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    Ember Moon is out of Takeover: Chicago due to a shoulder injury.

    Monday Night Raw
    Date: May 8, 2017
    Location: 02 Arena, London, England
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T., Corey Graves

    We're over in the old country tonight for a taped show. It's roughly a month away from Extreme Rules and we don't have much of a card yet. However, you can pretty much pencil in Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman coming back from severe injuries to work the show because that's how WWE works. Let's get to it.

    Here's Dean Ambrose to open the show who says Kurt Angle won't be here tonight. Dean: “I heard his dog is sick or something.” For tonight though, Ambrose is in charge. Before we can hear his first act, here are Miz and Maryse to interrupt. While the idea of Ambrose in charge could only lead to chaos, he has something else in mind. Before the show, Stephanie McMahon called him to say that Miz is in charge this week instead.

    Ambrose says Miz is in the first match tonight and offers a handshake but here's Strowman with his arm in a sling to interrupt. He wants Reigns as soon as possible and then he wants Brock Lesnar. This brings out......Kalisto, to say he wants Strowman tonight. Ambrose makes the match but Braun says he's injured. Dean heard Strowman say he could beat Kalisto with one arm though so the match is on. As for Miz, he can face Finn Balor next.

    Miz vs. Finn Balor

    Miz bails to the floor to start but comes back in to take a dropkick to the face. Another trip to the floor doesn't go as well for Miz as he gets dropkicked into the barricade. Maryse pulls her husband away from the Coup de Grace and we take a break. Back with Miz getting in a short DDT for two of his own and it's off to the chinlock. Balor comes back with the Pele, followed by another kick to the head to put Miz on the floor.

    Miz is reeling but a Maryse distraction lets him shove Balor into the referee. As acting GM of the night, Miz can't tolerate referees being abused so that's a DQ at 9:57. Actually not so fast as Ambrose comes out and says we're not doing it like that. The match restarts and Balor hits a Sling Blade, followed by the Coup de Grace for the pin at 12:31 (counting the break in between the falls).

    Nia Jax scares Alexa Bliss again but they seem to be ok.

    Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

    Non-title with Nia Jax and Bayley are the respective seconds. Cole actually mentions Bliss and James working together on Smackdown a few months back in a fact I didn't expect to hear. Bliss gets kicked around with ease to start and Bliss gets knocked out to the floor for an early break.

    Back with Bliss working on an armbar and twisting Mickie down by said arm for two. Naturally Bliss gets in some trash talk but misses a knee drop onto the arm, allowing Mickie to start the comeback. The chokeshove is countered into a flapjack as Bayley and Nia get in a fight. Not that it matters as Bliss pulls Mickie off the top for a crash and the pin at 9:15.

    Nia destroys Bayley and James post match.

    Miz yells at Ambrose, who tells Miz he can go home tonight. That's not cool with Miz, who has a special MizTV later. As a bonus, Ambrose can fight Bray Wyatt.

    Samoa Joe says Seth Rollins is now living on his terms. Cue Rollins for the big brawl.

    Kalisto vs. Braun Strowman

    Braun says he's not wrestling this match and then kicks Kalisto in the face. Cue Roman Reigns though and we'll say it's a no contest at thirty seconds.

    Three straight Superman Punches put Strowman on the floor but he still manages to kick a charging Reigns in the chest. Reigns gets the sling off the bad arm and sends it into the post over and over. A bunch of chair shots knock Strowman into the crowd. What a hero that Reigns is. I mean, assuming you believe WWE still sees him as a major face and aren't just trolling the heck out of us anymore.

    Goldust fires R-Truth up before their Tag Team Turmoil match. It seems that Goldust isn't sure about the team's future.

    Tag Team Turmoil

    It's basically a gauntlet match with two teams starting and the winning team advancing to face a new team. The last team standing faces the Hardys at Extreme Rules. Enzo Amore and Big Cass start with Cesaro and Sheamus and it's Cass vs. Sheamus to get things going. An early Empire Elbow has Sheamus in trouble and Cass throws Enzo at both guys for good measure. A quick Irish Curse drops Enzo though (Enzo: “OW OW OW!”) and we take a break. Back with Enzo catching Cesaro with an enziguri, only to have Sheamus pull Cass off the apron. A Sharpshooter makes Enzo tap at 6:45 and it's Heath Slater and Rhyno in third.

