Week of 5/26/2014 - 6/1/2014 (Monday - Thursday)

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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: May 26, 2014
    Location: Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

    It's the go home show for Payback and the main story coming into tonight is the announcement of the future of the WWE Championship. You would think they would wait until either Payback or the night after so the focus wasn't taken off the pay per view but it's WWE and they would never do something stupid that would cost over a billion dollars in a day right? Let's get to it.

    We open with the traditional Memorial Day montage. That's always cool to see.

    Here's a gloating Authority to open things up. Stephanie talks about how Bryan has to do the right thing. “Yes, you know he'll do what he has to do.” The Authority wasn't happy about what's happened here and didn't want to be right on this one. The fans want to see the champion defend the title every night but right now Daniel Bryan can't do that.

    HHH says Bryan needs to make the right choice and how there are people in every generation that adapt to become legends, but there are people like Daniel Bryan who just can't do it. People that don't adapt fail and those that do thrive, and that is evolution. This Sunday, the Shield will find out that you can't stop Evolution. There's a contract signing tonight and the Shield will have the chance to adapt and not show up on Sunday, or sign and perish.

    This brings Stephanie to Brad Maddox who needs to come out here right now. Maddox finally comes out and HHH just rips into him. Last week, HHH said only official people could be out here, so Brad made the Shield “official” commentators. Brad implies that he was beaten half to death but Stephanie doesn't want to hear it. Here's Kane and HHH knocks Brad down. She tells Kane to teach him a lesson and after a few seconds, Kane plants Maddox with a chokeslam. A tombstone is added as a bonus and Stephanie fires him.

    Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam

    Cesaro vs. Sheamus for the US Title on Sunday. It's also now called Payback pay per view with Cole ramming that down our throats every two seconds. Barrett comes out before the match and says it's officially summer and Van Dam's is going to get off to a bad start. Cesaro jumps Van Dam from behind as Barrett sits in on commentary (“Look it's me it's me it's BNB!”). A gutwrench suplex puts Van Dam down but he comes back with a clothesline to put Cesaro on the floor. The moonsault from the apron is caught in midair and Van Dam is dropped onto the barricade as we take a break.

    Back with Cesaro covering four times in a row off something we didn't see. Van Dam fights back with a kick to the face and Rolling Thunder for two as Heyman is getting nervous. Cesaro falls outside and gets caught with a dive but Van Dam has to kick Barrett in the jaw (looked awesome). Back in and Van Dam kicks Cesaro down, setting up the split legged moonsault for two. Barrett offers a distraction though and the German suplex is good for the pin on Van Dam at 9:34.

    Sheamus runs out for a Brogue Kick to Cesaro post match.

    Eva Marie vs. Summer Rae

    Eva takes over to start and blows kisses into the crowd. Summer hammers away in the corner but gets thrown down by the head. Eva is rammed face first into the mat a few times as the fans chant for Daniel Bryan. Cue Fandango and Layla to distract Summer, allowing Eva to grab a horrible rollup for the pin at 1:57. I had the entire previous sentence written other than the time as soon as Fandango's music started.

    Goldust and Cody Rhodes come into HHH's office to find out why they're not on the show tonight. They find Batista and Orton instead. Trash is talked and a match is made. HHH has another idea for the match but doesn't say what it is yet.

    El Torito vs. Drew McIntyre

    Torito draws a line on the mat but crosses it himself. Drew tries to throw him into the air but gets caught in an armdrag. McIntyre easily slams him down and shoves Torito around the ring as this is one sided. Los Matadores break up a superplex and Drew gets slammed onto the buckle, giving Torito the fluke pin at 2:28.

    Post match Horny goes after Torito's mask but settles for his tail instead. JBL: “THE HUMANITY!” Torito runs away in shame.

    After a break Torito gets an ice pack.

