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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: May 21, 2018
    Location: Times Union Center, Albany, New York
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

    We’re FINALLY back to normal with no international trips or major shows in sight for at least a few weeks, meaning we can get back to a bit of a routine. Therefore, let’s pick things up with...what’s probably going to be a disaster as Sami Zayn has invited Bobby Lashley’s sisters to Raw to expose him for what he really is. Oh this is going to hurt. Let’s get to it.

    Here’s Kurt Angle to open things up. Angle talks about Ronda Rousey getting her first titles hot at Money in the Bank...and Stephanie McMahon is back. She’s here to say that Angle is forgiven for everything that happened at Wrestlemania because she’s a leader who will always do what’s best for business. Stephanie praises Angle for growing as a leader and she wants to see that continue, but Angle needs to listen to her. As for tonight, Stephanie is going to be in charge of tonight’s Jax vs. Rousey contract signing.

    This brings out Roman Reigns to say if Stephanie has something to say about him, say it to his face. Stephanie says if Reigns is going to continue letting this Samoan temper get the best of him, he can look for another line of work. Reigns wants more respect and says he’ll destroy everyone in the back if he doesn’t get it. Stephanie talks about managing revenue steams and not playing favorites so Roman brings up Lesnar again. It’s been taken under advisement but Reigns wants something a little less corporate.

    Cue Kevin Owens to say everyone needs to appreciate Reigns more because he got Owens into the Money in the Bank ladder match. Owens puts his arm on Stephanie’s shoulder so she makes a match between the two right now. This has been your latest “Stephanie is awesome and don’t you dare forget that she runs this place. Now bask in her awesomeness and smile as she dances to her music.”

    Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

    Joined in progress with Reigns in control and shouldering the heck out of Owens to send him outside. Back in and Reigns punches him down, followed by another right hand to put Owens on the floor again. The apron dropkick misses and Owens gets in a superkick as we take a break.

    Back with Owens up top and punching Reigns away, only to charge into a clothesline. The Superman Punch is countered and Owens scores with a superkick but the Cannonball is blocked with a Superman Punch for two. Owens bails to the floor to avoid a spear, only to get speared on the floor but here are Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh to jump Reigns for the DQ at 13:13.

    Post match the double beatdown is on until Seth Rollins makes the save. Just make the tag team main event now.

    Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens/Jinder Mahal

    Or just make the first hour the Roman Reigns Show. Joined in progress again with Rollins hammering on Mahal and sending him to the floor for a slingshot dive. Roman comes in and gets kicked down by Owens, setting up a long chinlock. Back up and Reigns elbows him away but Jinder breaks up the tag attempt.

    Roman fights out of a chinlock and makes the hot tag to Rollins, setting up a Sling Blade and the back to back suicide dives. Now notice the energy picking up and the fans caring. That’s because they’ve got something with Rollins and haven’t shoved him so far down our throats that he has an advanced degree in our spleens. Back in and Seth enziguris his way out of the Khallas but gets caught in Owens’ fireman’s carry gutbuster. A Vader Bomb elbow gets two with Reigns making the save and it’s the low superkick into the Stomp to finish Owens at 13:15.

    Post match Mahal lays Rollins and Reigns out with a chair as we’re nearly an hour into this show and have covered Stephanie is back and hasn’t changed a bit and Reigns vs. Mahal.

    And now, the Lashley interview about his sisters being little rascals growing up.

    Reigns vs. Mahal is confirmed for Money in the Bank.

    Here’s Sami Zayn to bring out Lashley’s sisters…..and they’re men in drag. With Vince probably in tears of laughter backstage, Sami talks about the Lashley family resemblance. The sisters talk about Lashley abusing them as a child and crying a lot. Their parents had to send Lashley off to reform school because he was such a horrible person. Sami: “THEY….WOULD CALL...THE COPS ON HIM???”

    Lashley finally comes out, grinning from ear to ear. He mocks the three sisters so Sami offers to Helluva Kick him in the face like the garbage Lashley’s family thinks he is. The big beatdown is on but Lashley fights back, even knocking the wigs off. A spank with a dress sets up a spinebuster, followed by a broomstick toss over the top. This is going into the list of dumbest ideas in Raw history.

