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    Finn Balor has vacated the Universal Title due to a shoulder injury. He may be out for three months.

    Monday Night Raw
    Date: August 22, 2016
    Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

    It's the night after Summerslam and there's a lot to talk about, but first and foremost we have no Universal Champion. Finn Balor won the inaugural title last night but was forced to vacate it due to a shoulder injury suffered during the match. Odds are tonight we'll find out what happens with the title so let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of last night's Universal Title match. Nothing else is mentioned.

    Opening sequence.

    The announcers tell us about Finn's injury and the title being vacated. He'll be out at least SIX months.

    The bosses bring out Finn with his arm in a sling. Balor says this title represents a lifetime of sacrifice, including one last night. He has to vacate the title tonight but when he comes back, this title is the first thing he's coming for. Balor gets a hero's sendoff but Seth Rollins cuts him off with a huge grin on his face. Rollins calls himself the real winner last night but here's Sami Zayn to cut him off.

    Nothing is said as Chris Jericho comes out as well. He's followed by Owens, Enzo and Cass (before this segment started I said I'd take a flier and put the belt on Cass) and Reigns. Foley says there's going to be a series of matches to determine the champion next week. You can imagine how well that's going over.

    Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn

    Before the bell, Sami looks over at Owens and gets jumped from behind to send us to a break. The match is joined in progress with Sami snapping off a headscissors to put Rollins outside, only to have him start stomping at Zayn in the corner. Back up and Sami springboards off the bottom rope and twists his ankle. Sami says he can keep going and low bridges to the floor, setting up a slingshot flip dive over the top. Seth comes back with the top rope knee to the head and we take a break.

    Back with Sami hitting his big clothesline and a sunset bomb out of the corner. The Pedigree doesn't work as Sami hits the exploder suplex. The Helluva Kick doesn't work though and Seth stomps on the foot before grabbing a leg lock for....actually not a submission. Sami gets to the ropes but can't grab a suplex, setting up the Pedigree to give Rollins the pin at 11:53.

    Kevin Owens vs. Neville

    So there are going to be some named added. Neville sends him outside to start and hits a 450 off the apron. Another big running flip dive takes Owens down but here's Chris Jericho for a distraction so Kevin can (not) hit a clothesline to turn Neville inside out. Back with Neville avoiding a frog splash and hitting a middle rope phoenix splash, followed by the deadlift German suplex for two. The Red Arrow misses but Neville enziguris him right back into position. Jericho distracts the referee though and Owens hits the torture rack neckbreaker for the pin at 8:31.

    The title match next week will be a fatal fourway. Is this surprising in the slightest?

    Here's New Day to celebrate holding the Tag Team Titles for 365 days. They thank the fans for the year and it's time for a unicorn pinata. As I continue to try to understand the concept of a pinata, here are Anderson and Gallows to call this stupid. They point out that New Day lost last night so there needs to be a rematch. Anderson asks Kofi about taking the Magic Killer last night. Kofi: “BIG E! DEFEND ME!” Big E.: “Uh, I got nothing.” It's Anderson vs. Big E. tonight and that means trombone time.

    Karl Anderson vs. Big E.

    Joined in progress again with Big E. putting on the abdominal stretch and some rhythmic spanking. Anderson sends him into the corner and starts kicking at the leg, including a running kick to the back of the knee. Big E. powers him up again and throws Anderson over the top. The spear through the ropes is broken up by a knee as the rest of New Day beats on Gallows. Back in and the Big Ending puts Anderson away at 3:34.

    The Dudley Boyz are saying goodbye tonight so we see a clip of their debut in 1999.

    Here's Titus O'Neil for a chat. Ok ok we'll stop booing your belt. Titus talks about how New Day beat the Prime Time Players for the belts and rips on Darren Young for holding him out of the main event. People have been blaming Bob Backlund but Titus wants to blame Darren for not being in the main event. No one comes out so the fans ask for Slater again. Cue Bob Backlund at a run to put Titus in a cross face pectoral grab before Titus slams him. Darren runs out (Was he watching the Little League World Series?) and takes the Clash of the Titus while Backlund looks dead.

    Video on Lesnar vs. Orton.

    Earlier today, Shane said Brock crossed a line. Stephanie says she agrees. End of segment.

    We look at Balor vacating the title.

