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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: May 28, 2018
    Location: The Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

    Somehow there are still three shows left before Money in the Bank so we’re really not close to the end of this ride yet. That means another qualifying match tonight, this time in the form of a women’s gauntlet match. Other than that we get to see just how good Seth Rollins is as he defends against Jinder Mahal. Let’s get to it.

    We open with the now traditional Memorial Day video. This one includes soldiers telling stories of some of their missions and those who died on those missions. It’s always nice of WWE to do this.

    Here’s Braun Strowman to open things up. He explains the idea of the ladder match and says he can’t wait to become Mr. Monster in the Bank. Finn Balor comes out to say he never lost the Universal Title and nothing is stopping him from winning it back. Last week, he gave everything he had to Strowman but at Money in the Bank, there are six other people. Strowman says it was a good fight for a little guy so Finn slaps him in the face and gets thrown outside. Cue Kurt Angle to say he likes the intensity so let’s have a match.

    Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman

    So this year they’re not even mixing the matches up week to week. Kevin Owens is on commentary and Strowman throws Balor into the corner again to start. The dominance continues as Owens goes on a rant about how hard it was for him to qualify. Cole asks if we can talk about Owens calling Stephanie McMahon to get a second chance. Owens: “No we can not.”

    Balor gets in a kick to the chest for very shortlived avail as Strowman whips him very hard into the corner again. There’s a boot to the chest but Owens grabs the mic and tells Strowman to stay on him because Braun can do better than that. Back from a break with Strowman running around the ring and shouldering Balor over the barricade. Strowman pulls him back to ringside but gets posted.

    There’s a dropkick through the ropes but Owens grabs the mic again to give Strowman a pep talk. An enziguri sets up a bit flip dive over the top….but Strowman pops back up. The Sling Blade and a dropkick into the corner have Strowman in trouble and a top rope double stomp to the back has him in more trouble. There’s the Coup de Grace but Owens comes in to jump Balor for the DQ at 11:30.

    Post match Owens hits Balor with a ladder but Strowman takes it away and LAUNCHES it at Owens, who runs off in fear.

    Owens tries to leave but can’t get his key from the valet. Angle comes up and asks what’s up, with Owens saying he wants to see the Memorial Day parade. Angle: “You don’t care about that. You’re Canadian.” Owens gets Bobby Roode tonight.

    Sasha Banks says she’ll win.

    Here’s Elias for a song. He insists on how everything needs to be nice and calm but first, he needs the lights brought down closer because he can’t stand looking at this ugly crowd. Elias makes sure the sound levels are right and we take a break. Back with Elias still in the ring and threatening to leave again. Cue Seth Rollins for his title defense and he throws Elias’ stool out. Rollins vs. Elias sounds very appealing.

    Intercontinental Title: Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal

    Rollins is defending and wastes no time hammering away in the corner. A Sunil Singh distraction lets Mahal knock him to the floor and we take a break. Back with Mahal working on the ribs and grabbing an abdominal stretch. Rollins sends him into the corner and then outside for the required suicide dive. Back in and a fireman’s carry gutbuster (Darren Young’s old Gut Check) gets two but the Khallas is countered. The Stomp misses as well and Rollins rolls him up for tow.

    The low superkick into the Falcon Arrow gets two as well and dang it they’re doing the crowd reaction shots again. Sunil offers another distraction and gets ejected but it allows Mahal to chair Rollins in the ribs for two. The ejected Singh is back five seconds later so Rollins buckle bombs him into Mahal. That’s enough for Seth and he chairs Mahal for the DQ at 12:21. Please tell me they’re not going to do this match again next week.

    Post match Rollins chases Mahal off with a chair but gets guitared down by Elias.

    Post break, Rollins is being put on a stretcher but gets up and walks to the back on his own as two fans sing Happy Birthday.

    Here’s Ronda Rousey for commentary while Nia Jax has an exhibition against a woman named Michelle Webb. Nia has her try an armbar (which Nia can’t remember the name of) but easily powerbombs her down. Some trash talk to Rousey (who is mostly silent) is followed by the Samoan drop, more trash talking, and a legdrop. Nia adds a rolling flip dive and tells Ronda to come help this woman. Rousey comes to the ring and stares Nia down so Nia leaves with a laugh. Nia’s talking was fine until Rousey got in the ring and then it sounded very scripted.