    We look back at Nia Jax challenging Rousey last week.

    Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss

    Before the match, Alexa talks about the fall of Rome and the Visigoths cheating to win. Next time, it’ll be a fair fight and Bliss will win. Bliss takes her down to start and we get some kind of a visual issue as Cole is calling stuff that the camera isn’t showing, including Moon nipping up. Moon did nip up, but she did so off camera and it was a really weird visual, to the point where I thought the audio and video were out of sync. Bliss gets sent outside and takes a headscissors onto the floor but manages to send Moon shoulder first into the steps.

    Back from a break with Bliss staying on the arm as the announcers try to explain that the winner here has a step up on the others for the ladder match. It’s not true, but that’s what WWE goes with every year for this match. Moon fights back up so Mickie James comes in, earning herself a quick ejection. That’s enough of a distraction for Moo to kick Bliss down and hit the Eclipse for the pin at 8:45.

    Stephanie is in her office with a fruit basket when Braun Strowman and Finn Balor come in. After Strowman accepts an apple, they ask for a rematch with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre tonight. Instead, Stephanie makes Finn vs. Strowman to help set up Money in the Bank. Strowman crushes the apple and says he likes competition. Balor is nervous.

    No Way Jose vs. Baron Corbin

    Jose starts fast and knocks Corbin to the floor for a slingshot dive. Some right hands have Jose in trouble though and Corbin sends him shoulder first into the post. We hit the chinlock for a bit until Jose fights up and sends him into the post to even things out. A fireman’s carry flapjack gives Jose two and a rollup gets the same. Corbin is right back with Deep Six, followed by End of Days for the pin at 4:13.

    Chad Gable comes in to see Kurt Angle, who is somewhere in the back of the building. Angle wanted to put him in the Money in the Bank qualifying match last week but he was outgunned by Stephanie. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler come in and mock Gable for sitting around waiting for a chance. Ziggler vs. Gable is made for later.

    B Team vs. Breezango

    Rematch from last week and Breezango likes the homemade shirts. Fandango ax handles Dallas to start and gyrates his way out of a sunset flip. Not that it matters as the belly to back suplex into a neckbreaker is good for the pin at 1:47. Axel being stunned at the idea of winning is good stuff and the best thing about these guys.

    The B Team celebrates in the ring, even dancing with the referee and then taking over commentary. They steal a rolling chair and slide down the ramp in the biggest celebration in years.

    Here’s Stephanie to emcee the contract signing. Nia comes out first and Stephanie talks about the personal issues between Nia and Bliss. Rousey is out now and asks Stephanie how her arm is feeling. After Stephanie asks Rousey about how it feels to jump over the women that Rousey has called more deserving, we hear about Rousey not being used to wrestling singles matches.

    Stephanie continues her monologue, talking about how Rousey might leave WWE if she loses and accusing Nia of being lazy for taking so long to beat Bliss (Way to treat one of your best homegrown stars there Steph.). She talks about the armbar and Nia finally snaps, saying that Rousey can’t get the armbar on her.

    Nia is tired of being called lazy and promises to make a name for herself at Money in the Bank. She signs and picks up the title with Rousey signing next. Rousey moves the table to the side and promises to take the title as they do the long handshake. She promises to take the arm too and a staredown ends things. Not bad, especially once Stephanie shut up for a few seconds.

    Chad Gable vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Joined in progress actually as Gable takes him to the mat with almost no effort and slaps on a front facelock with Ziggler not being able to roll out. Back up and a dropkick connects (close enough at least) for two on Gable and it’s off to the chinlock. A quick cradle gives Gable two but Ziggler grabs a neckbreaker to cut him off. Gable’s German suplex gets two more and Ziggler heads to the ropes. The referee won’t let Gable go after him there, allowing Ziggler to get in a headbutt and superkick for the pin at 4:43.

    Post match McIntyre hits Gable with the Claymore.

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Dana Brooke vs. Natalya vs. Sarah Logan vs. Liv Morgan

    It’s a brawl to start and Morgan gets two off a top rope faceplant to Natalya. Everyone gets in a running shot for two each until the Riott Squad double teams Natalya. Brooke comes back in for the save and breaks up Logan’s cover, only to be sent shoulder first into the post. Natalya is back up with the discus lariat and the Sharpshooter for the win at 4:28.