    Rusev vs. Big Cass

    Non-title, Rusev has bruised ribs and the winner advances to next week. Before the match, Enzo tries to figure out which part of New York City Bulgaria is in. An early clothesline puts Rusev on the floor and we take a break. Back with Cass fighting out of a chinlock before Rusev takes out the leg. Rusev misses the splash though, allowing Cass to hit one of his own in the corner. That sends Rusev outside for a superkick to Enzo, sending Cass into a rage of right hands to the ribs. The bad ribs go into the steps and they trade kicks to the face with Cass getting the better. Rusev falls to the floor and walks out for the countout at 8:23.

    Owens and Jericho argue over who can be the next Universal Champion. They do however manage to get Tom's name wrong over and over.

    Here are Charlotte and Dana Brooke to gloat about Charlotte getting the Women's Title back. Dana does a one woman YOU DESERVE IT chant and Charlotte has to agree. Charlotte says you can forget about Sasha Banks because she did it all by herself last night. Sasha is out with a back injury and now the queen has reclaimed her throne. That's it but here's Mick Foley to interrupt.

    The boss (Foley, not Sasha), praises Charlotte last night but we have to stop for a WE WANT BAYLEY chant. Mick says Sasha will be back and will get a rematch for the title. That's fine with Charlotte but there's no one left for her to face tonight. Foley says not so fast because there are parts of this match that are heartbreaking. There are great moments too though, like signing free agents......like BAYLEY!

    We get the big introduction and the HUGGER SECTION signs are out in full force. Bayley can't believe this is happening but she's cut off by a YOU DESERVE IT chant. She thanks Mick for the moment and has an idea: how about we seal the deal with a hug, right here in Brooklyn, New York? You know Mick isn't going to turn that down.

    Charlotte laughs this off and plugs Mick's reality show before saying there's a reason Bayley stayed in NXT during the Divas Revolution. Bayley says she won't try to upstage Charlotte but she will challenge her for the Women's Title. That's not cool with Charlotte, who says Bayley has to earn it. Unfortunately Charlotte isn't ready so Dana can face Bayley instead. Mick agrees and the match is on.

    Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

    Bayley starts fast by sending Dana into the buckle for a near fall but Dana knocks her outside and into the barricade. Back in and Dana works on the leg before just slugging away. Bayley comes back with her variety of elbows and the Bayley to Belly for the pin at 4:32.

    Roman Reigns isn't worried about Kevin Owens.

    The cruiserweights arrive September 19.

    Sheamus is ready for his next match with Cesaro next week and insults New York sports teams.

    Bruan Strowman vs. Johnny Knockout

    Knockout says he's doing this because, and I quote, he likes big sweaty men. Strowman throws him around to start and the reverse chokeslam cut off the LET'S GO JOBBER chants with the pin at 1:19.

    Strowman beats him up again and makes the referee count another pin. Ever the professional, the referee waits until Knockout's shoulder is down.

    Here are the Dudley Boyz for their retirement speech. Bubba says they returned a year ago in this ring and it's been a heck of a year. They've had some wins and some losses but now things are changing. D-Von says it's been a great career with twenty years going up and down the roads with this man here. They had some great matches with teams like Edge and Christian and the Hardys and D-Von would take every one of those shots and falls again tonight.

    Bubba has the fans give themselves a round of applause and it's time to go but here are the Shining Stars to interrupt. They have a going away present for Bubba and D-Von: two tickets (economy class) to Puerto Rico! That alone earns them a beating and we get one last 3D and WAZZUP......before Bubba tells him to get the table. Cue Anderson and Gallows to beat down the Dudleys. D-Von goes through the table via a Magic Killer. I'm actually surprised as I would have bet on that Ray turn.

    Roman Reigns vs. Chris Jericho

    Final qualifying match. Jericho gets into a chase to start but stops to poke Reigns in the eye as we take a break. Back with Jericho putting the ASK HIM chinlock. Reigns fights back and sends him into the buckle but the Superman Punch is blocked. It's too early for the Walls so Jericho settles for two off the enziguri instead.

    Jericho takes too much time on the top though and gets punched out of the air, setting up the apron boot. Now the Superman Punch connects for two and Jericho's Codebreaker is easily countered into a sitout powerbomb. Kevin Owens runs out for a distraction to break up the spear but it just earns Jericho another Superman Punch.

    The spear is countered into the Walls but Reigns makes the rope. Owens adds a superkick to set up the Codebreaker for two with Saxton telegraphing the near fall by saying Jericho was the fourth man. Can we PLEASE stop doing that? Back up and they trade slaps until Owens has to be punched off the apron. Now the spear connects to send Reigns to the title match at 15:03.