    Dana Brooke is going over statistics to figure out how to win the gauntlet match.

    Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy vs Ascension

    Non-title. Matt beats Viktor up to start as Cole does his weekly “I don’t understand this wacky Hardy stuff” rant. Konnor comes in and takes Matt down with a chinlock and even a side slam doesn’t get Matt out of trouble. Back up and Matt stops a charge with a boot to the face and there’s the hot tag to Bray. House is cleaned in a hurry with a backsplash getting two on Viktor. Matt Cactus Clotheslines Konnor to the floor and Bray plants Viktor with the release Rock Bottom. The Kiss of Deletion ends Viktor at 4:48.

    the B Team is in Angle’s office to ask for a Tag Team Title match. Angle says no because they just beat Breezango twice in a row. The team has a meeting but Angle reminds them that he can hear them. Dallas thinks they need to get the other team’s blessing. Like an invitation to the B Team Tag Team Memorial Day Barbecue! Tonight! Angle: “That’s not what I’m saying!” B Team: “B TEAM!” I dig these guys.

    The Riott Squad says they’ll win tonight.

    Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens

    Roode starts fast with a Glorious DDT attempt but gets sent outside. Owens sends him into the barricade and scores with a Cannonball against said barricade to send us to a break. Back with Roode taking over and trying the Glorious DDT again, this time sending Owens bailing up the ramp. He stops though, realizing that Strowman is still here somewhere. Back in and Roode walks into a superkick but tries a sunset flip, only to have Owens sit down on it for the pin at 8:47.

    Post match here’s Strowman to catch Owens with the running powerslam. Roode gets one as well.

    Here’s Sami Zayn for a public apology for last week’s segment with Bobby Lashley’s “sisters”. Well an apology is a nice start, though I’m thinking a prison sentence is more like it. Sami reads the prepared statement and acknowledges how bad it really was. He admits that those were men last week and Sami hired them to entertain and inform. Sami finally gets the apology out but everything he said was true. See, his art was rooted in reality and he doesn’t expect these people to get it.

    This brings out Lashley, who talks about what Memorial Day means to a military family like his. With that out of the way, Lashley says his real sisters found last week funny. They need to settle this though so let’s do it at Money in the Bank. Sami shakes on it and threatens to kick the smile off of Sami’s face but Lashley squeezes the hand to take Sami down. Lashley apologizes for what he’s going to do at Money in the Bank.

    Mickie James says she’ll win.

    Chad Gable vs. Drew McIntyre

    Drew powers him into the corner and hammers away with right hands as we talk about the B Team Barbecue. We hit the armbar as Gable is being dominated so far. A super Samoan drop is broken up and Gable gets two off a moonsault press. That’s fine with Drew, who sends him into the post to cut off the comeback bid. The Claymore is enough to end Chad at 4:45.

    It’s time for the barbecue with most of the other teams on the roster in the ring eating food. The food all starts with B, including Botato chips and Bodogs. With everyone eating, the B Team says no they can challenge for the titles. Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater aren’t happy, so that means no more food. The foot of course winds up on the B Team, and then everyone else, with Rhyno sitting in a chair eating sandwiches. The B Team comes back in and chokeslams Rhyno through a table. Cole: “That was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Gauntlet Match

    Before the match, Bayley says numbers don’t add up and she’s going to Money in the Bank. Bayley is in at #1 and Liv Morgan is in at #2 with the Bayley to Belly getting rid of Morgan in ten seconds. Sarah Logan is in at #3 and blocks the suplex, only to fall victim to a rollup for the pin at 1:50. Logan and Morgan double team Bayley before leaving and it’s Ruby Riott in at #4.

    Back from a break with Riott having survived and sending Bayley into the corner. The Riott Kick gets rid of Bayey at 7:01 and it’s Dana Brooke in at #5. Brooke ges sent into the corner and the Riott Kick is good for the pin at 8:44. Hometown girl Mickie James is in at # 6 and sends Riott into the post for an early two. A dropkick gets two and we take a break. Back with Mickie getting two off the middle rope knees, only to get rolled up with trunks for the pin at 15:32.