    Post match Natalya brags about her friend Ronda Rousey winning the title and promises to win the briefcase. Last week I said that someone would cash in MITB on the new champion Rousey because it would be the dumbest thing they could do. I hate being right about stuff like this.

    Here’s Elias to take credit for the WWE stock being so high. He does a song about the fans loving Elias but makes it clear that he doesn’t feel the same about any of us. Bobby Roode cuts him off though and we’re ready to go.

    Elias vs. Bobby Roode

    Roode gets jumped but says start the match and throws the robe at Elias to get in a few right hands. A clothesline puts Elias on the floor and we take a break. Back with Elias grabbing a cobra clutch to keep things slow. Roode fights up and gets in a clothesline for two but gets crotched on top. Drift Away gives Elias the pin at 8:33.

    Post match Braun Strowman runs Elias over on the way to the ring for his match.

    Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor

    Balor kicks at the legs to start but gets thrown to the floor. A big kick to the ribs puts Balor on the floor and Strowman shouts a lot. With Braun shouting about how pretty Balor’s smile is, Finn gets forearmed down again. Some raised boots in the corner don’t get Balor very far as Strowman tosses him into the corner again.

    They head outside with Balor’s apron kick to the chest not working so Strowman forearms him down a second time. Balor gets in a slap to the face and rolls outside, meaning it’s time for Strowman to get his running start. This time though Balor is ready for him with a Sling Blade, followed by a dropkick to knock Strowman over the barricade.

    Strowman rises up again so Balor kicks him in the head for a breather. A running double stomp tot he back keeps Strowman down and a Coup de Grace from the barricade for an eight count. Back in and Strowman goes shoulder first into the post, setting up the Coup de Grace but Strowman catches him on top. The powerslam sets up another powerslam to pin Balor at 10:33.

    Post match Strowman picks Balor up and puts him in the corner without attacking him to end the show.

    Roman Reigns b. Kevin Owens via DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered
    Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins b. Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens – Stomp to Owens
    Ember Moon b. Alexa Bliss – Eclipse
    Baron Corbin b. No Way Jose – End of Days
    B Team b. Breezango – Belly to back suplex/neckbreaker combination to Fandango
    Dolph Ziggler b. Chad Gable – Superkick
    Natalya b. Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Dana Brooke – Sharpshooter to Logan
    Elias b. Bobby Roode – Drift Away
    Braun Strowman b. Finn Balor – Running powerslam


    Date: May 22, 2018
    Location: DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

    We’re getting closer and closer to Money in the Bank and this week is going to be all about some major announcements. In this case, that would mean the announcement of which New Day member will be participating in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, along with the stipulation for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Let’s get to it.

    Here’s Miz in the ring with MizTV to get things going. Miz starts off with the big news that his reality series Miz and Mrs. will debut on July 24, right after Smackdown. With that out of the way, it’s time to bring out his guests, the New Day. After insulting their taste in television for not being sure if they’ll watch Miz and Mrs., Miz asks which of them will be in Money in the Bank. Their answer: Me!

    Woods lists off everything Miz has done and praises his success but Miz asks why Kofi has never won Money in the Bank. Kofi won a lot of titles but six of those matches in and it hasn’t gotten him anywhere. Big E. has crazy amounts of charisma and power but hasn’t gotten the spotlight. Then you have Woods with his YouTube empire. Miz can’t remember the name of the game Woods might stream, but imagine if it was streamed with him as WWE Champion.

    New Day each picks a different member to get the shot so Miz yells at them to pick something. Kofi picks Big E. but Woods says they’re talking about tonight. Miz says no match because they won’t give him what he wants. That makes them shame him, which means throwing pancakes at Miz to send him running. Once Miz gets to the back, Paige sends him back to the ring to face Big E. right now.

    Big E. vs. The Miz

    Woods is on commentary as Graves asks how Miz can be prepared to compete. Woods: “He’s in his gear!” Big E. tosses Miz into the corner but gets kicked in the ribs. The abdominal stretch cuts Miz off and the spanks are thrown in for some humiliation. Big E. even scores with the apron splash but Woods says that’s the round. Kofi pulls up a chair and pours some syrup into Big E.’s mouth like a boxer would do between rounds, even down to the spit bucket.

