Wall Of Jakks VS Wall Of Mattel

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Wall Of Championship Title Belts

  1. Wall Of Jakks

  2. Wall Of Mattel

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    I did some reorganizing, and decided to see what my Wall Of Championship Title Belts would look like if I changed the Wall Of Jakks to the Wall Of Mattel. I’m contemplating adding 5 shelves to the opposite wall, but I wanted to see what it looks like first.

    Wall Of Jakks


    Wall Of Mattel


    In my opinion, I think the Wall Of Jakks has a better variety as far as the Championship Title Belt designs go. There appears to be a lot of redundancy on the Wall Of Mattel, simply due to the logo change. Although you may not be able to see it in the pictures, the Mattel action figure sized Championship Title Belts adds so much to the display, especially in person, whereas the Jakks counterparts are just gold.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    In the second picture, don’t take into consideration the black drawer with the Shop.WWE Championship Title Belts (upside down Universal and World Championship Title Belts) and the 2 Mr. McMahon figures, when comparing the two pictures. Just compare the shelves.

    Also, in the second picture, the Jakks Rocky and TNA Championship Title Belts are just stand ins for the 5 upcoming Mattel WWE Championship title Belts. When I add the nWo, Smackdown Women’s, Raw Tag Team, NXT (2nd version), and the Cruiserweight Championship Title Belts to my collection, I’ll, of course, rearrange them accordingly.

    What do you think of the display!? How would arrange the Championship Title Belts??

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