    The brawl starts in the aisle with Slater and Rhyno getting the worse of it. Slater is thrown inside for a top rope clothesline from Sheamus, who also kicks Rhyno off the apron. A Brogue Kick ends Slater at 10:35. Anderson and Gallows are in fourth as we take a second break. Back again with Cesaro muscling Gallows up for a delayed suplex. Sheamus gives up the hot tag though and everything breaks down with all four being dropped in just a few seconds. White Noise gets two on Gallows and we take a third break. Back with Sheamus hitting Gallows with the Brogue Kick for the elimination at 22:33.

    Golden Truth comes out as the last team and Goldust hammers on Sheamus to start. That doesn't last long though as Sheamus takes him down and works on the leg, leaving Cesaro to grab the Sharpshooter. R-Truth makes the save and hits a quick Lie Detector on Cesaro. The ax kick gets two but Truth misses a charge and gets rolled up for the pin at 27:48.

    Golden Truth gets beaten down post match but the Hardys come out for the staredown.

    Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

    They head straight to the floor to start the brawl with Joe throwing him around, only to have Seth catch him with a clothesline off the steps. The fight heads back inside with Joe taking over and grabbing a suplex for two. Joe gets in a hard shot to the knee though and Rollins crumbles to the floor as we take a break. Back with Joe dropping a big knee and telling Rollins not to listen to the fans.

    The Koquina Clutch is broken up with a jawbreaker and Joe is sent outside for back to back suicide dives. A springboard clothesline gives Seth two but he walks into the snap powerslam for two. Joe can't powerbomb him though and gets caught in the falcon's arrow. A turnbuckle pad is pulled off but Seth gets two off a superkick anyway. It's Rollins being sent chest first into the buckle behind the referee's back. Joe does it again in front of the referee's back for the DQ at 14:12.

    Joe chokes him out after the match.

    TJP vs. Jack Gallagher

    Neville is on commentary. TJP chills on the corner to start so Jack headbutts the heck out of him. Back in and TJP starts in on the leg but gets dropkicked in the face for his efforts. The Detonation Kick is broken up though and TJP grabs a rollup with a handful of trunks for the pin at 3:03.

    TJP goes after Jack again and puts him in the kneebar until Austin Aries makes the save.

    Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

    They slap each other in the face to start before Fox gets two off her northern lights suplex. We hit the chinlock and the fans start looking at something in the crowd. Back up and Banks hits her running knees for the pin at 2:57.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

    Non-title with Miz and Maryse on commentary. Bray punches Dean in the head to start as Miz talks about wanting to return prestige to the Intercontinental Title. Dirty Deeds doesn't work so Bray suplexes him on the floor instead. Back with Bray getting two off a DDT until Dean hits a hard clothesline. Ambrose sends him outside for the running clothesline off the barricade and here are Miz and Maryse to ringside.

    Sister Abigail is countered into a rollup for two and Dean hits the top rope elbow. Miz grabs the Intercontinental Title for a distraction so Dean suicide dives onto him. Bray is smart enough to go after the distracted Dean, allowing Miz to hit Ambrose in the back with the title. Sister Abigail finishes Ambrose at 15:12.

    Miz poses over Ambrose and hits the catchphrase to end the show.

    Finn Balor b. Miz – Coup de Grace
    Alexa Bliss b. Mickie James – Bliss pulled James off the top
    Kalisto vs. Braun Strowman went to a no contest when Roman Reigns interfered
    Sheamus and Cesaro won Tag Team Turmoil last eliminating Golden Truth
    Seth Rollins b. Samoa Joe via DQ when Rollins was sent into the exposed turnbuckle
    TJP b. Jack Gallagher – Rollup with a handful of trunks
    Sasha Banks b. Alicia Fox – Double knees to the chest
    Bray Wyatt b. Dean Ambrose – Sister Abigail


    Date: May 9, 2017
    Location: 02 Arena, London, England
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, John Bradshaw Layfield

    We're taped tonight from London as we have less than two weeks before Backlash. That means tonight is Jinder Mahal time and we get to see more of his rapid fire build towards being a main eventer. Other than that we might get more of the Welcoming Committee, which is turning into one of the worst heel stables I can remember in years. Let's get to it.

    We open with a clip of last month's Six Pack Challenge where Mahal became #1 contender. Has Mojo Rawley had a match since then? Mahal then cost Randy Orton the House of Horrors match and stole the title belt.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's Orton to get things going and he has the title back, thanks to Shane McMahon taking it from Jinder last week. Orton says he lost because of Mahal, not because of Wyatt or that refrigerator. Before Orton can get too far, here's Mahal to show off his promotional pictures with the title. Mahal promises to begin a new age at Backlash before speaking I believe Punjab.

