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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: September 12, 2016
    Location: Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Corey Graves

    Raw's woes begin again this week as there's a double header of Monday Night Football tonight. The company is countering with Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens and if Reigns wins, he's added to the Raw World Title match at Clash of Champions. In theory this should involve some Rusev interference but that might be a bit too much common sense. Let's get to it.

    We open with Last Week on Raw with Seth Rollins turning face and getting a title shot at the pay per view.

    Opening sequence.

    Mick Foley is in the ring to talk about the main event and to introduce Charlotte with Dana Brooke. Charlotte brow beats Dana for the loss to Bayley and is trying to get the records change to say that Dana lost last week. Dana tries to apologize but Mick cuts them off to talk about Clash of Champions. This brings out Sasha to say she's taking the title at the pay per view.

    Before that can go anywhere, here's Bayley to interrupt as well. She would love to see Sasha get a title shot tonight but Bayley beat the champ last week so maybe she should get a title shot instead. Charlotte laughs this off and says Sasha doesn't get to pick when the title is defended.

    Mick does though and suggests that we need a #1 contender. Dana suggests another best of seven series but Charlotte threatens to slap the taste out of her mouth. That goes nowhere though as Mick makes Sasha vs. Bayley for the #1 contendership tonight. Dana slaps Charlotte before anyone can realize how stupid it is to waste Sasha vs. Bayley here, earning her a spot in the #1 contenders match as well.

    Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke

    The winner gets the title shot at Clash of Champions and Charlotte is on commentary. Bayley is quickly sent outside and Sasha is sent outside to follow, allowing Bayley to roll Dana up for two. Dana gets beaten down and pulled to the floor, leaving us with a showdown as we take a break. Back with Dana cranking on Bayley's arms as you can really see that they're protecting Sasha by letting the other two do the bulk of the work.

    Sasha comes back in and loads up the double knees, only to put Bayley underneath her. Bayley moves and Dana takes the full thing, leaving Bayley to go up top for the high crossbody. The Tower of Doom plants Dana and it's off to the Bank Statement. Bayley makes the save and hits the Bayley to Belly on Dana, only to have Sasha roll Bayley up for the pin at 12:14. Ignore Sasha's shoulders being down on the rollup and Bayley's feet being on top of her.

    Post break Dana apologizes to Charlotte but the champ just tells her to get the bags. Was that slap already erased from existence?

    The Shining Stars offer R-Truth a time share in Puerto Rico. Truth: “YAHTZEE!” Goldust comes in before the payment goes through though and here are Enzo and Cass to say last week's loss wasn't fair. Spanish is spoken and I think the challenge is accepted.

    Kevin Owens calls HHH his mentor and says Roman Reigns doesn't belong in the same ring as the champ. Tonight he'll make sure Seth Rollins is all alone at Clash of Champions. Chris Jericho comes in to say he'll be having Sami Zayn on the Highlight Reel tonight, even though he's a stupid idiot.

    Bo Dallas vs. Brandon Scott

    Bo says he can only believe in himself. Brandon is sent into the corner and taken down by three straight gutbusters. A Roll of the Dice ends Scott at 1:13. Why are they making Bo better than he's been since he debuted after that big ordeal a few weeks back?

    It's time for the Highlight Reel with promises of some hard hitting journalism. Jericho was excited about the idea of interviewing Kevin Owens, who is so handsome that Tom Cruise and/or Brad Pitt could play him in their life story movie. Instead he gets Sami Zayn, who is the lowest of the low. Jericho laughs at Sami for not even having Owens' new phone number but Sami is amazed that Jericho brought him out here to talk about Owens. Zayn loves the idea that Jericho buys into what Owens says and he only cares about that Universal Title.

    That doesn't fly with Jericho so he takes credit for Sami and Owens wanting to be where they are today. Sami goes into a rant about how it was people like Eddie Guerrero who paved the way for him and now Jericho, a former World Champion, is just Kevin's lackey. Jericho offers to show Sami a text from Kevin but breaks his phone over Sami's head, likely setting up a match at the Clash.

