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    NXT Arrival
    Date: February 27, 2014
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, William Regal

    It's the biggest night in the history of NXT as we are LIVE, I believe for the first time in modern NXT. This is the first live wrestling airing on the WWE Network so it should be a good test of the technology. The main events are Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro in a rematch of the match of the year and Bo Dallas defending his NXT Championship against Adrian Neville in a ladder match. Also of note: this will be partially going head to head with Impact Wrestling tonight and going forward. Let's get to it.

    HHH opens us up to what sounds like the Natural Disasters' old music.

    We get a new intro with shots of a lot of the wrestlers, including helpful name graphics for new fans.

    Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro

    One fall to a finish in a rematch from the NXT match of the year in 2013. Sami has been fighting a knee injury lately. The video is holding up perfectly well so far and they've fancied the arena up a bit for the special show. Cesaro shoves Sami down a few times to start as the fans aren't sure who they like better. Sami takes him down in a front facelock but Cesaro counters his hurricanrana attempt into the Swing, only to have Sami kick him away. Cesaro bails to the floor and gets caught by a nice flip dive. The fans think this is awesome.

    Back in and Sami tries a high cross body but dives into a tilt-a-whirl slam for a close two count. They head outside again with Cesaro in full control and choking across the barricade. Cesaro takes him back inside so he can throw Sami outside again and ram him into the barricade. Into the ring again for a two count but Cesaro throws him outside one more time. Cesaro goes after the leg but gets pulled face first into the post for his troubles.

    Sami goes outside and tries to dive through the ropes around the post (as in he starts on the floor, dives over two ropes in the corner and lands on the floor) like he did in the first match but dives into an uppercut instead. Now the leg is wrapped around the post and Cesaro stomps away in the corner before cranking on the knee even more. A knee drop to Sami's bad knee gets two and Cesaro stalks Zayn to mess with his head.

    Cesaro takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip and it's off to another leg lock. We get a WE THE PEOPLE from Cesaro but the fans counter with an OLE chant. Another leg whip puts Sami down and he misses an enziguri, setting up a half crab from Cesaro. Sami finally gets the ropes and sends Cesaro outside, only to have his slingshot dive caught in another tilt-a-whirl slam on the ramp. Sami BARELY beats the count in at nine and grabs an exploder suplex to send Cesaro into the corner.

    Sami grabs a Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere for two followed followed by a Koji Clutch of all things. Cesaro powers out of it and rolls around into an old Brock Lock (Cesaro bends the knee around his neck) but Zayn dives for the bottom rope. The Swing is countered into a rollup for two but Cesaro gets it on the second try. Only ten revolutions this time though and a running uppercut gets two but Sami reverses into a crucifix for two of his own.

    A HARD double stomp gets two on Sami but he's still able to block the suplex from the apron. He kicks Cesaro in the head with the good leg and sits him on the top rope, but Cesaro tries to counter the hurricanrana into a Riccola Bomb, only to have Sami counter THAT into the hurricanrana. The running kick in the corner gets a VERY close two on Cesaro and both guys are spent.

    It's Cesaro up first and he drops Sami with a stiff uppercut. A second one has Cesaro telling Sami to stay down as even Regal is calling this uncomfortable. There's a THIRD uppercut and Sami looks dead. Sami somehow gets up and it turns into a slugout until Zayn grabs a suplex out of nowhere. He tries to get a running start but Cesaro stops him with a boot to the face.

    The Neutralizer is countered into a hurricanrana for two and a sunset bomb gets the same. Swiss Death only gets one with Sami shooting up to scare Cesaro half to death. Cesaro goes BEAST MODE and takes Sami's head off with a discus uppercut before a jumping Neutralizer is good for the pin at 23:38.

    Cesaro celebrates as Zayn remembers what planet he's on. Sami looks up at him and Cesaro pulls him up for a hug and a big cheer from the crowd.

    Video on Mojo Rawley. He doesn't get hyped. He STAYS hyped.

    CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley

    Parker has recently turned heel, blaming everyone for not cheering him when he's just trying to make the world a better place to live. Parker tries to use his speed against the much stronger Rawley but gets caught in a big backdrop for two. Mojo gets caught with some shots to the ribs and Parker puts on his mean face to stomp away in the corner. It's amazing how the place just dies when Parker is out there. Rawley shrugs off a bunch of left hands in the corner and hits a splash, followed by a seated senton (Hyperdrive) for the pin at 3:27.

    Video on Emma, who is very bubbly.

    Video on Ascension, who have dominated the tag division for months now. They're kind of like a goth Demolition.

    NXT Tag Titles: Ascension vs. ???

    There's an open challenge from Ascension tonight and their opponents are.......TOO COOL??? That's a rather bizarre choice to put it mildly. Viktor slaps Sexay down to start and doesn't approve of the dancing. Off to Konor for a hard legdrop and even harder shoulder blocks. Viktor slams Sexay down and puts on a chinlock before driving in elbows. I think the fans say they want water and then gum. Sexay finally fights up and makes the hot tag to Scotty whose offense has very little effect. He gets the bulldog and loads up the Worm, only to have Viktor pop up and run him over. Fall of Man ends Scotty at 6:40.

    Video on Paige, who won the first NXT Womens Title last year but hasn't been around in a long time. The idea is she's the anti-Diva, meaning she dresses in black and is more about attitude than looks, even though she's rather pretty.

    Womens Title: Emma vs. Paige

    Before the match though, here's Stephanie McMahon because what would we do without her? The fans tell her that she's still got it but she says she never lost it. I can't argue that actually. She says this is the future and adds nothing at all for the most part. Emma has been #1 contender for SIX MONTHS but is just now getting her shot. That's even worse when you consider Paige has been champion for about seven and a half months. Both girls are popular but they don't like each other.

    Paige gets right in her face but Emma takes her down and its a fight early. Emma gets kicked in the ribs but she reverses the Paige Turner into a backslide for two. They fight over a backslide but Paige counters a slingshot into a cradle for two. Paige slams her down and puts on a hard chinlock. Back up and Emma tries a rollup but gets taken into the corner for some hard elbows to the face.

    Emma counters a kick and hooks the slingshot but Paige breaks up the Emma Lock. Paige heads to the apron and fires off knees to the chest, only to miss a charge in the corner. The Dilemma sets up the Emma Sandwich (running crossbody to a seated Paige in the corner) for two. Emma cranks on Paige's arms with her feet in the champ's back and Paige is in big trouble. Paige gets flipped down onto her face but avoids a charge in the corner.

    Emma sends her face first into the buckle but has to fight out of a superplex. A sunset flip into a sitout bomb (fans: “BETTER THAN BATISTA!”) gets two on the champion and both girls are spent. Emma tells her to give up but gets slapped in the face, setting up the Paige Turner for a VERY close two. Paige is stunned but puts on something like an Edgecator (Scorpion Deathlock without stepping over) before grabbing a double chickenwing AT THE SAME TIME and lifting Emma up. There's no way Emma is getting out of that so she taps at 12:55. SICK looking hold.

    They hug it out as well, even though Emma looks mad.

    Video on Adrian Neville, talking about his love of adrenaline rushes.

    Video on NXT.

    Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

    No match as Alexander Rusev runs in to massacre both guys. The video crashed but through refreshing I see Rusev holding Woods in the Accolade while Lana talks trash for him.

    Video on Bo Dallas.

    We recap Neville vs. Dallas. Bo has been champion for about seven months and only held the title from Neville through interference. Tonight it's a ladder match for the big blowoff.

    NXT Title: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

    Remember it's a ladder match so here's Shawn Michaels to introduce the festivities. The fans chant ONE MORE MATCH and he says he hears that a lot. He's happy being fat and out of shape though so it's not likely. The fans chant H-B-Shizzle and Shawn wants that on a shirt. Fans: “YES! YES! YES!” Shawn says they're throwing him off because he doesn't have to do this that often. He has insight on ladder matches, and if you'd like to know it, you can go out and buy his Mr. Wrestlemania DVD because he's got two kids to put through college. He says this is about stepping into greatness and we're ready to go.