    Miz sends him into the barricade though and we take a break. Back with Kofi now on commentary and still not picking who is going to the ladder match. Big E. charges into a knee but here’s the Bar to go after Woods. Kofi dives onto both of them but the distraction lets Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin at 10:47.

    We look at Daniel Bryan beating up Big Cass last week, who isn’t cleared to compete.

    Bryan talks about dealing with Big Cass and now he’s ready to get another shot in Money in the Bank by beating Jeff Hardy tonight and moving on to face Samoa Joe in a qualifying match next week.

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Billie Kay vs. Lana

    Aiden English introduces Lana and sings the Lana Song. Not to be outdone, the Iconics sing a duet about Lana being a loser. The bell rings and Aiden pulls out a LANA DAY sign as Tom mentions that Lana has never won a singles match. Royce slaps Aiden so Lana slaps Billie and the fight is on. Back in and Lana scores with a kick to the head, followed by a sloppy facebuster for the pin at 1:12. A big LANA DAY chant breaks out.

    Zelina Vega wants more respect for Andrade Cien Almas.

    Andrade Cien Almas vs. ???

    Almas laughs in his face to start and punches him down. A few elbows give the jobber a breather so Almas elbows him in the face. The running knees in the corner set up the hammerlock DDT to give Almas the pin at 1:53.

    Carmella says she’s ready to beat Asuka because she’s not ready to slip and fall. Charlotte shattered the Asuka myth at Wrestlemania and she’s beaten Charlotte twice. Therefore, she’s twice as good as Charlotte. Stick to screaming champ.

    Here are AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura o announce the stipulation for Money in the Bank. Nakamura doesn’t understand what a stipulation is but can show us a clip of him defeating Styles last week. He’s been thinking very carefully and wants to dishonor Styles at Money in the Bank. Nakamura picks a pillow fight, which AJ doesn’t think much about. Not that it matters as Nakamura wants to dishonor AJ at Money in the Bank.

    The fight is on with AJ blocking the low blow and taking it outside. A chair shot misses as well and Nakamura gets sent into the crowd. AJ tries a springboard off the barricade but gets chaired down, allowing Nakamura to hit Kinshasa. Nakamura makes it a Last Man Standing match. Makes sense given most of their matches.

    Usos vs. Anderson and Gallows

    The winners gets a title shot at Money in the Bank. After some trash talking before the bell, the fight is on with the Usos knocking them both to the floor for a big dive from Jimmy. Back with Jey kicking Anderson in the head but knocking him into the corner for the tag off to Gallows. That just means another kick to the head and a Superfly Splash for two. Gallows hits his own superkick and the Magic Killer sends Anderson and Gallows to Money in the Bank at 5:20. Not enough shown to rate but it’s high time to give the Bludgeon Brothers some fresh competition.

    The Last Man Standing match is confirmed.

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Naomi vs. Sonya Deville

    Naomi starts fast with some rollups for two each as we see other qualifiers watching in the back. Sonya gets in some right hands and a shot to the back for two. A spinebuster gives Sonya two more but Naomi comes back with some kicks. They trade enough kicks for a double knockdown, only to have Naomi grab another rollup for the pin at 4:21.

    Jeff Hardy is excited for a chance to be in the ladder match because he can do a lot with ladders.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan

    The winner gets Samoa Joe, on commentary here, in a Money in the Bank qualifying match next week. Feeling out process to start until Bryan shoulders him down for two. The moonsault over Jeff into the running clothesline is countered with an atomic drop. Bryan rolls outside and we take a break. Back with stereo crossbodies putting both of them down again.

    Its Bryan up first and kicking Jeff to the floor but missing the apron knee. Jeff scores with a running clothesline from the apron but takes too long going up top. The delay allows Bryan to tie him in the Tree of Woe for a running dropkick. Jeff blocks a belly to back superplex though and scores with a Whisper in the Wind for two. The Twist of Fate is countered and Bryan kicks away, only to get caught with the Twist.