    Here are the Wyatts (in Tennessee because they can't say Knoxville for some reason) with a message for the Cenation. First up though, it's time to sing. Those words have never been truer because the world really is leaning on him. He only wants what's best for everyone, but sometimes that's not the easiest path. In this life, we all have to make sacrifices. We do that every day, just so we can feed our children while someone else tells us who to be and how to act.

    Someday everyone will realize how pointless that is and one day we have to receive the anti-vemon for that snake bite. Bray asks if he's the poison or the cure. He's the necessary evil that the world needs and in the end if you're his brother or sister, you will stand right beside him. But if you're his enemy, you will fall at his feet. John Cena is enemy to us all and at Payback, Bray will be the last man standing. However, Cena shouldn't be the only man punished. A Cena chant starts up and Bray just laughs at it.

    Bray says to get to the kings you have to go through the pawns. This brings Bray to Jerry Lawler of all people. “Come on Jerry. I don't bite.” Jerry shakes his head so Wyatt sends the Family after him. Bray tells JBL not to play hero or he'll be next. Bradshaw gets up anyway but Harper runs him over. Rowan shoves him into the discus lariat and Lawler is directed into the ring.

    Jerry sits in a chair in the ring as Bray says Lawler is responsible for a lot of Cena's fame. For years, Jerry has fed the fans all these lies about John Cena being a great man, but never once has Lawler questioned his morality. Bray asks if Lawler feels any remorse over this and it's time to pay the penalty. The Family grabs Lawler and Bray leans over in the corner. Here's Cena but Bray is holding Lawler in the corner. They get Cena down as Bray says he's going to hurt Cena at Payback. First though, it's Sister Abigail to Lawler, with Bray saying it's all Cena's fault. The Usos make the save before it can happen though.

    Cena and company clear the ring and John grabs the mic. Bray shouts that he's a god and Cena wants to know if Bray thinks about this stuff. He quotes Abraham Lincoln by saying you can test a man by giving him power. Bray has been given power and it's made him sick. Wyatt tried to hurt a sick man because they don't agree on something. That's not a necessary evil but just pure evil. A Cena chant breaks out as Cena says he believes in what he does. If the Wyatt Family likes it or not, Bray Wyatt needs to be stopped. Payback is about being the last man standing and John will bring Bray to justice.

    Lawler and Cole are on commentary by themselves now.

    Zack Ryder vs. Rusev

    Ryder brings out an American flag to make the squash all the more painful. Before the match, Lana talks about how American patriots are embarrassing and require disciplinary actions. Zack tries to hammer away but is taken down by a single shot. Lana almost immediately says crush and the Accolade ends Ryder in 36 seconds.

    Big E. runs out for another save attempt but gets stomped down in the corer. This time though Big E. fights back with the running body attack and clotheslines Rusev to the floor. The Stars and Stripes are waived for the feel good moment.

    Stephanie is talking to Alberto Del Rio about something we can't hear.

    Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Batista/Cody Rhodes

    Batista drives Cody into the corner to start before doing the same to Goldust. Off to Orton who gets rollup for two before it's back to Cody. Randy takes him into the corner with ease and hammers away before it's back to Batista as Evolution takes over. A big elbow to the jaw puts Cody down but he escapes a powerslam and dives to the corner for a tag. Goldust tries to fight back but Randy gets in a shot from the apron, allowing Batista to nail a spinebuster for two.

    Back from a break with Batista working on Goldust's back until Goldie nails some right hands to both villains. Not that it matters much as Big Dave takes him down with a big clothesline for two. Goldust nails a cross body and makes the tag off to Cody as things speed up. A springboard missile dropkick gets two on Orton and Batista gets dropped as well, but Orton catches the Disaster Kick with an RKO to knock Rhodes silly. Another RKO is good for the pin on Cody at 10:05.

    Actually we're not done yet because this is an elimination match, meaning it's now Batista/Orton vs. Goldust. It's also no holds barred to make it even more fun. Goldust is surrounded on the floor but comes up swinging. That goes about as well as you would expect and Evolution starts taking their time. Goldust backdrops Orton to the apron but walks into a spear. The RKO lays Goldust out again and a Batista Bomb is good for the pin at 13:25 total.

    Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

    JBL is back on commentary and says he's never been hit that hard in his life. Bo takes over with a headlock and goes outside to celebrate. Back in and a hard whip into the corner gets two on Cara and some knees to the face lead to another celebration. An enziguri puts Dallas down and that snap Angle Slam looks to set up the Swanton. Bo is up quickly though and hits the Bodog out of the corner for the pin at 2:53.

    Bo says you get satisfaction from trying and you all need to BOLIEVE!

    We recap the opening segment.

    Here's Stephanie to say the future of the WWE Title has to be decided but first of all, we need Daniel out here to do the right thing. Bryan comes out with his neck in a soft brace as Stephanie says that Bryan needs to do the right thing. He can't defend the title right now and that's what the fans deserve, so do what needs to be done. Bryan says that winning the title means the world to him but Stephanie has a point.

    The neck injury is worse than he thought and a large part of that is due to Kane. However, Bryan finds it interesting that Stephanie claimed she had no power over Kane but earlier tonight she was able to tell him what to do with ease. Bryan says he'll be back and there's no shame in handing the title over. However, Stephanie has been wanting to do this since he won the title and handing them over would just prove her right.

    Daniel says it would throw everything he's worked for out the window and be an insult to everyone who ever changed YES. Therefore, he says NO, he won't hand her the title. Stephanie shows us a clip of Brie Bella shoving Stephanie a few weeks ago. That's not ok with Stephanie, so if Bryan doesn't surrender the title on Sunday, Brie is fired.

    Alicia Fox vs. Emma

    Fox is getting the title shot on Sunday. Emma sends her into the corner to start for the Emma Sandwich and Fox rolls outside. She says she doesn't need this and goes to leave but nails Emma as she goes after Fox. Emma gets draped over the apron and caught by the ax kick for two. Fox misses a charge into the corner and gets pinned at 2:28. Well that happened.

    Fox beats up Emma post match and shouts that she isn't a loser. This week she rings the bell a lot and shouts about it again. A tech guy gets beaten up and Alicia rips his underwear up. This just kind of keeps going as Fox pulls some sodas out from under the ring. She shakes them up and a few drops get on the tech guy. Fox pours a soda on herself and kisses the tech guy she went after earlier.

    Long video on the veterans.

    Davy Crockett vs. Adam Rose

    It's Sandow for reasons that I really don't care to know. This is Rose's in ring debut in WWE. Sandow is wrestling in a coonskin cap and sends Rose into the ropes. Adam leans back and kicks his feet forward so Sandow can't come near him. Here are Colter and Swagger, who have kidnapped the lemon from Rose's party. The distraction doesn't work though and Sandow gets caught in the Party Foul (Diamond Cutter driver) for the pin at 1:40.

    Rose takes out Swagger post match.

    Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Non-title. Sheamus takes over to start and gets an early one off a middle rope knee. There are the ten forearms to the chest and the fight heads outside. That goes nowhere at all so Del Rio catches Sheamus with a few boots as he comes back in and we take a break. Back with Del Rio jawing with the referee before Sheamus fights back with right hands. The running ax handles drop Alberto but Sheamus goes shoulder first into the post.

    A hard kick to the head has Sheamus in trouble but he comes back with the Irish Curse for two. Del Rio kicks him in the head again but gets caught in White Noise. He loads up the Brogue Kick but stops to hold his head. Del Rio hits the corner enziguri and the low superkick (SICK) for two. The armbreaker is countered and the Brogue Kick is good for the pin at 9:20.

    Post match Heyman pops up and says that wasn't an important win (but it was when Brock Lesnar conquered the Streak). Sheamus goes after him but Cesaro comes back and destroys Sheamus with hard shots to the head. Sheamus can't even stand up and is finally kept down with the Neutralizer.