    Bo immediately goes for the ladder but Neville makes a save and kicks him into the corner. A quick missile dropkick looks to set up the Red Arrow (corkscrew shooting star) but Bo rolls away before Adrian can jump. Bo grabs the arm and the girls scream before he ties Neville's leg into the ropes. The champion goes for a ladder but Adrian hits a baseball slide to send the ladder into him. A nice plancha puts Dallas down and the ladder goes into the ring.

    Bo keeps Adrian from getting inside and sends him spine first into the steps to take over. He loads up a ladder but Adrian ducks the shot and backdrops Dallas onto the ramp. Neville goes up the ladder but Bo throws another ladder at him to take Adrian down. Bo sets up the ladder over Neville but Adrian is able to push it up and kick Dallas down in a nice power display. Now it's Bo shoving a ladder down to send Adrian crashing and both guys are in trouble.

    They both try to pick up the same ladder but Bo drives it into Adrian's ribs in the corner. Bo tries to catapult Neville into the ladder but Adrian escapes and takes him down with a tornado DDT. They ram heads and go down, but a ladder falls and hits Adrian square in the head in a SICK looking collision. Dallas hammers away in the corner but can't bulldog Adrian down onto a ladder.

    The champ gets sent into a ladder wedged in the corner and Neville kicks him in the face. He goes up for the Red Arrow but Dallas pops up and shoves Adrian down to the floor. Bo goes for the belt but Neville springboards over him in a Shelton Benjamin style move. The ladder goes down but they land on their feet with Bo buckle bombing him into a ladder. Adrian kicks a ladder back into Bo and slams him onto the same ladder, setting up the Red Arrow to crush Bo against the steel. Dallas rolls to the floor and Neville goes up to grab the title at 15:46.

    A long celebration ends the show with John Cena applauding from the crowd.

    Cesaro b. Sami Zayn – Neutralizer
    Mojo Rawley b. CJ Parker – Hyperdrive
    Ascension b. Too Cool – Fall of Man to Hotty
    Paige b. Emma – Scorpion Cross Lock
    Adrian Neville b. Bo Dallas – Neville pulled down the title

    Impact Wrestling
    Date: February 27, 2014
    Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
    Commentators: Tazz, Mike Tenay

    The main story coming out of last week's show are Storm turning on Gunner to cost him the world title and the official announcement of Lethal Lockdown for control of the company. Bobby Roode will be captaining Dixie's team but we're not sure who will be joining him against Team MVP. Other than that we'll likely get more build towards Joe vs. Magnus. Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of last week's events.

    Kurt Angle is inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight. They couldn't wait for a PPV weekend in nine days for that?

    Gunner is looking for James Storm and promises him a beating.

    Dixie Carter isn't here tonight so Roode and Spud have match making authority. Nice to see that if one boss isn't around, a bunch of others can take her place.

    Here's MVP to open things up with a long list of nicknames. First up, he guarantees that Gunner will get his title shot once he wins full control of TNA. However, that means that it's Magnus vs. Joe at Lockdown for the world title. MVP brings out Samoa Joe to a very enthusiastic pop from the London crowd. Magnus comes out as well to some solid heat from his home country crowd. We get a clip of his title defense last week where Storm saves the title for the champ.

    Magnus rips on London for slipping from a great city into a town ridden with crime, poverty and debauchery. As for MVP, Magnus is the only person that handles his career, so MVP needs to get on with whatever he's saying. We're here for a contract signing tonight and MVP tilts the advantage even further to Joe by making it knockout or tap out only.

    Joe immediately signs but Magnus says he's got a whole decks of cards left to play. He calls Joe an unrefined animal and his fans use horrible chants like Joe's Gonna Kill You. Joe is a dangerous animal and Magnus is the man that will put that animal down. Magnus signs as well and tells Joe to do something about Magnus getting in his face. Joe headbutts him into the corner and ERUPTS on the champion with rights and lefts. He stomps Magnus down in the corner but referees pull him off.

    We get a clip from a house show where the Wolves took the Tag Titles from the Bro Mans.

    The Bro Mans and Zema are panicking over losing their titles and decide the easiest way to get revenge is to get on Team Roode. They go to see Bobby but he says Bad Influence wants in too. Tonight Roode is making a triple threat tag tonight with Bad Influence, the Wolves and the Bro Mans. If either the Bro Mans or Bad Influence win, they're on the team. If the Wolves win, the search continues.