    The Swanton hits knees (with a great bounce off the crash) so Bryan kicks him in the head for two more. Another Twist is countered into a dragon screw legwhip and Bryan slaps on a heel hook for the tap at 11:23. That would be the second time that the US Champion has lost clean in Money in the Bank matches.

    Post match Joe says Bryan gets him next week. Joe goes to the back and says next week, Bryan goes to sleep. Yes yes yes.

    The Miz b. Big E. – Skull Crushing Finale
    Lana b. Billie Kay – Facebuster
    Andrade Cien Almas b. ??? – Hammerlock DDT
    Anderson and Gallows b. Usos – Magic Killer to Jimmy
    Naomi b. Sonya Deville – Rollup
    Daniel Bryan b. Jeff Hardy – Heel hook


    Date: May 23, 2018
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo

    The build to Chicago is slowly taking form with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch looking likely to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. Other than that, we really don’t have anything set up yet. That being said, NXT has an amazing track record of being able to catch up in a hurry so it’s not like they’re in any real trouble. Let’s get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Jonathan Coachman is in the front row.

    Heavy Machinery vs. TM61

    Dozovic goes with the power to start and runs Thorn over with a shoulder, followed by a double shoulder to give Knight two. Everything breaks down for a few seconds with Miller being run over as well while Thorn is put in the Tree of Woe. That allows Miller to be driven into his partner’s ribs as this is one sided so far. A shot to the back cuts Knight off though and the fans stay completely behind Heavy Machinery.

    Mauro makes a rare mistake by saying TM61 made it to the finals of the first Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic (it was the second) as the beating continues, including a clothesline to the back of Knight’s head. A double suplex takes both Miller and Thorn down in an impressive power display and it’s back to Dozovic to speed things up. The Caterpillar Elbow gets two on Miller but Dozovic takes WAY too long going up, even stopping to wipe himself down. The delay allows Thorn to kick him in the face so Miller can get a rollup with feet on the ropes for the pin at 7:23.

    Video on Bianca Belair. Next week, we get a special sitdown interview.

    Video on EC3. He brags about taking over NXT in just three matches, so imagine what he can do in number four.

    Kairi Sane vs. Lacey Evans

    Sane dropkicks her in the face at the bell so Evans hits one of the loudest chops in recent memory. A reverse DDT gets two on Evans but she kicks Sane down and grabs a chinlock. Evans starts in on the arm and keeps being aggressive with a bunch of stomping in the corner. We hit a neck crank for a bit before Sane fights up for a running ax kick. There’s the Interceptor spear and the sliding forearm in the corner, sending Lacey outside. Sane goes up but dives into the Woman’s Right for the big upset pin at 5:03.

    The injured Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae arrive and have an announcement on his future. They’ll make that in the ring in front of the people though.

    We look at the end of last week’s show with the Undisputed Era losing to Pete Dunne/Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch.

    Lorcan and Burch want a title shot.

    The Undisputed Era blow the loss off as the luckiest night of the British guys’ lives. There’s no reason to give them a title shot but Strong wants to face Burch next week.

    Lars Sullivan vs. Velveteen Dream/Ricochet

    Fallout from Sullivan interfering Dream vs. Ricochet last week. Ricochet can’t do anything with the power to start so Dream comes in for some alternating right hands and a double dropkick. That’s not enough to put the big guy down so Ricochet goes up for a springboard missile dropkick to finally get Sullivan off his feet.

    They stay on him with the running forearms in the corner and a kick to the head gets Ricochet out of trouble. Superkicks put Sullivan down for a double two but he won’t stand for a double suplex. One heck of a clothesline puts Ricochet on the floor and Dream gets tossed away. We hit the chinlock with Sullivan throwing in some crossface shots for good measure.

    Dream fights up and tries for the tag, only to be thrown right back down. A top rope headbutt gets two on Dream with Ricochet making a save. That doesn’t sit well with Sullivan and the distraction lets Dream kick him down and make the hot tag. More kicks to the head set up a standing shooting star for two. Ricochet nails a springboard 450 but Dream turns on him with the Death Valley Bomb. Dream walks away and the Freak Accident gives Sullivan the pin at 9:47.

    Next week, Dakota Kai gets a Women’s Title match.

    Kai is worried but ready to fight because this is what means so much to her. Baszler comes in and says Kai has no chance. She makes fun of Kai for being scared and leaves with Kai almost cowering in fear.