    Sheamus vs. Cesaro

    Match #5 in the Best of 7 Series with Cesaro down 3-1. Sheamus hits him in the bad back to start and sends Cesaro into the corner a few times. A quick running uppercut looks to set up the Sharpshooter but Sheamus bails to the floor. More uppercuts give Cesaro two and we take a break. Back with Cesaro having to fight out of an over the shoulder backbreaker and hitting the high crossbody for two.

    It's too early for the Cloverleaf so Cesaro comes back with the springboard corkscrew uppercut for another near fall. White Noise is countered into the Sharpshooter but Cesaro's back won't let him get the hold on full. The Swing doesn't work either and Sheamus gets two off the Irish Curse. The High Cross is broken up and Cesaro grabs a rollup with his foot on the ropes for the pin at 9:57.

    Seth Rollins comes in to see Mick Foley and accuses him of just being there to do whatever Stephanie wants him to do. Mick is really not happy with that and yells about it, only to have Rollins suggest that Mick is lost in all this.

    Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

    This is over Nia hurting Alicia's friend last week. Nia says she doesn't do crazy. Fox is sent into the corner for the required shoulders to the ribs and they head outside. Nia drives her back first into the post and then tosses her into the barricade a few times. A spear sends Alicia through the barricade and the match is stopped at about 2:00.

    Here's New Day to say that last week Gallows and Anderson tried to be entertaining. Woods: “DO NOT TOUCH OUR THING!” They load up the Old Day footage but say there's no way we're showing that again. That skit was so bad that it made everyone lose five minutes and thirty seven seconds of their lives. That time could have been spent watching Baltimore Ravens highlights (Big E: “Are we pandering now?”) or poured a big old bowl of BootyO's. Anderson and Gallows come out to say they'll win the titles and that's about it. If WWE is telling you that one of their segments bombed, you can really tell it was bad.

    Anderson and Gallows vs. New Day

    Non-title with Kofi and Woods for the champs. This is joined in progress with Woods working on Anderson's arm before it's off to Kofi for a top rope stomp. Thankfully that lets us ignore the stupid line with the commentators comparing Anderson and Gallows to Demolition. Gallows comes I and throws Kofi to the floor before just kicking him in the face.

    We hit the chinlock from Anderson as the announcers say the Smackdown Tag Team Champions aren't in the same league as these teams. True but I wish they wouldn't try to set up a brand vs. brand story yet. Kofi finally kicks away and makes the tag to Woods for some house cleaning, including the Honor Roll for two on Karl. The slugout actually goes to Xavier and the bottom rope tornado DDT sets up a top rope elbow. Gallows remembers he's in the match and makes the save, setting up the Magic Killer to end Woods at 9:29.

    Roman Reigns is ready to fight and wants to be at Clash of Champions.

    Jinder Mahal vs. Jack Swagger

    Mahal is now The Man That Comes In Peace and talks about spending time in monasteries to get rid of his hatred. They slug it out to start with Mahal actually getting the better of it until they head outside with Swagger fighting back. Back in and a running knee to the face gets two on Jack. Swagger runs the ropes a few times before just stopping and elbowing Mahal in the face. The Vader Bomb misses and a running neckbreaker ends Swagger at 3:20.

    Connor's Cure video.

    Tom Phillips asks Swagger about his soon to expire contract but Jack walks away.

    Enzo Amore vs. Epico

    Enzo offers to plant some flowers in Epico's, ahem, soil, after he knocks Epico out. We hear more about the Puerto Rico resort, which Graves has been able to visit. Sure the hotel is under construction and his room only had three walls but the beaches were nice. Epico rolls some suplexes and gets two off a delayed vertical. Enzo comes back and goes to the top, only to spend too much time dancing. Cass kicks Primo in the face but gets taken down by a suicide dive. That allows Enzo to come off the top with a dive but a suplex over the apron sets up the Bobby Heenan finish with Primo holding the foot so Epico can get the pin at 3:20.

    Rollins cuts Owens off in the back and says he hopes this stays a one on one match because he'd love nothing more than to beat up HHH's little golden boy. Owens thinks that's funny because Seth probably wants someone to do the work so he can steal the pin. Seth has always had a bunch of people doing his work for him, including HHH. All Seth has done is fail since he came back (Always remember: winning the title doesn't matter. DEFENDING THE TITLE MATTERS!) while Owens won the title in his first chance.

    Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

    Non-title. Owens takes it outside to start so Reigns hits him in the face a few times. A slingshot kick to the jaw makes things worse for the champ but he takes Reigns down and slaps on a chinlock. Reigns fights up and gets booed some more, only to have Owens bail outside to avoid the Superman Punch. The Punch off the apron is blocked with a superkick and Owens sends him into the post as we go to a break.

    Back with Owens holding another chinlock as this show somehow loses even more energy. Reigns finally fights out of it and they head outside again, only to have Rollins come out to attack Owens for the DQ at 13:14. Foley sends out the referees to get rid of Rollins but THE MATCH MUST CONTINUE! Back in and they slug it out with Reigns taking over off a Samoan drop. A bite under the arm (that's a new one) breaks up a superplex and the spinning superplex gets two for the champ.

    The Cannonball misses as this match just keeps going. Roman gets two off the Superman Punch but stops to send Owens into the post. The champ comes back with a pair of Cannonballs but Reigns jumps over the Pop Up Powerbomb. Cue Rusev for a distraction though (it's about time) and the Pop Up Powerbomb ends Reigns at 23:21 (including the time between the DQ and the restart).

    Rusev beats Roman up to end the show.

    Sasha Banks b. Bayley and Dana Brooke – Rollup to Bayley
    Bo Dallas b. Brandon Scott – Roll of the Dice
    Cesaro b. Sheamus – Rollup with foot on the ropes
    Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox went to a no content when Jax speared Fox through the barricade
    Anderson and Gallows b. New Day – Magic Killer to Woods
    Jinder Mahal b. Jack Swagger – Running neckbreaker
    Epico b. Enzo Amore – Pin with Primo holding Amore's foot
    Kevin Owens b. Roman Reigns – Pop Up Powerbomb


    Date: September 13, 2016
    Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Commentators: John Bradshaw Layfield, Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga

    Backlash has come and gone and a few things have changed. In addition to having inaugural Smackdown Tag Team Champions (Heath Slater/Rhyno) and an inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion (Becky Lynch), AJ Styles has finally won the big one and become Smackdown World Champion. No Mercy is in less than a month and tonight we start dealing with all these new developments. Let's get to it.

    We open with a Backlash recap, thankfully kept down to about two minutes.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's AJ, who is now introduced as the face that runs this place. He's done everything he told us he would do and now he's the WWE World Champion (the belt is a very nice fit too). Now he's the champ that runs the camp but here's John Cena to interrupt. Cena looks a bit stunned before saying AJ has something that he would like back. The 16 time champ is here but Dean Ambrose cuts him off.

    Dean wants his title back but Cena cuts him off as well, saying that Dean didn't take AJ seriously enough. Maybe Steve Austin was right to call him out on the podcast. Ambrose doesn't take kindly to that and calls Cena a lazy part timer. Cena would be better off hosting award shows because he's not able to keep up with the new generation.

    This brings out Shane McMahon to praise all of their work before talking about AJ taking a shortcut to become WWE Champion. Therefore, AJ will be defending against Cena and Ambrose in a triple dance at No Mercy. As for tonight though, it's Cena/Styles vs. AJ/a partner of his choosing. If AJ can't find one, Daniel Bryan will pick one for him.

    Connor's Cure video.

    Usos vs. Hype Bros

    No entrances here and the twins start in on Ryder's bad leg. A kick to Jimmy's back allows the tag off to Rawley for the house cleaning but Jey gets in a superkick. The Superfly splash ends Mojo at 2:22.

    Curt Hawkins talks about wolf cubs.

    Here are Miz and Maryse for a chat. Miz has held the title for 162 days, which is longer than 132 other former champions, including Dolph Ziggler. This brings out Ziggler to say Miz will never be seen as a top guy. Yeah he'd never main event Wrestlemania or anything like that. Apparently Miz has never earned any respect so all he has to do is beat Ziggler one time with nothing but the two of them. This brings out Daniel Bryan (JBL: “The General Manager of Raw!”) to say Ziggler gets a rematch. Miz says no because he wants his contract renegotiated. Bryan gets in the ring and Miz bails into the crowd.