    Sasha Banks is in at #7 (the last entrant) and starts fast with some rollups. The Bank Statement doesn’t work and Ruby gets two off a faceplant. Riott starts the trash talk so Sasha hits her in the face. Another faceplant gives Ruby two and Sasha’s top rope double knees get the same. The Bank Statement is broken up again so Ruby tries a monkey flip, only to bounce off the ropes into a tornado DDT for two. One heck of a powerbomb out of the corner gives Sasha two and here’s the Riott Squad for the distraction. Sasha fights them off with ease and the Bank Statement makes Ruby tap at 20:50.

    Finn Balor b. Braun Strowman via DQ when Kevin Owens interfered
    Jinder Mahal b. Seth Rollins via DQ when Rollins used a chair
    Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy b. Ascension – Kiss of Deletion to Viktor
    Kevin Owens b. Bobby Roode – Rollup
    Sasha Banks won a gauntlet match last eliminating Ruby Riott


    Date: May 29, 2018
    Location: PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina
    Commentators: Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

    It’s dream match night on Smackdown as we have the final Money in the Bank qualifying match between Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe. I’d think that alone sums up the perks of tonight but we also get some more build between AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. This should be their final showdown but stranger things have happened. Let’s get to it.

    Here’s Samoa Joe, despite being scheduled to wrestle later tonight. He pulls a ladder out and sets it up in the ring for a climb and takes down the green briefcase. Joe talks about the ladder being a connection between the earth and the Heavens. Jacob looked at his ladder and saw angels smiling down, but Joe’s ladder has no salvation. There will be no smiling, but after Money in the Bank, he’ll be smiling because he has this ladder.

    Tonight, Joe will prove to Daniel Bryan that there are things far worse than forced retirement. Bryan needs to call Brie and have her tell their daughter a story. Brie needs to tell their daughter that Bryan will be home for Money in the Bank but he won’t be the same man. Bryan will be a man full of doubts and that’s because of a man named Samoa Joe.

    Cue Bryan to say Joe crossed a line that he shouldn’t have. Bryan has his own vision and that’s Joe with a broken leg if he mentions Bryan’s family anymore. The fight is almost on but here’s Big Cass on a crutch. Cass expected nothing less from the shrimp and the blimp but that should be Cass’ briefcase. He’s tired of all this second chance talk and by word of General Manager Paige, Joe vs. Bryan isn’t happening.

    Instead, Cass will be taking Bryan’s spot when Cass is cleared, which has already happened. Cass breaks the crutch over Joe’s shoulder so Bryan hammers and kicks away, only to be sent into the ladder. A briefcase shot to the head drops Joe and Cass poses. They were this close to something special there if they just started Bryan vs. Joe then but something that interesting seems beyond them.

    Nakamura is walking through the back with cards numbering from one to ten, which he counts and drops as he walks.

    Paige runs into Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, who accuse Paige of making mistakes. Like giving Asuka another chance when she doesn’t need it. Mandy thinks there are more deserving women out there so Paige gives her Asuka tonight. They leave and Renee Young comes up to ask about the Money in the Bank match. Say it with me: triple threat.

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tye Dillinger

    Tye goes after him to start but misses a charge and gets kicked to the floor as we take an early break. Back with Tye fighting out of a chinlock but getting kneed right back down. More knees in the corner set up the running knee in the corner but Tye gives him the Perfect 10 sign. Nakamura is done with this and hits the middle rope knee, setting up Kinshasa for the pin at 8:52.

    Post match Nakamura hits another Kinshasa and counts to ten.

    AJ Styles says this is a scary time for him because he’s up against a dangerous opponent in a match suited to the striker like Nakamura. That’s cool with AJ because he’s the last man in the arena, the last man to give up and at Money in the Bank, he’ll be the last man standing. Good stuff from AJ here.

    Rusev Day sings Lana to the ring for a dance off with Naomi. We’re not ready quite yet though as here are the Usos to back Naomi up. They both dance with Lana doing her more traditional stuff and Naomi doing her standard dancing, they lock hands and dance at the same time, Lana takes her down with a neckbreaker and the fight is on. Lana slaps Jimmy though and Rusev Day is cleared out.