    Cue Kevin Owens to say no one cares about anything but him. Owens brags about ending Chris Jericho's career and, after he gets rid of AJ Styles, he wants the World Title. Now it's AJ coming out to quite the reaction to say he's the face that runs the place. Cue Baron Corbin but Sami Zayn jumps him from behind and the fights are on with the good guys cleaning house.

    Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

    Before the match, we get some generic “British people have bad teeth” jokes from James Ellsworth and Carmella. Naomi and Charlotte are here as Becky's seconds. The Welcoming Committee offers an early distraction so Natalya can send Becky to the floor and take over. We hit the abdominal stretch for a bit before the STRAIGHT FIRE forearm has Natalya reeling. The Bexploder looks to set up something on the top but the other women get in a fight, allowing Natalya to pull Becky off the top for the pin at 3:02. That's almost the same ending as Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James from last night.

    Lana is coming soon.

    Charlotte blames Naomi for Becky's loss but Lynch comes in to cool them down. A six woman tag is set for the pay per view.

    It's Fashion Files time! They're at the 02 Arena this week and Fandango is dressed as Sherlock Holmes while Breeze is a standard British cop. Fandango: “Cheerio.” Breeze: “No thanks. I've already had my breakfast.” They find some spilled lead paint that would only be worn by Uggos. That must be a ruse so Breezango can't tell them apart but it doesn't really matter. The paint leads to a room where roaring is heard. They think something nefarious is going on in there but it's just the Ascension warming themselves up. Breeze: “I'm getting too old for this shite.” More funny stuff here as Breezango continues to look good.

    Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

    Rowan throws him to the floor to start as the announcers talk about how these two are running amuck with no one to guide them. Back in and Rowan scores with a spinning kick to the face and a splash for two. Harper suplexes his way out of the head vice but the discus lariat is blocked. Instead Erick gets two off a Side Effect and grabs the mask. The distraction (as the referee tries to figure out what the mask is supposed to look like) allows Rowan to poke Harper in the eye and grab a reverse spinning powerslam for the pin at 4:23.

    Here's Dolph Ziggler to call out Shinsuke Nakamura. He's been here for eight years (How has it only been that long?) but the fans treat him like a disease. Who do the people cheer for now? That starts a Nakamura chant as this is starting to sound like Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles last year.

    Now people are calling Nakamura an artist but Ziggler is the strongest man in WWE because he never needed the people. This brings out Nakamura to tell Ziggler to shut up. Nakamura is ready to show him so here's a referee but Ziggler says nope. Dolph says we do this on his time and wants the match at Backlash. The sneak attack earns Dolph a beating.

    Sami is fired up to team with Orton and Styles. Zayn tries to run a strategy session but seems to just annoy his partners. By the time he announces their team as the winners, they've both left.

    New Day is coming and we get a video game themed promo with every other team being listed on a character select screen.

    Breezango vs. Ascension

    Fandango chops at Konnor to start but it's off to Viktor who runs him over. A chinlock doesn't last long and it's off to Breeze for some house cleaning. Fandango makes a blind tag and it's an atomic drop into the Last Dance for the in at 2:39.

    Post match the Usos come out to say twelve days over and over while listing off various things that Breezango can do to each others' backs (with Jimmy clearly trying not to crack up).

    Mojo Rawley is giving some kids a tour of the backstage area but stops to tell them a story about Andre the Giant. Andre did a lot of things but Mojo switches to a story about a boy who was different growing up. He was bullied as a kid but then he used it as motivation to become a legend. Mojo pulls out the trophy and the kids are amazed. I've started to like Mojo more and more lately and I'd love to see him get some more TV time.

    Rusev hasn't heard about his demand for a World Title shot but he'll be here next week to get an answer.

    Randy Orton/Sami Zayn/AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal/Baron Corbin/Kevin Owens

    Sami and Corbin get things started but a quick tag brings in Owens. There's no contact though as it's off to Mahal for some kicks to the chest. Sami grabs a headscissors and brings in Orton so Mahal tags out to Owens. The threat of an RKO sends Owens out to the floor and we take a break.