    To recap: since Ziggler challenged Dean Ambrose for the title, the goal has gone from defending the World Title to winning the big one (the Intercontinental Title in this case) to now earning respect by being viewed as a main eventer, which apparently doesn't include a successful title defense in the main event of Wrestlemania. Now the way to earn respect is to pin Dolph Ziggler, meaning almost the whole roster is respected.

    Baron Corbin isn't interested in being AJ's partner because he'd rather be his opponent.

    Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

    Rematch from Backlash's pre-show. Corbin jumps Crews during the entrances and hits the End of Days on the floor. No match but Jack Swagger of all people comes out, seemingly having jumped to Smackdown.

    Swagger: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IT'S THE ROLLING STONES!” You've seen him wrestle for a long time but you don't know Jack. We, as in we the people, are going to be a big problem.

    Here's Becky Lynch for her first appearance as the Smackdown Women's Champion. That means the required YOU DESERVE IT before Becky can talk about being the only one that survived on Sunday. The journey was worth it so come at her bros.

    Naomi vs. Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Natalya

    Again I'd like to point out that it's a really bad sign that every possible challenger can be put into one match. One fall to a finish with the winner getting a title shot at some point in the future. It's a big brawl to start of course with Natalya taking over off a series of suplexes. Nikki takes her down with a facebuster but Carmella makes the save. That means the big showdown but Carmella bails outside again.

    Instead it's Naomi kicking Nikki in the face but getting caught in an electric chair drop. Alexa and Natalya come back in and go to the corner, allowing Naomi to hit a running enziguri. The Bella Buster and Rear View get two each but Alexa kicks Nikki off the top. Carmella comes back in with a superkick but Bliss steals the pin on Nikki at 5:13.

    Kane laughs at AJ for suggesting a partnership.

    Here's Shane to introduce Heath Slater (and Rhyno) for the official contract signing. Slater signs before anything else can happen and praises Rhyno for being a great partner. They'll fight anyone anywhere and it's time to thank his kids. However, here's the Ascension to interrupt and ask for a title shot right now. Slater says not right now because there's a table, a red carpet and no referee. Shane thinks we can ix that so let's defend the belts right now.

    Smackdown Tag Team Titles: Heath Slater/Rhyno vs. Ascension

    Ascension is challenging and this is joined in progress with Slater in trouble. Something off the top is horribly botched with Viktor dropping Slater as Konnor lands on him. The hot tag brings in Rhyno for a spinebuster before Slater is dumped to the floor. Rhyno Gores Viktor to retain at 2:04.

    AJ says he doesn't need a partner but Daniel has appointed one for him: one of the jobbers AJ insulted on Sunday.

    Randy Orton comes out to address Bray Wyatt, but not before some extra posing. Orton has finally figured out that Bray calls himself the face of fear because he's afraid. Right now Orton is ready for a fight so Bray can come out here and face his fear. Instead Bray comes up on screen to warn Randy not to sleep. The lights go out again and Bray is on the floor behind Randy, who is actually smart enough to turn around before Bray can do anything. Bray takes off the gear but the lights go out again, allowing Erick Rowan (Didn't they split?) to come in and jump Orton.....who scores with a quick RKO to take care of that loser.

    John Cena/Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles/James Ellsworth

    Actually hang on a second as Miz jumps Ellsworth and hammers away. We have a replacement. I fully support the idea of Miz moving back to the main event.

    John Cena/Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles/The Miz

    Joined in progress again with Miz kicking Cena in the face before it's off to Dean for some clotheslines on AJ. A quick Pele takes Dean down and we go to another break. Back with Miz ax handling Dean so it can be back to AJ. We hit a chinlock on Ambrose for a bit before he shoves AJ away and makes the hot tag off to Cena. Everything breaks down and Dean sends AJ to the floor, leaving Cena to AA Miz for the pin at 9:50.

    Post match Dean gives Cena Dirty Deeds and actually gets booed. I'm not sure if that was a heel turn or not but it felt pretty close.