    Here's Shield for the contract signing. Ambrose says this isn't going to be a normal contract signing as Reigns is throwing the chairs and table out of the ring. Evolution comes out and HHH reminisces about Shield signing their first contracts here. HHH thinks they shouldn't sign because it's their death warrant. Shield of course signs and throws the contract to Evolution who does the same. HHH says Shield is just going to be a statistic but Reigns shushes him. “Get in the ring and fight.”

    The war is about to start but Shield easily sends them to the floor. Rollins hits his flip dive but Batista takes Ambrose down. That only gets him the Superman Punch but HHH gets in a sledgehammer shot to prevent the spear. More sledgehammer shots put Reigns on the floor and his teammates are put down as well. A TripleBomb puts Reigns through the table and Evolution stands tall to end the show.

    Cesaro b. Rob Van Dam – German suplex
    Eva Marie b. Summer Rae – Rollup
    El Torito b. Drew McIntyre – Pin after Drew fell off the ropes
    Rusev b. Zack Ryder – Accolade
    Batista/Randy Orton b. Goldust/Cody Rhodes – Batista Bomb to Goldust
    Bo Dallas b. Sin Cara – Bodog
    Emma b. Alicia Fox – Rollup
    Adam Rose b. Davy Crockett – Party Fowl
    Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio – Brogue Kick


    Smackdown got a 1.87, up from last week.


    Raw got a 2.64, down from last week. Remember that it was the Memorial Day episode.


    NXT: Takeover
    Date: May 29, 2014
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, William Regal, Byron Saxton

    It's the second two hour live NXT special tonight and the card looks solid. The main event is Adrian Neville defending the NXT Title against Tyson Kidd after Kidd won a triple threat a few weeks ago. Other than that we've got the other two titles on the line as well, with Ascension defending against Kalisto/El Local and Charlotte vs. Natalya for the vacant Women's Title. Let's get to it.

    The opening video is about change, with NXT taking over the world. A Takeover you might say.

    Adam Rose leads his party from outside, all the way into the arena for his match. Awesome entrance.

    Adam Rose vs. Camacho

    Rose is feeling rather playful as he jumps into Camacho's arms, only to be slammed down to the mat in a hard landing. A nice butterfly suplex gets two on Adam and we hit the chinlock. The fans sing the song to get Rose back to his feet because this is the most awesome crowd in wrestling. Rose escapes and starts Hulking Up but a hard boot to the face puts him down for two. Another chinlock slows things down as the fans chant PARTY TIME. Camacho drops a leg for two but Rose fights back with left hands and a big spinebuster. A Bronco Buster sets up the Party Foul to pin Camacho at 5:10.

    Video on Zayn vs. Camacho from Arrival.

    Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Regal: “My night is made!”

    Tag Team Titles: Kalisto/El Local vs. Ascension

    Ascension is defending and their challengers have only wrestled together a few times. The champions go after the masked men to start but stereo headscissors put them on the floor. Local and Kalisto load up stereo suicide dives but charge into uppercuts to knock them back into the ring. Viktor starts by throwing Kalisto around before it's quickly off to Konnor for a big elbow drop. A double chicken wing has Kalisto in even more trouble.

    Back to Viktor who rips at Kalisto's mask before putting him in the Tree of Woe for kicks from Konnor. They head outside to keep up the destruction but Kalisto kicks Konnor in the face and rams Viktor face first into the apron. It's not enough for a hot tag though as Ascension takes him into the corner. Kalisto FINALLY dives over to make the tag and Local speeds things up. A middle rope moonsault gets two as everything breaks down. Viktor just ENDS Local with a running clothesline though, setting up Fall of Man for the pin at 6:20.

    Video on Tyler Breeze.

    Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

    #1 contenders match. Breeze has new music, completely with paparazzi sounds. Tyler cranks on the wrist to start but gets taken down by a top wristlock. Zayn snaps off three very fast armdrags to take over and hooks an armbar. Back up and Sami goes to the corner, only for Tyler to grab his leg and whip Zayn all the way down to the floor. Breeze stomps away in the corner before hitting a nice bulldog into the middle buckle. Tyler's hair is down, I believe for the first time ever in NXT.

    We hit a front facelock on Sami but he finally fights up and throws Breeze off. I love the subtle things Sami does like have to try three times before shoving Tyler away. It's a great way to build up sympathy and get the crowd behind you. Breeze heads outside so Zayn hits a huge slingshot moonsault to take him down. Back in and a high cross body gets two on Tyler followed by a wicked Blue Thunder Bomb for the same.

    A frustrated Sami goes up top but has to roll through a cross body, only to charge into a kick to the ribs and a DDT for two. Tyler comes back by pulling Sami from the mat out of the corner into a sitout powerbomb for another near fall. Breeze goes nuts in the corner with right hands but Sami comes back with an exploder suplex to send him into the buckles. They slug it out with some very intense BOO/YAY chants.

    Sami stops himself before running into the referee and gets rolled up for two. The Blue Thunder Bomb is countered into a series of standing switches before Tyler superkicks Sami's head off but Zayn kicks out AGAIN. The fans are literally standing and cheering for this. Both guys are spent but it's Breeze in control. Sami blocks an Irish whip and tries an arm trap powerbomb but the fall down in a sloppy looking sequence. That's fine with Zayn though as he loads up a fisherman's buster but flips Breeze forward into a powerbomb for two.

    Breeze bails to the floor, allowing Sami to hit a gorgeous flip dive. The landing looked very rough though as Sami's leg smacked Breeze in the head and knocked it into the steel ramp. Back in and Sami tries the Helluva Kick but Breeze's head goes down, causing a low blow to Sami. Zayn falls backwards and the Beauty Shot gives Breeze the pin at 15:55.

    Here are Lana and Rusev with something to say. Lana says Rusev has spread his power to Raw and Smackdown but now he's back here receive adulation. This brings out Mojo Rawley with an American flag to stand up to this horrid villain. Rawley says in America, we don't get hyped. WE STAY HYPED! Mojo hits the ring....and gets his head kicked into the fourth row. Rusev hammers away and Accolades Rawley in about 20 seconds. Rusev still isn't done though as he puts on the Accolade on the ramp.

    Video on Charlotte vs. Natalya, which will see both famous relatives in the corners.

    Kris Kristofferson is here.

    Before the match, here's Paige to say how good it is to be home. She thanks the fans for their help in making her Divas Champion because she couldn't do it without them. Paige is also proud to be the first NXT Women's Champion but tonight is about a new champion. Whoever that is has to have strength, character and grace because she's the key to the future. Holding the Women's Title is the key to the Divas Title, so enjoy the rest of the show.

    Women's Title: Charlotte vs. Natalya

    This is a tournament final for the vacant championship. Charlotte has a remixed Ric Flair theme song and it's really not working. After some big match intros, we're ready to go. Feeling out process to start as the legends play cheerleaders. Natalya takes her down by the arm but gets caught in a headscissors. Back up and Natalya grabs the headlock as well. That goes nowhere either so they fight over wristlocks until Charlotte grabs an armbar.

    Natalya does the Owen Hart roll out and grabs a leg lock to take over. Back up again and Natalya takes her right back down with another leg tie. Charlotte reaches around to grab a chinlock which goes into a front facelock. They hit the ropes for a bit with Natalya countering a wheelbarrow slam into a cradle for two. Natalya grabs a body scissors but Charlotte rolls to the ropes to avoid a cross armbreaker.

    Charlotte gets tired of submission stuff and slaps Natalya in the face. A BIG chop puts Natalya down and Ric loses his mind going WOO. Natalya tries a sleeper but gets caught in an over the shoulder Stunner for two. Charlotte slams the Canadian's face into the mat over and over before choking in the corner a bit. Off to a figure four headlock complete with Madison Rayne's face ram into the mat.