    Back with Corbin working over Sami and handing it off to Owens as the eternal feud continues. Sami is tossed outside for a stomping from Mahal, drawing AJ over to stare him down. Corbin's chinlock keeps things slow so Jinder comes in for one of his own. The stomping keeps going and we take a break.

    Back with AJ getting the hot tag to come in and clean house as everything breaks down. The running forearm drops a seated Corbin and Sami hits a big flip dive onto all three villains. Owens breaks up the Phenomenal Forearm though and Styles and Corbin are down. It's Mahal breaking up the tag though and dropping a knee for two on Styles.

    Owens comes back in for some very aggressive stomping and a chinlock of his own. That's quite the popular move tonight and in no way a method to stretch out a long main event. The backsplash hits knees though and the hot tag brings in Orton. Everything breaks down and Owens eats the RKO, only to have Jinder's cobra clutch slam put Orton away at 22:14.

    Natalya b. Becky Lynch – Natalya pulled her off the top rope
    Erick Rowan b. Luke Harper – Spinning reverse powerslam
    Breezango b. Ascension – Last Dance to Viktor
    Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens/Baron Corbin b. Sami Zayn/Randy Orton/AJ Styles – Cobra clutch slam to Orton


    Date: May 10, 2017
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Percy Watson, Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

    With ten days to go until Takeover: Chicago, it's time to crown a new #1 contender to the NXT Title. Tonight we have Hideo Itami facing Roderick Strong for the shot at Bobby Roode in Chicago. While this should seems like a foregone conclusion, Strong was built up quite well in the back to back video packages and looks good coming into the match. Let's get to it.

    The opening video looks at Strong vs. Itami, which is all that needs to be focused on.

    Opening sequence.

    Aleister Black vs. Cesaro Bononi

    The jobber is massive at probably 6'6 with a good look. A kick to the chest drops him with ease though and Black has a seat. More kicks set up a knee to the back and Black Mass puts Bononi away at 1:29. Great pop for the finish.

    We look back at last week's battle royal with Asuka interfering and injuring Ember Moon. For the first time, Moon is officially ruled out, meaning it's going to be a triple threat.

    Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate for the UK Title is also confirmed for Takeover.

    Video on Dunne.

    Video on Ruby Riot, including her growing up in Indiana. She has a lot of tattoos and they all tell a story. The end of the story: Ruby Riot on Women's Champion. No one has ever seen anyone like her and she's here to break the mold of the women's division. Does anyone NOT break that mold?

    Earlier today we had a sitdown interview with Nikki Cross but she couldn't sit still and refused to let a microphone be set up. She finally just grabbed the thing and said three, two, one action. Then she started messing with the boom mic while talking about Ruby. She wants to fight right now and wants her title too. This was rather disturbing in a good way.

    Drew McIntyre is ready to take the NXT Title. Wesley Blake of all people comes in to say he deserves the shot. That seems to set up a match.

    The Velveteen Dream is coming.

    Here's DIY for a chat. They never had a fair rematch for the titles so it's high time they got their shot at the Authors of Pain. This brings out.....Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli? Really? They say the line starts behind them but DIY says Sabbatelli and Moss just crossed the line. The fight is on with DIY easily clearing the ring but here's a referee.

    DIY vs. Riddick Moss/Tino Sabbatelli

    Moss knees Ciampa down to start and it's off to Tino for a beating in the corner. The heels take turns stomping away until Sabbatelli grabs a chinlock. Ciampa throws him away though and the hot tag brings in Gargano to clean house. A kick to the head takes Moss down and the slingshot spear gets a rather delayed two (seemed like a slightly blown save). Gargano hits a dive to the floor and the Meet in the Middle ends Moss at 5:03.

    Post match Regal makes DIY vs. the Authors (who come out for the announcement) in a ladder match.

    Kassius Ohno says he fell down against Bobby Roode and now he's in a bigger building. You take down a skyscraper brick by brick but here's Andrade Cien Almas to call Ohno a perro. NO! DON'T TRY TO BE LIKE ALBERTO! Ohno reads him the riot act about squandering his opportunities and a match is made for next week.

    Video on Tyler Bate.

    Strong says this match is why he's here. His music starts playing so he has to leave.

    Itami respects Strong but tonight, Roderick is going to go to sleep.

    Roderick Strong vs. Hideo Itami

    The winner gets the shot at Roode at Takeover. Feeling out process to start with Itami working on an early headlock. The threat of a big kick sends Strong outside and we take a break. Back with Itami forearming him in the head and grabbing a chinlock that doesn't go anywhere. Strong gets in a shot to the ribs though and the first backbreaker gets two.