    New Day and Miz/The Bar train for tonight’s six man with both teams using pancakes. Moving on.

    New Day vs. The Bar/The Miz

    They start fast with Woods being sent outside and we take a very early break. Back with the Bar taking turns on Kofi but Cesaro gets sent to the floor. Miz misses a charge but distracts Big E. so Cesaro gets back in to knee Kofi in the face. The SOS gives Kofi enough of a breather to dive over to Woods and the pace picks way up. Using Sheamus as a springboard, Woods takes Cesaro down with a flip dive to the floor.

    Everything breaks down with Kofi diving onto Miz but getting dropped by Cesaro. A belly to back suplex/top rope ax handle combination gets two on Woods but it’s back to Big E. for the power. Miz makes a blind tag and hits a DDT for two with Kofi making a save. The slingshot dive is caught and Woods gets dropped onto the barricade. Kofi dives onto the Bar and the Big Ending puts Miz away at 12:06.

    New Day looks up at the briefcases but still don’t say who is getting into the ladder match.

    The Good Brothers are ready to win and Karl Anderson brags about his abs. At Money in the Bank, they’re going to beat the Bludgeon Brothers like a couple of….hang on as the Bludgeon Brothers come up on screen to say they’re going to destroy the Good Brothers by liquifying their bodies.

    Mandy Rose vs. Asuka

    Carmella is on commentary. Graves: “I feel like I’m in a park watching a beautiful baby chipmunk and there’s a falcon about to dive in!” Phillips and Carmella: “WHAT?” Hang on though as Deville jumps Asuka from behind. Asuka says ring the bell anyway and a gutwrench suplex gives Mandy two. A dropkick puts Asuka down again as Carmella is wondering when she’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Back from a break with Asuka fighting back and hitting the hip attack in the corner. There’s the missile dropkick but the Asuka Lock is broken up. The second attempt works and Mandy taps at 5:36. Not enough shown to rate but it was perfectly fine for what it was supposed to do.

    Post match Carmella comes in and stares Asuka down.

    Becky Lynch and Carmella argue over who is winning the ladder match. Paige comes in and brings up Team PCB before having the idea of tea time. I’m assuming that means a match at some point in the future.

    Next week: Naomi/Usos vs. Rusev Day/Lana and Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch.

    Andrade Cien Almas leaves the locker room and runs into Sin Cara, who says hello. Zelina Vega comes in and yells, saying Cara is a nobody. Cara says he and Almas go way back but Almas tells him to leave him alone.

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Samoa Joe vs. Big Cass vs. Daniel Bryan

    Cass gets stomped down in the corner as we get a rare Joe/Bryan alliance. With Cass on the floor, Bryan can’t moonsault over Joe so Joe suicide elbows Cass instead. Bryan dives onto both of them and we take a break. Back with Bryan getting kicked in the head and Joe’s backsplash getting two. Cass drops Joe and sends Bryan outside for a toss over the announcers’ table and it’s back to one on one.

    Back in and Cass puts Joe on top but here’s Bryan to take Cass down and snap off a super hurricanrana on Joe. Cass takes Bryan’s head off with a hard clothesline for two and pounds away with some hard intensity as we take a break. Back again with Cass chopping Joe in the corner followed by the Empire Elbow for two.

    The East River Crossing gets two on Bryan with Joe making the save. Bryan starts in on Cass’ knee but has to slip out of the Koquina Clutch. Joe gets sent outside but breaks up the YES Lock on Cass. There’s a flying knee from the apron to drop Joe and a missile dropkick to Cass back inside. The running knee hits Cass but Joe comes in and chokes Bryan out for the win at 21:11.

    Post match Cass kicks Bryan in the head to end the show.