    Back up and it's off to an abdominal stretch on Natalya, albeit not a very good one. Natalya reverses into a much better one and even grabs Charlotte's leg for good measure. Charlotte rolls out and hits a low dropkick for two. Natalya fights back with power and a low dropkick of her own, followed by a whip into the corner for a Flair Flip. They head outside with Charlotte whipping Natalya off the apron by the leg. Back in and Charlotte goes up, only to miss a moonsault.

    A discus lariat gets two for Natalya and the Sharpshooter goes on, but Charlotte rolls out and puts on the Figure Four. Natalya somehow reverses the pressure without turning the hold over and Charlotte crawls to the apron. She falls to the floor with the hold still on and both girls are in trouble. Natalya is sent knee first into the steps and it's back inside for a bad Sharpshooter (complete with a glare at Bret) but Natalya rolls through, only to be kicked away from the Sharpshooter. Charlotte hits Bow Down To The Queen out of nowhere for the pin and the title at 16:55.

    They shake hands post match, as do Ric and Bret for a nice moment.

    Video on Neville's rise to the top of NXT.

    Cesaro and Christian are here.

    Kidd and Natalya are ready.

    NXT Title: Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville

    Neville is defending. Big match intros are done and we're ready to go. They shake hands and talk trash to each other until Tyson takes him down with a headlock. Adrian spins up and Tyson shoves him down to annoy the champion. Back up and this time it's Adrian taking Kidd down and into the ropes for another staredown. The champion grabs an armbar (Fans: “ARMBAR! ARMBAR!”) but Kidd is quickly up and things get faster. Neville flips over to escape a backdrop but Kidd does the same, leading to another staredown. This time though Kidd blasts him in the face and kicks away, giving us a mid match heel turn.

    Kidd puts him into the Tree of Woe before lifting him up for a kick to the back. A running dropkick has Adrian in trouble and we hit the chinlock. Neville fights up but Kidd sends him to the floor and hits a big flip dive for two back inside. Adrian is back up again and they hit cross bodies at the same time to put both guys down. Now they trade kicks to the ribs but Adrian hits a sliding kick to the head to take over. Now it's Kidd put in the Tree of Woe for the same kind of kicks that he threw earlier.

    A running delayed dropkick knocks Kidd senseless but it's only good for two and the champion is getting frustrated. Kidd comes back with a pair of kicks to the head but Adrian kicks out at two. Tyson goes up but Neville blocks the Blockbuster with a forearm to the jaw. Adrian's superplex is countered into a powerbomb but Adrian flips out and hits a sitout powerbomb for two.

    Adrian loads up what looked to be a Lionsault press but Kidd runs at the ropes for a middle rope Russian legsweep for a close two. Kidd dives into knees but gets rolled up for another near fall. The champion tries a suplex but they both fall over the top rope and crash to the floor. Both guys slide in to beat the count and they're spent.

    Kidd loads up the Sharpshooter but leans forward to put on the Dungeon Lock (instead of turning over he grabs Adrian's arm and leans back for a choke with a leg lock). Adrian is in the ropes, so Kidd ties him up in those ropes for a top rope flip legdrop and two. Kidd loads up the Blockbuster but Adrian counters into a gorgeous top rope hurricanrana. Kidd is almost out cold and the Red Arrow is enough to keep the title in England at 20:00.

    Kidd very slowly gets up but won't shake hands.

    Adam Rose b. Camacho – Party Foul
    Ascension b. El Local/Kalisto – Fall of Man to Local
    Tyler Breeze b. Sami Zayn – Beauty Shot
    Charlotte b. Natalya – Bow Down to the Queen
    Adrian Neville b. Tyson Kidd – Red Arrow

    Impact Wrestling
    Date: May 29, 2014
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

    After last week, the only hope that I have is that the focus is spread out a little bit, rather than having almost everything being about the new trio. We're coming up on Slammiversary with Eric Young defending against MVP, but now we also have to deal with Dixie Carter not being ok with MVP's actions. Let's get to it.