    Bad Influence vs. Bro Mans vs. Wolves

    Non-title and no entrances for anyone. Daniels runs Davey over to start but walks into some armdrags into an O'Connor Roll for two. Davey hooks a modified surfboard as Eddie and Kaz come in for a regular version of the same move to Kazarian. Things settle back down and it's off to Kaz who walks into an armdrag of his own. The Wolves start speeding things up and working on the arm but Kaz is able to get Davey into the corner for a double team as Bad Influence takes over.

    Daniels teases making a tag to a Bro Man but pulls Davey back in a smart move. Richards is able to get a hot tag to Eddie who cleans house and slams Kaz down for two. Robbie makes the save and Zema is already blowing that stupid horn. Bad Influence hits a quick powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for two on Edwards but Eddie comes back with a running Stunner out of the corner to Kaz. Everything breaks down and Davey hits the top rope double stomp to Kaz but Robbie comes in to steal the pin at 5:30.

    Ethan Carter III has selected a British wrestling legend as his opponent tonight and he'll become the new face of American wrestling.

    Bobby Roode recruits Austin Aries for his team.

    Doug Williams vs. Ethan Carter III

    The fans are entirely behind Williams and he jumps Ethan to start. Williams pounds away for a few moments before Ethan hits a quick low blow and the One Percenter for the pin at 1:20.

    Carter goes after Doug's knee post match.

    James Storm arrives and comes to the ring after a break. He says he doesn't run and asks Gunner to come out here if he wants an explanation for what happened last week. Gunner says this better be good. Storm says he screwed Gunner out of his title shot and had it planned out ever since Gunner stole the briefcase in Feast or Fired. The nail in the coffin was Gunner handing him the Tag Title briefcase like feeding scraps to a dog. Storm says Gunner should owe him a thank you for picking his career up off the ground.

    Gunner says the sad thing is James Storm actually believes that. In the Marine Corps, a thank you was standing next to your friend no matter what. Gunner went over to war so that James Storm could sit here and drink those cold beers. Storm says it doesn't matter if Gunner had lived or died but Gunner says the people would care. The fight is on and Storm swings a chair at Gunner's head, only to hit the post instead. Storm runs off when Gunner gets the chair.

    After a break Gunner says Storm won't be able to run forever and he'll have to go through Gunner.

    Magnus is in the ring and looking disheveled after Joe's attack earlier. He's found someone to take care of Joe but of course they're not from England. He went to Germany and found a natural born killer named Bad Bones, who I believe won the international Gut Check competition.

    Joe vs. Bad Bones

    Bones is a bald guy with a lot of tattoos and some muscles. He jumps Joe during the entrance but Joe pounds him into the corner and hits the Facewash. The MuscleBuster and Koquina Clutch get the submission from Bones at 1:16. So much for Bones.

    MVP asks Aries for his decision on Lethal Lockdown. Aries isn't sure because he doesn't trust either guy because you can't do that in this business. He asks to referee their match tonight so he can make his decision up close and personal. MVP agrees.

    It's time for Angle's Hall of Fame induction. JB gives him a very nice induction and we get a video that I believe aired when he was announced last year. Angle limps to the ring and is given a Rolex watch. He's touched by the fans' reaction and says the Hall of Fame is about the fans. TNA wouldn't exist without them and he can't thank them enough. He was supposed to accept this honor back in October but he wasn't in a good place, either personally or professionally.

    Angle says he's in a better place now and thanks God for giving him the abilities he has. He thanks his wife and kids for their support and hopes he can make them proud. The talent in the back keeps him motivated and help him every day. Angle thanks each and every one of the fans and says it's a great night to be Kurt Angle. That seems to be it but here's EC3 to interrupt.

    Ethan says he was touched by the ceremony and the video, but he has a tribute video of his own. We see a video of him attacking Kurt's knee last week, complete with thought bubbles that aren't particularly funny (“I am the new face of American wrestling”, because being the face of everything is a thing in wrestling now).

