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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: June 11, 2018
    Location: Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

    It’s the final Raw before Money in the Bank and that means...well nothing more than a pair of four way matches between the four Raw qualifiers for the ladder matches. I’m sure the winner will get to climb to a lower briefcase or something, because that’s the only kind of advantage you can get in a ladder match. Let’s get to it.

    We open with all eight Money in the Bank participants in the ring on ladders (with Braun Strowman WAY in the air). Cue Kurt Angle to explain the Money in the Bank concept but here’s a now bald Baron Corbin to interrupt. He threatens Angle with Stephanie McMahon and the eight participants start to bicker over who is going to win.

    Natalya insists that she’s healthy to go and Owens goes on a rant about how unfair it is for Strowman to be so tall. Roode: “Owens, do you want the briefcase lowered to your height?” Owens: “That sounds like a great idea!” Strowman cuts them off and says he’s going to win. Bliss screeches a lot and the women start saying their Mixed Match Challenge partners are going to win. Strowman says someone is going to get these hands on Sunday. This was a big waste of time, but so is most everything else they do around Money in the Bank time.

    Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya vs. Ember Moon vs. Sasha Banks

    Bliss makes another entrance for whatever reason. Moon throws Bliss down with a fall away slam and Bliss backs into Banks. With Bliss sent into the barricade, Moon dropkicks Natalya down but gets rolled up by Banks for two. We get the Natalya vs. Banks showdown but Natalya’s knee is still banged up. Natalya gets taken down again and it’s Moon taking her place, only to be kicked away.

    Sasha flips onto Natalya but Moon hits a SCARY suicide dive to drive Banks into the barricade. Bliss steals the near fall and we take a break. Back with Bliss clearing the ring and working on Natalya’s knee until Banks comes back in for some clotheslines. Moon is back in for some knees to the face but Bliss gives her a Code Red for two. The Meteora gives Banks the same and we go split screen for a Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax video. This show really is everything I can’t stand about modern WWE wrapped together.

    Back to full screen with Twisted Bliss hitting knees as we take a break. We come back with Natalya breaking up the Bank Statement on Bliss but hurting her knee in the process. She’s fine enough to put Banks in the Sharpshooter until Moon makes the save with a superkick. The Eclipse drops Natalya but Bliss makes another save. Banks comes in and gets knocked out again, leaving Natalya to make Bliss tap to the Sharpshooter at 20:39.

    We run down the pay per view card.

    Owens comes in to see Balor and brings some olives (Owens: “I didn’t have an olive branch.”). He wants an alliance on Sunday because someone like Strowman could hold the title forever. Maybe the two of them and Bobby Roode could take out Strowman tonight so he doesn’t even make the ladder match. Owens: “Enjoy the olives.”

    Breezango vs. Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre

    Ziggler jumps Breeze, who has a beard for some reason, as Cole tries to say that he thinks Ziggler and McIntyre can be former Tag Team Champions. McIntyre comes in for a hard shot to the face but an enziguri gets Breeze out of trouble. The hot tag brings in Fandango, who gets dropped in short order. McIntyre powerbombs Breeze onto Fandango and brings Ziggler back in for the superkick. The Zig Zag/Claymore combination ends Fandango at 3:17.

    Post match McIntyre says this is the proof of how great they are. This isn’t just hype so every team in the bank can know what’s coming. They’re here to make the tag team division right, and they’ll do that by winning the titles.

    Roman Reigns says Jinder Mahal has earned this whipping by being stupid. Tonight it’s time to deliver a receipt. It’s almost eerie that he’s a little more tolerable with Mahal just because he’s not chasing the title again.

    Jinder Mahal vs. Roman Reigns

    Before the match, Mahal talks about wanting to see Reigns laying on the mat this Sunday with Mahal’s hand raised in victory. Reigns comes out but hang on because Mahal has Singh get in the ring too. See, Mahal challenged Reigns to a match, but he never said it would be with him, so it’s Singh instead. I had that written down before Mahal even came to the ring because it would be the most annoying, cliched thing they could do.