    Shinsuke Nakamura b. Tye Dillinger – Kinshasa
    New Day b. The Miz/The Bar – Big Ending to Miz
    Asuka b. Mandy Rose – Asuka Lock
    Samoa Joe b. Daniel Bryan and Big Cass – Koquina Clutch to Bryan


    Date: May 29, 2018
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson

    It’s time for a big fight here, though it might not be the definitive fight. The big match on the card this week will see Shayna Baszler defending her title against Dakota Kai. Dakota has been running scared of Baszler but Nikki Cross has been poking her head around things lately, which offers a very odd twist to the whole thing. Let’s get to it.

    We open with a recap of Johnny Gargano seemingly considering retirement last week when Tommaso Ciampa interrupted and another fight almost began. During the melee, Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae was knocked down by mistake, seemingly freaking Ciampa out in a rare occurrence. Both are banned from the arena tonight but are set for a street fight at Takeover: Chicago, provided they both sign contracts.

    Here’s Aleister Black for a chat. He says all it takes is one shot for his opponents to fade to black and here’s Lars Sullivan to interrupt. William Regal has made Sullivan #1 contender to the NXT Title for Takeover: Chicago. For sixteen years, Black has made people fade to black but he’s never faced anyone like Sullivan. Black can ignore his emotions all he wants but he can’t ignore what’s going to happen to him in Chicago. The fight is almost on and Black Mass is casually blocked, followed by a Freak Accident to leave Black laying. For a one off title match (which this will likely be), this was fine.

    War Raiders vs. George Hickson/Cody Vincent

    Rowe headbutts Hickson down as the RAIDERS chants begin. It’s off to Vincent, who gets pummeled in the corner just as badly. Shotgun knees into the Bronco Buster crush Vincent and a springboard clothesline/German suplex combination knocks Hickson silly. Fallout ends Vincent at 2:49. Total squash.

    We recap Kai vs. Baszler. Kai wants to be Women’s Champion but Baszler sees her as weak and toys with her like the bully that she is.

    Lacey Evans is ready to win the rubber match with Kairi Sane next week.

    EC3 vs. Fabian Aichner

    EC3 takes him into the corner for what he calls the top 1% forearm. An elbow to the jaw into a gutwrench suplex gives Aichner two but his springboard is broken up pretty easily. EC3 goes out to get him but here’s Gargano through the crowd to grab a mic and say his contract is signed. The distraction lets Aichner hit a crazy high crossbody to the floor for two back inside. Not that it matters as EC3 grabs the One Percenter (TKO) for the pin at 2:41.

    Video on Bianca Belair, who was a natural athlete from childhood. We see some clips of Belair’s athletic accomplishments, with her saying that she never tried because she was that much better than everyone else. After being an All American in college, she got into competitive CrossFit and that got her into NXT. She’s here to be the best because she always has been.

    Ricochet vs. Chris Dijak

    This is Dijak’s TV debut. The much bigger Dijak (stands about 6’9) takes Ricochet into the corner but gets kicked in the head for his efforts. Dijak bails to the floor and still catches the suicide dive with a chokeslam onto the apron. Back in and Dijak hits a springboard elbow but misses a moonsault, allowing Ricochet to roll some vertical suplexes. The 630 ends Dijak at 2:08. Dijak looked great while it lasted.

    Post match Ricochet says Velveteen Dream wants the spotlight and really, he deserves it. The thing about spotlight is it shows your flaws and last week, Dream showed what he really was. Ricochet mentions Chicago but here’s Dream to interrupt. Dream says tonight was Ricochet’s spotlight but last week was their spotlight. Last week Dream showed that he can do anything Ricochet can do but better.

    That sounds like a challenge to Ricochet so Dream says it’s on for Chicago. Dream says whatever Ricochet can do, he can do better so Ricochet gets a running start and flip dives (no hands of course), landing perfectly on his feet right in front of Dream. That’s a bit too much for Dream, who looks impressed. Fair enough as that looked awesome.

    Women’s Title: Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai

    Kai is challenging. Baszler backs her into the corner to start and Kai is intimidated but still comes out ready to fight. That earns her a quick takedown and Baszler starts in on the leg. The ankle gets twisted around and stomped again as this is one sided so far. Baszler tells her to try some kicking so Kai tries a right hand, only to get pummeled even more. An ankle lock goes on but Kai actually makes a rope. The hold goes on again but Kai hits a quick kick for the break. More kicks, including a running kick in the corner have Baszler in trouble, only to have Kai get caught in the Kirifuda Clutch for the tap at 5:34.