    Usos b. Hype Bros – Superfly splash to Rawley
    Alexa Bliss b. Nikki Bella, Natalya, Carmella and Naomi – Superkick to Bella
    Heath Slater/Rhyno b. Ascension – Gore to Viktor
    John Cena/Dean Ambrose b. The Miz/AJ Styles – AA to the Miz


    Date: September 14, 2016
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves

    We're slowly making our way to Toronto but first we need to get to the end of this taping cycle. The big story here is still Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, which is probably going to headline the next Takeover. Other than that we have Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose in a match that could have the crowd reacting in multiple ways. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's Samoa Joe to get things going. Joe talks about how a man reaches a point where he knows something has changed. As NXT Champion, he was a disgrace. He ran roughshod over NXT for a year because he wanted to be the champion of the hottest brand in the WWE Universe. Joe requests and receives an appearance from Shinsuke Nakamura. They said a lot of things leading up to their match in Brooklyn and Joe meant every bit of it, including saying that Nakamura was an undeserving contender.

    Standing here now though, he knows Nakamura is a worthy champion. Joe has a guaranteed rematch but instead of cashing it in, he wants to ask Nakamura for the shot man to man. The champ says it's on and very tentatively shakes Joe's hand. Joe leaves Nakamura to pose but comes back out and jumps the champ on the stage. Nakamura is whipped into and Rock Bottomed onto the steps as Joe shouts that he did this to Shinsuke. Joe leaves and Nakamura is taken out on a stretcher. Even William Regal and Corey Graves come out to check on Nakamura as he's wheeled away.

    Graves and Phillips talk about how serious this is. It actually feels better here as this almost never happens around here, which is the case with almost every big angle they do.

    Regal goes to find Joe but he pulls away in a car.

    Liv Morgan vs. Rachel Fazio

    Rachel used to be known as Rachel Ellering. Morgan works on a front facelock to start as we hear that Nakamura has been taken to a medical facility. A running dropkick staggers Rachel but Liv doesn't seem to know what to do next. Morgan grabs a guillotine choke (which she barely keeps on) for the tap at 1:51. This really didn't work with Liv looking very sloppy.

    Post match Liv grabs the mic and yells at Rachel for tapping out. The word on the street is that the NXT Women's division needs more challengers so she's throwing her hat in the ring to face Asuka.

    Hideo Itami vs. Drew Gulak

    Gulak gets in his face to start and they hit the mat for some submission attempts. Drew goes with a slap to the face so Itami gives him one right back. It's time for some kicks to the face with Itami getting in a running boot but running into a dropkick for his efforts. Drew starts in on the leg but thinks it's a good idea to slap Hideo in the face. The beating is on in a hurry and the GTS ends Gulak at 4:55.

    Authors of Pain vs. Doug Sessa/Chris Payne

    Razar drops Sessa with a spinning elbow to the face and it's off to Akum for forearms to the chest. Payne (not named until after the match) tries to come in and gets a double powerbomb. The running clothesline/Russian legsweep combo ends Doug at 1:51.

    Tye Dillinger is ready to prove that he really is a perfect ten.

    No Way Jose vs. Bobby Roode

    Roode is introduced on a spinning pedestal and the fans sing his song. His entrance in Toronto is going to be amaz.....perfec.....blast it why can't I think of the right word for it? Roode takes him down to start and does a pose, sending the fans into song. A headlock doesn't do anything for Roode so Jose slam him to take over. Fans: “YOU'RE NOT GLORIOUS!”

    Jose sends him outside for a running forearm off the apron and we take a break. It's good to hear the No Way Jose song as the commercial starts as Jose deserves some cheering despite being against the hottest act in the promotion. Back with Roode sending Jose into the buckle and getting two off a delayed vertical suplex. Jose fights out of a chinlock and puts on the airplane spin. The Baseball punch misses and Roode finishes with an implant DDT at 11:00.

    Liv Morgan b. Rachel Fazio – Guillotine choke
    Hideo Itami b. Drew Gulak – GTS
    Authors of Pain b. Doug Sessa/Chris Payne – Running clothesline/Russian legsweep combo to Sessa
    Bobby Roode b. No Way Jose – Implant DDT


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: September 15, 2016
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: D'Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

    Things are starting to pick up with just three weeks to go before Bound For Glory. Last week saw more build towards Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III and the announcement of a tournament for the inaugural TNA Grand Championship. Of course none of that matters compared to Final Deletion II. Let's get to it.

