Was Bret Hart Selfish?

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by SSJPhenom, Aug 31, 2015.

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    I think just about everyone at a certain level in wrestling has to be selfish and political, I don't think you can get to that level without being selfish and playing politics.
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    While I believe Nash that Bret Hart said he didn't want to take the Jack Knife I don't buy it for a sec that this played a big role in him jumping ship to WCW. I am sure the money, the lighter schedule, and almost full creative control probably factored into 98% of Nash's decision.

    As for Bret being selfish, let's say Bret has an ego but it's Wrestling and who doesn't have an ego? But Bret isn't wrong not to take Nash's signature move Bret was going into Wrestlemania as the defending Champion and it's the best interest in the company (which includes Nash's buddy Shawn Michaels) that Bret Hart would look strong heading to title his defense especially that Bret Hart is a baby face and that Bret Hart lost his title defense at the previous PPV via DQ.
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    Everybody in the wrestling business is selfish and political, it's how you make it to the top in a competitive business, so Bret didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have done and I don't fault him for it. It baffles me that wrestling fans get their panties in a twist over a wrestler being selfish backstage to get ahead, it's their lives, not yours, and it goes on in other professions too, not just wrestling. Even the person complaining about it, probably does it himself in whatever business he's involved in but doesn't realize it.

    I see Nash's point but I also see Bret's point too. Thing is it didn't hurt the match at all. Taker vs. Diesel was still a great match and Diesel not Powerbombing Bret in the cage doesn't take anything away from it. At the end of the day, it was all about Taker and Diesel costing each other their titles matches against Bret and they accomplished that, Powerbomb or not.
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    I do not think Bret was selfish. If you were a fan at the time, you would have felt the product and Diesel was not the answer to WWF's hope of finding the next big thing. The issue was when Bret won the belt in November 95, he had not been built well for that win. I think he spent the year feuding with Jean pierre Lafite, Hakushi, Isaac Yankem and Jerry Lawler. He then suddenly got to be number 1 contender and he had a wild crazy great bout with Diesel when he won the belt but there was no build for it. He also looked weak in victory because he was left laying on the floor after the match. And what I felt selfish was Nash going on TV the next night on Raw and failing to go full heel (and tried to get Diesel fans to go out and buy his Black Glove). It took the focus off of newly Crowned Champ Bret and on to Diesel and HBK. Bret then had to LOSE to Undertaker in his first defense (by DQ) which made him look weak. He then had the aforementioned match with Diesel. Now, Diesel was going to WCW. I am unsure if that was known at the time. BUT Bret was due to face, and put over, Shawn Michaels at WM12. Bret had to go in to that match looking strong so that it meant something when Shawn won. As it happened, it had the same affect on business as Diesels reign did. It did not boost the WWF.

    Now, when Nash went to WCW with Hall, THAT boosted business. I am not saying Nash was not a great performer, I am just saying that to have Bret look weak before WM 12 did nobody any favours. I do not blame Bret.
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    Nope. While I get the time-honored tradition, Bret's situation was unique and I don't blame him for trying to protect the strength of his character.
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    Maybe, but i think he was just protecting his own character. It would make him look weak if he's just an accessory to another feud and getting beaten by multiple guys. Wonder if Taker or Nash would have done the same for two back to back ppvs for someone else's feud?
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    Nash definitely not. Possibly if those multiple guys were part of the Kliq, but even then not likely.

    Taker doubtfully would have as well. He was extremely protective (rightfully so) of his character, and being used as a tool in back to back PPV's to further another feud would have been horrible long term for his character.

    Plus people should keep in mind that Hart was the champ at the time. Now the champion was kind of evolving at that point to not being the focal point of the entire show, but that was a very new trend. There's no faulting the champion for wanting to make sure he looked strong going into the biggest show of the year, where he was supposed to pass the belt to the new champion and needed to make him look as strong as possible. That's just how good business was always done.

    Ironically when Nash complains that Hart was being selfish - Hart not being selfish enough to refuse might have affected Nash's friend Shawn Michaels. Because HBK ended up beating a perceptionally diminished champion - and maybe that had something to do with HBK being perceived as a poor champion in the end.

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