    Ethan says he has big news and Angle invites him into the ring to share it with the world. He opens a piece of paper, with writing on the back saying he beat Angle and Sting. Apparently Angle has a torn ACL and MCL, meaning he requires surgery due to the attack at Ethan's hands. His career might be over, so Ethan thinks Angle should retire. Angle gets in his face and asks why Ethan would do this when he knows Angle will tear his throat out.

    Ethan says he knows Kurt is injured but Angle says you should go straight to the source. Carter: “Why? The internet is always right. Well at least 50% of the time.” Angle says the actual source is right 100% of the time. He has no torn ACL or MCL and knocks Ethan out of the ring. Angle says cut the music because he has an announcement. MVP has given him a match at Lockdown with any wrestler he wants, so guess who he's picked.

    Lei'D Tapa/Alpha Female vs. Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky

    Alpha Female really doesn't work as a name. It's a brawl to start as Tazz talks about Alpha Female and Bad Bones, completely failing to be funny as usual. Tapa throws Madison around but it's quickly off to Velvet vs. Female. Sabin tries to come in and go after Velvet but Alpha Female quickly saves him. Tapa misses a middle rope splash but Sabin offers a distraction, allowing Gail to cheap shot Madison. Tapa hits her over the shoulder Stunner for the pin on Rayne at 2:31.

    The monsters beat down Madison and Velvet until ODB makes the save.

    Tigre Uno is coming at Lockdown. It's Extreme Tiger from AAA.

    Samuel Shaw says people don't understand. He was helping Christy Hemme last week and the people don't understand that. He'll make them understand right now.

    Shaw comes to the arena and quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson, saying that to be great is to be misunderstood. Christy has misunderstood him so he asks her to get in the ring. He says there are certain men that aren't respecting her and those men have been looking at her wrong. Shaw is here to protect her and wants everything from her. This brings out Anderson and Shaw says he's one of those guys. Christy is lucky Shaw was there last week but Anderson tells him to shut up.

    Whatever relationship Shaw thinks he has with Christy isn't real but here's what is real. Anderson rolls up his sleeves but Shaw says he's been nothing but a gentleman. Even if he were to try something with her though, she would be receptive because women like her are always available. Christy slaps him in the face and Shaw hides behind her as Anderson comes in. Shaw shoves Christy onto Anderson and slaps the choke on Mr., pulling him down to the mat.

    Willow is still creepy and still coming.

    Storm and Gunner fight in the back until agents break it up. Gunner shouts that this ends at Lockdown.

    Eric Young hopes Joseph Park comes back instead of Abyss.

    Bobby Roode vs. MVP

    Austin Aries is guest referee and wearing shorts ala Shawn Michaels on the first weekly Smackdown. Feeling out process to start with MVP taking it to the mat with a headlock. Roode fights up and they get in a jawing session until MVP runs him over with a shoulder block. A clothesline drops Roode again but it's only good for a one count. Roode blocks a tornado DDT attempt by slamming MVP down onto the mat. A knee drop sets up a chinlock from Roode, followed by a hard clothesline for two.

    MVP avoids a charge in the corner and hammers on Roode before taking him down with a nice high collar suplex. The Ballin Elbow sets up a fisherman's suplex for two and we get a far too close shot of Aries. The Playmaker is countered and Roode charges into a boot in the corner. MVP charges into a spinebuster for two but fights out of the Roode Bomb.

    The Playmaker connects for a VERY close two and MVP takes a second to question Aries. Roode comes back to trade forearms but MVP gets the better of it, only to get caught by an enziguri. MVP kicks out the knee and loads up the Drive By but Aries lays him out with a discus elbow, setting up the Roode Bomb for the pin at 9:40.

    Bro Mans b. Bad Influence and The Wolves – Robbie pinned Kazarian after a double stomp from Richards
    Ethan Carter III b. Doug Williams – One Percenter
    Samoa Joe b. Bad Bones – Koquina Clutch
    Lei'D Tapa/Alpha Female b. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne – Over the shoulder Stunner to Rayne
    Bobby Roode b. MVP – Roode Bomb


    Impact got a .94, about the same as last week.