    Roman Reigns vs. Sunil Singh

    Superman Punch and spear in 1:11.

    Post match Mahal gives Reigns the Khallas.

    B Team vs. Rhyno/Heath Slater

    Axel and Slater start with Bo dropping some knees for an early two. That means we’re already in the chinlock until Slater fights up in short order. Rhyno gets knocked off the apron and a belly to back suplex/neckbreaker combination is good for the pin on Slater at 1:42.

    Post match Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy appear on screen to say they’re here. By that they mean on the stage where they know the B Team is scared. Matt threatens to eat them.

    Here’s Elias for the song. This is the last performance before he wins the Intercontinental Title so he needs to be able to concentrate. The song mocks Seth’s nicknames and his training (“Seth Freaking Rollins. Am I supposed to think that’s cool? And I get it, you do CrossFit, so I definitely know that you are a tool.”), going on longer than any other song he’s ever done. Elias even has a special guitar, painted up like the Intercontinental Title. It was given to him by John Mayer and next week it’s going to look great with his new title.

    Cue Rollins to chase him off and yells about everything Elias has done in recent weeks. Rollins thinks Elias is cool with the spotlight and the guitars….as he looks at the custom guitar. He teases breaking it but instead says this seems like the perfect time for a charity auction. Elias offers to bid on it so Rollins puts the guitar on the mat and gives it the Stomp. Coach: “That was from one of the greatest hip hop artists of our generation!” Corey calls him out for stupidity so Coach says that John Mayer and Jay-Z (I guess he thinks Jay-Z plays guitar) are the same thing.

    Owens tries to get Roode on his side tonight too.

    The Riott Squad makes a big mess in the back on their way to the ring.

    Ruby Riott vs. Bayley

    Ruby punches her into the corner to start but Bayley gets all fired up. That means a takedown and some right hands of her own, followed by the middle rope elbow to the back. Riott heads outside so Bayley follows her and tries a baseball slide underneath the bottom rope...which she leaves short for a terrible looking miscalculation. Instead she suplexes Riott on the floor and we take a break.

    Back with Bayley being sent face first into the middle buckle and Riott grabbing an armbar. Thirty seconds after a full break, we go to a split screen for another MITB ad. Bayley fights up with a whip into the corner but a running knee bangs up her bad shoulder. The top rope elbow missing makes things even worse and Ruby rolls her up for two. Back up and the Squad offers a distraction, allowing Riott to send Bayley shoulder first into the post. The Riott Kick is good for the pin at 11:28.

    Post match Ruby draws an R on Bayley’s stomach with a marker.

    Natalya tells Ronda Rousey to look out for Nia Jax tonight.

    Here’s Coach to moderate a face to face showdown between Rousey and Jax (the second time since the match was announced). Nia says they’re both elite athletes and she’s purposely pushed Rousey’s buttons over the last few weeks. Rousey has a lot of great things about her but she’s still very new in WWE. Her success came from outside of WWE and there are some different rules around here. Nia lists off some things in MMA that you can’t do around here and promises a demonstration on Sunday. Rousey says she improvises and on Sunday she’ll improvise Nia’s arm off.

    Nia points out that Rousey’s one match was against a businesswoman who competes part time (and HHH, who Stephanie has apparently absorbed) and it’s clear that Nia isn’t ready. That’s too much for Rousey, who lists off all the times where she’s been told she wasn’t ready and all the times she’s proven them wrong. Rousey: “I am Ronda Rousey and I was born ready.”

    Nia stands up and has her punch blocked but a headbutt puts Rousey down. Rousey pulls her down for the armbar attempt and eventually makes her tap...for a bell? Anyway, good of them to confirm that Rousey can put the armbar on Jax after we saw her put it on the bigger and stronger HHH.