    Seth Rollins b. Sami Zayn – Pedigree
    Kevin Owens b. Neville – Torture rack neckbreaker
    Big E. b. Karl Anderson – Big Ending
    Big Cass b. Rusev via countout
    Bayley b. Dana Brooke – Bayley to Belly
    Braun Strowman b. Johnny Knockout – Reverse chokeslam
    Roman Reigns b. Chris Jericho – Spear


    Date: August 23, 2016
    Location: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut
    Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John Bradshaw Layfield, David Otunga

    It's an interesting time for Smackdown as we're past Summerslam and the brand is really starting to come into its own. Tonight we'll see the unveiling of the new Smackdown Women's and Tag Team Titles but possibly more importantly we should get an update on Brock Lesnar attacking Shane McMahon to end Summerslam. Let's get to it.

    Various people are in the back when AJ Styles comes in to brag about how awesome he is. AJ puts Cena's armband around his head and talks down to Dolph Ziggler a lot, triggering a brawl.

    Opening sequence.

    The tag and women's divisions are in the ring around the new titles (The Women's Title is the same as the Raw version but with a blue background. The Tag Team Titles look similar to the Raw versions but with silver instead of bronze.) when the bosses come out. We'll start with the women, all of whom have potential to be the champion.

    At Backlash, there will be a Six Pack Challenge to determine the first champion. The Tag Team Titles will be decided at Smackdown as well with the finals of a tournament. Cue Heath Slater to say he should be Michael Phelps and get to compete for some gold. Ignoring that THE BELTS ARE SILVER, Daniel says Heath isn't equipped to fight for the Women's Title.

    Heath meant the tag belts so Bryan gives him an offer: if Slater can find a partner by the end of the night, the bosses will find another team and make it an eight team tournament. However, Slater only gets a contract if he and his partner win the whole thing. That's fine with Slater but here's AJ to interrupt. He's tired of hearing about the Tag Team Titles and the Women's Ti.....”No I won't be your partner Slater.” This brings out Ziggler to jump him from behind and the bosses send the tag teams out to break it up as we go to a break.

    Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss

    Naomi and Natalya are on commentary. Becky takes it down to the mat in an armbar but gets kicked in the head for her efforts. We hit an armbar on Becky until some clotheslines have Bliss reeling. Bliss gets two off a nice looking spinning sunset flip out of the corner but a quick Disarm-Her makes her tap at 4:00.

    Heath tries to get Miz on board as his partner and Miz agrees but it turns out he's on the phone.

    Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Usos vs. Ascension

    Jey gets beaten down to start with Konnor adding a middle rope shoulder for two. We hit a nerve hold for a bit until an enziguri allows the double tag. Everything breaks down and the Usos start with their superkicks, including one to set up the Superfly Splash for the pin on Viktor at 3:47.

    Here's AJ to discuss his win on Sunday. With the NEVER GIVE UP armband around his own arm, AJ says he beat up John Cena and then beat him at Summerslam. All these Cena fans can be his new fans because he should be #1 contender to the WWE World Title. Ziggler fights his way to the ring but here's Bryan to make a match for tonight. AJ already has a shot at Backlash but if Ziggler wins, it's a triple threat.

    Nikki Bella vs. Carmella

    Renee Young tries to interview Nikki before the match but Carmella jumps Nikki from behind to start. Carmella gives her a bad looking Downward Spiral and a Bella Buster for a heel turn, which makes a lot of sense for her actually. Nikki starts holding her neck and OH NO IT'S JUST SO SCARY AND TRAGIC BECAUSE SHE'S SO AMAZING. No match.

    Video on the Summerslam main event.

    Here's Orton for a chat. He was in a heck of a fight on Sunday night and had ten staples put in his head to close the gash. Randy didn't want the match to end the way it did, including Shane McMahon coming out for a save. He and Lesnar will cross paths again but here's Bray Wyatt to interrupt. Bray: “How's your head Randy?” Wyatt goes on about how great a person Randy is but says he's something a little higher. Randy will find out all about that in time so Randy says bring it. The lights go out again and Bray is gone.

    Shane is asked about Brock and doesn't think Stephanie is going to take it seriously. She's already fined Brock $500 and that means it's far from over between Brock and himself.

    Slater tries to get Arn Anderson to be his partner but Arn says he's not Ric Flair. Rhyno comes up and says he'll do it.

    Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament First Round: Breezango vs. American Alpha

    Fandango dances at Gable to start and is of course taken down with ease. It's off to Jordan vs. Breeze with Jason cranking on an armbar to the tunes of a USA chant. Breezango finally cheats by drawing Jordan in so Fandango can get in a clothesline to take over on Gable. Back from a break with Gable making a hot tag and handing it off to Jordan to clean house. A bridging German suplex gets two on Breeze and he hurricanranas Jordan for the same. Gable has to make a save off a superkick but Jordan hits the belly to belly on Tyler. The Grand Amplitude sends American Alpha on at 10:28.

    Dean Ambrose, in a big hat, says he was up in the casino playing roulette. He doesn't care who is fighting tonight because he'll be ready for anyone. Dean gets a shot and coffee but leaves the waitress some casino chips. I guess he was supposed to be drunk?

    Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles

    Dean is on commentary. Ziggler has a fact file that says he's a supporter of the Wrestlemania Reading “Charllenge.” They go right at it with Ziggler dropkicking him to the floor for a break in less than a minute. Back with AJ sending Ziggler chest first into the buckle and working on the other side with a backbreaker. Ziggler can't get a comeback started yet so AJ stomps him down in the corner before kicking at the leg. A few knee lifts send Ziggler outside and we take another break.

    Back again with Ziggler fighting out of an armbar and hitting a great looking dropkick. The big elbow drop gets two and AJ goes shoulder first into the post. The Fameasser is good for another two count and AJ's fireman's carry backbreaker gets the same. Styles misses the springboard 450 and gets caught in the running DDT for yet another near fall.

    Dolph avoids a charge into the ropes and a Zig Zag gets a VERY close two count. They almost had me on that one, even though I have a really hard time believing that they would put Ziggler over here. A superkick misses though and AJ kicks him low, setting up a Styles Clash for the pin and the title shot at 21:40.

    Dean and AJ have a staredown to end the show.

    Becky Lynch b. Alexa Bliss – Disarm-Her
    Usos b. Ascension – Superfly Splash to Viktor
    American Alpha b. Breezango – Grand Amplitude to Breeze
    AJ Styles b. Dolph Ziggler – Styles Clash


    Date: August 24, 2016
    Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves

    This is the closest thing NXT has to a week off as we'll have matches taped before Takeover this past Saturday night. That means we'll be seeing some stand alone stuff in front of a white hot crowd, which should make these matches mean a lot more than they would otherwise. Other than that and a few interviews, this isn't the biggest show in the world. Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of Saturday night.

    Opening sequence.

    Tye Dillinger vs. Wesley Blake

    Dillinger is treated like a face here and the announcers seem to treat him as one. Fans to Blake: “LET'S GO ZERO!” Dillinger easily takes him to the mat and does a cartwheel before giving himself a ten. A poke to the eye puts Tye down and we take a break. Back with Dillinger's comeback being cut off by a Backstabber but Dillinger hiptosses him into the corner. A few shots to the chest and back set up the Tyebreaker (fireman's carry backbreaker onto an exposed knee) for the pin at 11:18.

    Quick clip of Bobby Roode winning on Saturday.

    Roode says that was no surprise. Almas was a fine opponent but he's not GLORIOUS.

    Clips of Austin Aries beating No Way Jose and Hideo Itami making a post match save.

    Aries is made that he didn't get to leave with his hand raised. He's tired of being interrupted and people stealing his moments. Aries has already gotten rid of people who interrupted him (Baron Corbin and No Way Jose) and Itami will be no different.

    Long recap of Asuka vs. Bayley. Have they made it clear enough that they don't have much tonight?

    We get a video of Bayley's time in NXT, including her reading part of her essay from middle school.

    Bayley says this time was different but Asuka was just better. Ember Moon comes up and says Bayley should be proud of her performance and says she's here because of Bayley.

    We see Bayley's Raw debut.

    Video on Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa vs. Revival.

    Revival knows they're the best and unstoppable. Top guys out. Clink me.

    Recap of Shinsuke Nakamura taking the NXT Title from Samoa Joe. Nakamura is back next week.

    TM61 vs. Authors of Pain

    The Authors jump them before the bell and it's a brawl to start with TM61 actually taking over and sending the big men to the floor. The opening bell brings the Authors back inside and it's the tattooed Author (still waiting on names so we'll call him #1) slamming Thorn. TM61 comes back with some double teaming and a leg lariat in the corner. #1 sends Thorn hard into the post though and TM61 slows down. Apparently the tattooed one is Akum and the other is Razar. I prefer Tokka and Razar but that's just me.

