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    Real Name: Robert Gwynn

    Gimmick Name: War Zone

    Announced As: War Zone

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 308 lbs

    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PEN

    Billed From: The Pentagon

    Alignment: Heel

    Introducing first from The Pentagon, weighing 308 pounds, War Zone!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Short black hair.

    ----------------Eye Colour: Dark red.

    ----------------Facial Hair: Stub in his chin.

    ----------------Ring attire: Black tights and black boots

    ----------------Backstage Attire: Sweaty white tanktop with blue jeans.

    ----------------Physical Features: Ripped as all hell.

    ----------------Tattoos: Dragon tattoos on his shoulders.

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:


    Main Gimmick: Previously unknown secret weapon of the U.S military that was sent to WZCW 'for the sake of the country'.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: You will never see him smile, ever. Not even if you even tried.

    As he is designed to fight, War Zone is not good at social interaction and would rather punch someone in the face rather than talk rationally with someone.

    Brief Bio/History: The year is 2017, an unknown member of the pentagon was seen dusting off old weapons that they never use anymore when all of a sudden he sees one certain weapon covered in a black sheet. Curious, he comes over to it and takes off the cloak; he discovers a titantic looking, muscular, angry looking man whose body seems to have been frozen over the course of time.

    Feeling that it was some sort of mysterious person or bodyguard that once guarded these areas but was involved in a serious accident; he secretly attempted to take this then unknown creature outside to thaw out in the sun...It was the last time anyone ever saw him.

    When the word got out that someone had freed the weapon of massive destruction, the president was shocked; but he knew that they could no longer keep it a secret. In a last minute press conference, he revealed that this destructive beast was simply known as 'War Zone', an ultimate soldier that was created back in the height of the Cold War as a 'final solution' should the Cold War ever get hot.

    They trained it day in and day out to be the greatest weapon that had ever been created. Unfortunately, when it was found that it would take it's frustrations out on it's fellow soldiers and beat them to the point of death, the idea was shelved until they could find a way to fix the solution. They never did, and with the cold war not getting warmer; they realized there was no need for it any longer, so they hid it in the most secret realms of the pentagon and froze him; hoping that no one would ever find out of it's existence.

    And no one did...until now.

    In a last ditch effort, The president revealed that he had come to deal with the owner of WZCW and that he would be fighting in their promotion from here on in, when asked about this; the president said that it would be 'for the sake of the people'. Since then he has been sent over to WZCW in the hopes that the expirament could finally be salvaged and that he could finally live up to his creed as the 'Ultimate Soldier'.

    Entrance Music:


    Entrance Description: The lights go out as Imagine Dragons' Radioactive plays. The monsterous figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. Around 0:29, the lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring; all eyes focused on the ring. He glares at someone at the audience and then enters the ring, around 0:57, he puts a fist on his right hand as to simulate an atomic weapon; he turns to his opponent and does the same thing to him.

    Fighting Style: Powerhouse to the very root with the occasional submission hold, trains hard every day to keep his body as genetically ripped and musclar as possible, is like an uncontrollable beast in the ring and because he is trained to fight, he will not stop his assult until his opponent either passes out or is so beaten up they can't possibly fight anymore.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: As he was programmed to fight, he does not believe in simply beating his opponent to a three count; he believes in beating his opponent so much, that they're taken to a hospital.

    Finishing Moves:
    Nuclear Winter (Burning Hammer)
    W.M.D (Inverted Piledriver from the Top Rope)

    Signature Moves:
    Detonation (Modifying Lifting Reverse Chokeslam)
    Missle of Death (Superman Punch)
    Pentagon Choke (Hell's Gate)

    Most Used Moves:
    1. Sit Out Spinebuster
    2. Running Powerslam
    3. Triple Powerbomb
    4. Running Clothesline
    5. Argentine Backbreaker
    6. STO
    7. Double Underhook Facebuster
    8. Big Boot
    9. Coquina Clutch
    10. Figure Eight Leglock
    11. Cross Armbar
    12. Turnbuckle Powerbomb

    Sample RP:


    We pan across a seedy looking gymnasium with loads of equipment scattered all and about, weights on one place, a punching bag at another place and a gym mat as well.

    Cut to a close shot to the gymnasium door, which opens and introduces us to a hulking, towering behemoth who appears stone-faced and emotionless. You can hear his gravelly, baritone like voice however carry many feelings. Many of which, are the result of many years of anger and betrayal.


    I wasn't trained to fight.

    WARZONE looks at his surroundings as do the viewers in his P.O.V.


    I didn't grow up wanting to be like the greats.

    WARZONE finishing surveying the field and nods, he appears satisfied. Something that will rarely be seen.


    Didn't even grow up doing flips, dives or any of that shit on the independent scene.