    We open with Matt Hardy talking about everything that happened last week in Final Deletion II. Senor Benjamin has been kidnapped and Jeff is badly injured so Matt puts him into the Lake of Reincarnation. Jeff is thrown into the water and comes out as the Immortal Jeff, complete with belt, from 2010. Matt shouts NEVER and throws him back in to have him come back out as the Jeff he's been in recent weeks. Next up: Matt has to go find Vanguard I. So the big answer to what happened to Jeff last week: eh forget it.

    Here's Lashley for an in ring chat with Jeremy Borash. Lashley says this is going to be the year that he dominates wrestling because no one else in any promotion is as dominant as he is. Since he beat up EC3 last week, he needs an opponent for Bound For Glory. It might as well be JB because it would be just as dominant either way. This brings out Grado, who says JB is a much bigger joke than he'll ever be. Grado calls Lashley a coward and it's a quick beatdown capped off by a spear. Another callout brings Moose to the ring and the champ is actually knocked out to the floor. Moose issues what sounds like a challenge.

    Aron Rex says Drew Galloway has been handed all kinds of opportunities while he's had to take everything he can get. Rex promises to see Drew soon.

    Lashley says he'll make Moose famous but not tonight.

    Grand Championship Title Tournament First Round: Trevor Lee vs. Aron Rex

    Three rounds of three minutes each. They trade headlocks to start until Rex is sent out to the floor. A big boot sets up a chinlock as I keep trying to figure out why they turn the lights down for these matches. Rex fights up with some clotheslines for some last second points to end the round because Heaven forbid Rex goes full speed ahead the full match. Rex somehow wins the first round so Lee forearms him for two to start the second round. That earns him a Russian legsweep and Wind-Up Elbow, followed by a running discus punch to pin Lee at 5:33.

    Maria is going to hold Gail Kim's Hall of Fame ceremony tonight so it doesn't overshadow the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory.

    Matt finds the destroyed Vanguard I and cries at its death.....but it's reincarnated as well so never mind.

    Here are Allie and Maria to hold Gail's Hall of Fame induction. Maria is tired of no one talking about her title win because everyone is talking about Gail Kim. We see a highlight video of Maria beating Gail up and Maria does Gail's speech for her. The official gift is a picture of Maria with the title but Allie has her own present for the best female wrestler ever.

    Maria freaks out again and stomps on whatever the present is but here's Dixie Carter. Dixie says Maria has a conflict of interests and no longer has any authority. Gail never lost the title (yes she did) so she's going to be in the Knockout gauntlet tonight to crown a new #1 contender.

    Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud

    This is an empty arena with all turnbuckles exposed “for the safety of the fans”. Apparently Sutter hit Spud in the face and the injury made him require braces. Spud jumps him on the ramp and the fight is on. Josh: “The arena is empty because there are no fans in it.” It's not even a match as they just beat each other around the empty arena and throw each other into metal objects. Spud kicks him low and they finally get in the ring with Sutter kicking him low to retaliate. A few whips into the buckle sets up a ram into the buckle to give Sutter the pin at 5:13.

    And now, here's more Matt Hardy, who sends Vanguard I to find Senor Benjamin in a barn. Matt tells Benjamin to stockpile more weapons than ever because a great war is coming at Bound For Glory. THEY'RE ALREADY DOING FINAL DELETION III??????

    Recap of last week's Final Deletion.

    Here's House Hardy (the new name for the group) to challenge Decay. The champs appear in the crowd and say that Maxill deserves a better home. The Hardys are offered their own decay so Jeff promises to delete them for good at Bound For Glory. Fans: “OBSOLETE! OBSOLETE!” Matt wants to fight them in the insanity of the Great War and Rosemary accepts so Maxill can join his real family. The fight is on and House Hardy stands tall.

    Mike Bennett tries to get in Lashley's head about Moose.