    Curt Hawkins vs. No Way Jose

    Hawkins is now at 200 losses in a row...and he’s not here. The referee starts the count but Hawkins is in the conga line and grabs a rollup for two. The pop up right hand gives Jose the pin at 47 seconds.

    Roode and Balor aren’t sure who to trust in the four way.

    Video on a Special Olympian who does powerlifting. Nothing wrong with that.

    Back from a break and we’ve got an obstacle course, which Sami Zayn has set up to prove that Bobby Lashley used to be in the army. Simply put, if Lashley can complete the course faster than Sami, he’ll prove himself. Sami goes over the entire course and has heard that Green Berets can do this in about two minutes. He did it in a minute and a half earlier today, with a bad hand and no warmup.

    Lashley comes out and promises to win because we’re actually doing this. Renee Young flips a coin and Lashley gets to go first. Lashley finishes with ease in 42 seconds, even though the clock keeps going. Of course Sami jumps him from behind and hits a Helluva Kick as soon as Lashley gets down. I can’t begin to fathom how the meeting went when this was set up.

    The trio keeps planning when Strowman comes in and tells them to team up on him.

    Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman

    Strowman clears the ring to start and we take an early break. Back with Strowman getting triple teamed and Owens asking who the monster is now. Strowman fights them off again as the announcers make their picks for Sunday. For some reason Owens tries a cheap shot on Strowman and then bails to the floor, which has gone so well for him with Strowman for months now. Strowman shrugs off Balor and Roode so he can chase Owens to the back. The chase doesn’t last long as Strowman throws him back through the entrance and it’s monster time.

    Balor joins them on stage and gets sent into the set, leaving Strowman to load up the announcers’ table. Roode is back up with a ladder and some shots to the ribs have Strowman in trouble. They put Strowman on the table and Owens climbs a table for a big frog splash. Back from another break with Owens and Strowman down, leaving us with the not very thrilling Roode vs. Balor match.

    Both guys go down so let’s hit that split screen Rousey vs. Jax ad. Balor kicks him out to the floor before hitting the Sling Blade back inside. Owens is back in to break up the Coup de Grace but Balor knocks him off the top. The required Tower of Doom puts everyone down and Strowman is on his feet. Roode and Balor get knocked down so Strowman catches Owens going into the crowd.

    Back at ringside, the injured Strowman runs them all over but Balor manages to get some boots up in the corner. A top rope double stomp to back staggers Strowman again so he shoulders Balor down to get a breather. Roode and Owens get back together on Strowman until Owens rolls him Roode up for two. Balor hits the Sling Blade on Strowman and there’s the shotgun dropkick. There’s the Coup de Grace with Roode making the save because this just can’t end.

    Roode hits the Glorious DDT on Strowman but Owens makes the save. Another frog splash gets two on Strowman so let’s bring in a ladder. Well if Owens could do this before, why did he wait so long? Strowman absorbs two shots to the ribs and chokeslams Owens (Owens: “I’M SORRY!”). The powerslam onto the ladder ends Owens at 25:57.

    Natalya b. Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon and Sasha Banks – Sharpshooter to Bliss
    Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre b. Breezango – Zig Zag/Claymore combination to Fandango
    B Team b. Heath Slater/Rhyno – Belly to back suplex/neckbreaker to Slater
    Ruby Riott b. Bayley – Riott Kick
    No Way Jose b. Curt Hawkins – Pop up right hand
    Braun Strowman b. Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Bobby Roode – Powerslam onto a ladder to Owens


    Date: June 12, 2018
    Location: Fed Ex Forum, Memphis, Tennessee
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

    It’s the final show before Money in the Bank so the focus is of course on Money in the Bank. You know, in case you haven’t had your fill of that just yet. Hopefully we get a few things other than just the ladder match in focus, which is something that Smackdown has done far better than its Monday counterpart. Let’s get to it.