    Here are Gargano and LeRae for their big announcement. Gargano talks about being here last time and everything that happened to him while he was here. After the attack by Tommaso Ciampa, he sat down with Candice and started to think about his future. With everything that’s happened and after talking to Candice, he knows it’s worth it and wants Ciampa out here RIGHT NOW.

    Candice tries to talk him out of this but the neck brace is off. Cue Ciampa on the stage as LeRae runs through the crowd. Ciampa comes to the ring and here’s LeRae again with referees to get between them before anything can happen. Candice gets him away but Ciampa says be a good little boy and listen to your wife. Gargano charges the ring but gets knocked off the apron, right into Candice, who is slammed onto the ramp. Even Ciampa looks like that was too far and everyone checks on Candice to end the show.

    TM61 b Heavy Machinery – Rollup with feet on the ropes
    Lacey Evans b. Kairi Sane – Woman’s Right
    Lars Sullivan b. Ricochet/Velveteen Dream – Freak Accident to Ricochet


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: May 24, 2018
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

    We’re back to an old problem that this show has had many times before: not much is really standing out. Sure there’s some good stuff going on, but it’s not exactly sticking as something that leaves much of an impact. The big stories are still Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. and Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards, but they’re both starting to feel a bit long. Let’s get to it.

    We open with a long and rather detailed recap of last week’s show. That’s a good idea.

    Opening sequence.

    OVE vs. Drago/Aerostar

    Drago wastes no time in diving onto everyone with a corkscrew dive and Aerostar adds a springboard trust fall dive. They head inside for the opening bell and Jake kicks Drago in the head. We hit a very early chinlock but Aerostar comes in for the save. A dropkick to the face keeps Dave in trouble but Jake kicks away to take over. We go split screen to show Eddie Edwards arriving with a kendo stick and ignoring his wife’s pleas for him to stop. Cue Eddie with the stick to hit Jake in the back for the DQ at 4:40.

    Post match Eddie’s wife Alisha pleads with him to stop but six people have to hold him back.

    Post break Alisha yells at him but Eddie vows to destroy Eddie. She accuses him of becoming Sami.

    The announcers talk about next week’s show.

    LAX vs. Cult of Lee

    They head outside for a brawl to start as the announcers talk about LAX needing to win to get back on track. Ortiz gets sent into the steps and Santana posts himself by mistake (that’s the kind of problems some good Konnan advice could prevent) as we take an early break. Back with Ortiz in trouble and getting forearmed in the face.

    A belly to back gets two but a suplex into a Stunner is enough for the hot tag to Santana. Everything breaks down and a Death Valley Driver/DDT combination (cool) gets two on Konley. LAX loads up some kind of a double team with a wheelbarrow slam but Lee pulls Ortiz to the floor, allowing Konley to roll Santana up (with trunks) for the pin at 11:39.

    Jimmy Jacobs says Moose is the problem and Kongo Kong is going to solve that tonight.

    KM is giving Fallah Bahh another pep talk. They run into Grado and Katarina with KM asking what she sees in him. Apparently she likes big guys.

    To fill in some time, here’s a segment from 2013 with Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray hyping up their World Title match at Lockdown.

    We look back at Madison Rayne saving Kiera Hogan from Tessa Blanchard last week.

    Madison says the Knockouts Division is built on respect and doesn’t like the bullying she saw last week. Tessa comes in and rants about Madison getting involved in her job. Next time, meet her in the ring. That’s what she did last week.

    DJZ and Andrew Everett know they can compete with any team and will face anyone. Scott Steiner and Eli Drake come in for some trash talking. This turns into Drake and Steiner arguing.

    X-Division Title: El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. Matt Sydal

    Sydal is defending. Fantasma offers a handshake so Sydal bows to him and touches the mask. A quick takedown has Sydal glaring up at him before sending Fantasma to the apron. That’s fine with the masked one who headscissors Sydal down for two and the champ begs off. An armbar into something like a one armed cobra clutch has Fantasma in trouble and a standing legdrop gets two.