    We open with a video on the trio's dominance and desire for power with a lot of clips from last week.

    Here's Bully Ray to say that he's obsessed with six people here in TNA. They all have bullseyes on their backs and he promises to put them all through tables. There are six tables standing up next to the ramp with names on them: Lashley, EC3, Kenny King, MVP, Spud and Dixie Carter. Ray heads to the ring and calls out anybody for a fight right now. He gets MVP in wrestling gear but the boss is walking slow. MVP says this isn't happening tonight and there's no fun in coming to the ring for a fight. Well, at least not on his own.

    King and Lashley come out as well but EC3 and Spud slide into jump Ray. The trio gets in as well and Ray is in big trouble. EC3 and Spud bring the Spud table to the ring but Eric Young, Austin Aries and the Wolves come in for the save. The heels leave but Spud gets caught. Aries wants a six man tag and Ray wants it next. As a preview, Ray hits a middle rope powerbomb to drive Spud through the table.

    MVP/Bobby Lashley/Kenny King vs. Wolves/Austin Aries

    This is joined in process in a big brawl on the floor as we come back. It's Lashley throwing Aries around to get us going legally before choking away. Aries comes back with some kicks to the leg as Edwards and King come inside for brawling as well. Aries escapes the powerslam and low bridges Lashley to the floor. King is sent outside the same way, followed by Richards (with his heavily taped ribs) sending MVP out to join them. The Wolves hit stereo dives and Aries comes off the top to take out Lashley as we take a break.

    Back with King in trouble but MVP throws in a kick from the apron to put Edwards in trouble. Lashley comes in off the tag and throws Eddie around with ease. He drives shoulders in the corner before it's back to MVP for a hard lariat and two. King comes back in but Edwards flips out of a German suplex and makes the tag to Aries.

    Austin fights hard but gets caught in a running powerslam from Lashley. Aries escapes the Royal Flush though and nails the brainbuster on King. Back to Richards who goes up and rips the tape off his ribs, only to have the double stomp hit King's shoulders. Lashley spears him down though and MVP hits a Drive By for the pin on Edwards at 14:50.

    Bram tells Magnus to be out there for his match.

    EC3 is worried about going through a table but Dixie says don't worry about it because she has business with MVP.

    Tigre Uno vs. Bram

    Bram runs Tigre down to start and growls at him with some freaky eyes. Uno fights out of a choke but gets clotheslined down for his efforts. An Impaler DDT gets the pin on Tigre at 2:08.

    Post match Magnus has to stop Bram from killing Tigre with the metal rod. Bram says the old Magnus would have ripped the mask off and beaten him senseless. Magnus says maybe Bram needs a better opponent. Maybe someone a little crazy. Maybe a former World Champion. Maybe....it should be Willow.

    Anderson asks Gunner what's up with him and Shaw. Gunner says Anderson knows what it's like to be in the military and Shaw just needs someone to talk to. They're a team tonight.

    Brittany wants Madison Rayne's help against the Beautiful People tonight. Madison tells her to not have the match and Brittany reluctantly agrees.

    Gunner/Mr. Anderson vs. BroMans

    The BroMans jump Gunner and Anderson to start and it's Gunner in early trouble. Double teaming ensues and Robbie gets two off a middle rope knee drop. Gunner comes back with a bad looking fall away slam and it's off to Anderson to clean house. Everything breaks down and the Mic Check sets up a top rope headbutt from Gunner for the pin on Robbie at 3:14.

    Post match the Menagerie comes out to freak out the BroMans. The goofy guys (the BroMans if that's not clear) get destroyed.

    Gail Kim agrees to be Brittany's partner.