    We open with Paige in the ring with the four women in the Money in the Bank ladder match. After introducing them and listing everyone from Raw in the same match, Paige says she doesn’t care who wins as long as they’re from Smackdown. Lana (now with no accent at all) says she’ll win but Naomi brings up winning the Wrestlemania battle royal.

    Since that has nothing to do with winning a battle royal, Charlotte says she’s done everything there is to do around here. Becky says she’s just that good and starts bickering with Charlotte. Cue the Iconics to make fun of Becky’s accent and Billie mocks Charlotte being the Queen who says WOO a lot. Next up, a recreation of the dance contest between Lana and Naomi but here are Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, triggering a big brawl.

    We look back at Occupy Raw, which took place here four years ago.

    We look at Sunil Singh costing Randy Orton a match two months ago.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin

    Now this is a good idea: take two people who can get a good match and let Bryan look impressive without the usual methods of setting up a match. Bryan flips over him in the corner to start and takes him down by the arm, even stepping on the other arm to really put in the pressure. A kick to the leg sends Bryan outside and Shelton drops him knee first onto the announcers’ table. Back with Shelton working on a half crab until Bryan fights up. A dragon screw legwhip takes Shelton down and there are the YES Kicks for good measure. Another half crab is broken up and Bryan slaps on the heel hook for the tap at 10:07.

    Asuka comes up to Paige in the back and says she wants Carmella tonight. Paige makes a ten woman tag tonight with the two of them plus the eight earlier. That’s fine with Asuka and she leaves, only to be replaced by the Miz, in a referee shirt. He’s planning to be in a movie about a dog who referees the main event of Wrestlemania so tonight he wants to be guest referee for Rusev vs. Samoa Joe. Paige...actually gives him what he wants.

    We recap Styles vs. Nakamura.

    Here’s Jerry Lawler to interview Styles before Sunday’s Last Man Standing match. Jerry asks about AJ slapping Nakamura like Lawler slapped Andy Kaufman. AJ says Nakamura just got underneath his skin but he probably should apologize. It should have been a fist instead of an open hand because this isn’t a playground. Nakamura can keep acting like a child but AJ will be a man. The last man standing. Other than a quick pop, Lawler added nothing here.

    Anderson and Gallows vs. the Bludgeon Brothers is on the Kickoff Show.

    Samoa Joe vs. Rusev

    Miz is guest referee. Rusev wins an early slugout and clotheslines Joe out to the floor. They switch places and Joe hits the big suicide elbow. Back from a break with Joe working on an armbar...and here’s a split screen MITB ad. Rusev fights up and hits a spinwheel kick as he’s more than holding his own with Joe so far. Aiden English offers a distraction to break up the Koquina Clutch and Joe runs into Miz in the corner. Miz won’t count a cover off the Rock Bottom out of the corner so Joe bends his finger back. The Machka Kick gives Rusev the pin at 9:45.

    Post match Rusev grabs a ladder but gets caught in a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz pulls down the briefcase….which is full of pancakes. He actually falls to his knees and screams NEW DAY, as the trio (with Kofi and Woods sharing a single shirt) laughs hysterically in the back.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    Non-title of course. Nakamura wastes no time in taking Hardy into the corner for the swinging arms so Hardy sends him outside. That means a COME ON so Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind off the barricade and we take a break. Back with Jeff hitting the legdrop between the legs but Nakamura snaps off some knees. Jeff scores with a Twist of Fate but the Swanton bangs up his back, allowing Nakamura to get his foot on the rope at two. That’s enough for Nakamura, who hits Jeff low for the DQ at 8:08.

    Carmella isn’t worried about anyone in the match tonight and doesn’t want Renee Young on her Instagram. She’s ready for Asuka because Mella is money.

    Big Cass was at the Memphis County Fair earlier today and has taken the height requirement for a rollercoaster, which Bryan can’t go on. See, Cass is big and Bryan isn’t so Cass is better.

    Pay per view run down.

    Special Olympics video.