    Post match Baszler puts the hold on again but Nikki Cross comes in to scare the heck out of Baszler, who backs off. That’s not it though as Cross runs up and steals the title, laying it on the mat as an offer for Baszler to come get it. Baszler comes to get it but Cross snatches it up again. Cross wants a title shot TONIGHT and seems to ask Kai for approval. She hands Kai the title so Baszler goes after it, earning herself the Purge with Kai counting a pin. Cross celebrates with the title in the crowd to end the show.

    War Raiders b. George Hickson/Cody Vincent – Fallout to Vincent
    EC3 b. Fabian Aichner – One Percenter
    Ricochet b. Chris Dijak – 630
    Shayna Baszler b. Dakota Kai – Kirifuda Clutch


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: May 31, 2018
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

    It’s a big night tonight with the Under Pressure special, headlined by Austin Aries challenging Pentagon Jr. for the Impact Wrestling World Title. Pentagon won the title last month at Redemption in a three way but Aries is getting his rematch in a singles match. Other than that, Allie is defending the Knockouts Title against Su Yung in a casket match. Let’s get to it.

    Earlier today, Sonjay Dutt held a talent meeting (because Sonjay is a boss around here) about the X attacks. The locker room says they have to stick together.

    We get a rapid fire series of hype videos about the entire card.

    Opening sequence.

    Eli Drake vs. Scott Steiner

    They were Tag Team Champions and fell apart due to colliding egos. Drake talks trash to start and gets shouldered down, followed by the overhead belly to belly. A slingshot shoulder drops Steiner but the Push Up Elbow gives Steiner two. They head outside with Steiner driving him into the barricade but getting posted to cut him off again. Back in and Drake misses a Lionsault, only to put Steiner up in an electric chair for a throat first drop drop across the top rope. Steiner shoves the referee away so Drake sneaks in a chair shot for the pin at 6:13.

    Callis and Matthews talk about the rest of the show.

    We recap Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne. Tessa debuted a few weeks ago and talked about how she was that much better than everyone else. Madison didn’t like it and the match was set up as a result.

    Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard

    Feeling out process to start with Tessa scoring off a quick tilt-a-whirl slam. A kick to the face gets two on Madison and Tessa dropkicks her in the back, allowing more cockiness and trash talk. Tessa grabs a swinging neckbreaker for two and we hit the chinlock. Madison fights back up with a northern lights suplex but a hanging Downward Spiral cuts her right back off and gives Tessa two. Some swearing at the referee looks to set up the hammerlock DDT but Madison reversed into a rollup for the surprise pin at 6:09.

    LAX is in the clubhouse and Kingston has some rather fetching women for the guys, plus a match with the Cult of Lee next week.

    Video on Brian Cage wrecking people around the world.

    Dezmond Xavier vs. Brian Cage

    Dezmond gets shoved around by raw power to start but manages a dropkick to send Cage outside. A running splash and some kicks have very little effect so Cage throws him back in. Xavier’s DDT is thrown away with a butterfly suplex and we hit that Terminator clap. Dezmond is smart enough to hit and move, including another kick to send Cage to the floor for a Space Flying Tiger Drop (I love wacky Japanese names for moves). Back in and the Final Flash gets one and that’s about it for Dezmond’s already limited chances here. The Drill Claw gives Cage the pin at 5:40.

    Austin Aries says he’s the man who makes the belts matter because that’s how it works around here. Back in the day he breathed some life into this place and that’s what he’s going to do tonight. This time it’s one on one and we get to find out what Pentagon Jr. has. He may have no fear, but after tonight he’ll have no title. Good promo.

    We recap Allie vs. Su Yung. Allie is terrified of Yung, who made it even worse when she got rid of Allie’s freaky friend Rosemary. Now Allie seems ready to tap into the dark side to defeat Yung once and for all.

    The undead bridesmaids bring out the casket.