    Date: February 28, 2014
    Location: BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

    There are no major stops left before we get to Wrestlemania and things are rounding into focus. The only big question at this point is the World Title situation, as Batista vs. Orton seems to be the end game but for the life of me I can't imagine that actually happening. Batista is scheduled for a big interview tonight which might answer a few questions. Let's get to it.

    Welcome Home.

    Here's Batista for his big speech. He loves this business but didn't come back to please the fans. He's back to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the people can deal with it. Batista can destroy anyone put in front of him and he's the best representative of the WWE, including Hulk Hogan or the Rock. What happened to this business? Where's the attitude anymore?

    The people are chanting the names of 195lbs wannabes but they'll never be him, so deal with it. He takes his shirt off to show how much he looks like a superstar and promises to destroy all of our heroes on the way to the main event of Wrestlemania. Total heel promo here, which should help with the reactions a bit.

    Batista's music plays but here's Dolph Ziggler for an interruptions. Dolph says you don't tell the people who to get behind because they'll make up their own minds. Batista is a dinosaur and eventually they go extinct. If Batista is looking for the real men, there's one standing right in front of him that wants a match tonight. Batista says it's on so Dolph dropkicks his hat off and runs.

    Big E./Mark Henry vs. Real Americans

    Swagger takes Big E. into the corner to start but walks into an overhead belly to belly. Henry comes in and shoves Jack around before slamming him down with ease. Back to Big E. as this is one sided so far. Swagger gets slammed around a bit more before it's off to Cesaro who sends Big E. into the buckle to take over. Cesaro actually does his apron suplex to Big E. in an amazing power display, but Swagger makes a blind tag in the process so Cesaro can't cover.

    The Vader Bomb gets two for Jack but Big E. throws Cesaro away with ease and tags Mark back in. Henry powerslams Swagger down but Cesaro breaks up the World's Strongest Slam with a boot to the face. Big E. and Cesaro fight to the floor and Jack takes out Henry's leg, setting up the Patriot Lock but Cesaro tags himself in. The Neutralizer is good for the pin at 5:30.

    Del Rio comes in to see Vickie about a rubber match with Batista, but since Batista is busy, Alberto is taking the night off. Oh and he thinks Vickie's hair is nice. Thankfully Sheamus is standing off camera and comes in to say he'll take a fight with Del Rio, which Vickie approves.

    Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Sheamus shoves Del Rio around to start and sends him outside. Cole: “I've got to be honest.” JBL: “Why wouldn't you be?” Sheamus hits a shoulder off the apron and sends Del Rio into the steps. Back in and Del Rio counters the ten forearms before kicking him off the apron. Cue Christian towards the ring as we take a break.

    Back with Del Rio clotheslining Sheamus down and Christian on commentary. Del Rio goes to the corner but gets taken down in an electric chair drop. The Brogue Kick misses and a Backstabber gets two for Alberto. Christian doesn't believe that Sheamus kicked him by mistake a few weeks back and he won't forget it. Alberto misses a shot and gets caught by the forearms but comes back with a superkick. The low superkick connects for two but Del Rio misses the enziguri in the corner. Sheamus hooks up the Cloverleaf but Christian comes in for the DQ at 9:10.

    Christian runs off, Del Rio gets kicked in the face and Christian runs back in for a Killswitch to Sheamus.

    We look at Bryan challenging HHH on Raw.

    We look back at Hogan returning on Monday.

    Alexander Rusev comes out and stands on a pedastal for his promo this week.

    We look at Shield having problems on Monday with Ambrose cositing Reigns a match. The two of them get in an argument in the back but Rollins plays peacemaker.

    Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph sends Batisa to the floor to start and the stalling begins. Back in and Batista easily powers Ziggler into the corner and throws him around. Ziggle can sell being overpowered like few others. Batista takes him into the corner for the shoulders but misses a big one and hits the post. Dolph jumps over him and hammers away but has to escape the Batista Bomb. Batista's knee gets kicked out and a Fameasser gets two but both guys are down. Ziggler gets caught in a pair of spinebusters and there's a third for good measure. Batista does the thumbs down and it's the Batista Bomb for the pin at 6:26. Nearly a squash.

    We look at the Wyatts injuring Cena on Monday.