    Charlotte/Naomi/Lana/Becky Lynch/Asuka vs. Iconics/Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville/Carmella

    The selling point here? It’s the biggest women’s tag match in Smackdown history. Carmella kicks Sonya around to start but misses the Bronco Buster on Lana. Instead it’s off to Becky for some clotheslines and a leg lariat as we take a break. Back with Billie grabbing a cravate on Becky….and let’s go to the split screen. Just in case you didn’t know Money in the Bank was on Sunday I guess.

    Back to full screen with Charlotte getting the hot tag to clean house. Charlotte slips out of a double suplex and brings Asuka in to a very nice reaction. A missile dropkick drops Rose and the Asuka Lock goes on with the Iconics making a save. Everything breaks down and Carmella kicks Asuka in the head for two, only to get caught in the Asuka Lock for the tap at 11:57.

    Post match the winners all look at Asuka, realizing what they might be in for if they win the briefcase.

    Daniel Bryan b. Shelton Benjamin – Heel hook
    Rusev b. Samoa Joe – Machka Kick
    Jeff Hardy b. Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ when Nakamura hit him low
    Charlotte/Naomi/Lana/Becky Lynch/Asuka vs. Iconics/Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville/Carmella – Asuka Lock to Carmella


    Date: June 13, 2018
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo

    It’s the go home show for Takeover: Chicago and that means it’s time to put the final touches on everything. The five match card is already set and this week’s show will feature a focus on the NXT Title match between Aleister Black and his monster challenger Lars Sullivan. The match doesn’t need a lot of focus but at least they can have something to get us to Takeover. Let’s get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    War Raiders vs. Ricky Martinez/Justin Storm

    Hanson shoves Storm into the corner to start and cartwheels away from a charge to show off a bit. Martinez comes in and tries a forearm on Rowe but hurts himself in the process. The shotgun knees send Martinez into the corner and Rowe tosses Hanson onto him for good measure. The yet to be renamed Fallout ends Martinez at 2:38. Total squash.

    Post match the Raiders call out TM61 and beat Storm up. They didn’t want him to feel left out you see.

    Adam Cole yells at a cameraman for filming Undisputed Era without his permission.

    Long recap of Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa, focusing on the time from their first match in New Orleans through now. Gargano won the unsanctioned match but Ciampa wasn’t done, attacking Gargano a few weeks later. Now it’s time for a street fight, though Johnny’s wife Candice doesn’t approve. Candice got take out in one of the fights and both guys were more than a little shake. Now it doesn’t have to be a wrestling match because they can just hurt each other.

    EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno

    This was set up last week when EC3 interrupted Ohno’s photo shoot. Ohno shoves the smiling EC3 down to start but EC3 is right back with a ram into the corner and some forearms of his own. The neck crank doesn’t last long as Ohno fights up with a knee to the face. Three straight backsplashes keep EC3 in trouble until he snaps Ohno throat first across the top rope. The 1%er (TKO) ends Ohno at 4:07.

    Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah

    Aliyah takes some time to show off her new fire look and gets the bandanna forearmed off of her head. Belair runs her over in the corner and talks trash out of her blue lips. A guillotine doesn’t get Aliyah very far as Bianca suplexes her down instead. Belair deadlifts her into a gorilla press and a torture rack into a sitout faceplant is good for the pin on Aliyah at 2:52. Another squash.

    Video on Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross. Baszler came in and broke all the rules but Cross doesn’t live by any rules in the first place and seems to want Baszler to hurt her. It also seems to be part of the bigger Baszler vs. Dakota Kai feud with Cross standing up for her.

    Kai is proud of standing up to Baszler but Belair comes in to take over the interview because she’s awesome. Belair talks a lot of trash about how great she is and how Kai is nothing but a Team Kick catchphrase. They set up a match for next week.