    Knockouts Title: Allie vs. Su Yung

    Allie is defending and comes out with the Rosemary face paint, which actually works very well for her. The champ wastes no time with some clotheslines and a suplex into the corner as Yung seems freaked out by the paint. Yung takes her down into a bodyscissors and calls for the casket to be opened, forcing Allie to look at it. Back up and Allie misses a charge into the corner but fights out of the casket. A running clothesline off the casket drops Yung and we take a break.

    Back with Allie missing another charge and getting kicked in the face, knocking her backwards with her legs underneath. Yung’s chair is kicked away with Allie using it for a Codebreaker instead in a smart counter. A superkick knocks Yung into the casket but she gets her leg out for the save. That means the Mandible Claw to knock Allie out, giving Yung the title at 11:48.

    From Destination X, the Last Rites match between Sting and Abyss. This would be the one where the fans chanted FIRE RUSSO.

    Pentagon has no fear and knows that Aries is great, but he’s not great enough.

    Diamante thinks there’s something up with LAX and Kingston.

    Petey Williams, who was the most vocal in the talent meeting, is found standing over Sonjay with the X symbol over him.

    We recap Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards.

    Eddie is ready to go murder Sami in the woods (his words) and tells Alisha to stay here.

    Impact Wrestling World Title: Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr.

    Aries is challenging and his Grand Championship isn’t on the line. Pentagon takes his time on the floor and Aries takes him down with a suicide dive to start fast. The champ puts him up against the post and chops away, hitting the post on the second attempt. They get inside for the opening bell and Aries has the Last Chancery in short order. With the hold broken in short order, Aries ties the string from the mask to the ropes.

    You do NOT do that to a luchador and Pentagon gets fired up, only to eat a missile dropkick. Aries sends him face first into the middle buckle and the middle rope elbow to the back gets two. They slug it out with Pentagon kicking him outside and we take a break. Back with Pentagon chopping even more and hitting the back to back Sling Blades.

    The Fear Factor is broken up with a shinbreaker and Aries goes up, where he has to break up a super Fear Factor. Instead it’s another Last Chancery which breaks down in short order again. Pentagon’s Backstabber gets two and the Pentagon Driver gets the same with a boot on the ropes. Aries bails to the floor and counters a hurricanrana into a third Last Chancery...for a double countout at 17:04.

    Hang on though as Aries gets back in and swears a lot, saying this needs to restart. Pentagon is game and gets forearmed into a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Since it’s a World Title match, Pentagon pops up and hits the Fear Factor on the apron. That means another double countout at 18:40 but, of course, we start it again at Pentagon’s insistence. Aries tells the referee to ring the bell, kicks Pentagon low, and hits the brainbuster to regain the title at 20:21.

    Eli Drake b. Scott Steiner – Chair to the head
    Madison Rayne b. Tessa Blanchard – Rollup
    Brian Cage b. Dezmond Xavier – Drill Claw
    Su Yung b. Allie – Yung put Allie in the casket
    Austin Aries b. Pentagon Jr. – Brainbuster







    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Finn Balor b. Braun Strowman via DQ when Kevin Owens interfered
    Jinder Mahal b. Seth Rollins via DQ when Rollins used a chair
    Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy b. Ascension – Kiss of Deletion to Viktor
    Kevin Owens b. Bobby Roode – Rollup
    Sasha Banks won a gauntlet match last eliminating Ruby Riott

    Shinsuke Nakamura b. Tye Dillinger – Kinshasa
    New Day b. The Miz/The Bar – Big Ending to Miz
    Asuka b. Mandy Rose – Asuka Lock
    Samoa Joe b. Daniel Bryan and Big Cass – Koquina Clutch to Bryan

    War Raiders b. George Hickson/Cody Vincent – Fallout to Vincent
    EC3 b. Fabian Aichner – One Percenter
    Ricochet b. Chris Dijak – 630
    Shayna Baszler b. Dakota Kai – Kirifuda Clutch

    Impact Wrestling
    Eli Drake b. Scott Steiner – Chair to the head
    Madison Rayne b. Tessa Blanchard – Rollup
    Brian Cage b. Dezmond Xavier – Drill Claw
    Su Yung b. Allie – Yung put Allie in the casket
    Austin Aries b. Pentagon Jr. – Brainbuster

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