    Here are the Wyatts with something to say. Bray talks about everything we do in life being based on lies. Men go to work to buy those sports cars to impress men. Then women put on a mask every morning because the world tells them to. Then we see lies on billboards in the form of a man with a plastic smile. He's the Superman and tells you everything you need to hear.

    Bray sings part of What A Wonderful World before promising to spend the remainder of his days slaying the mighty dragon of John Cena with the sword of his tongue. Follow the Buzzards, but here's Shield for a staredown. Before anything happens, HHH comes out and makes Shield vs. Wyatts II for Monday. Bray taunts Shield by saying they heard their daddy. Reigns gets in the ring and the staredown is on but Rollins and Ambrose dive on the Family. Bray is left alone against all three of them but calmly walks out.

    Video on Cameron from Total Divas.

    Divas Title: Cameron vs. AJ Lee

    The champion takes Cameron down with ease to start but Cameron screams a lot and gets two off a bulldog. Tamina shoves AJ out of the way of a charge in the corner and gets ejected, allowing Cameron to get two off a cross body. AJ comes right back with some kicks to the chest and the Black Widow is good to retain the title at 2:00.

    We look at Brock and Undertaker on Monday.

    The expert panel talks about what we just saw.

    Kane/New Age Outlaws vs. Daniel Bryan/Usos

    Bryan and Gunn get us going with the fans chanting for the Goat Face. It's quickly off to Jey vs. Kane with the Uso being taken into the corner for a corporate beating. Roadie comes in for some shaky punches but Jey takes him into the good corner for a tag off to his brother. A double elbow sends Road Dogg to the floor and us to a commercial.

    Back with Gunn hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam on Jimmy and bringing in Kane for a kick to the chest. The big side slam gets two more and we hit the chinlock. Kane wisely takes out both of Jimmy's partners and a boot to the face drops Jimmy. It's back to Road Dogg who walks into a kick to the face to put both guys down. There's the hot tag to Bryan who cleans house and hits his signature stuff on Gunn as everything breaks down. The Usos send Dogg and Kane to the floor for nice planchas but Billy hits the Fameasser on Daniel for two. Bryan backflips out of a suplex and it's the running knee for the pin at 11:38.

    Real Americans b. Big E./Mark Henry – Neutralizer to Henry
    Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Christian interfered
    Batista b. Dolph Ziggler – Batista Bomb
    AJ Lee b. Cameron – Black Widow
    Daniel Bryan/Usos b. Kane/New Age Outlaws – Running knee to Gunn


    John Cena may have injured his groin. He was able to wrestle at Friday's show but was noticeably show and limited in the ring.


    The Bro Mans regained the TNA Tag Team Titles in Japan. Wrestle-1 wrestler Sanada also defeated Austin Aries for the X-Division Title.

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Alberto Del Rio b. Baitsta – Rollup
    Big E. b. Cesaro via DQ when Jack Swagger interfered
    Sheamus b. Christian – Brogue Kick
    Daniel Bryan b. Kane – Running Knee
    Emma b. Summer Rae – Emma Lock
    Usos b. New Age Outlaws – Superfly Splash to Road Dogg
    Bray Wyatt b. Roman Reigns via DQ when Dean Ambrose interfered

    NXT Arrival
    Cesaro b. Sami Zayn – Neutralizer
    Mojo Rawley b. CJ Parker – Hyperdrive
    Ascension b. Too Cool – Fall of Man to Hotty
    Paige b. Emma – Scorpion Cross Lock
    Adrian Neville b. Bo Dallas – Neville pulled down the title

    Impact Wrestling
    Bro Mans b. Bad Influence and The Wolves – Robbie pinned Kazarian after a double stomp from Richards
    Ethan Carter III b. Doug Williams – One Percenter
    Samoa Joe b. Bad Bones – Koquina Clutch
    Lei'D Tapa/Alpha Female b. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne – Over the shoulder Stunner to Rayne
    Bobby Roode b. MVP – Roode Bomb

    Real Americans b. Big E./Mark Henry – Neutralizer to Henry
    Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Christian interfered
    Batista b. Dolph Ziggler – Batista Bomb
    AJ Lee b. Cameron – Black Widow
    Daniel Bryan/Usos b. Kane/New Age Outlaws – Running knee to Gunn

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