    I was BUILT to fight.

    As WARZONE says that, we get a close up shot of his face getting slightly more aggressive than before.

    Cut to WARZONE at the weight room, sitting down at what appears to be his preferred powerlifting weight. An 1000 pounder it seems.


    I was programmed to rip heads off skulls and snap necks into two.

    Cut to WARZONE on the gym mat, putting one hand behind his back and another on the mat. He seems to be attempting a one handed push-up.


    And I was going to be the one that finally shut the Soviet Union down for good.

    He starts the push-up exercise, going slow at first so he can build momentum later.


    They told me that I was the Ultimate Soldier, and that one day; I was gonna be the man that saved the world from a communist agenda.

    Cut to WARZONE going one on one with the punching bag, another part of his training regime.

    Close up on WARZONE's face, and you can slightly see WARZONE's face get slightly more solemn.


    But that day never came...


    FADE IN: A grey screen takes over where the gymnasium once was, and WARZONE is shown with his fellows soldiers and army men. It does not seem that he is very happy to be with them.


    They sighted that I had technical difficulties with my 'temper'.

    Pictures are shown of WARZONE fighting with other soldiers, punching the living daylights out of them as some try to break him and the others up.


    I'd get into fights with the other soldiers, beat their asses until they could fight no more.

    One more picture is shown of WARZONE tied up in a chair, it seems to be ropes covered in barbed wire. WARZONE appears afraid by who it is that comes up to him.

    The president of the United States comes up to him with a pill, he is disappointed; but he knows that he must do this for the sake of the country. He summons WARZONE to open his mouth, he obliges.


    So they shelved me, gave me a sleeping drug...

    He takes the pill and he immediately falls fast asleep. Moments later, many soldiers take the now unconscious WARZONE and take him to the deepest, darkest realms of the Pentagon where no one would even dare try to look into. One got a freezing device and aimed it at WARZONE, turning his body into a frozen husk. Another bringing a black sheet so to cover him incase he ever wakes up.


    And they carried me away and froze my body, never to be seen again.


    We head back into a close shot of WARZONE'S face, he appears more solemn than before; you can even see a few tears starting to well up in his eyes.

    He blinks the tears away...


    Until now.

    ...And taking it's place is once again the anger that confines him. Perhaps more so than earlier.

    He immediately starts walloping some big hits on the punching bag, not willing to let up.


    (Getting angrier with every word)

    When one unfortunate soul brought me back into the outside world, I realized what had happened...the fuckers that I once considered my allies had turned my back on me and left me to rot inside the darkest pits of hell for all of eternity!

    Cut back to the pushups, he seems to be getting a little faster now.


    And when Mr. President sent the news that I was heading to WZCW, he said it was for the 'sake of the country'.

    Cut back to the weightlift, he's trying his damdest to lift the thing; struggling very hard to do so. But every attempt, he seems to get closer than the last.



    What Mr. President didn't realize was that he gave me the opportunity I needed to show him, the soldiers and everyone else in the back what I was capable of!

    Back to the punching bag, he's amazingly hitting the bag even harder and faster; like the bag was his own personal chewtoy.


    (No longer yelling, but still angry)

    I will unleash a path of carnage no man has or will ever see again.

    Back to push ups once again, he's going even stronger with that too like if the anger he possesses manages to make him stronger with each passing minute.


    You see, I don't just like to fight...

    Back to weight lifts, he's really struggling hard now; sweating more and more as his veins continue to bulge out.


    ...I live to rip limbs off peoples bodies...

    Back to punching bag once again, he's probably a step away from murdering it at this point.


    ...Arms, legs, ribs, bodies, I don't give a damn what it is; if it's breakable, I will render irreparable!

    At this point, the montage just keeps getting faster and faster to the point where you can barely keep up; push-ups, weight-lift, punching bag, repeat.


    (Raising voice)

    Blood shall be spilt...lives will be altered...Careers shall DIE on my hands, (Screaming) BECAUSE THIS MY RING, THIS IS MY KINGDOM, THIS, IS, MY, LAND!

    The end of the montage sees WARZONE using just about every last bit of his strength to lift the 1000 pound weight off the ground...

    And after all the hard work, sweat and pain he had to endure; he finally lifts the weight up and over his shoulders and roars out a primal scream.

    He puts the weight down and gets off the bench press.

    Cut to him preparing to exit the gym, but before he does; he takes one last look at his surroundings.



    And in my land...No one survives.

    He nods, a job well done in his book and opens the door to leave.


    Welcome...to the warzone.


    Superimpose in bold dark grey letters WARZONE, and in smaller, white words that are seemingly written in cursive say 'Bringing the nuclear armageddon to WZCW'
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