    Knockouts Gauntlet

    This is basically a Royal Rumble with over the top eliminations but it turns into a regular match with pins or submissions when they get down to two. Jade is in at #1 and Allie is in at #2 but Maria says not so fast because she's found someone better. Instead, a newcomer named Laurel Van Ness (indy wrestler Chelsea Green) is in at #2. Jade kicks away to start until Sienna is in at #3.

    We get a double teaming on Jade until Gail Kim is in at #4. The minute intervals continue with Marti Bell coming in at #5. The heels keep control until Raquel is in at #6. There's almost nothing going on in between these entrances. Madison Rayne rounds out the field at #7 and we're not even six minutes into the match. I'm sure just a regular battle royal was out of the question.

    Back from a break with no eliminations but Madison is knocked out in a hurry. Jade is kicked out as well but stays around at ringside. Marti gets sent over the top and is caught by Jade, who rams her into the post and then drops her to the mat for the elimination. Allie screws up AGAIN and causes Van Ness to be eliminated as well. The referee comes in as we're down to Sienna vs. Gail. A sunset flip gets two for Gail before Eat Defeat sends her to Bound For Glory at 14:13. The one on one part wasn't even two minutes long.

    Grand Championship Title Tournament First Round: Eddie Edwards vs. Mahabali Shera

    Neither gets an entrance. Feeling out process to start with Eddie firing off chops and sending Shera to the floor for a suicide dive. Back in and the Boston Knee Party gets two (that move might have set a record for fastest time being turned into nothing) and the first round ends.

    Eddie wins the first round in a clean sweep so Shera stomps away in the corner to start round two. Some miscommunication gives us an awkward looking sequence in the corner with Shera just stopping in front of Eddie. An over the shoulder rib breaker gets two on Eddie and Shera throws him into the air for a big crash. They fight over a suplex to end round two, which goes to Shera in a split decision despite Eddie not hitting anything. Eddie is aggressive to start the third round and kicks Shera in the ribs, setting up a half crab for the submission at 8:45.

    Lashley and Moose come to the ring for the closing segment with Lashley offering Moose the title shot at Bound For Glory. Moose seems to agree but doesn't want to wait that long. Moose beats him up around the ring until Lashley gets in a few shoulders in the corner. Mike Bennett comes out for the double team on Moose but Ethan Carter III runs out for the show closing brawl. Matthews: “EC3 IS BACK!” HE WAS HERE LAST WEEK YOU STUPID STUPID MAN!

    Aron Rex b. Trevor Lee – Running discus punch
    Braxton Sutter b. Rockstar Spud – Ram into the exposed turnbuckle
    Gail Kim won a gauntlet match last eliminating Sienna – Eat Defeat
    Eddie Edwards b. Mahabali Shera – Half crab







    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Sasha Banks b. Bayley and Dana Brooke – Rollup to Bayley
    Bo Dallas b. Brandon Scott – Roll of the Dice
    Cesaro b. Sheamus – Rollup with foot on the ropes
    Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox went to a no content when Jax speared Fox through the barricade
    Anderson and Gallows b. New Day – Magic Killer to Woods
    Jinder Mahal b. Jack Swagger – Running neckbreaker
    Epico b. Enzo Amore – Pin with Primo holding Amore's foot
    Kevin Owens b. Roman Reigns – Pop Up Powerbomb

    Usos b. Hype Bros – Superfly splash to Rawley
    Alexa Bliss b. Nikki Bella, Natalya, Carmella and Naomi – Superkick to Bella
    Heath Slater/Rhyno b. Ascension – Gore to Viktor
    John Cena/Dean Ambrose b. The Miz/AJ Styles – AA to the Miz

    Liv Morgan b. Rachel Fazio – Guillotine choke
    Hideo Itami b. Drew Gulak – GTS
    Authors of Pain b. Doug Sessa/Chris Payne – Running clothesline/Russian legsweep combo to Sessa
    Bobby Roode b. No Way Jose – Implant DDT

    Impact Wrestling
    Aron Rex b. Trevor Lee – Running discus punch
    Braxton Sutter b. Rockstar Spud – Ram into the exposed turnbuckle
    Gail Kim won a gauntlet match last eliminating Sienna – Eat Defeat
    Eddie Edwards b. Mahabali Shera – Half crab

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