    United Kingdom Title: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne

    Dunne is defending and has a taped up leg. The fans are way into this as they tease kicking each other to start. A test of strength drives Dunne to the mat but he reverses into a failed double wristlock attempt. They head outside with an X Plex dropping O’Reilly onto the apron before Dunne takes it back inside for a double fish hook. Dunne loads up the moonsault out of the corner get but gets kicked in the bad knee to bring him back down.

    It’s already off to the kneebar but Dunne gets to his feet and enziguris his way to freedom. Now the moonsault out of the corner works and Dunne goes back to the arm. The Bitter End is blocked and O’Reilly is back on the knee. That’s reversed into an X Plex, only to have O’Reilly go after the kneebar again. Dunne breaks that up as well and they trade enziguris until a right hand drops O’Reilly. Another shot to the face sets up the Bitter End to retain the title at 10:20.

    Post match the Undisputed Era runs in but Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make the save.

    Here’s Aleister Black for a chat to end the show. Black says that nothing is too powerful to be stopped by Black Mass and he will fade to black. Cue Lars Sullivan and the fight is on in a hurry. Black slugs away but gets clotheslined down, followed by the Freak Accident. A second and third Freak Accident plant Black so Sullivan can take him up to the announcers’ table. Black is out as Sullivan poses above the champ to end the show.

    War Raiders b. Ricky Martinez/Justin Storm – Fallout to Martinez
    EC3 b. Kassius Ohno – 1%er
    Bianca Belair b. Aliyah – Torture rack into a facebuster
    Pete Dunne b. Kyle O’Reilly – Bitter End


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: June 14, 2018
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

    It’s another big night this week with a double main event. First up we have Moose vs. Eli Drake in a #1 contenders match with the winner getting a World Title shot against Austin Aries at Slammiversary. Other than that we have Brian Cage challenging X-Division Champion Matt Sydal, which sounds like a way for Impact to find a way out of giving Cage the title. Let’s get to it.

    The opening video looks at both matches, which is really all that matters on this show.

    Opening sequence.

    Grado comes out for a match but here’s Eddie Edwards to jump him with a kendo stick. Eddie rants about losing his chance to kill Sami Callihan last week and blames Tommy Dreamer, who he promises to expose. Cue Dreamer, who is somehow being featured again on a show in 2018. Dreamer says things have changed since his time but Eddie asks if Dreamer would change anything he ever did.

    That earns an admission that Tommy is a hypocrite but he tells Eddie to leave it alone. Eddie says he hasn’t talked to his wife in a week and Dreamer says he knows. As you might expect, Eddie isn’t happy that Dreamer is talking to his wife and violence almost breaks out. Tommy shoves him down and gets caned in the head, because we’re probably getting Eddie vs. Dreamer at Slammiversary for some reason. Eddie beats on Dreamer even more before leaving without looking sorry.

    Post break Dreamer is livid and leaves, saying he’s done around here.

    The announcers preview the rest of the night.

    Taya Valkyrie vs. Rebel

    Josh actually recaps Rebel’s time with the Menagerie, a stable I didn’t think anyone remembered. They lock up to start with Rebel taking her to the mat but getting stomped off a sunset flip attempt. Su Yung is...somewhere watching, which isn’t something you would expect from her. A kick to the ribs puts Rebel in the corner and Taya kicks her in the face for two.

    More kicks have Rebel in trouble and Taya mocks the LET’S GO REBEL chants. Rebel avoids a charge in the corner and scores with some forearms but a running knee to the face doesn’t warrant a cover. A middle rope moonsault misses and Taya spears her down, setting up the Road To Valhalla for the pin at 5:42.

    Post match Taya calls out Madison Rayne for next week. So yeah, they really are going with Madison as the next #1 contender. Sure why not.

    The classic clip of the week: the Unbreakable triple threat. I’ve heard of worse ideas.

    Sydal says he isn’t worried about Cage because the muscles are just hiding inner weakness.

    Callihan says last week was a win because Eddie is about to lose everything.