    Fantasma fights up and a baseball slide puts Sydal on the floor as we take a break. Back with Sydal being dropped face first onto the steps but avoiding a top rope double stomps. The Thrill of the Kill is broken up so Fantasma grabs a modified Indian Deathlock of all things. With that not working, he just slams Sydal’s knee into the mat but Matt grabs his stacked up cradle to retain at 13:18.

    LAX rants about everything falling apart when Eddie Kingston comes in. He says Konnan is in a good place and that he’s the next in the chain of command. It’s time to get LAX back to where they were before by getting them back to their roots.

    Video on Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr.

    The announcers talk about the World Title match and say they’ve stepped up security to prevent attacks this week.

    Dezmond Xavier vs. Petey Williams

    The winner gets to face Brian Cage next week. Feeling out process to start with Xavier’s headlock takeover not getting him anywhere. Some standing switches go nowhere so Xavier hits a great dropkick for two. A headscissors to the floor has Xavier down and we take a break. Back with Petey grabbing a chinlock and getting two off a belly to back suplex. Petey takes him to the corner but gets German superplexed back down.

    That means a big flip dive to the floor but it’s too early for the Final Flash. The delayed Downward Spiral plants Xavier and a crucifix gives Petey two. Petey’s slingshot Codebreaker isn’t enough to set up the Canadian Destroyer do Dezmond kicks him in the head. The backflip kick to the head sends Xavier on to next week at 12:01.

    Allie is in Rosemary face paint (that actually works very well) and says she knows this isn’t what Rosemary wants but it’s how it has to be.

    Next week, Allie defends against Su Yung in a Last Rites (casket) match.

    Moose vs. Kongo Kong

    There’s no Jimmy Jacobs in sight this week. Kong shoves him away to start and hits the big clubbing forearms to the back. Moose’s dropkick doesn’t have much effect so they head outside with Moose being sent hard into the steps. The Cannonball crushes Moose against the steps and gets two back inside.

    We hit the nerve hold (as required), which Kong makes look even lazier than usual. A shot to the back cuts Moose off but he wants Kong to hit him even harder. The running corner dropkick finally puts Kong down but the Game Changer is countered into a fireman’s carry backbreaker for two. Kong’s top rope splash misses and it’s three straight bicycle kicks to set up a slam. The spear puts Kong away at 8:56.

    Post match the X logo appears on screen and we see a recap of the attacks. A voiceover talks about death riding with him as we see Jacobs down to end the show.

    OVE b. Aerostar/Drago via DQ when Eddie Edwards interfered
    Cult of Lee b. LAX – Rollup with trunks to Santana
    Matt Sydal b. El Hijo Del Fantasma – Stacked Up Cradle
    Dezmond Xavier b. Petey Williams – Backflip kick to the head
    Moose b. Kongo Kong – Spear

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Roman Reigns b. Kevin Owens via DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered
    Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins b. Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens – Stomp to Owens
    Ember Moon b. Alexa Bliss – Eclipse
    Baron Corbin b. No Way Jose – End of Days
    B Team b. Breezango – Belly to back suplex/neckbreaker combination to Fandango
    Dolph Ziggler b. Chad Gable – Superkick
    Natalya b. Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Dana Brooke – Sharpshooter to Logan
    Elias b. Bobby Roode – Drift Away
    Braun Strowman b. Finn Balor – Running powerslam

    The Miz b. Big E. – Skull Crushing Finale
    Lana b. Billie Kay – Facebuster
    Andrade Cien Almas b. ??? – Hammerlock DDT
    Anderson and Gallows b. Usos – Magic Killer to Jimmy
    Naomi b. Sonya Deville – Rollup
    Daniel Bryan b. Jeff Hardy – Heel hook

    TM61 b Heavy Machinery – Rollup with feet on the ropes
    Lacey Evans b. Kairi Sane – Woman’s Right
    Lars Sullivan b. Ricochet/Velveteen Dream – Freak Accident to Ricochet

    Impact Wrestling
    OVE b. Aerostar/Drago via DQ when Eddie Edwards interfered
    Cult of Lee b. LAX – Rollup with trunks to Santana
    Matt Sydal b. El Hijo Del Fantasma – Stacked Up Cradle
    Dezmond Xavier b. Petey Williams – Backflip kick to the head
    Moose b. Kongo Kong – Spear

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