress, plays her family to the ring on a live piano. The women are in the ring as well to start and there are weapons around the ring. It's a wild brawl to start of course and Reby is misted early on, meaning she has to go to the back. Steve clotheslines Matt and says he wants to break his back. Matt saves himself from a suplex but Rosemary throws in a trashcan.

    Abyss and Jeff are nowhere to be seen as Rosemary comes in with a Van Terminator of all things to give Steve two on the floor. Back in the ring, Abyss staples Jeff in the forehead. Josh: “Somebody is teeing off on somebody on the other side of the Impact Zone.” Thanks for that information Josh. Matt and Abyss fight to the back with Abyss punching out a referee. Steve and Jeff join them with Decay in control. Jeff tries to reach a bucket labeled “Lake of Reincarnation” but Steve hits him with a music stand.

    Back to Matt and Abyss, who fight over by a Universal Studios sign before Steve pours the bucket over Jeff.....who has disappeared. There's no commentary as Jeff (presumably) throws pumpkins at Steve. We see Jeff, who is now some kind of steampunk pimp with a southern accent, and says he's Jeff's friend. Matt and Abyss fight in front of a car as Rosemary returns to slap Jeff, earning herself a pumpkin over the head as Jeff shouts like the Joker. Steve takes Jeff down and tells Rosemary to go help Abyss, who is throwing Matt against a truck.

    Some “fan” appears and offers to fight Abyss because he's on Team Delete. That's fine with Rosemary who takes him out with one shot. Back to Jeff, who pulls out an umbrella and turns into Willow. Abyss has Janice but Matt throws fire from his hands to set it on fire. “Janice you look so hot.” Someone steals a truck with Abyss and Matt fighting in the back but it's cut off by Vanguard 1, who chases Rosemary off. More shouting ensues and we cut back to the Impact Zone where Willow brings Steve back inside. Willow grabs a ladder as commentary comes back because it's no longer pre-taped.

    Matt and Abyss stagger back inside as well with Abyss suplexing Matt on the ramp. Jeff (no longer Willow) crawls back out from under the ring and baseball slides a table into Steve. The Twist of Fate and Swanton get two on Abyss, who brings out the barbed wire board. Matt takes over and adds in the thumbtacks, followed by a Side Effect onto various sharp objects.

    A middle rope elbow sandwiches Abyss between two barbed wire boards for two. The women come back with Reby putting Rosemary through a table. Steve takes Abyss' place and gets a Twist of Fate with a chair around his neck. Matt sets up two tables and a ladder before stopping to tell Jeff to indulge in his addiction. Jeff Swantons through Steve for the pin and the titles at 22:45.

    We recap Lethal Lockdown with Lashley picking the main event stipulations.

    Lashley is tired of people like EC3 being placed in front of him. Tonight is about teaching a lesson.

    Knockouts Title: Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Gail Kim

    Maria is defending but says she can't wrestle because her hand is still broken. Allie says she has good news: the doctor said she's cleared to wrestle. Maria: “You are so stupid!” The bell rings anyway and Maria clotheslines Gail on the floor. They head inside with Maria slamming Gail head first onto the mat to set up a chinlock.

    Gail fights up so Mike Bennett throws in the brace for a shot to the head. That's only good for two and Allie is caught with the brace, earning her more yelling from Maria. Gail picks the brace off and throws it away before starting with the real beating. The Figure Four around the post has Maria screaming and Eat Defeat (after a double middle finger to Maria) gives Gail the title back at 5:18.

    Bennett goes into a tirade against the fans for trying to screw his family over so it's time to shut this show down. The lights go out (on purpose this time) and here are the debuting Cody (no longer Rhodes/Runnels) and Brandi (who can be called Rhodes). Maria starts yelling at Cody so Brandi gets in her face, earning Maria a knee to the head. The brawl is on with Cody hitting the Beautiful Disaster. This wasn't much and felt really thrown together.

    Quick recap of Carter vs. Lashley. Carter is the latest person to come after the title and Lashley has promised to treat him like everyone who has come before.

    TNA World Title: Ethan Carter III vs. Lashley

    No Holds Barred with Lashley defending. Lashley spears Ethan during the Big Match Intros and then allows JB to finish his introduction. Why don't more people do that? Carter says ring the bell anyway but Lashley runs him over with a clothesline. Some clotheslines from Ethan put Lashley on the floor but the champ shrugs off everything Ethan throws at him.

    A quick Dominator has Carter in more trouble and Lashley throws him onto the ramp. Back in and Carter throws him with a t-bone suplex, followed by an elbow to the jaw for two. Carter hammers away but gets speared again to cut him in half. Lashley gets the title but walks into a snap German suplex for two before rolling out to the floor. A TK3 on the steps knocks Lashley silly but they're still outside.

    Back in and the third spear gets two on Carter before Lashley just unloads on him with a chair. A Rock Bottom into a side choke has Carter in trouble but he grabs the referee's leg to keep the match going. Ethan fights up and rolls some German suplexes, setting up the 1%er for two. A super 1%er is broken up and a middle rope spear pins Carter at 16:12.

    And....that's it. No big debut, no special announcement, nothing out of the ordinary. Lashley just poses and the show ends.

    DJZ b. Trevor Lee – DJZ
    Eli Drake won Bound For Gold last eliminating Tyrus and Jesse Godderz
    Moose b. Mike Bennett – Discus lariat
    Aron Rex b. Eddie Edwards via split decision
    Hardys b. Decay – Swanton Bomb through a table
    Gail Kim b. Maria Kanellis-Bennett – Eat Defeat
    Lashley b. Ethan Carter III – Middle rope spear

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Rusev vs. Roman Reigns went to a double countout
    New Day b. Anderson and Gallows – Trouble in Paradise to Anderson
    Bayley b. Anna Fields – Bayley to Belly
    Rich Swann/Cedric Alexander b. Drew Gulak/Lince Dorado – Sunset flip to Gulak
    Cesaro/Sheamus b. Nick Cutler/Willis Williams – Brogue Kick to Williams
    TJ Perkins b. Tony Nese – Kneebar
    Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens b. Enzo Amore/Big Cass – Powerbomb to Amore

    Usos/Ascension b. Heath Slater/Rhyno/American Alpha – Tequila Sunrise to Slater
    Carmella/Natalya b. Nikki Bella/Naomi – Rollup to Bella
    AJ Styles b. Dean Ambrose – Rollup with a handful of tights

    Tye Dillinger b. Angelo Dawkins – Tyebreaker
    Ember Moon b. Mandy Rose – Eclipse
    Authors of Pain b. Jesus Yurnet/Jonathan Cruz – Russian legsweep/clothesline combo to Cruz
    Asuka b. Liv Morgan – Double armbar
    Hideo Itami b. Lince Dorado – GTS

    Impact Wrestling
    DJZ b. Eddie Edwards – ZDT
    Laurel Van Ness b. Madison Rayne – Curb Stomp
    Reby Hardy b. Rosemary via DQ when Rosemary used mist
    Team Lashley b. Team Carter when Carter passed out

    Bound For Glory 2016
    DJZ b. Trevor Lee – DJZ
    Eli Drake won Bound For Gold last eliminating Tyrus and Jesse Godderz
    Moose b. Mike Bennett – Discus lariat
    Aron Rex b. Eddie Edwards via split decision
    Hardys b. Decay – Swanton Bomb through a table
    Gail Kim b. Maria Kanellis-Bennett – Eat Defeat
    Lashley b. Ethan Carter III – Middle rope spear

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