    Here are Dixie and Ethan to call out MVP. The trio comes out and Dixie offers some help, but MVP says he's got power and a title shot, so why does he need the Carters? Dixie threatens to go to Dallas and tell the board what kind of abuse of power MVP has been showing. So the board of directors doesn't even watch the show? MVP says he has a ton of money, which Dixie calls dirty. MVP says he'd love to play a game of money chicken and see who blinks first.

    Eric and Bully come out with weapons but Ray says don't do it and wait for the time and place. MVP says it won't go well for the champion and Eric should just lose the title and go fish. Bully wants to go now but Eric stops him. “Time and place. Where were you a few seconds ago when you said that?” MVP makes Ray vs. Eric with EC3 as the referee. Ray says no but MVP threatens to fire him.

    Ray says go ahead but Dixie asks who is going to pick up the pieces and fight her and MVP? Eric doesn't have the ego or stomach to fight this war. Also, isn't Bully from New York, because New Yorkers don't quit. Ray says he'll never quit until Dixie is gone. All the people want Dixie out of here forever and promises to put all five people in the ring through tables.

    We look at EC3 injuring Angle's knee a few weeks back. Earlier today, Angle said the knee rehab is going well even though he's still in a cast. He thanks the fans for their support.

    Beautiful People vs. Brittany/Gail Kim

    Brittany comes out and then runs up the ramp to point at Gail during her entrance. Angelina pops Brittany with forearms and a shoulder to start before running shaking her hips a bit. Velvet comes in for some choking in the corner but Brittany trips her up for two. The Beautiful People take her back into the corner for some double teaming before Brittany finally dives over for the tag. Brittany tags herself in and says she has this, only to miss a Tajiri handspring into a moonsault. Angelina kicks her head off with the Botox Injection to give Velvet the pin at 5:40.

    Ray says if he beats Eric he'll be #1 contender. They respect each other though, because that's just what you do in TNA.

    After a break and Brittany is still in the ring. She calls Madison down for a talk and asks her why she wouldn't team up against the Beautiful People tonight. Madison says this is getting weird for her. The issues with the Beautiful People have been going on for years and there are some things that only her and the Beautiful People know about. She won't be responsible for Brittany being dragged into that. Brittany says she'll accept responsibility and only wants to be with Madison.

    Madison asks what Brittany just said and Brittany gets close to her and repeats it. Rayne shoves her away and says this just went a bit too far. Brittany needs to keep her distance but that's too far. Brittany freaks out and asks why Madison doesn't like her. Cue the Beautiful People who say that's the real Madison Rayne and they made her that way. Madison says she's not like either of them and that she's coming for the Title next week.

    The trio wants to do business with EC3 and he's kind of interested.

    Bully Ray vs. Eric Young

    Non-title. King is guest ring announcers, EC3 is guest referee, Lashley is guest enforcer and MVP is guest timekeeper because this idea hasn't been done to death before. Lashley is holding Eric's title. Ray actually starts with an armdrag but Young nails a pair of his own before dropkicking Ray to the floor. King gets in a cheap shot but Young comes out to stand guard.

    Back with the guys still being tentative and not wanting to fight each other while also having to watch the trio on the floor. Ray finally gets tired of dealing with it (and we're running out of time) and kicks Carter in the face. The trio comes in and beats both guys down for a no contest at roughly 10:00. I'm not going to rate this as a lot of it was during the break and there was barely any wrestling at all.

    Samoa Joe returns for the save and does the always awesome side step of a King dive. A MuscleBuster to King ends the show.

    MVP/Kenny King/Bobby Lashley b. Wolves/Austin Aries – Drive By to Richards
    Bram b. Tigre Uno – Impaler DDT
    Gunner/Mr. Anderson b. BroMans – Flying headbutt to Robbie
    Beautiful People b. Brittany/Gail Kim – Sky pinned Brittany after a Botox Injection from Love
    Eric Young vs. Bully Ray went to a no contest when Kenny King, Bobby Lashley and MVP interfered

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