    Cult of Lee vs. KM/Fallah Bahh

    The huge Bahh rubs his stomach and shoves Lee down so it’s off to Konley instead. KM comes in to break up some double teaming and they crush the Cult against each other. Bahh and KM roll over the two of them on the mat but Bahh hits him by mistake, allowing the Cult to dropkick Bahh down. A rollup gives Lee the pin on KM at 3:25.

    Post match KM shoves Bahh down and says he’s done.

    Video on Moose vs. Drake.

    King has gotten LAX a Tag Team Title match next week. Diamante still isn’t convinced and doesn’t join in on the celebration. She leaves with LAX and King sits down, saying that the world is his.

    From Philadelphia in the ECW Arena.

    Moose vs. Eli Drake

    No entrances or special hype as the match just starts with Drake jumping Moose from behind. They head outside where Moose whips Drake into the barricade but misses a charge. Drake gets in a not great looking Death Valley Driver onto the apron but gets chopped rather hard back inside.

    A basement corner dropkick has Drake in more trouble and the chokebomb out of the corner gives Moose two. Drake powerbombs him for two and scores with Blunt Force Trauma. Thank goodness he got a better finisher than that weak looking thing. Moose (with Josh saying he has a stupid name) misses a charge into the post but still slips out of the Gravy Train. A spear gives Moose the title shot at 8:48.

    Tessa Blanchard vs. Kiera Hogan

    No DQ. Kiera wastes no time in pulling her to the floor and ramming Tessa face first into the apron over and over. Back in and a right hand puts Tessa on the floor again, followed by a baseball slide into a hurricanrana. Tessa gets in a flapjack on the ramp though and a dropkick to the back gets two inside.

    We hit an abdominal stretch for a few moments but Kiera is right back out with some forearms. That just earns her a beating and Tessa grabs a chair. A hammerlock DDT gives Tessa two and she’s so annoyed at the speed of the count that the referee gets shoved down. Kiera gets in a chair shot and a low superkick for two but Tessa grabs a half nelson and spins Hogan face first into the chair for the pin at 8:07.

    Video on the X attacker.

    The announcers accuse Petey Williams but Callis wants to let the investigation takes its course.

    El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. Jake Crist

    Jake stomps away in the corner and grabs a dragon sleeper to keep Fantasma in trouble. With that going nowhere, Jake goes with a choke in the corner until Fantasma grabs a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. A rollup gives Fantasma the pin at 3:20.

    Post match Dave Crist and Callihan come in to beat Fantasma down. They go for the mask and here’s Pentagon Jr. for the save. That’s kind of interesting.

    X-Division Title: Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage

    Cage is challenging. Sydal circles him to start and chants a lot. There’s no contact in the first minute but things pick up in a hurry with Cage grabbing him by the head and lifting him up for a fallaway slam, albeit after some human sized curls. Some corner clotheslines rock Sydal but here are Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong.

    The distraction lets Sydal knee Cage in the face and choke with his leg. Cage catches a boot though and grabs a capture suplex, followed by a superplex for two. The discus lariat misses so Cage settles for a buckle bomb. Sydal goes to the floor and Cage throws him back in, only to be sent into the steps by Kong to give Sydal the countout win at 6:04.

    Someone (not shown but it doesn’t seem important) has been taken out by the X attacker and Sonjay Dutt accuses Petey Williams, who happens to be there. A cop arrests Petey...and then beats him down with the nightstick. The man (not named but it’s indy wrestler Kevin/Killer Kross) leaves an X card and says call the police to end the show.

    Taya Valkyrie b. Rebel – Road To Valhalla
    Cult of Lee b. KM/Fallah Bahh – Rollup to KM
    Moose b. Eli Drake – Spear
    Tessa Blanchard b. Kiera Hogan – Spinning faceplant into a chair
    El Hijo Del Fantasma b. Jake Crist – Rollup
    Matt Sydal b. Brian Cage via countout

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