    Strong starts in on the shoulder and another backbreaker gets the same. It's off to a bodyscissors with Strong cranking on the shoulder even more until they fall outside. Strong doesn't waste any time by tossing Itami back first onto the apron. Back from a second break with a double clothesline putting both guys down. Itami gets his tornado DDT onto the top rope and a top rope boot gets two.

    Strong is right back with an Angle Slam for two (SWEET! I can't stand that chant.) of his own but takes too long going up, allowing Itami to grab a super Falcon Arrow for a very near fall. The slugout actually goes to Strong but Itami gets all fired up and hits some running kicks in the corner to knock Strong senseless. The GTS sends Itami to Chicago at 22:59.

    Itami helps Strong to his feet to end the show.

    Aleister Black b. Cesaro Bononi – Black Mass
    DIY b. Riddick Moss/Tino Sabbatelli – Meet in the Middle to Moss
    Hideo Itami b. Roderick Strong – GTS


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: May 11, 2017
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, D'Angelo Dinero

    We're back in the Impact Zone where the main event is over another promotion's title. I know GFW and Impact have officially merged so it's not as odd as it sounds but there's something weird about the Global Force Wrestling World Title match main eventing Impact Wrestling. Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of Alberto El Patron beating Eli Drake to earn a shot at the GFW World Title tonight. Magnus is ready.

    Opening sequence.

    Andrew Everett vs. Caleb Konley vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal

    One fall to a finish. Theys tart with the rapid fire near falls via sunset flips and rollups until Konley and Sydal put on stereo submissions. Neither of those go anywhere so Sydal drops a standing leg on Konley and gives Xavier a jawbreaker at the same time. Konley comes right back with a moonsault for two on Everett with Matt making a save. That's enough of the wrestling so Everett and Xavier hit back to back dives onto everyone else. Back in and Konley hits a belly to back fisherman's suplex (that's a new one) for two on Sydal, only to have Everett grab the Frankendriver for the pin on Xavier at 6:24.

    JB pesters Josh again.

    Ethan Carter III promises that we'll see the Cowboy tonight. I smell an impression.

    KM orders a pizza and says his name is Billy. He takes the pizza from the delivery guy and starts eating but refuses to pay. The delivery guy says the bill says Billy but KM says that's not his name. KM doesn't like being called a liar and throws the guy out.

    Here's EC3 now dressed as a rather goofy cowboy. He talks about being a SOB from Boca Raton, Florida but sounds more like Waylon Mercy. Carter rode up on his steed Sebastian and sings a modified version of Friends in Low Places. Cue the real Storm for the beatdown but Carter takes off a boot and hits him in the head. Carter manages to handcuff him to the ropes and give him a whipping with a belt. Sounds like a strap match. The beating goes on for a good while with security taking their sweet time breaking it up.

    JB annoys Josh again.

    Hakim Zane/Idris Abraham vs. Laredo Kid/Garza Jr.

    Zane wristlocks Kid to start but Laredo puts him on his shoulders for a missile dropkick from Garza. Things speed up with Idris running the ropes until he floors Garza (who has removed his red pants for some reason) with a hard shoulder. Idris' charge is countered with a powerbomb onto his partner though Zane is sent to the floor. A 450 gives Laredo the pin at 3:26.

    D'Angelo Dinero wants to make Impact great.

    Ava Storie vs. Laurel Van Ness

    This company doesn't have a great mental health policy does it? Van Ness is still in the wedding dress and gets two off an early spear. A kick to the face and a running curb stomp is enough for the pin on Storie at 1:36.

    Spud still wants to hurt Swoggle.

    Here's LAX, some of whom are sporting white face paint, for a Decay funeral. Konnan wants to show their disrespect and tells the champs to pour the ashes on the mat. This company threw their best team at LAX and now you have a dead clown and a monster eating through a feeding tube. Now it's time for LAX to win the GFW Tag Team Titles for the sake of Latino pride. A fan waves an American flag and refuses to sit down. Cue the Veterans of War for the save, which is the only logical way to go. A fireman's carry flapjack into a cutter plants Ortiz and LAX runs. Good segment.

    Grand Championship: Marshe Rockett vs. Moose

    Moose is defending but Rockett jumps him to start and hits a Harlem side kick for no cover. A dropkick knocks Marshe off the top though and Rockett chills on the floor for the rest of the round. Moose wins the first round and wastes no time, finishing Rockett with the sitout chokeslam at 35 seconds of the second round.