    Back from a break with Thorn hitting a jawbreaker on Razar and rolling over for the tag off to Miller. Nick speeds things up and gets two off a high cross body. That's enough for the Authors as they lift TM61 up for stereo powerbombs and slam their backs together. The Russian legsweep/clothesline ends Miller at 11:29.

    Tye Dillinger b. Wesley Blake – Tyebreaker
    Authors of Pain b. TM61 – Russian legsweep/clothesline combo to Miller


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: August 25, 2016
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, D'Angelo Dinero

    We're down to six weeks before Bound For Glory and you can start to see some of the card taking shape. Tonight's main event has World Title implications as we have Ethan Carter III vs. Drew Galloway for the #1 contendership with Aron Rex as the guest referee. It should also be interesting to see where they go with the midcard titles. Let's get to it.

    Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway meet on the roof of a very tall building with a pool nearby. They sit down for some whiskey and a chat which we'll probably see later.

    We recap Ethan maybe or maybe not causing Drew several World Title matches.

    Battle Royal

    Robbie E., Jesse Godderz, Eli Drake, Basille Baraka, Baron Dax, Grado, Mahabali Shera, Mike Bennett, Moose, Eddie Edwards

    Winner gets a World Title shot and Lashley is on commentary. There are only ten people in an open invitation battle royal for a World Title shot? Josh says this show is being called a turning point. Wait is this Turning Point 2016? Or is that just Josh running his mouth like the goon that he is?

    Baraka eliminates Dax to get us down to nine and to make me happy that I don't have to remember which of those two is which. Moose dumps Shera and we take a break. Back with all eight still in before Baraka gets rid of Robbie. Moose tosses Baraka a few seconds later, followed by Eli getting rid of Grado. Lashley keeps talking about how everyone can just leave now because they're not winning the title shot. At least he's sounding cocky like a monster heel should.

    Eddie throws Drake out and we're down to four. Jesse springboards back in to clothesline both heels but Moose tosses him out with ease. So it's Eddie, Moose and Bennett to go and the double teaming begins, only to have Eddie grab Moose in a hurricanrana but Mike dumps them both out for the win at 17:10.

    Ethan and Drew down their first whiskey and Ethan asks what they're talking about. Isn't that clear based on all of Drew's talking of late?

    After a break, Moose yells at Bennett as Maria tells the camera to get out of here.

    Here's Matt Hardy with the contract for the Tag Team Title shot. The titles are decaying and must be saved by his brilliance. This brings out Jeff who sings/speaks the lyrics to his obsolete theme. Matt isn't sure why Jeff is here so Jeff mentions wrestling for the creatures. Now it's Rosemary coming out to say they have the titles and won't be giving them up. Abyss says the destruction of the Hardys will be beautiful and Crazzy Steve shows up to say about the same. Matt promises revenge for Decay stealing Maxill in his vision and vows to eat all of them. Jeff can fight any of them right now and Abyss volunteers.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

    After the break six seconds into the match, we come back to see Abyss in control and Matt telling Jeff to delete him. Instead of taking Abyss to field and something about a Spanish speaking gardener, Jeff forearms him in the head and drops the leg between the legs for two. A Twist of Fate looks to set up the Swanton but Matt says he has to stop being a spot monkey.

    Jeff flips Matt off and dives onto Steve, who doesn't really catch him. Steve comes in and gets clotheslined right back to the floor, allowing Jeff to kick Abyss low and hit him with a chain for two. Abyss better win after that near fall. There's the chokeslam but Steve mists Abyss by mistake, setting up another Twist of Fate for another two. Matt bites Steve for being in his premonition as the Black Hole Slam puts Jeff away at 11:09.

    Post match Matt says the Decay's deletion is soon. Jeff, a grasshopper, has many things to learn.

    Maria yells at Allie for not knowing that Sienna has a title match as ordered by Billy Corgan. Billy comes in and implies there's more than one opponent.

    Lashley comes up to Mike Bennett, who says he won't be intimidated. Bennett says Lashley is looking forward to Bound For Glory but needs to be worried about next week.

    Knockouts Title: Sienna vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Allie vs. Jade

    Sienna is defending and Allie tries to help her friend out early on, much to Sienna's annoyance. Jade and Marti are sent outside as Maria comes out. Marti gets back in and gets stomped down with a stunned look whenever Allie tries something. Maria keeps Madison from getting back in as Sienna yells at Allie for trying to help. Allie actually gets in some offense on Marti before we hit a quick finisher parade. A package piledriver knocks Madison out but Allie accidentally hits Sienna with Marti's baton. Marti hits Allie with it as well, knocking her right onto Sienna for the pin and the title at 4:28.

    The fans chant for Allie.

    Aron Rex guarantees that someone will be bound for glory tonight.

    Tyrus is a fixer.

    Back on the rooftop, Ethan asks Drew why he's angry. Drew says it's because Ethan interfered when Drew specifically asked him not to. Ethan thinks that's on Drew for just not winning so Drew says he'll hit extra hard next time. They drink a final toast and shake hands but Drew shoves him into the pool.

    Moose is leaving when he runs into Lashley driving away. Lashley suggests that Bennett is pulling his strings and tells him where he'll be having dinner tonight. Moose nods as Lashley drives away.

    It's time for Fact of Life with the X-Division guys as guests. Drake says whoever thought of that battle royal was a dummy but gets to the question of who has no chance to become the next X-Division Champion. Spud says Sutter won't be it because he's just a good story. Sutter points out Spud's braces so Spud goes on a rant against Mandrews for being short, British and having bad hair. DJZ says he's going to beat Lashley at some point but Drake cuts him off to hit the dummy button a lot. A brawl breaks out and a string of dives leaves DJZ as the only one standing.

    So to recap: Lashley destroyed the X-Division Champion then beat DJZ in the match DJZ wanted. Now there's going to be a big mess of a match (Ultimate X I'd assume) for the title where one of these goons will come out as champion. Lashley doesn't lose the title, the new champion will be the best of a bunch of losers with no character, and they probably won't even have to get a pin to become champion. And people wonder why the X-Division is worthless.

    The X-Division Title will be decided in an Ultimate X gauntlet match. So just Ultimate X match after Ultimate X match? Or people being added one at a time and the first person to pull down the title wins? Either way, no pinning involved because that might imply someone gets over the others.

    Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Carter III

    The winner gets the title shot at Lashley and Aron Rex is guest referee. Feeling out process to start with both guys shoving the other away. A double collision puts them both down and we take a break. Back with Drew being knocked to the floor but stopping a dive with a forearm. A Celtic Cross onto the steps makes things worse for Carter and it's off to a cravate.

    Rex hasn't been a factor so far, making me think that either he turns on someone or one of the guys (probably Drew) turns on him after counting a clean fall. Ethan gets in a Russian legsweep to send Galloway into the buckle and gets two off a powerbomb out of the corner. Drew gets in a Claymore and a powerbomb of his own for two before they chop it out.

    The 1%er is broken up and another Claymore gets two more near falls for Drew. Still nothing from Rex. Carter ramps it up with a super 1%er for two but Galloway muscles him up for a Tombstone. Back up and the Futureshock is countered into a jackknife cover to give Carter the pin at 17:26.

    Post match Drew beats Rex down and sends him into the steps for a heel turn.

    Mike Bennett won a battle royal last eliminating Moose and Eddie Edwards
    Abyss b. Jeff Hardy – Black Hole Slam
    Allie b. Sienna, Marti Bell, Madison Rayne and Jade – Allie fell on Rayne
    Ethan Carter III b. Drew Galloway – Jackknife cover






    Mr. Fuji passed away at 82.

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Seth Rollins b. Sami Zayn – Pedigree
    Kevin Owens b. Neville – Torture rack neckbreaker
    Big E. b. Karl Anderson – Big Ending
    Big Cass b. Rusev via countout
    Bayley b. Dana Brooke – Bayley to Belly
    Braun Strowman b. Johnny Knockout – Reverse chokeslam
    Roman Reigns b. Chris Jericho – Spear

    Becky Lynch b. Alexa Bliss – Disarm-Her
    Usos b. Ascension – Superfly Splash to Viktor
    American Alpha b. Breezango – Grand Amplitude to Breeze
    AJ Styles b. Dolph Ziggler – Styles Clash

    Tye Dillinger b. Wesley Blake – Tyebreaker
    Authors of Pain b. TM61 – Russian legsweep/clothesline combo to Miller

    Impact Wrestling
    Mike Bennett won a battle royal last eliminating Moose and Eddie Edwards
    Abyss b. Jeff Hardy – Black Hole Slam
    Allie b. Sienna, Marti Bell, Madison Rayne and Jade – Allie fell on Rayne
    Ethan Carter III b. Drew Galloway – Jackknife cover

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