    Post match Tyrus comes out for a distraction, allowing Eli Drake to come in with some chair shots to Moose. Chris Adonis runs in for the Adonis Lock and more chair shots from Drake leave Moose laying.

    More JB and Josh.

    Dutch Mantel announces the return of Ultimate X between Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Low Ki for the title next week. This would feel like more of a surprise if the Ultimate X wasn't above the ring.

    Angelina Love vs. Alisha Edwards

    Eddie Edwards is in his wife's corner on crutches. Alisha charges at Lov to start and we hear more about JB annoying Josh. Angelina's comeback is cut off by a Futureshock but Davey Richards gets on the apron. That's fine with Alisha who kicks the ropes between his legs, only to have Angelina hit Edwards in the back with a chain for the DQ at 2:32.

    Eddie goes after Angelina but Davey crutches him in the knee.

    Lashley will be watching the main event.

    GFW World Title: Alberto El Patron vs. Magnus

    Alberto is challenging and seems to have the fans behind him. An early armbreaker across the top rope has Magnus reeling and a clothesline makes things even worse. Magnus grabs a suplex and kicks away a bit as the champ is playing the de facto heel here. The back and forth continues with Patron hitting a top rope right hand to the jaw and grabbing a chinlock.

    They fight to the top and both guys are knocked out to the floor as we take a break. Back with Alberto in control until he walks into a Falcon Arrow (not a sitout powerslam Josh) for two. Josh rants about Jim Ross tweeting him about how awesome he is and complains about JB some more as the guys head outside for nothing of note.

    Back in and the Backstabber sets up the armbreaker on Magnus but the champ gets a rope. The Cloverleaf sends Patron to the rope as well and they head up top again. Alberto misses his top rope double stomp and hurts his knee. Magnus gets in a powerbomb but gets pulled down into the armbreaker for the submission at 18:23.

    That being said, this was quite the main event as they've really turned up the focus on the wrestling as of late. It's not a classic or anything but I had a good time with it and the battle of the submission holds made it feel like a chess match. El Patron winning makes the most sense and should set up a rematch with Lashley at Slammiversary, which makes the most sense.

    Andrew Everett b. Caleb Konley, Dezmond Xavier and Matt Sydal – Frankendriver to Xavier
    Laredo Kid/Garza Jr. b. Idris Abraham/Hakim Zane – 450 splash to Abraham
    Laurel Van Ness b. Ava Storie – Curb stomp
    Moose b. Marshe Rockett – Sitout chokeslam
    Alisha Edwards b. Angelina Love via DQ when Love used a chain
    Alberto El Patron b. Magnus – Cross armbreaker







    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Finn Balor b. Miz – Coup de Grace
    Alexa Bliss b. Mickie James – Bliss pulled James off the top
    Kalisto vs. Braun Strowman went to a no contest when Roman Reigns interfered
    Sheamus and Cesaro won Tag Team Turmoil last eliminating Golden Truth
    Seth Rollins b. Samoa Joe via DQ when Rollins was sent into the exposed turnbuckle
    TJP b. Jack Gallagher – Rollup with a handful of trunks
    Sasha Banks b. Alicia Fox – Double knees to the chest
    Bray Wyatt b. Dean Ambrose – Sister Abigail

    Natalya b. Becky Lynch – Natalya pulled her off the top rope
    Erick Rowan b. Luke Harper – Spinning reverse powerslam
    Breezango b. Ascension – Last Dance to Viktor
    Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens/Baron Corbin b. Sami Zayn/Randy Orton/AJ Styles – Cobra clutch slam to Orton

    Aleister Black b. Cesaro Bononi – Black Mass
    DIY b. Riddick Moss/Tino Sabbatelli – Meet in the Middle to Moss
    Hideo Itami b. Roderick Strong – GTS

    Impact Wrestling
    Andrew Everett b. Caleb Konley, Dezmond Xavier and Matt Sydal – Frankendriver to Xavier
    Laredo Kid/Garza Jr. b. Idris Abraham/Hakim Zane – 450 splash to Abraham
    Laurel Van Ness b. Ava Storie – Curb stomp
    Moose b. Marshe Rockett – Sitout chokeslam
    Alisha Edwards b. Angelina Love via DQ when Love used a chain
    Alberto El Patron b. Magnus – Cross armbreaker

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